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Clothing Subscription Boxes

Clothing subscriptions, styling services, and rental programs promise to take the hassle (and even the cost) out of updating your wardrobe. But do they work? And which plan is right for you? Check out our in-depth unboxings, tips, and monthly reviews to find the perfect box for your style and budget.

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Find the right type of clothing subscription for you.

Once you find a clothing subscription that fits your style, make sure it fits your needs, too. Most clothing subscriptions work in one of three ways, which appeal to different shopping styles. Here’s what you need to know about each one:

    If you want:

  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Help filling a specific need in your wardrobe.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. A complete wardrobe revamp.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Clothes that reflect your unique style.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Advice on what works for your body type.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Styling tips for trying the latest trends.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Flexibility with returns and exchanges (pay only for what you keep).

Personal Styling

Let a stylist do the shopping for you! These services are best for discovering new brands and trends, helping you find items to fit specific needs (like special occasions or life events), and helping you feel confident about what's in your closet.

Browse personal styling box reviews below.

    If you want:

  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. A look for a special event.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. To try a lot of trends without a big price tag.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. To experiment with new styles and find what works best for you.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. A short-term wardrobe boost for travel, maternity, or job hunting.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Someone else to do the dry cleaning for you.


Try new trends and experiment with your style, without the commitment. Get access to a library of like-new looks that you can rent for less than they'd cost at retail. (Not to mention the time you'll save on laundry.)

Browse rental box reviews below or checkout our list of Everything You Need to Know About Clothing Rentals.

    If you want

  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Basics on a regular basis.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Clothing plus lifestyle goodies, like beauty products and accessories.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. The option to choose items yourself, or skip a month.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. Surprises or expert curation.
  • Checkmark Created with Sketch. The best value.


While these subscriptions don't offer the same level of customized service as a personal stylist, they do typically offer either the ability for you to pick your items yourself each month, or a better value when you let them pick for you.

Browse membership plans and curated subscription boxes below.

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