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The 17 Best Makeup Subscription Boxes – 2021 Readers’ Choice

Every year we ask you, our readers, to tell us your favorite subscription boxes. The results of the 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards are in! This list features our fellow subscription fanatics’ top choices for skincare, makeup, and more.

Are you a beauty subscription box addict like us? We’ve rounded up the best makeup subscriptions voted by our readers, and we mean it when we say it’s full of fantastic choices! Including picks for every price point, options for clean beauty and vegan beauty fans, and an impressive variety of brands across boxes, these selections are awesome options for those ready to upgrade their makeup collection—and of course for makeup mavens wanting to keep their already-impressive assortment growing, too!


The 17 Makeup Subscription Boxes Our Readers Recommend Most

Here are the beauty subscription boxes that rank the highest among real subscribers:

1. BoxyCharm

Image from our review.

The Cost: $25.00 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

What Our Readers Say:

Boxycharm is consistent for the best value in makeup products.” – Alice R

With a total of 5 full-sized products in each of their base boxes, BoxyCharm holds the crown as the best subscription box for makeup! If you fill out your profile just right, then you’ll be swimming in makeup products buy next year’s end!” – Kathleen Dougherty

I feel like they have a really good mix of brands that everyone has heard of but also new ones to me. Great inexpensive way to build a collection fast!” – Nikkiaust17

About the Box: BoxyCharm is our readers’ top pick for makeup subscription boxes of 2020, and for good reason! It’s filled with high-end brands and at least 4 full-size products (out of the 6 that are sent). It includes amazing cosmetics like palettes, lovely lip colors, and eyeliners to try, as well as skincare products, beauty tools, and other great beauty finds.

Is It Customizable? Through a program launched in late 2019, BoxyCharm subscribers get to choose one item in their upcoming box; the rest are customized based on your preferences (not all subscribers receive the same box).

Check out all of our BoxyCharm reviews and info to learn more. Shipping to the contiguous U.S. is free. Shipping to U.S. territories, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada is $5.00.


2. Ipsy Glam Bag

Full Contents for the Ipsy Glam Bag December 2020

Image via our review.

The Cost: $12.00 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

I believe Ipsy sends out a good variety of makeup brands (sometimes full-size). In addition the retail value is always there for me!” – Shelly111

Ipsy gives great samples of products I’ve loved!” – Emily

I am a huge fan of the mixed, diverse products that ipsy provides!” – May

About the Box: The Ipsy Glam Bag subscription boasts a satisfying haul at a gloriously low price point! This monthly sub delivers a blend of high-end and drugstore products, a combo of makeup and skincare, and bonus beauty tools. This popular box thrills by including personalized beauty items in a stylish bag.

Is It Customizable? Ipsy Glam Bag allows subscribers to choose one item each month.

Check out our Ipsy reviews and Ipsy spoilers to learn more! Ships to the US and Canada.


3. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Image from our review.

The Cost: $25.00 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus rocks in that you get to pick three of your items. I usually end up with makeup colors/tones that actually work for me.” – Katrina

“Ipsy Glam Bag Plus has probably hit most of my makeup likes” – TnT07

Ipsy and Ipsy Glam Bag are unbeatable in terms of value, variety and overall subscription quality. Amazing products, tons of customization without being overwhelming and outstanding customer service on every level whether it be making sure your bags meet your account preferences or always being on time each month or having great support teams to assist you immediately for any inquiry. This is a must-have subscription for makeup.” – Erin Alysse

About the Box: Ipsy subscribers who want to punch up their collection of cosmetics even more can subscribe to the Glam Bag Plus, which promises 5 full-size products from well-known and up-and-coming brands. This sub offers even more of the pretty palettes, brushes, effective skincare, liquid lip color, and more that the basic subscription boasts—and the selection is customized to your personal preferences!

Is It Customizable? Ipsy Glam Bag allows subscribers to choose three items each month.

Check out our Ipsy reviews and Ipsy spoilers to learn more! Ships to the U.S. and Canada.


4. Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty box with makeup and skincare items

Image from our review.

The Cost: $23.00 per month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Get a Free Mega Bundle when you sign up for a 12-month subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

What Our Readers Say:

I’ve tried a bunch of boxes but I keep coming back to Allure for the great product selection and the premium products.” – MSA Reader

Allure has some nice makeup items, even an eyeliner that wasn’t black and a red liquid lipstick that didn’t turn orange on me.” – SharonDK

They contain great products I use on the daily.” – Debra

About the Box: The Allure Beauty Box is a monthly sub that sends along a great selection of deluxe samples and full-size products from the top brands you love—or are about to love! Beauty fanatics agree that it’s a stellar way to try the trending ingredients and current cosmetics you’ll read about in Allure Magazine. Ordering through Allure also means you receive a newsletter with tips, tricks & exclusive promotions like limited-edition boxes, access to members-only virtual events, promo codes, and more!

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out all of our Allure Beauty Box reviews and info to learn more. Ships to the U.S. and Puerto Rico for free.


5. Birchbox

Full Contents for Birchbox December 2020

Image from our review

The Cost: $15.00 a month with free U.S. shipping. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

Still #1!!!” – WordHermit3t

Birchbox was my go-to on trying new products & expanding my knowledge base. I appreciate being able to set my profile to my specific interests & thereby, being able to curate the boxes to my preferences, areas of concern, etc. It makes the box much more personal.” – CaliGirlKatie

I have been with BIRCHBOX several years now and I honestly feel it has the best price and usually the products are a mix of sample size, deluxe size and full size. BIRCHBOX has something for everyone. If you set your profile up correctly then you will get products usually on your selections! The customer service team at BIRCHBOX is awesome!” – Michele H

About the Box: Birchbox subscribers love its amazing variety of samples! That’s why this beauty box has been a reader favorite for years. You have the option to pick from several expertly curated boxes of samples, or choose a sample choice box, which entails hand-picking one of your samples and letting the rest be selected by Birchbox with your beauty needs in mind. This box is a super-fun way to try the brands and products you’ve been wanting to try, as well as to discover new ones!

