The Best Subscription Boxes of 2021 Are Here!

Each year, MSA asks for our readers to pick their favorite subscription boxes they love across dozens of categories. From coffee and wine club subscriptions to beauty and skincare boxes, we've gathered all of the favorites! Including big brands and rising stars, we are excited to share our community's picks in our 2021 Subscription Box Awards!

With record numbers of people living and working at home this past year, many of those in our community tried online grocery services and meal kit boxes for the first time. We bought gift subscription boxes for friends and family that we weren't able to visit in person, and we saw renewed interest in snack subscriptions, too– particularly international and global snack boxes that feature brands and experiences we simply couldn't have had otherwise.

Maybe you’re looking for a subscription to make your life easier, or a monthly subscription box to explore the latest lifestyle trends and beauty products. Perhaps you're shopping for the perfect gift, or you're looking to treat yourself to a monthly delivery of fun items. No matter who you're shopping for and why, our list of award-winning monthly subscription boxes features dozens of hand-picked community favorites. Want more? Check out our MSA Editors' picks to explore some of the best subscription boxes in more categories, too.


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Subscription Boxes for Every Person

Subscription Box For Women: FabFitFun

For Women: FabFitFun

FabFitFun ($49.99) is a lifestyle box full of wellness, style, and fitness goodies, with a retail value well over the price of the box. Highlighting everything from must-have makeup to indie fashion from women-owned brands, FabFitFun delivers a plentiful, diverse, and thoughtful seasonal box that stands out among all contenders.

What Readers Are Saying:

I am obsessed with FFF. Usually one item pays for the entire box. Anything else is icing on the cake." - MSA Reader

from 1010 Ratings

Subscription Box For Men: Bespoke Post

For Men: Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post ($45) subscribers get to choose a themed box every month filled with unique items themed around home, hobby, lifestyle, and beyond. The goal is to introduce you to something new, whether it be a better way to shave, a stylish take on barware, or something fun you never knew you couldn't live without. We also love their support for small business through their Support Small initiative.

What Readers Are Saying:

This box has been a lifesaver when it comes to buying gifts for the favorite men in my life – dad, brother, and son." - Michelle from El Paso

from 86 Ratings

Subscription Box For Kids: KiwiCo

For Kids: KiwiCo

KiwiCo ($19.95) offers several boxes filled with hands-on fun activities for every age and interest, from infants through teens. Choose from their selection of age-based subscriptions for STEM and creativity, or shop their store for one-off boxes and projects to try before you commit. It's also easy to gift!

What Readers Are Saying:

We’ve been getting KiwiCrate for 4 years now, first KoalaCrate, then KiwiCrate, and now my older kids get the DoodleCrate. Every single one has been fantastic!" - Meeks

from 20 Ratings

Subscription Box For Teens: Ipsy

For Teens: Ipsy

Ipsy ($12) is the perfect way for teens to explore and experiment with new makeup and beauty looks, and startup their own skincare regimen–all for an affordable low monthly price. It's easy to skip a month and customize with add-ons, too.

What Readers Are Saying:

Good price to build up teens beauty collection." - Katie

from 1785 Ratings

Clothing Subscriptions & Stylist Services

Subscription Box For Women's Clothing: Fabletics

For Women's Clothing: Fabletics

Fabletics ($49.95) VIP membership is known for affordable and trendy athleisure clothing, workout gear, and leggings. With an inclusive size range from XXS-3X, they offer someting for everyone (and you can skip any months you prefer not to order).

What Readers Are Saying:

With loungewear now the new norm, and shopping going almost exclusively online, finding myself searching the Fabletics site more often. I like the variety of celebrity collections they offer, and I appreciate their offering styles that work for different body types and lifestyles." - Miz T

from 59 Ratings

Subscription Box For Jewelry: Rocksbox

For Jewelry: Rocksbox

Rocksbox ($21) is a jewelry rental service with a rotating library of pieces from a variety of brands. Choose what you want or be surprised by your stylist's picks, and buy it for a discount if you want to keep it forever.

