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The 14 Best Dog Subscription Boxes of 2020

Whether you’re looking for ways to pamper your pooch or just make it easier and more convenient to give your pet the care they deserve, you’ll love these dog subscription boxes! This list represents our favorite subscription boxes for dogs—the ones we’d get for our own pets (and some of us actually do!)—including services for pets, and price points, big and small.

Find even more dog subscription boxes in our directory and see the dog boxes our readers named their favorites of 2020!

Updated August 4, 2020 to include BoxDog, August 26, 2020 to add some new photos, include new box options, and remove defunct subscriptions, and August 27, 2020 to add Kong Box. Updated January 26, 2021 to show Pampered Pooch’s new pricing.

1. PupBox

Image via PupBox.

The Cost: $39 per month, or $29 per month with a 12-month subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA60 to save 60% off your first PupBox on any 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription.

Why we love it: Each month subscribers receive a box filled with 5-7 full-sized products that are customized based on the age and size of your pup. PupBox also includes a training and development guide to let you know what is going on with your baby, and what you should be doing to keep up.

Check out our PupBox reviews for more information. Ships to the US for free.


2. BarkBox


Image via our review.

The Cost: $35 per month, or $22 per month with a 12-month subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Get a free extra month when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription. No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why we love it: Each month, you’ll get a box of quirky toys, treats, and grooming products specially picked for your dog’s size. Not only are the products high-quality—they’re also very charming! We got a heartwarming soup-pot-shaped toy in the “Winter Walkies” box, a super-cute sloth toy in the “Secrets of the Rainfurrest” box, and a plush in the shape of a retro instant camera for the “Who’s Coming to Prom?” box!

Check out our BarkBox reviews for more information. Ships to the US (free to the contiguous US states) and Canada.


3. BoxDog

Boxdog July 2020 all contents.

Image via our review.

The Cost: $22 for the Starter box, $34.99 per month for the Monthly BoxDog, and $39.99 per quarter for the GIANT Quarterly BoxDog. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA to save $10 off your first box.

Why we love it: BoxDog is a dog subscription that sends handmade treats, toys, vegan skincare, dog clothes, and gear each month or quarter. Both recurring shipment options give subscribers the chance to choose some or all of the items they’d like to receive, meaning you can customize your pup’s experience based on their likes and needs! 

Here are the three subscription tiers:

  • $22 for the Starter box (you’ll be charged for the GIANT Quarterly box within 14 days of ordering unless you cancel) – 2 types of dog treats + 1 toy of your choosing.
  • $34.99 per month for the Monthly BoxDog – build your own box each month! Choose 4 items from handmade treats, toys, clothing, or skincare each month.
  • $39.99 per quarter for the GIANT Quarterly BoxDog – 4 types of handmade treats and 1 vegan skincare item in each box, plus you get to choose dog toys, clothing, & gear.

Check out our BoxDog reviews for more information. Ships to the continental US for free. Shipping costs $12 to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and $20 to Canada and the UK.


4. The Farmer’s Dog

Shipping box from The Farmer's Dog unpacked to show dog food packages.

Image from our review.

The Cost: Plans start at around $2 per day; pricing depends on your dog’s size and nutritional needs. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Save 50% off your first order. No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why we love it: Your dog is an important member of your family, which is why The Farmer’s Dog feeds pups healthy, human-grade food! Each meal is made fresh then frozen, packaged in pre-portioned packets for ease of storage, and for small dogs especially, it’s comparable in price to regular dog food. Win!

Check out our Farmer’s Dog reviews and The Farmer’s Dog details for more information. Ships to the contiguous US.

5. Super Chewer Box

Super Chewer Box

Image via Super Chewer.

The Cost: $39 per month, or $29 per month with a 12-month subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Free Benebone with subscription! . No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why we love it: These toys and treats are made just for pups who love to chew! Each box comes with two durable rubber or nylon toys, two bags of treats, and two chews. Get those chompers ready!

Check out our Super Chewer reviews for more information on subscribing. Ships to the US and Canada for free.


6. Dapper Dog Box

Dapper Dog subscription with the box open to show the July 2020 delivery.

Image from our review.

The Cost: $35.99 per month. Save up to 12% per month with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code DAPPERADDICTION to save 10% off your first box!

Why we love it: Each Dapper Dog Box includes adorable toys, treats, and a bandana! The colors and cute, quirky designs make this subscription a favorite of ours. Plus, Dapper Dog Box contributes to organizations that support shelter dogs around the country!

Check out our Dapper Dog Box reviews for more information. Ships worldwide.


7. Pet Treater

Pet Treater November 2019 Review

Image from our review.

The Cost: $15 per month for the Dog Pack, $25 per month for the Deluxe Dog Pack. Subscribe here!