Is It Customizable? Birchbox customizes what you’ll receive each month based on your user profile, and beginning with your second box, you can choose one of your samples each month.

Check out all of our Birchbox reviews and info to learn more. Ships to the U.S., France, Spain, and the U.K.


6. The Box by Fashionsta

Image from our review.

The Cost: $24.99 a month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

Amazing products curated , ABSOLUTELY AWESOME customer service. I Highly recommend to try it!” – Grace Leb

They always send unique items I haven’t seen before,” – DragonQueen

Love the variety and that they include a palette sometimes two every month! Very wearable colors especially of lippies,” – Bethany L

About the Box: The Box by Fashionsta is a monthly makeup subscription box filled with 5-7 full-size makeup and skincare products per month, promising an $80-$150 value in each box. Subscribers are thrilled by the variety, the reasonable price point, and the great balance of makeup and skincare products. Plus, each makeup box purchased helps a non-profit based in LA, so you can feel good while you try your new makeup each month!

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out all of our The Box by Fashionista reviews and info to learn more. Ships free worldwide.


7. GlossyBox

Image from our review.

The Cost: $21.00 per month. Save with an annual subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code PARADISE16 to get your first box for $16!

What Our Readers Say:

“Great products and great sizes,” – MSA Reader

About the Box: Not only does GlossyBox wow with gorgeous packaging, it’s full of makeup, skincare, and other must-have items in full and deluxe sizes! This box features a combination of notable and under-the-radar brands.

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out all of our GlossyBox reviews and info to learn more. Ships free to the U.S. and to Canada for $5.00.


8. Kinder Beauty

Image from our review.

The Cost: $25.00 per month with free shipping in the U.S. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA5 to get $5 off your subscription!

About the Box: The Kinder Beauty Box is a vegan subscription curated with healthy beauty choices in mind. It comes in eco-friendly packaging and is filled with cruelty-free makeup, skincare, haircare, and more.

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out our Kinder Beauty reviews and Kinder Beauty spoilers to learn more. Ships to the U.S. and most countries around the world.


9. Tribe Beauty Box

Image via our review.

The Cost: $34.99 per box (sent every other month) + shipping. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA to save 10% off your first box!

What Our Readers Say:

Nothing better!” – MSA Reader

I love the indie brands that Tribe beauty box brings to its subscribers. It’s primarily makeup, which is what I desire in a beauty box.” – Sherry FL

About the Box: The Tribe Beauty Box is catered to makeup artists and enthusiasts, sending 4-5 full or deluxe size products from indie and trendy brands in each bi-monthly shipment. Included is 1 face product, 1 tool, 1 eye product, 1 lip product and/or 1 skin prep product, so you can count on being stocked up with high-quality beauty products and supplies!

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out our Tribe Beauty Box reviews and Tribe Beauty Box spoilers to learn more about this subscription box! Ships to the US & worldwide.


10. NewBeauty TestTube

Image from our review.

The Cost: $29.95 per box, plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

I love the variety I receive in these boxes,” – Joiseygirl

About the Box: It’s all about the full-size products from NewBeauty TestTube! This is one of our community’s favorite beauty box subscriptions for trying new brands and ingredients. Every other month, subscribers can expect to receive a mix of well-known products and new high-quality brands that you’ll definitely want to experience. Plus each membership comes with a free NewBeauty Magazine subscription!

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out all of our NewBeauty TestTube reviews and details to learn more. Ships to the U.S.


11. The Clean Beauty Box

Image from our review.

The Cost: $68.00 per box, bimonthly. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA10 to save 10% off your first order!

About the Box: This bi-monthly subscription box is a must-have for clean beauty fans. Every box includes 2-3 full size organic, natural and cruelty-free beauty items and an information booklet all packaged in a beautiful box designed by a different featured artist.

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out our The Clean Beauty Box reviews and details to learn more! Ships to the U.S. for free and for $15.00 to all other countries worldwide.


12. Vegancuts Beauty Box

Image from our review.

The Cost: $24.95 a month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA to save $5 off your first box!

About the Box: This is another great box for a beauty lover looking to stuff their makeup bag with clean, cruelty-free vegan beauty products. Each monthly box contains a mix of 4-7 full and sample size cruelty-free beauty must-haves, ranging from cosmetics to skincare to haircare. All items are void of toxic ingredients and animal byproducts.

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out our Vegancuts Beauty Box reviews and info to learn more about this subscription box! Ships to the U.S. for free, to Canada for $6.95, and worldwide for $14.95.


13. Petit Vour

Image from our review.

The Cost: $18.00 per month for the Petit Vour box or $25.00 per month for Petit Vour Plus for U.S. subscriptions. Shipping is free. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Petit Vour is a vegan beauty box that delivers a mix of mini and full-size natural and vegan beauty products each month. This is a great box to expand your knowledge of vegan beauty brands and try out new products.

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out all of our Petit Vour reviews to learn more about this subscription box! Ships free worldwide. Subscription prices vary based on international location.


14. Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Image via our review.

The Cost: $19.00 per month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Box: This beauty subscription from the U.K. sends 6 handpicked cosmetics, haircare, skincare and body products centered around a fun theme each month, along with an issue of Elle UK magazine. It’s a spa trip to the U.K. without ever leaving home!

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out our Look Fantastic Beauty Box reviews and info to learn more about this subscription box! Ships free to the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. 