What Readers Are Saying:

I cannot say enough about the brilliance of renting jewelry. Cost-wise, it makes so much sense because you have an endless rotation of the best brands without having to invest the money to own each piece. You can stay on top of trends without getting bored and you can align your monthly choices with your upcoming events to make sure you always have what you need for jewelry." - Erin Alysse

from 41 Ratings

Subscription Box For Men's Clothing: Stitch Fix

For Men's Clothing: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix ($20 styling fee) is a personal styling service with options for women, men, and kids. Take an in-depth survey on size, style, and pricing, and your stylist will hand-pick clothing and accessories just for you. Keep what you love and return what you don't.

What Readers Are Saying:

My husband gets a fix a few times a year and has kept everything almost every time. I think the difference is that he’s been particular about what he “needs” and has a fantastic stylist who gets his style. [...] The key is to provide ample feedback and communicate the real deal." - Sarah

from 255 Ratings

Subscription Box For Kid's Clothing: Kidpik

For Kid's Clothing: Kidpik

Kidpik is a clothing box just for kids (sizes 4-16). Each box contains 7 items including apparel, shoes, and accessories designed to complete multiple mix and match outfits. Pay only for what you keep, with no styling fee and free shipping and returns. Previously only for girls, kidpik now features clothing for boys, too!

What Readers Are Saying:

My daughter LOVES Kidpik! She is excited to see what is in her box as soon as it is delivered." - Meagan

from 101 Ratings

Beauty Boxes

Subscription Box For Beauty: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

For Beauty: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus ($25) treats members to 5 full-size skincare and makeup products each month. The best part? You can choose up to 3 of those items before your bag ships, from a selection that usually includes both new and established brands.

What Readers Are Saying:

Has the most full-size items and most choice for picking in this price range. The algorithm really reads my preferences and feedback." - Jenn

from 237 Ratings

Subscription Box For Makeup: Boxycharm

For Makeup: Boxycharm

Boxycharm ($21) is a fan favorite for makeup addicts, with each monthly delivery including 5 full-size products and typically high retail values. If you love the thrill of opening a fresh new eyeshadow palette and learning new beauty techniques, this box is your best bet.

What Readers Are Saying:

This box is great for expanding your makeup collection." - Kate Dougherty

from 1934 Ratings

Subscription Box For Skincare: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

For Skincare: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus ($25) topped our skincare category this year, thanks to the range of products, profile preferences, and ability for members to customize 3 of the 5 choices in each box.

What Readers Are Saying:

Ipsy plus offers the best value for the price and they are skincare-heavy, which I love! They would be perfect if they allowed us to choose from all the products in a category!" - Srg

from 1785 Ratings

Boxes for All Budgets

Subscription Box For Under $15: Ipsy

Under $15: Ipsy

Ipsy ($12) tops our budget-friendly category for the 4th year running! It's a great beauty box for newbies that still offers some perks, like add-on sales and the ability to choose 1 item in your bag each month.

What Readers Are Saying:

Ipsy is amazing. It's only 12 dollars a month you get a cute and different make up bag every month with your full size and sample size make up and it's a way to try new high end make up without spending a ton of money at the stores. [...] I love my Ipsy subscriptions." - Vivian

from 1785 Ratings

Subscription Box For Over $50: FabFitFun

Over $50: FabFitFun

FabFitFun ($49.99) subscribers enjoy the thrill of discovering new brands through quartlery box customization, add-on purchases, and Edit sales. It's a perfect subscription for treating yourself, and a convenient way to find trendy gifts for others, too.

What Readers Are Saying:

I like the ability to customize. It is a way to buy products for myself as a splurge. I also use a lot of their products for gifts." - TeacherMom

from 1010 Ratings

Food & Drink Subscriptions

Subscription Box For Snacks: Universal Yums

For Snacks: Universal Yums

Universal Yums ($15 - $39) deliverys snacks and candies from a different country each month, along with facts about each and a scorecard for tracking your favorites. This popular box is a fun exploration of flavors, a chance to learn about world cultures, and a way to enjoy a bit of wanderlust from the comfort of home.

