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Kidpik Reviews

Is Kidpik Right For You?

Updated September 22, 2023

4.1 overall rating
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Kidpik Overview

About the Brand

Kidpik is a clothing subscription box for kids and tweens sizes 4-16 that also offers personal styling services. Upon visiting the site, customers will be asked to take a style quiz, after which their personal stylist will send them a box with 8 pieces of high-quality kids' clothes, a pair of shoes, and accessories that make up 3 coordinated outfits. Kidpik offers both monthly and seasonal subscriptions and you only pay for what you keep. Kidpik is one of our best kids' clothing subscription boxes.

Key Info

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Kidpik


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Kidpik Works

Customers will initially need to take a quick, 3-minute quiz that provides their future stylist with their preferences for style, color, print, and fit. They will also need to choose whether they want to receive a box every 4,6, or 12 weeks.

Once their stylist has selected outfits based on the answers to the quiz, customers will receive a personalized clothing box within two weeks. Then, customers can have their kids try out each of their outfits to make sure they fit properly. If they decided to keep all of the items they received, a 30% off discount will be applied once payment is due.

However, if any of the items simply don’t work, customers can return them for free with the supplied returns/exchange bag within 7 days of receiving their box. While customers can’t swap out their items for new styles, they can exchange their items for different sizes.

If customers want to skip their upcoming shipment, they can go online to their account and pause their deliveries for 30-90 days, or adjust their frequency schedule . If for any reason they decide to cancel, they will need to email Kidpik’s customer service.

Example Kidpik Clothing And Shoes

  • Flip Sequin Ruffle Sleeve Tee - $10.50
  • Stripe Sleeve Thermal Tee - $11.70
  • Love Zip Back Sweater - $17.70
  • Tonal Daisy Maxi Skirt - $16.50
  • Garment Dyed Pull On Pant - $17.70
  • Tiger Camo Jogger - $17.70
  • Western Studded Boot - $20.70
  • Desert Camo Midtop Sneaker - $16.50

Pricing Options

There's no styling fee. Each item is $22 or $15 on average when you keep the entire box. The final cost of your monthly charge is dependent on which items you choose to keep and return, so the price varies from month to month and could range from $0-$100+ per month.

Kidpik Pros and Cons


  • An online quiz along with a personal stylist will personalize your order
  • Customers receive 8 items per subscription box
  • Customers can exchange for another size for free


  • You cannot choose individual items
  • You can return items but not exchange them for different styles
  • No options for baby clothing, only toddlers and kids

What Else You Should Know About Kidpik


While Kidpik is best known for its subscription box options, customers can also choose to buy items individually without needing a membership. Kidpik offers a fun monthly or seasonal surprise for families who want their outfits selected for them, but just know that you can also purchase items individually.

Is Kidpik Worth It?


Kidpik is definitely worth a try, considering that your child can try out 8 different items per month and return them if need be. Kidpik can be a fun option for families as each box is a surprise and allows kids to try out new styles to figure out what suits them best. There's no styling fee and customers can return anything they don’t want to purchase, making Kidpik an affordable option and able to be easily adjusted in respect to price.

How Kidpik Compares to Other Top Kids Clothing Subscriptions


Kidpik VS FabKids: FabKids offers a monthly subscription service where customers pay $39.95 per month and can use this fee towards the payment of items they wish to try. Instead of receiving a subscription box with a set number of items, each customer’s order is completely unique and customers can choose exactly what they want each and every month. If customers decide to not shop for a month, they can either skip their monthly payment altogether or apply that month’s charge to future purchases.

Kidpik is more expensive than FabKids, however, each box comes with 8 items that average out to around $15.00 per item, making it competitively priced compared to FabKids. If you go online to Kidpik’s website, you’ll also notice that there are more options altogether for apparel and that they are a much better option for boys' clothing as they offer more items and style variations.

Kidpik is a better kids clothing subscription overall due to its wide selection, but FabKids is a great option for customers who don’t want to commit to paying nearly $100 per box and are seeking a more affordable service.


Kidpik VS Kidbox: Kidbox is a kids clothing subscription service that offers 4 different subscription box options, each containing name brand apparel and accessories. Its subscription box options are as follows: 5 item baby box for $68, 6 item kid box for $78, 8 item kid box for $98, and 10 item kid box for $110. After deciding which box you want to sign up for, Kidbox will ask you to select clothing styles you prefer and will then customize your box based on your preferences. You can even leave a note for your stylist if you’d like to provide more detailed instructions on the clothing items and styles you want.

Something that sets Kidbox apart from other kids clothing subscription boxes is that it offers both clothing for babies and kids and has sizes that range from NB - 24M for babies and 2T to 18 for kids. Kidbox ships 8 seasonal boxes a year and customers can select when they want them or to skip them completely. Kidbox allows customers to return any items within 14 days of receiving their box for a full refund and will only charge for the items that customers decide to keep.

Kidbox is more competitively priced than Kidpik and it also offers clothing for babies. However, Kidpik has higher ratings overall and tends to offer styles that customers prefer slightly more.