15. FabFitFun

Image from our review

The Cost: $49.99 per box with free shipping. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code FRESHAIR to sign up for a FabFitFun Seasonal Subscription and get 20% off your first box!

What Our Readers Say:

Great way to try new products that I wouldn’t otherwise choose to pay for unless I’ve tried it.” – Yvette Klotz

Still have to stick with my FabFitFun boxes. They are always the best.” – Joline Bradshaw

About the Box: FabFitFun is a lifestyle box that sends subscribers over $200 worth of full-size makeup and beauty products, accessories and home decor items every season. Recent boxes have included makeup from brands like  ILIA, Laura Geller, Phase Zero, Stila, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Beauty Bakerie.

Is It Customizable? Yes! Members get to select 3 or 5 items in each box depending on your subscription level.

Check out all of our  FabFitFun reviews to learn more. Ships worldwide.


16. Cocotique

Full Contents for Cocotique December 2020

Image from our review.

The Cost: $25.00 per month with free shipping. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Cocotique is a monthly subscription box delivering beauty and lifestyle products for women of color. Every box includes 5-8 full size or deluxe sample size products of makeup, hair care, skincare, fragrances, nail care and more. You’ll also receive a free reusable tote with each month’s box.

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out all of our Cocotique reviews and info to learn more. Ships free to the U.S.


17. Nourish Beauty Box

Image from our review.

The Cost: $29.95 per month with free shipping. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code NOURISHADDICT15 to get 15% off your purchase!

About the Box: Nourish Beauty Box is a natural beauty subscription box that sends 4 full-size vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free beauty products each month. You’ll get a mix of makeup and skincare items from indie clean beauty brands in every box.

Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication.

Check out all of our Nourish Beauty Box reviews to learn more. Ships free to the U.S.

That’s it for the best makeup subscriptions of 2021! Which boxes do you think you’ll try this year?

Written by Erin Pullmann

Erin Pullmann

When Erin finds a new box she loves, she wants the world to share her joy, especially if it includes something sparkly. Her non-subscription addictions include knitting, reading, baking, running and dancing with her husband and daughter.

Comments (125)

  1. Do any offer fragrance? Like full size? I never got it from ipsy or boxycharm yet. I wasn’t with birch long so idk about them either.

  2. Didn’t get Ipsy 2 months in a row.
    They said I’d changed my address.
    I’ve lived here over 10 years!
    Ipsy was a disappointment.
    Looking for a new service.

    • I used to belong to IPSY but rejoined a couple of months ago and super disappointed. I cancelled.

  3. I actually just cancelled ipsy glam bag plus subscription. It takes a month before your bag is considered delivered late. You only have 45 to ask for a replacement but can’t ask until the first of the following month. When they do replace your bag they are out of the items you pick and send you leftovers from previous months. And only way to get them to refund you is using the better business bureau. I’ve read lots of reviews on ipsy and this seems to be an ongoing issue causing many people to cancel.

    • Ipsy was upping my subscription without my permission, adding product and then charging my account… It is ridiculous that they do not have a live person to speak to. It took 3 weeks for them to get back to me about an unauthorized charge and in that time additional charges were added. It’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t received my refund.

  4. Yeah, I stopped my subscription. They get the first box right and it’s as if the don’t look at your profile anymore. I told them that I don’t wear black eyeliner and the sent it in all my boxes. It wasn’t worth the money.

    • I was surprised that ipsy made it on the list. They are not terrible I found 2 products I will stick to but that’s over many months. Its not for everyone for sure. Ipsy is the reason I came across this find a new monthly makeup box. I want most or all of the products to be purly makeup. Personally I dont like using multiple different things in my face and had no use for much of it. I stick to a few to avoid more breakouts.

  5. How is this “2021 readers choice” when there are comments from 2 years ago already on this post????

    Also there are different boxy Variations so if Ipsy is making the list several times then boxy should have too IMO (personally been loving my diff boxys more than my diff Ipsys)

    • I think they update the lists every year, but use the old post? It’s kind of neat to see all the old comments.

  6. The Ipsy glam bag plus does NOT ship to canada!!!!!

    • Yes it does because I live in Ontario Canada and I get it delivered every month

  7. Me and my fiance just canceled boxy charm because the past 3 months we’ve felt like we just gotten whatever leftovers they could throw together. At first we shared an account, then she set me up my own but I was never able to customize it. We tried several times and they just kept saying they couldn’t find my account because some how it wasn’t under my email address. I sent the payment info and the account number on the boxes and they still acted like my account didn’t exist but I was definitely charged every month for it and recieved a box. Except for December, I dont know what happened there but I was charged just never recieved it. We both tried to reach out to boxy so that I could either recieve a box or a refund but they never did either of those. So I refuse to keep paying for something that is going to make a huge haste out of trying to fix an issue. We were both treated like we were lying and was told without the email that was linked to the account they couldn’t even pull up my info. Like I said before I gave them all the billing info, the card number that paid for the box and the account number that came from a previous box and they still said they couldn’t look anything up bc it wasn’t linked to any email that I own. Im here looking for a new subscription type of box but im afraid that bc these aren’t personalized im not going to be ae to find one.

  8. I love my Boxycharm. I also get Ipsy every other month. Another box I fell in love with is the FabFitFun box. You get a huge box every new season (4 times a year). You pay 49.99 every quarter. You get a box of various objects – full size makeup, skin products; and even blankets or kitchen items. My first box had this beautiful, weighted, blanket. It also included cutting boards, full size eye cream, a glow bottle (I won’t use, but I can find someone who will), eye shadow pallet, and a few other items. Now I have to try Test Tube!!!

