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Razor Subscriptions

Razor subscriptions and shaving clubs allow you to get all of your shaving needs, including razors and shaving cream, auto-shipped to you, usually for less than you’d pay at the store. The question is: is a shave club right for you? We’ve reviewed the top brands to help you decide!

Best Razors for Women 2019
best of

The Best Razor Clubs for Women 2019

There are SO many things to consider when shopping for a new razor. So we tested five up-and-coming women’s razor clubs… read more

billie vs flamingo womens razors review 2019

Billie vs. Flamingo—We Put These Women’s Razors to the Test

I’ve been seeing a lot about Billie and Flamingo, two new subscriptions for women’s razors. I’m a current Dollar Shave Club… read more

Dollar shave club vs harry's vs billie

Dollar Shave Club vs Billie vs Harry’s—Which Is the Best Razor Subscription?

There are a lot of shaving and razor subscriptions popping up online. How are you supposed to know which one is right for… read more

Is a razor subscription right for you?

Yes, if you prefer:

Refills shipped right to your door, plus shaving cream and other grooming products. All of the brands we recommend allow you to easily manage your subscription online - choose when you get your refills, add or remove products from each order, and cancel as you see fit.

No, if you prefer:

New blades only on an as-needed basis, as opposed to refills on a regular schedule. Also, if you like a specific brand of shaving cream or other shaving supplies, know that each of these subscriptions only offers their own brand of grooming products.

Cartridge Razors vs Safety Razors

Cartridge razors are the type most commonly found in shave clubs. Most companies offer their own brand of razors with reusable plastic or metal handles and disposable blade cartridges, which you can have auto-shipped to you. Cartridge razor clubs are usually more affordable to get started with (all of the clubs we recommend are priced competitively with each other), and we find that these multi-blade razors are easy to use and convenient.

Dollar Shave Club | Harry's | Billie | Flamingo

Safety razors are a newer addition to the subscription space, but these shaving tools have been around for over 100 years. They come in 3 simple parts and only require a single blade that gets replaced every 1-5 shaves, depending on the brand. (New packs of blades can be auto-shipped to you.) While they take some practice to master and have a higher cost of entry, they are more eco-friendly and promise a closer shave with fewer ingrown hairs, particularly for those with coarse and curly hair.

Oui Shave | Bevel

Compare Top Brands

Billie Flamingo DSC Harry’s Oui Shave
Made For Women Women Men/Women Men Women
Highlights Great for shaving in the shower Best for those who don’t shave often A one-stop shop for grooming needs The perfect weight and grip Good for sensitive skin, coarse hair, eco-friendly
Razor Type Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Safety
Blade Count 5 5 2, 4, or 6 5 1
Blade Origin USA Germany S. Korea Germany Germany
Weight Light (0.8 oz) Medium (1.3 oz) Medium (1.9 oz) Medium (1.5 oz) Heavy (3.4 oz)
Handle Material Resin Plastic Metal Rubber w weighted core Metal
Lubricating Strip Charcoal Shave Soap Aloe Vera Aloe + Vitamin E Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe
Holder Magnetic Suction Cup
Other Products Body lotion, shave cream, body wash, dry shampoo, lip balm, facial wipes Foaming shave gel, body lotion, wax strips Full line of shave, skincare, shower, oral care, hair products, & more Full line of shave, skincare, shower, & hair products Shave cream, shave oil, ingrown relief, & brightening balm
Product Scent Fruity Floral Fresh Menthol Fruity
Refill Cost $9/4-pack $9/4-pack $4/5-pack, $7/4-pack, $10/4-pack $9/4-pack $11/10-pack
Recurring Shipments 1, 2, or 3 months 1, 2, 3, or 4 months 2, 3, or 5 months 2, 4, or 6 months

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