Kidpik VS Stitch Fix Kids: Stitch Fix Kids is a kids clothing subscription that offers apparel for toddlers, kids and tweens. In order to start their subscription, customers will need to first provide Stitch Fix Kids with their intended price range along with their specific sizes and preferences. Stitch Fix Kids will then hand select 8-12 pieces of clothing to add to your box, with each item’s cost starting at around $10. After receiving their box, customers can have their kids try out each item and then send back any items that didn’t fit for a full refund or may exchange their items for something else.

While there's no styling fee with kidpik, Stitch Fix Kids charges a $20 styling fee per order that will be credited toward any items that the customer decides to keep. Customers can choose a frequency of every 1,2, or 3 months for their subscription box to be shipped.

While Stitch Fox Kids offers options for toddlers and offers individual clothing items for a cheaper price, it has much lower ratings from customers compared to Kidpik. Once again, it seems that Kidpik offers better styles and options overall which is why it remains a customer favorite for this niche.

Kidpik Reviews

Kidpik News

Kidpik FAQ

How much does kidpik cost?
With kidpik, you only pay for the cost of the clothes you choose to keep. There is no subscription fee, styling fee or shipping cost. The average Kidpik box costs $98, which is only $14 per item. There’s also a $20 styling fee, however, it’s credited towards any purchase you make and you will be refunded the styling fee if you return the entire box.
How much is shipping?
A $7.50 flat rate shipping fee will apply to orders totaling less than $50. Orders that are $50 or more will receive free standard shipping.
What brands are included in a kidpik box?
All clothing, shoes and accessories are designed and merchandised through the kidpik store in NYC. Each Kidpik box contains 7 high-quality items including 5 pieces of clothing, a pair of shoes (optional) and an accessory.
Can I sign up more than one child for kidpik?
Yes! After signing up, you can add as many children as you’d like to your account. They will each receive their own personalized box.
Do I have to have a membership to buy clothing from Kidpik?
No, you can buy clothing from Kidpik with or without a subscription. However, there are major discounts available to those who sign up for a subscription.
When will my first box ship?
New subscriptions can take up to 3 weeks to be styled and shipped. When the first box is ready, you’ll receive an email with tracking information. If you chose standard shipping, you can expect for your order to arrive within 5-10 business days.
How often will a kidpik box arrive?
During checkout, you can choose to receive a kidpik subscription box every 4, 6 or 12 weeks. You can change your frequency at any time.
How do I skip a month?
Log in to your online account and choose the "Delivery Frequency" option. Then, click the "Additional Options" link to "Skip" your next scheduled shipment. You can pause your deliveries for 30-90 days, or adjust your frequency schedule.
How to cancel Kidpik?
You can only cancel Kidpik by emailing the company directly.
Where does Kidpik ship?
Kidpik ships within the 48 Contiguous United States.
What is Kidpik’s exchange and return policy?
Customers can exchange their items for a different size within 7 days of receiving their subscription box. Each shipment includes a free return/exchange bag to send back any new condition, unworn item(s) that do not fit. You cannot, however, exchange items for a different style or color.
What sizes does Kidpik offer?
Kidpik offers size ranges between sizes 2T - 16

User Reviews

Subscriber Ratings

4.1 overall rating

Subscriber Reviews

4 reviews
"Works great for my grandkids!"
Aug 10, 2021
Ive been with kidpik for several years. My three granddaughters 6,8 and 10 love all the clothes and shoes. This year they started boys kidpik and I got a box for my 3 yr old grandson. The clothes are trendy and definitely not outfits you’ll see on other kids at school. I’ve had a couple problems with quality and they’ve refunded me after I sent pictures. I have had no problems with customer service and I always email them to cancel because I only send on their birthdays.
Jenai Rothnie
Jenai Rothnie
10 reviews
"OK, not great value, hard to cancel"
Jul 19, 2021
It's OK, but not great. Good points: You get shoes with each box, and have many options in regards to frequency. The clothes usually are more unique and fashion forward than one would find at the store. The initial survey option shows a lot of different outfits, and you can set the "Sparkliness" for girls on how glittery they like stuff. Returning a box looks to be straightforward, and they don't charge shipping. Mediocre: The clothes/acsessories seem to prioritize fashion over durability. If it's your first box, they may rush it out before you've had time to email them notes on personalization. You don't get much of a deal at all unless you keep the whole box. Bad: Cancelling is hard. Even after finding out where/how and clicking on cancel, it apparently doesn't go through unless you call them. Some, not all, items seem pretty inflated in RV. Items that come in a set (shirt/undershirt) are counted as separate items.
3 reviews
Aug 9, 2018
I just got my first Kidpik box for my 9-yr-old daughter, and loved it! My only complaint is that they don't offer it for boys. Why? They should probably call it Girlpik or something. Or maybe they are planning on added styles for boys in the future?

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4.1 overall rating
Starting at $0.01
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