  9. I think there are some tricks to the Ipsy personalization process. I don’t think that it’s personalized in the way would all wish it were. I’m sure they are using algorithms and stock levels to build the bags, however one thing I heard which I have not yet tried is that if you review a product and give it 1 star, you will not receive that product type again. For example, if you do not ever use bronzer and you get one, you can give it a one star review and you will not likely ever receive a bronzer again.

    I have been changing my preferences every month to see if it makes a difference. I haven’t received by January plus bag yet, but we shall see.

    • If you want to step across the pond, try Beauty Pie. They’ve a complete offering of skin, hair, & complexion care + fragrance, tools and of course make-up. The membership can be modest if you want and yet you will chose to receive lab developed pure head to toe care. I could go on and on. You should just go here:[email protected]

  10. I would say I’m pretty happy with Glam Bag Plus. I used to have the regular Glam Bag a few years ago but cancelled because I kept getting products I didn’t care for. December 2020 I signed back up and opted for Plus which was not an option back when I had the regular GB. Currently they do let you pick 3 of your bag items which I think is awesome, however that does not mean you won’t be disappointed. Some products are just crap shoots and may seem great but not actually be right for you when you try it. I also do like the inexpensive add-ons and offers which lets you try out other products on the cheap.

    What I would like to get more of in my bag is fragrance. I think I got a Kensie fragrance one time in my old Glam Bag, but haven’t received a fragrance since even though my preferences are set to “often” and all scent profiles have been selected. Anyone know of a fragrance-only sub?

    • Scentbird is great and is $14.95 a month.

  11. What do you guys think about lashybox?? It’s not mentioned at all here, and I was just looking at gifting this to my daughter, the XL box for 24.99 but then remembered Boxycharm, I want one or the other, too …. Hmmmm…

  12. I really do miss Sephora Play. I love getting sample sized items because it keeps me from becoming overwhelmed with products. I wish there were more options in the $10-$15 range.

    • I’ve had Ipsy for a little over 3 years now and need to change it up. I want a monthly box that is primarily makeup BUT all really wild stuff. I want purple blush, grey eyebrow and orange mascaras, etc. Who has this? Ipsy used to have out-there items periodically but its been a long time.

      • Medusa’s makeup monthly box is less than boxycharm and has some wild colours in every box! They do 4-5 items and only include one skincare product in each box so you know you’re mostly getting makeup and they guarantee a wild coloured product like neon etc.

  13. IPSY has killed Glam Bag Ultimate, in favor of a glam bag plus with every third month featuring an Ultimate type bag.
    I’m super disappointed 😞 I liked my Ultimate

    • Same here

      • Me too I loved the Ultimate too.

  14. Where!!lots of comments here ;)))) I got Boxy last Christmas and have loved every month. But I’m to the point of having just soooo much that I need to use what I’ve got, especially when we’re all home everyday. Buuuut, I’m looking at Petit Bout. Same price, or actually, they have an $18 & $25 and it’s all vegan. . .so, we shall see😍😍😘. 🐞

  15. I read through all the reviews because I love trying new makup…My sister is always giving me samples even full size items she gets in all her makeup bags she gets monthly. I can not decided which one to pick that I will be happy with because there are so many negative reviews from them all….

    • Beauty TestTube is by far the best value out of all of them… they do all full sized products. I subscribe to 9 so I guess you could say I kind of know what they offer😀
      It only comes every other month and I believe it is $29?
      But it is not all makeup. Lots of skincare.
      Best way to decide is to go on each box’s website and look at past boxes.
      You are the only one that knows what you like-want-need.
      Out of the monthly boxes, allure gives you a lot of products for a small amount of money, but they are all sample sized.

    • The Box by Fashionsta is by far my favorite out of all of them. I’ve had almost every box on this list at one time or another. When covid19 hit and I had to cut back, Fashionsta is the only sub box subscription that I kept. They have a mix of skincare and makeup each month. You get 5 to 6 products each month and they are all full size. They don’t do a lot of mainstream brands like tarte, too faced, Anastasia Beverley Hills, but more small companies that you don’t hear about all the time but definitely should. I’ve found so many amazing products and brands that I never would have known about without getting them in the box. The products are much better quality than any of the other sub boxes out there.

  16. Boxycharm should be on the bottom of this list. Their products are good but if you ever have an issue with your monthly box or an order you placed, good look trying to reach them. They dont have customer support so good look trying to reach them.

    • For real! When I finally got through to someone they couldn’t find my account and said they couldn’t help me. 5 weeks later I received my box only to be let down. The products were all cheap.

  17. No comm

  18. Well,

    By the sound of almost EVERYONE. They pretty much ALL stink when it comes to NOT getting what you can actually use AND in customer service solving any problems.

    So….the makeup addict i am. BUT…i have decided AGAINST ANY of the mentioned subscriptions. And sticking to what ive done successfully for many years, Which is purchasing large lots of various samples. And, always buying whenever a GWP is available..
    Thank you all for helping me decide.

  19. Does ANYONE know of ANY beauty subscription that has the option to choose what countries they would/wouldn’t like to receive products from?????

    OR a subscription that is only USA products??

  20. For people of color try Cocotique. Has full sized hair products plus cosmetics and skincare, nail polish..$25 per month.

  21. I’m with you on that one! I don’t like Huda Beauty either and don’t understand their popularity. With all the glitter in them they make me look like the painted woman in the James Bond Golden Girl movie. when I saw a picture of the founder I understood why I don’t like Huda Beauty. she looks desire with all that strange makeup on. She doesn’t wear the makeup. The makeup wears her!

    And I also like tarte! Great products in good packaging very cute.

    • I meant she looks bizarre.

      • Wow, umm..she’s gorgeous. Jelly much?