What Readers Are Saying:

This has been a family favorite. You get treats from all over the world and it is truly a fun experience." - JodyE

from 35 Ratings

Subscription Box For Meal Kit: HelloFresh

For Meal Kit: HelloFresh

HelloFresh ($7.49 - $8.99 per serving) features crowd-pleasing classic dishes and unexpected recipes in their weekly meal kit offering. We love that their ingredients come bundled by recipe, so that you can easily take them from the fridge to the countertop and get started.

What Readers Are Saying:

First (and only) box subscription I use. It is great!" - Sherry

from 38 Ratings

Subscription Box For Wine: Winc

For Wine: Winc

Winc (starting at $12.99 per bottle) is approachable for wine newbies and seasoned vino drinkers alike. Let Winc ship you custom wine recommendations based on your personal palate preferences, or choose your own bottles from their current rotation.

What Readers Are Saying:

I've tried many of these subscription boxes and was disappointed in the quality and at times the types of wines in the box. Winc consistently delivers high quality wines that come from the vineyards and are customized for my taste. Exellent selections!" - Debra

from 20 Ratings


Subscription Box For Tea: Sips By

For Tea: Sips By

Sips By ($15) ships you a monthly selection of 4 teas from well-known and up-and-coming brands curated to your preferences, with 15+ cups in each box. Ships free in the US.

What Readers Are Saying:

The personalization is what makes Sips By the standout for me!" - Cheryl

from 3 Ratings

Subscription Box For Coffee: Atlas Coffee

For Coffee: Atlas Coffee

Atlas Coffee (starting at $9) is a coffee subscription focused on single-origin coffees from around the globe, and includes information about each featured country with every delivery. Customize frequency, amount, roast level, and more.

What Readers Are Saying:

Atlas coffee club is one of my favorite coffee boxes! Their coffee tastes amazing and you get a great amount for the money!" - Emmi


For Pets

Subscription Box For Dogs: Barkbox

For Dogs: Barkbox

Barkbox ($29) has unique pun-filled themes each month, and comes filled with exclusive quirky toys, treats, and grooming products picked for your dog based on their size.

What Readers Are Saying:

Our dogs get so excited when their new box arrives - so fun to watch them! The treats are high quality and the toys are practically indestructible. We love the cute monthly themes, too!" - Cindy B

from 113 Ratings

Subscription Box For Cats: CatLadyBox

For Cats: CatLadyBox

CatLadyBox ($34.99+) is a monthly box of unique and exlusive cat-themed finds for feline-loving humans that sparks joy for the cat ladies among us. Don't leave out your furry friends: upgrade to Crazy CatLadyBox to get goodies for them, too.

What Readers Are Saying:

I adore CatLadyBox! Even as I try to trim down my number of subscriptions, this one has remained a keeper." - Mari


Boxes For All Interests

Subscription Box For Home: Grove Collaborative

For Home: Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a reader favorite for natural cleaning, skincare, laundry, and other home goods that can be set to an auto-delivery schedule. A Certified B Corp, they also carbon offset every shipment that goes out their door.

What Readers Are Saying:

When all local stores were out of hand soap & cleaning supplies during the pandemic, Grove still delivered. Their scents are so REAL! The almond oil soap for wood floor is amazing! Where else can you find Peony or Bluebell dish soap?" - Jane

from 5 Ratings

Subscription Box For Books: Book of the Month

For Avid Readers: Book of the Month

Book of the Month ($14.99) offers a curated monthly selection of 5 new hardcover books for subscribers to choose from including new releases, non-fiction, young adult, and more. Pick which title you’d like to receive on the first of the month, or let Book of the Month choose for you. Add-on more books for $9.99 each.