Why we love it: Pet Treater boxes include a collection of American-made treats, toys, and helpful items like leashes, poop bags, grooming supplies, and more. It’s a fun option for exploring new brands to keep your pet busy! You can sign up for toys-only, treats-only, or both, depending on your needs. Cat boxes are also available.

Check out our Pet Treater reviews (of both dog & cat boxes) for more information. Ships to the contiguous US only. 


8. Greenwell Pet Box

Golden Doodle standing next to an open Greenwell Pet Box.

Image via Greenwell Pet.

The Cost: $44 per box for a one-time purchase, $39 per box with subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to save 20% off your first month.

Why we love it: For the anxiety-filled pooch, or the furry friend who contends with pain or inflammation, The Greenwell Pet Box provides CBD products such as dog treats, chews, oils, and shampoos. They also send eco-friendly toys to enhance your pup’s day-to-day in a low-impact way. This subscription sends info about the CBD products included so you can know exactly what you’re feeding to your furbaby.

Check out our Greenwell Pet details for more information. Ships to the contiguous US for free.

9. PupJoy

The Cost: VIP membership costs $30 per year. Save up to 20% when you schedule auto shipments. Subscribe here!

Note: PupJoy no longer offers a monthly subscription, but they do offer a VIP membership with auto ship options.

COUPON: Use code MSABONUS to super-Size your first order with 2 free items on any Uno Box plan or 3 free items on Grande or Power Chewer Plans!

Why we love it: The Pupjoy VIP membership (for Very Important Pups, of course) offers some great perks: free shipping, exclusive members-only deals, 10% cashback with every purchase, and double the referral rewards. That makes arranging auto ship for their healthy treats, quality toys, and dog accessories—packaged with eco-friendly shipping materials—feel extra worth it! Want to combine your auto ship orders into one customized box? Head to the PupJoy Build Your Own Delivery page to get started.

While PupJoy no longer offers a monthly box, you can still read our PupJoy reviews to learn more about the types of toys and treats they carry. Ships to the US (free) and Canada.


10. RescueBox

Rescue Box January 2019 - Rescue Box All Items Shown Front

Image from our review.

The Cost: $29.95 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

Why we love it: This one is for shelter pet parents! It contains toys, treats, and accessories for your adopted dog (or cat) and with each box purchased, RescueBox donates 10 pounds of food to animal shelters. On top of the feel-good aspect of this pet subscription, it’s also tons of fun—you can usually count on a holiday theme when there’s one coming up!

Check out our RescueBox reviews and RescueBox details for more information. Ships to the continental US for free, and to Alaska and Hawaii $5.95.

11. Bullymake Box

Bullymake subscription box open to show all items.

Image via Bullymake Box.

The Cost: $39 per month, or $31 per month when you sign up for a 12-month subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code Bullymake5 to save $5 off your first box!

Why we love it: These toys and treats are hand-selected for power chewers, meaning they’ll be well-suited to your dog’s unique preferences and health needs. And all of the products in each Bullymake Box are USA-made!

Check out our Bullymake reviews for more information. Ships to the US for free, Canada for $8.


12. VetPetBox

Father and son outside the vet's office with their dog and the VetPetBox.

Image via VetPetBox.

The Cost: Prices range from $35 to $49 per month and vary based on pet type, size, and duration of subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code VetPet15MSA to save $15 off your first box!

Why we love it: VetPetBox was created by veterinarians, meaning each box is curated with your pet’s unique health needs in mind. You’ll receive treats, toys, a veterinary-grade wellness product, and educational materials to help you keep your pet happy and healthy.

Check out VetPetBox reviews (of both dog & cat boxes) for more information on subscribing to VetPetBox. Ships to the US and Canada.


13. Pooch Perks

Pooch Perks

Image via Pooch Perks.

Price: $20.82 per month for a Toys Only box, and ranging up to $44.91 per month for the Pampered Pooch box. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

Why we love it: Pooch Perks features toys and USA-sourced, primarily grain-free treats. Each box is customized to your dog’s size and food allergies, and you can even opt to receive an extra toy! Pooch Perks also offers customizable gifting options if you’d like to nab a treat for another dog in your life!

Find out more about Pooch Perks here. Ships to the US for free.


14. KONG Box

Kong Box open to show toys and treats.

Image via KONG Box.

Price: $39.94 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

Why we love it: What dog doesn’t love sinking its teeth into a KONG? KONG Box sends a classic (perfect for fishing out treats or licking out peanut butter) with the first box, then subsequent boxes include a combo of a KONG training toy, a “personality toy,” which is hand-picked based on your pup’s needs, KONG brand treats, and recipes & tips for keeping your playful pal as happy as can be.

Good to know: All KONG toys are made in Colorado, USA!