      • Agreed – she’s bizarre looking and I’m far from jealous. Her makeup is totally made for Instagram use and it’s more like immediate gratification makeup. None of it is long-lasting, kind of like how MAC was originally made for runway use, and not really intended for long-wear and standard use.

        HUDA is for Instagram pictures and not high-quality. Her face always looks like there’s an inch of thick/shiny product on top of her skin.

      • Totally. Sometimes too much is too much. I really dislike the shimmery glittery makeup products and have so far been able to avoid Huda Beauty in my sub. I understand that the founder is a makeup artist, but methinks that term is being used loosely.

  22. I absolutely agree! I was very sad that two days ago I had to cancel Ipsy. 3 months in a row every single product was on my rarely list. I did not receive one product that was on my often list or my sometimes list. Except for the one product that I picked.

    They Allow you to pick one product to opt out of so you won’t get it in your glam bag. I opted out of eyeliner. This third month, in addition to receiving everything on my rarely list. I also received an eyeliner but I had opted out of.

    They had the gall to tell me that the box I got with everything on my rarely list and the product that I had opted out of most closely matched my profile!

    Sometimes I actually wonder if they give you everything on your rarely list so that you will buy the full-size product for $18 as an add-on.

  23. I’ve seen a couple of new boxes on Facebook; Top Off Beauty and Glam Addict. Anyone heard of or tried these yet?

    • Ive been very dedicatited to being an ipster . I have on my bank statement i paid them 140.00 as i understand it Im coverd for a full year. .Of glam gwn gags. Am I correcet or do i call solve at 7. Idk. Im hopeing ipsy gets back to me. . As my phone ìs out of order. This is a phone ipsy may reply me on. And Thànk You 💕❤👍💘🔜

  24. I had boxy charm for like four years and this year it went totally downhill. I filled out a beauty quiz specifying that I don’t want mascara or any red lipstick only nude lip colors and eyeshadows. After receiving red lipsticks glosses and RED EYSHADOWS and of course mascara for about six months straight and seeing friends get the same products that I got in nude colors and other things besides the mascara I had to cancel. Their customer service is literally non existent… I sent them about 20 emails and even dms on their Instagram and never got even one response. It’s pretty sad because I did love this subscription before all of these issues started. They have no issues sending me emails every single day telling me to resubscribe but couldn’t answer one single email. Terrible company.

    • I agree 100%. I had Boxy Charm since the 2nd or 3rd box they sent. It has been going downhill for a while. My last BoxyLuxe was so lackluster, it actually pushed me to cancel the subscription.

    • I had the identical problem with Ipsy! I couldn’t have been happier for 8 months straight. Then, for the next three months, everything I got was on my rarely list. In spite of the fact that they have plenty of stuff that was on my often and sometimes list.

      They had the gall to tell me that the package with everything on my rarely list most closely matched my beauty profile!

    • I agree. I just cancelled my Boxy Charm subscription. They have horrible customer service. No phone number to call. Only email. It took about 3 days to get an email reply and it was unsatisfactory.
      However, I really like the products.

    • I too had nothing but problems with BoxyCharm. They even ILLEGALLY charged my credit card without my authorization or knowledge and sent me another box, after my account was “supposedly” cancelled! I even have the email from them from the month before confirming the cancellation!!!
      If their CEO would spend more time developing an actual Customer Service Department instead of making his videos every 5 minutes, telling everyone about the stuff the influencers are going to get, but you aren’t, then 3/4 of his subscribers wouldn’t be so aggravated all the time! Sure, the products overall are good-great, but 50% of what you get are colors you can’t use. Or how many eye pencils, mascaras and full-on glittery lip glosses do you need? How many eye shadow pallets all in the same Sunset shades do you need? BoxyCharm if you don’t or aren’t able to customize (nor have you ever been, which Joe admitted in one of his videos), get your deceiving questionnaire off your website!!!!!!! I could go on, but I won’t. I’ve moved on now to greener pastures, as they say!

    • I had the same problem with Boxy Charm. Alot of makeup that I could not use because they were in no way suited to my skin tone. Eye shadow palettes with wild colors and after about 8 months, I started seeing duplicates of the same things I had gotten a few months prior. It gave me the impression that they were buying up bulk things that didnt sell and putting them in the boxes each month.

  25. Cancelled my Ipsy after repeatedly getting same shade family of eyeshadows/blushes/lipsticks that didn’t go with a fair complexion at all. Plus same 3-4 out of 5 products monthly. Contacted customer service to ask what I needed to do to get variety in my products and to quit getting shades I couldn’t used and was told My products were chosen by their computer system. So much for that personalization! I asked what the point of filling out a beauty profile if it didn’t really matter.

    • I think Ipsy going downhill, too. After being with them for a year, and receiving the last boxes with everything inside on my rarely list, I canceled. Too bad because I really love the products that they show you may be in your glam bag. Problem is they weren’t.

  26. I strongly suggest to not subscribe to boxy charm ! I couldn’t even shop on their website! They have no direct customer service, I cancelled before I even got my box. They need major help with their website and support.

  27. I did Ipsy for so long and liked it. I wanted something different so I went to Boxy. They couldn’t send me anything that didn’t break! I ordered the same highlighter twice from a pop up I ordered and it broke twice. Finally just got a refund which was easy but inconvenient to say the least. I did premium base and luxe and never had a box I was in love with. Maybe one or two products. I’ll likely go back to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

  28. Basic Boxycharm sucks now. You missed the Premium box watch is great but too expensive. I’m cancelling Boxy Charm and looking for a new Sub.

    • I thought i was the only one who felt this way .Some one should give heads up cuz they are going down hill lately.

      • I think this is a widely agreed statement. I canceled my boxy a few months ago Bc of their bad customer service. Emailed, DM’d , reached out through their website several times through each platform and they couldn’t be bothered to reply.