What Readers Are Saying:

Your no fuss box. Just a great book choice for a great price." - Nikkiaust17

from 36 Ratings

Subscription Box For Stationery: Cloth & Paper

For Stationery: Cloth & Paper

Cloth & Paper (Starting at $18) brings quality and curation together for planner addicts! Whether you like to plan your work day or your home life, they have several options to choose from, featuring beautiful writing instruments, stationery, planner products, and more.

What Readers Are Saying:

Cloth & Paper is one of the most beautiful and economic stationary sub boxes out there. Black Woman owned, thoughtful, beautiful, extremely useful, and classy, are just some of the words to describe this company and sub box." - Unionplanner

from 2 Ratings

Subscription Box For Fitness: FabFitFun

For Fitness: FabFitFun

FabFitFun ($29.99) is filled with mostly lifestyle and beauty items, including wellness and fitness goods. Subscribers also have access to FabFitFunTV's high-quality exercise videos to follow along with at home.

What Readers Are Saying:

I think they always try to emphasize fitness as part of a balanced lifestyle, and I appreciate that." - TeacherMom

from 1010 Ratings

Subscription Box For Crafts: Doodle Crate

For Crafts: Doodle Crate

Doodle Crate ($19.95) is an art-filled monthly subscription geared toward ages 9-16+ (but we won’t tell if you want to do these fun projects as an adult!). Each box has everything you need to complete a project from start to finish.

What Readers Are Saying:

Great for family fun." - Mommabear459

from 17 Ratings

Subscription Box For Pop Culture: Pusheen

For Pop Culture: Pusheen

Pusheen ($43.95) is definitely a contender for cutest quarterly subscription box ever. Each seasonal box features exclusive Pusheen merch you can't find anywhere else, including apparel, collectibles, home goods, and more.

What Readers Are Saying:

There's a lot of thought put into this box. Everything is usually curated well around a strong theme, with a mix of practical, fun, and fashion items, so it stands out from the many pop culture offerings." - Indigo

from 101 Ratings


Subscription Box For NSFW: Savage X Fenty

For Adults Only: Savage X Fenty

Savage X Fenty (prices vary) sets the mood—whatever mood you want!—with their sexy, sassy, sporty, and cozy undergarment offerings. VIP members can shop from their constantly updated lingerie collection each month, or skip if needed. Sizes XS to 3x, bra sizes 32A-44DDD.

What Readers Are Saying:

Excellent quality goods." - Jenny

from 3 Ratings

Subscription Box For Wellness: Care/of

For Wellness: Care of

Care of (starting at $20) offers personalized daily vitamins, made from the best quality ingredients, in a convenient monthly box that's personalized especially for your diet, health goals, and more. Modify your plan at any time from their full range of 30 vitamins, minerals, and more.

What Readers Are Saying:

I love the variety and personalization." - J

from 2 Ratings

Subscription Box For CBD: Hemp Crate Co

For CBD: Hemp Crate Co

Hemp Crate Co (starting at $44.99) is a monthly subscription box for high-quality hemp products. Their offerings include classic CBD goodies like oil tinctures, capsules, and pain rubs, plus unique items along the lines of bath bombs, sleep sprays, and interesting snacks.

What Readers Are Saying:

LOVE this box! So many new products to try every month. Customer service is great!" - jaq


Subscription Box Gift Ideas

Gifts For Women: Causebox

Gifts For Women: Causebox

Causebox ($54.94) is a quarterly lifestyle box that our readers love, thanks to its beautiful curation and great value! Each box is packed full of unique and ethically-made brands that we don't typically see in other subscriptions. Boxes include beauty, wellness, fashion, home, and more.

What Readers Are Saying:

I always loved getting this box. Very practical items with benefits to support good causes.” – Lulu Dupon

from 186 Ratings

Gifts for Men: SprezzaBox

Gifts For Men: SprezzaBox

SprezzaBox ($28) is a monthly accessories box for dapper guys. Each box includes 4-6 practical menswear items including ties, tie clips, pocket squares, socks, and more.