Ships to the US only.


Check out our full list of subscription boxes for dogs here—you can also explore subscription boxes for cats and more!

Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

Comments (34)

  1. Same ! I had a subscription for 3 toys a month for 6 months. My pups received only 2 toys every month. I went through H** trying to cancel. 15 emails later all with different box ideas to keep me, so I would not cancel. I finally had to get a little nasty. Im canceled finally and out of 6 toys that I paid for!

  2. Same for me, it’s been a nightmare. IF I get the box there is always something wrong. I came here to hopefully find a new box for my pup.

  3. I’ll keep it going. My December box was delivered until January 3rd. I have three months left and I can’t wait to leave them.

  4. I had PupBox for more than a year. They were good, give treats and toys and helpful advice to n go along with the puppies age. Two things I didn’t care for is there is no way to customize the toys. They kept giving similar toys that my dog did not like at all and they kept sending them with no way to tell them not to send those anymore. And when I went to cancel the subscription they wouldn’t cancel it till the 6 month subscription was over which was only two months but had it been more it would have been pretty annoying especially considering I had already fulfilled a years subscription. At that point they should let you cancel whenever you want.

  5. I subscribed to a three month subscription to Pupbox for my daughter’s puppy. It was a definite hit and I will likely resubscribe.

  6. I also love Pup Mom Crate and Dog Mom Box if you are an obsessed dog mom and want a mix of things for yourself and for your dog. I look forward to these 2 boxes every month! They are fun to open.

    I also get Barkbox. I’ve had no issues issues with Barkbox. I love the themes but the treats and chews are the same every month just different packaging. I personally like the bigger variety I get with Pup Mom Crate and Dog Mom Box.

  7. Discount code for Boxdog doesn’t work…

  8. I agree bark box was one of the worst experiences I have had with a company. The box was always later and always wrong. My dog can not have nylon toys they break teeth and it was a no problem item when I ordered. Every box came with a nylon toy and they would have to send replacement parts for the box every month and that was even a nightmare.

  9. I can’t say enough about the great customer service from Barkbox. The first box I received was missing a treat and my pup tore up the toys that day. She’s a 5 mo. old Shepard/husky. They offered many suggestions such as setting my pup’s preferences to tougher toys and customize treats. They also sent off the missing treat and extra toy to hold my pup over until the next box. I appreciated their flexibility and willingness to change and improve the next box while offering more product in the meantime.
    Pupbox has also been great and we are enjoying all of the surprises each month. Although it seems like a lot for a box, I believe the value is there. We’re going to have to decide soon which box to stick with.

  10. I have to brag on Barkbox’s customer service. I live in an area that was significantly damaged by Hurricane Laura. I received an email from Barkbox today expressing their sympathy over the storm and asking if I wanted to put my account on hold at this time or change my address to reflect where I’m currently staying. I was just really impressed that they reached out so quickly because this wasn’t even something on my mind at this time.

  11. Kong box should really be added to this list. The treats were great and toy are great. Also love Pupbox and Pet Treater. I subscribe to Bark Box and my dog likes the toys, but doesn’t seem to love the treats. The themes are cute though.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Kellie! I just added KONG Box to the list!!

  12. Barkbox and Superchewer are terrible in terms of customer service and shipping. Boxes get delayed every other month and in some cases don’t get sent at all. My dog wasn’t favorable of the treats either and went threw all the barkbox toys so we switched to super chewer and those toys are tough for sure but really heavy and not meant to “play” with.

    I LOVE pupbox and am adding dapper box and kong box to our monthly shipments. The toys, treats and training materials are awesome in pupbox.

    • I’ve been getting Barkbox for over five years and never not had a box delivered, they always arrive promptly in the middle of the month. One month the chew treat was missing, I texted customer service and they fedexed one to me in just a couple of days! My dog loves the treats and plays with the toys, some he loves better than others but always has fun with them. You can’t beat the fun themes they come up with, there’s so much love and creativity in every box.

  13. I have two Siberian Huskies and ordered a subscription for each of them from super chewer. I received the first box for one of my dogs which they loved and since then haven’t received anything yet they are glad to take my money. Contact customer service and they keep saying that they are delayed. So far I have paid for 4 boxes and received 1. $120 is way more than I am willing to pay for a couple of toys and bags of treats. Something has to give. It so sad that I have to find another company to send my pups their toys and treats when they really loved what was sent.

  14. Had barkbox for 2years never a single issue.

  15. So far, the Super Chewer Bark Box has been great! My dog refused to play with one of the toys and I had a replacement within 10 days. Also, he LOVES the treats, I just wish the bags were larger. Two tiny bags of treats doesn’t last my 140lb Rottie for a month!