      • I think Ipsy is, too. After being with them for a year, and receiving the last boxes with everything inside on my rarely list, I canceled. Too bad because I really love the products that they show you may be in your glam bag. Problem is they weren’t.

    • Everyone has been saying they don’t like their boxy anymore… I love mine but if youre looking for a new sub you should try fabfitfun, my favorite!

  29. nice

  30. If you have a USA friend use their address as the plus is the best I’ve ever recieved, its worth the extra mile. Good luck girl💙💚💛

  31. I had Ispy since 2014 and just switched to Boxy. It didn’t matter how I filled out the profile quizzes I always got the same things. I wear lash extensions and never need mascara and they always sent me some. One month I got 5 items that I couldn’t use because the colors were way off. I had to go back and look at my profile to make sure I had checked the correct things. One thing I can say about Ipsy is that even after 6 years, I never got the same makeup bag. That actually impressed me. I’m happy with Boxy and have had them for about 3 months. I’ll see how it goes and will switch if I need to.

    • I just canceled my BoxyCharm subscription because this was the second box where I could use nothing. I reached out to customer service and got no help…automated replies but never fixed my problems. So, bye-bye!

      • I’ve been trying to contact boxy charm for the last couple of days I get an automated response they will response in 48 -72 hrs but they still haven’t fixed the problem I’m having I’m bout to cancel my subscription with them bc I’ve being waiting since this past Wednesday to fix my issue … and they put a number on there page that just tells you to email them I think it wastes my time to just listen to a message that tells you to email them.. what company do you really know who doesn’t have customer service .. are you kidding me .. ????

  32. I’m subscribed to the top five and then Boxyluxe but I think it’s time to pare down my subs.I literally have too much stuff I want to use but may never get to. I’m starting to give it away to friends and family. My plan is to hopefully get on the Boxy Premium list , keep regular ipsy (for add ons) and then drop regular boxycharm, and glam bag plus. Sephora is easy to drop so that one too but am having a hard time letting Allure go.

  33. Yessss so excited to see the Box featured here! I love it

  34. Was going to order Cohorted until I saw they added 12 pounds to ship to the US. 🙁 I have ordered several British beauty boxes that didn’t charge shipping, not to mention such a high price for shipping.

  35. I have been with Ipsy for 5 years. Upgraded to Plus as soon as it was available. I liked it. Upgraded to Ultimate when it came out thinking it would be amazing and I was disappointed. Did Ultimate for 3 months before downgrading back to Plus. I Skipped January once I saw the choice and add on items. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with a mix of 5 of any of those products. I’m so close to cancelling Ipsy for good.
    I did a 6 month sub to Birchbox to get a free palette. The only thing I liked about Birchbox was being able to pick the curated boxes, which got me 2 full size Smith and Cult nail polishes in that 6 month time frame. Otherwise, I think Birchbox is overrated.
    I’ve been with Allure for about a year and I’m pretty happy with it. I normally really like when they have curated boxes because the full size products tend to be better. I’ve never been disappointed with an Allure box.
    I’ve been with Boxy for 4 years and I now get all 3 boxes. Overall satisfied with Boxy, except for the ridiculous amount of eyeliners and sometimes weird lip colors. Then sometimes they give me great lip colors, its 50/50. But I’m happy with the value of the boxes. I collect eyeshadow palettes so the frequency of then in this sub is nice. I wear pretty much all colors so I’m just looking for good formulas to try out.
    FFF for a year, also pretty happy with it. It’s always worth the $50 to me. I’m an annual subscriber so I get more choice options which probably helps with my overall satisfaction.
    My new favorite is the Margot Elena Discovery Box. Only recieved one so far and I was blown away. Beautiful sub. Looking forward to the spring box.
    I guess I’ve been lucky because anytime I’ve had a problem with my boxes with any sub, such as a missing box or item or damaged products, I’ve always received good customer service. I’ve had at least one issue with each sub (except Margot Elena) and all have been taken care of in a fair and timely manner. I’m so sorry that some of you are getting crap service.

  36. I cancelled my Ipsy because I have gotten highlighter and blush the last 5 months and it’s all the same shades when they do send me the eye shadows. Not to mention the gazillion eyeliners I have from eyeko from this subscription. It’s just wasn’t worth the money for me anymore

    • Don’t try to cancel if you got the special. They are box nazis

      • What exactly do you mean the special?
        I started with IPSY in October and canceled today because I wanted to see what other boxes are like; I was ordering the Glam Bag. They canceled immediately with no issues.

    • I was supposed to receive the Ultimate Ipsy hox but only received half of my order? Called and emailed Ipsy and over, with no reply. I only received 1 of the 4 requested items and they sent black eyeliner that I swear was almost empty. Plus lipstick that had a very pretty case, but looked like clay. I wish they would take into consideration the aging baby boomers.. You know, customer satisfaction? $50 is way too much to spend on only 1 item you like, which was the foundation. That was the full size, which I do appreciate, but might as well have purchased it online seperately. Isnt there a box geared towards we ” boomers?” We’ve spent millions on the makeup/ skincare industry over the years, and extremely surprised I havent found a box yet that fits my needs? Can anyone address this issue? I mean I think I speak for a great percentage of us who are now aging gracefully. We love our makeuo and skincare, and the beauty boxes are a real treat. Especially for those who are disabled/ housebound. Can anyone help me out here? Thank you

      • I think Ipsy going downhill, too. I’m with you on that one. Have you taken a look at dermstore? I haven’t ordered any but I’m impressed with the selection and the quality that I see on their website.

        I cancelled Ipsy because they kept sending me everything that was on my rarely list. I’m actually thinking that they do that on purpose so that you will by what you really want as an $18 add-on.