What Readers Are Saying:

Overall my favorite men’s sub in terms of practical men’s accessories, comfy socks, and value for cost.” – Jennifer

from 35 Ratings

Gifts for Kids: MEL Science

Gifts for Kids: MEL Science

MEL Science (Starting at $24.90) has two monthly subscriptions: MEL Kids for 5+ and MEL Chemistry for 9-14. Both are tailored to each age range with science experiments, DIY kits, and an interactive app to make STEM learning even more engaging.

What Readers Are Saying:

The lessons are always so thorough, the box is well organized with easy to follow instructions and all of the official lab equipment makes this feel like a science class in a box!" - Brandi

from 1 Ratings



Written by MSA


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Comments (530)

  1. I’ve shopped around for and found A really good subscription box for women called Renewsubscriptionbox

  2. “under 15” and “over 50” did not age well lol

  3. I want 1 subscription box for my just newly retired parents who are still in great shape and look amazing. What 1 would you recommend for my mom and 1 for my dad. My dad’s an electrical engineer, dressed often in polo shirts & jeans or khakis and dress shirts. My dad’s also into gadgets. My mom everything and anything in taking care of herself, home.

    Much appreciated

  4. Fabfitfun!!!! 💜

  5. Please don’t list Nadine West on here as they are thieves. Just look at all the complaints on the better business bureau against Nadine West. If you want people to trust you then please don’t list scam companies on here

    • Couldn’t agree more! Nadine West is an absolute joke! Horrible experience with them.

  6. How about a review of manly man boxes. Some of us live the good sweaty outdoors life. Our hands are not smooth and our beards are not so trimmed but we have fun in the exploration of the globe and all its wonders.

  7. You have GOT to me kidding on on FitFabFun. Billing issues, half the products in the box are warped/slightly damaged already, despite my profile saying I didn’t want certain things, I received only items I didn’t want. The only ‘good’ part comes if you’re willing to fork over the money up front for the annual subscription and get online early for the add ons.

    • I haven’t had any issues at all! I love my subscription!!

  8. I love Look Fantastic from England, which has more skin products. Also love Allure and Glossy Box. Neither disappoint. What does disappoint is Rachel Zoe Box of Style. Aargh. Can’t cancel, don’t get a choice of a product and the items are odd (at least for me). FabFitFun was always a good box and I may go back to that.

  9. I need the best deal ever.

  10. I really love FabFitFun for make up & skincare! Their products are simply amazing. I also sometimes use Hello Fresh and Blue Apron cause they are fast and convenient but my fav Food Box is Eattiamo: it comes every month with delicious Italian products and are useful pantry staples in this period.
    Wanna try meow box some day.

  11. Thank you for doing what you do Liz. You are a huge inspiration. Stay safe during these difficult times. Jenny

  12. I have already voted. But in retrospect, I wish, the award voting would take place beginning December 31. I unfortunately, have had some negative experiences with the holiday sub boxes and it would have strongly impacted my voting and my voting choices. In fact there are 3 boxes I voted for that I would not have voted for, epic fail season, and a box is only as a good as the busiest holiday. So disappointed.

    • Which ones would you NOT suggest?

  13. owlcrate

  14. I love Bombay and Cedarand it’s my overall Favorite! Hello Fresh is a great food box. Other favs are Boxycharm and Luxe, Ipsy and plus, Stitch Fix, Scentbird, BOTM, and Grove. I have tried lots more too and am quite the sub box addict!!! I just love getting those boxes in the mail or at the door!!! If I had to name one I would really want to try it’d be Heart and Honey. What would I want to win? ANY!!!!

