My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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Are you passionate about helping others, openly and honestly sharing your experiences? Do you get way too excited about new products and brands? (We already know the answer to this one—of course you do!) Are you committed to community and fostering honest communication? Yep, you sound like one of us. Here's what we strive for every day at MSA:

  1. We are obsessed with community - We start with our community, people who come on our site every day and ones who discover us for the first time, and work backwards. Nothing matters more to us than earning and keeping our community's trust in everything that we do.
  2. We pace to win…the task, the game, the [insert] - We believe there is a time to hustle to get it done and a time to reflect and see how we can do better. We identify and adjust the pace required to win in the near term and long term.
  3. We earn trust - We earn each other's and our community's trust by being accountable, speaking candidly, listening attentively, treating each other respectfully and valuing feedback as a way to improve ourselves. We are vocally reflective of ways to improve ourselves and our ways of working without fear of embarrassment or judgement. We celebrate any and all initiatives taken to improve ourselves and our ways of working.
  4. We deliver and celebrate results - We are solution and results oriented in everything that we do - which means we have a timeline to get things done, we set expectations on how we want to measure success, we come from a place of curiosity to understand why a timeline or task changes to reset and refocus, we communicate progress and closing the loop, and we measure success. We celebrate our results often.
  5. We persevere and dive deep - We stay connected to the details in everything that we do.No task is beneath anyone when it comes to making sure we have the information we need to move forward, and we optimize how we use our time to get the best results for the community and team.
  6. We learn for the sake of learning - We believe we are never done learning and are always seeking ways to improve ourselves.We are curious about new possibilities and take action to explore them.
  7. We live our whole life - We all spend time in different places and in different ways - at work, at home, with family, growing hobbies.While we are strategic in building a thriving business, we recognize there is a fluidity between work and out of work life and approach each other with compassion and transparency so that everyone lives their whole life.

Our team is made up of people who proudly identify as hard workers, lifelong learners, and advocates of authenticity. We have unique interests, hobbies, and families, and we celebrate the whole picture. We'd love to grow our crew to include even more diverse stories and expertise; in other words, we'd love to hear from you!

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