      • How did you get ahold of Ipsy by phone? Or email. I’ve tried to get ahold of them to straighten out my order. I upgraded to ipsy plus, so now I’m being charged Ispy glam and Ipsy plus. I only want to the one.

  37. Your experience was not a fluke (with Ipsy glam bag ultimate). I currently have all 3 Ipsy boxes: the regular one, the plus and the ultimate. I was actually looking forward to my ultimate bag this month and received my regular and my plus boxes within 2 days of each other and 2 days later received a second glam plus bag except this one only included 1/2 the glam plus items I received in my first glam plus bag. It also didn’t include a list of the items with their description but it did include the add-on items I chose to accompany my glam bag ultimate. I contacted the company and they apologized and said they would send out an ultimate for me within 5-7 days except they ran out of the one item that made the ultimate worth $50 so they would either refund me $10 or add 600 points to my acct. I was still looking forward to 1-2 other items in my box and upon receiving it, it included only 4 items 2 of which look like samples. Only 1 of the 4 items were even listed on my acct to be included in my ultimate bag. The other 3 were just randomly included. I feel like someone just said “oops, here, throw these in a box & send them to her.” I didn’t even get a cosmetic bag which is one of the reasons I like having all 3 acts: b/c each cosmetic bag is the same print but a different style so after receiving all 3 I have a nice set. Nope, not this month. I’m planning to contact them and will let them know they either refund me my $50 or I’m cancelling all 3 accts. $50 is too much to spend on stuff I don’t need and def stuff I don’t want. Lastly, the item they said they were out of and the items I was supposed to get but didn’t, can be purchased on the site for full price, but they said they were out of them? I don’t get it. One would think they would want to keep a customer who is paying for all 3 bags. Shows how important their “customization” process really is.

    • Thank you so much for letting us know.

    • The same thing happened to me! I still have not received my Ultimate but got the plus. I was told they couldn’t put the original products but they are for sale on the site. Also I lost my choices I made for December and because they never sent my bag my account was stuck on assembly so that’s 2 months of no choices but having Ultimate your supposed to get already 3 choices so it’s very unfair. I’m considering canceling, it depends on what comes in my December bag and my January bag. I’ve sent so many emails and over and over it’s “in 5-7 days” but I’ve been told that for 16 days and “you missed choice window” and the fact that it wasn’t available bc of how they have their site setup they will not acknowledge. In my house I had me plus for Christmas I added my 2 daughters but I regretted it because they pushed them to January.

    • I can tell you from sad experience that Ipsy customization simply does not work. For the past few months every single product in my bag has been on my rarely list except for the one product they allow me to choose. I think they do this so that you will spend $18 to get what you really want and buy it as an add-on.

  38. I cancelled my subscription to Ipsy because about 13 people I know got the same exact items I got – which proved to me that the bags are not personalized as advertised – which was the min attraction to ipsy. Now, I’m looking for one that truly is personalized and not using false advertising to attract subscribers.

    • None of them are that I’ve been with yet. And even if you put that your rarely use something they still send it. And keep sending it.
      I’m thinking of cutting them out as well.

      • I can tell you from sad experience that Ipsy customization simply does not work. For the past few months every single product in my bag has been on my rarely list except for the one product they allow me to choose. So I canceled three days ago.

        I agree with you. I think they have a lot of false and misleading advertising. A lot of bait and switch. They show you all these products that could possibly be in your glam bag. Sadly enough they never are.

  39. Ipsy has been trashed on the Consumer Affairs website. How can your reviews be so good?

    • I ordered from Ipsy 2 almost 3 months ago and they took out 200 and somthing dollars from my account, i have yet to talk to anyone or receive my money back. And noone ever responds to you at all thru any txt. So now i am out my money and products.

      • OMG, how did that happen?! I’ve gone back to Ipsy lately and I do notice that try to trick you into buying add-ons by emphasizing “FREE DELIVERY” and if you look closely the 8 add-ons you can get, just add into more money you end up spending. I about fell for this lately.

      • Go strait to your bank, they (99.9%) will refund your money (usually immediately) and fight the charges for you. You can just call the bank, just have all your info like your bank statement with the dates they took out the money and they will put a block on the company so that they can no longer charge your credit card.

  40. LMAO when I read “Got sick of getting black eyeliner every month.”

    • ME TO!!! LMFOAO (Laughing My Fat Old Ace .. or Age..Off) My apologies if inappropriate..

  41. Since you can’t find the email send them one with your complaint. Now that other one WE won’t mention….if YOU find an answer to that DISASTER…you let me know🙄👀

  42. I have yet to say ANYTHING about ANY of my boxes; of which I started w/gift sub to BB, have continued for 2+ yrs.; then BC about 2yrs, & finally Ipsy. Now I have added ALL of the “NEW” variations of both Ipsy & BC to the tune of…..well, we ALL know the $$ tag-U do the math. So I guess the reason I’m commenting is this is the FIRST time I’ve had ANY real gripe about boxes/bags-BUT it is a BIG ONE, ALL included! DISAPPOINTMENT abounds! Ipsy did give me a ‘heads-up’ about the fact that two of my bags are going to be the SAME-the Betty Boop line- but I am unable to find that email telling me what to do to contact them to make it right….. and DON’T even get me started on the BC (disaster?) October box-although looking around the internet it seems I am NOT alone in that ‘frownie face’-Soooo, really I suppose I’m just looking for encouragement, suggestions, ideas on WHAT some of y’all would do? I appreciate your time for reading this…..StevieRae, out!

  43. Are there any Allure boxes other than the one monthly? If so, where do I find the information?

    • allure on has the monthly box

  44. I actually got a good bag last month I was surprised because I never got anything good

    • I want a box that come with different make up and perfume in it ??? Witch one is that ??