  15. I really have been wanting to try Hello Fresh

  16. Fabfitfun is definitely my favorite!

  17. I’d love to get free boxes, so guess I need to start a blog. Please email me all the details on how to start.

  18. i love boxy charm allure and ipsy both reg and glam bag i tried sephora they dont give those cute little bags anymore just a plastic bag and the samples are super duper small even the birchbox is the same glossy box is ok ive wanted to try fabfit fun and the cat lady box especially

  19. I currently am loving FabFitFun! Just started my second year with them. And Ipsy is also a cheaper way to try products before purchasing full size items. I would ABSOLUTELY love to try the cause box, kiwi crate for my little and The Wordy Traveler for my Wanderlust soul!

  20. I totally love FFF! I am absolutely obsessed! I just got my first box and all the beauty products were awesome. I definitely am keeping this subscription!

  21. I love Boxy Charm! Also have loved and had Ipsy for 3 years. This will be the first month for Ipsy plus. I’ve always wanted to try FFF!

  22. I love my Boxy charm,Ipsy and Fab,Fit and fun.I would love to try Pop Sugar!

  23. I’d love to try a Breo box. Each spoiler has me drooling with desire.

  24. FFF is my fav but I might try Sunday Riley’s if I win!

  25. My favorite subscription box is FabFitFun, but I want to try both Causebox and Boxycharm eventually!

  26. Boxy Charm, Ipsy & Fab Fit Fun are my favorites

  27. I live Fab Fit Fun and Box of Style !!

    I have been wanting to try Boxy Charm and ipsy glam bag plus!!

  28. Wow, thank you ladies so much for giving everyone this opportunity! I shared everywhere I could!
    Out of all the boxes I’m getting right now (which are the only ones I’ve tried) I’d have to say Beautyfix by Dermstore is my favorite!!! I really think more people should know about this box!!! My other subscriptions include, ipsy, allure, glossybox and waiting on my first glam bag plus and spring fab fit fun!!! Its truly my addiction now thanks to you ladies and I mean that in the most awesome way!!! There are so many more boxes I’d love to try, always looking for that next unbelievable deal you guys have the best coupons ever!!! I got 20% off a year of glossy!!! Thank you again so much! Cheers to the winners and never paying retail!!!

  29. I’d love to try Causebox!

  30. Sadly the only one in our house that gets a subscription box is my dog Gibbs, he gets a Bark Box.

  31. My two favorites are FFF and Causebox, but I really want to try a couple others.

  32. My current favorite subscription box is Heart+Honey, though I’d LOVE to try FabFitFun

  33. Out of the winners, I’d most like to try Rachel Zoe Box of Style or Heart and Honey

  34. fitfabfun!!!

  35. I honestly love my ipsy, birchbox, and sisley paris subscriptions. They’re all such great deals and I love getting the opportunity to try out so many fun products every month! I’m such a sucker for skincare products hah

  36. I’d like to try either fab fit fun or the Rachel Zoe box!

  37. I wanna try and of the fashion boxes. As well as the beauty one’s.

  38. I think ipsy is my favorite subscription box. I did like Allure for some time, and Birchbox is nice, as well as Sephora. The newer bigger ipsy sub with 5 full size products and no makeup bag I think my be my new favorite soon though. May will be the first month I am trying it.

  39. Ipsy

  40. I would try fab fit fun, pop sugar, and winc!

  41. I love FabFitFun because I think they put so many great things in their boxes.
    I’d really like to try the PopSugar box because so many people rave over it!

  42. My favorite is Owlcrate.

  43. I have tried multiple boxes but I would go with the BeautyFix box by Dermastore because that is the only box I have yet to try. Or I would get the POPSUGAR Must Have It! Box.

  44. I love boxycharm or ipsy glambag plus the most and would love to try either the new Sunday riley box or tonymoly subscription box

  45. So many great opportunities. I love the looks of causebox, coastal and wine. But would love to win one for my son in the military like shave club, graze or gentleman’s club. Thanks!!!

  46. I love Boxycharm!

  47. I would like to try winc.

  48. I am searching for the perfect box for me and my lifestyle; still looking! I haven’t got the opportunity to try one yet😭 hoping to begin one within the next month.

  49. Would love to try OwlCrate!

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