  16. Hard to go wrong with any of these boxes. Tiny Tails Box looks like a pretty good one for anyone that has a small dog specifically.

  17. I’ve had zero issues with Bark Box. I’ve used them off and on for the past 3 years. Always cute toys and treats my dogs love. Always on time and consistent.

  18. I think something is going on with CuddleCrate. Their website won’t even come up now. I posted before on the last review of it to ask if anyone has heard anything, but no one responded. I finally subscribed to a bi-monthly sub on Aug. 30th and got charged for my first one on Sept. 26th, but have NEVER received anything from them and last I was able to access the website a couple weeks ago my 1st order just said “on hold” and they won’t respond to email and it looks like they haven’t been very active on facebook or other social media either. Has anyone else heard anything?? Could you update us if you know anything? Thanks!

    • Hi Jess! I am SO SORRY your comment went unanswered both times! I’m late to the party, but thanks for the head’s up about CuddleCrate—we’ve removed it from the list so as not to mislead anyone else. I sincerely hope your issues were resolved!

  19. Pet Treater and Pup Box are the best dog box subscriptions. Great variety in toys and treats. Pet Treater is the best of the 2, they zend more than just treats and toys. They send clothing and misc accessories for you and your pet. Pupbox don’t send the extras like clothing and misc accessories but, they do have a great variety and they are right in time each month. As far as rewards or a free pet box for referring a friend, that offer is not so good from either one of them. I have referred many people to pupbox and pet treater over the past year and I have yet to receive a free box or anything for my referrals. If you are not concerned about the free referral stuff, these 2 suppliers are the best for your money.

  20. Barkbox and Superchewer are terrible in terms of customer service and shipping. Boxes get delayed every other month and in some cases don’t get sent at all. My dog wasn’t favorable of the treats either and went threw all the barkbox toys so we switched to super chewer and those toys are tough for sure but really heavy and not meant to “play” with.

    I LOVE pupbox and am adding dapper box and kong box to our monthly shipments. The toys, treats and training materials are awesome in pupbox.

  21. Do not use Barkbox they are not consistent in delivery u check one day and it will say this date then 2 days later it’s changed for a week from that day. I have contacted them and emailed and never had an issue chatting with someone until 2 days ago when Mara disconnected me. I was not happy.. also my box never came til almost the last day of the month, but I know they are quick to take their payment out by the 3rd of every month. They should take payment when box is shipped

    • I have been subscribing to Barkbox for over 4 years. I have never had an issue with the monthly deliveries. Maybe it’s your mail courier?

      • I’m still waiting on my November box. They also kept changing the date. After, a chat and two emails, they sent me an email with shipping info. It will be here this coming Saturday. There are lots of discouraging post on their FB page. Not sure what is going on with them. Who knows when I’ll get Decembers. This is my 2nd year of subscribing. I’m thinking they are under staffed.

      • Absolutely not. They are the worst. I don’t know how you’ve had luck.

    • I have been using Barkbox Super Chewer and my pup and LOVE it. No problems wirh deliveries. They Always come on the 13th every month. The toys are durable and interactive. Tug of war, fetch, different ways of disbursing the treats and chews that come in the box. In 3 years my pit who is a hardcore chewer destroyed one and they sent a replacement free right away. Any toy ur pup doesnt like or chews up which is near impossible, they will replace. Customer service was great and tjey follow up tomake sure ur issue was resolved and ur satisfied with thd results. My dog has lived every treat and chew they sent and he is picky. I have and will continue to recommend and use the Super Chewer Box from Bark Box! My dog knows when his box is here and goes wild!

  22. Try VetPet Box!!!! You won’t be disappointed!

  23. I have the exact same issues every couple of months its a fight to get my pups box! Even the last months box after several emails asking where is my box I am told it is ready and shipping in 24 hours, that was a week and a half ago. Today I get another message stating they “ran out of items to build Octobers boxes” and offered me November free of charge. Ok first of all I havent even received the box I paid for so really nothing is free!! Terrible customer service and the company does not communicate with subscribers if they “run out” your just left out in the cold!! Not this fur momma its time for a change!!!

  24. Buckles! Long time no see

  25. The Dapper Dog Box is the absolute best! You get a gorgeous bandana each month + their customer service is top notch.

  26. I used Barky Box and I really CAN NOT recommend this to anyone. The products are great, but it has been well over 6 months since I placed my 3-month order and I am still fighting with them to get my last box. Their website says that you will receive your box end of each month, and perhaps they have taken on too much work, but they do not meet the dates and are not good at all with communication so you don’t get any feedback from them.

    • I can definitely back you up on that, my last box arrived damaged, and almost a week late. The customer service is extremely poor, and they keep sending me one toy a month that is way too large for my small dogs. I have 5 months left can’t wait to leave!!

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