      • I used to subscribe to the Allure box and it was pretty good about having perfume samples and a lot of high end products. Problem is that once your sample runs out and you liked the product, it is $40, $60, $80 or more in stores! I hate getting hooked on something I’m not likely to go splurge on in store and unless it completely makes me look 21 again, I’m not going to spend that kind of money on beauty products. Same with Sephora and Ulta, their prices have gotten ridiculous over the last several years, an average mascara is like $35 or more…drug store brands are $8-10 so it can really add up over a year.

      • Here’s a little trick that I will share with you do not ever go to Sephora or a main box store to buy your makeup. Not ever!!!!
        Do go there to see what you liked what looks good on you write it down and ask for samples of those products. Take them home try them out and if they work go directly to or Tom Ford, or whatever you’re looking for. Com fill your bag with whatever products you want putting all your information except your financial information and then forget about it in a day or two they will offer you 15% off. By the third or fourth day though offer you 20% off and by the fifth day in most cases the offer you 30% off. I have been doing this for almost 10 years it has never not worked and I mean with every company.

        The reason being they take a 50% hit when they have their stuff sold at retail chains like Ulta or Sephora or Neiman’s or Nordstrom’s Etc even at 30% off direct mail to you they’re still making 20% more than they would have they shipped it to Neiman’s or Sephora. And they’re really nice thing about buying directly from them is if you have any problem at all and I’ve had problems with Chanel the color just did not look the same they told me to keep it and then they sent me another hole brand new $50 tube.

        Same occurred with another company I will not mention. Ladies use your Noggins big stores with all those points and all that BS you have to drive there you have to schlep yourself through the mall get on your computer’s wait a few days and get exactly what you want and guess what he will always put in three or four samples and if you ask for specific sample they will give that to you unlike when you go to Macy’s or Nordstrom’s and they say sorry we don’t have any samples when you know damn well they do. Bottom line shop with the company that makes the products. And then if you really like them write a super great review for them and I’m telling you I’ve gotten at least 30 extra gifts in the mail saying please try this and tell us what you feel about it. Time to teach Sephora or Ulta in all those other people who jack up the prices ridiculously to wake up. Good luck to you all

      • The prices are sometimes dictated by the company. You said it in your own comment “The reason being they take a 50% hit when they have their stuff sold at retail chains like Ulta or Sephora or Neiman’s or Nordstrom’s Etc even at 30% off direct mail to you they’re still making 20% more than they would have they shipped it to Neiman’s or Sephora”

        Also, going to stores and using the samples and not giving any sales to the store is not a good idea in the long run. A company will stop any practice once it is deemed no longer financially viable. Sephora for example used to allow returns without a receipt or even a strict 60 days policy. A lot of people found “loopholes” and took advantage and now people who didn’t take advantage of such loopholes are being affected too.

        If you see something you like and want it, I would wait for sales. The brands themselves offer freebies and GWP/sales. By the way, I am not defending Sephora or Ulta, I used to be a Sephora Rouge but, found better deals on other websites. I rarely utilize their website unless I find a good promotion.

      • I hate to point out but Sephora prices are the same as direct from the maker prices. You can cross check the prices for your self. Tom Ford mascara at Sephora $46, at his site $46.

      • Ditto! If you can’t find a promo code – wait – they will send that email with take _% off!

      • Try ebay!

      • Birchbox consistently sent me fragrance!

      • i usually get a perfume sample in every sephora play box. you get a mix of things. I usually get at least one skin care 1 makeup and 1 perfume sample each month and its one of the better ones ive subscribed too

  45. I just left Boxy for good. Got sick of getting black eyeliner every month. I’m hunting for a new sub that won’t send me crap. Fab, Fit, Fun best one I ever had besides IPSY GBP.

    • With Ipsy I get black eyeliner and mascara every month, looking for something else.

  46. I’ve had Boxy the longest and I will NEVER get rid of it. My favorite! And Luxe. I also have Ipsy GBP and just signed up for Ultimate in addition. I’ve had Allure which I do really love and Sephora Play which was mehhh okay. But between Boxy & Ipsy I look forward to different things. My Boxy is generally always on point. Ipsy GBP I generally like or shall I say love only 2 products but it’s okay because it’s usually something skincare and it’s like getting a really good coupon. And I like trying new things so I can’t get rid of any of them. I have 1 CC I specifically use for my makeup addiction lol and I’m afraid to miss out on something. Allure is really great too! But I added ultimate and had to shift things around to try it out. But I will be back Allure! Boxy I’m never leaving! And Ipsy GBP is a awesome coupon lol

  47. Boxycharm is by far the best !!!

  48. I am so annoyed. I resigned up for ipsy and added plus in june. Ipsy sent me the Huda obssessions. Then they sent it to me again in July. I just hope i dont get it 3 mos in a row. I really want tarte.

    • Contact them & let them know. I’d be surprised if they don’t fix it. The got a new CEO recently & things are supposed to be changing…..thankfully! My bag for this month was the first one in SEVERAL months that was good & followed my profile & past feedback. The pay bags were soooo awful & if I didn’t have a fear of missing out, I would’ve cancelled 7 months ago. Good luck & I hope they fix their mess up for you!

    • They fixed mine when I contacted them. I bet you will get what you wanted. They are friendly and made things right with me! Ipsyon

      • Boxy was a joke. I’m a blonde with blues eyes and medium skin tone. I filled out their questionnaire. Their morons. I got month after month glittery orangish-red eyeshadows and weird colors of everything. I redid the questions never fixed it. This was worse then ipsy. Fabfitfun so far is the best.

      • I cancelled (Boxy) and so did several others I know. They kept sending me stuff for deep skin tones when I’m very fair.

      • Yeah, I love when you put that you have blonde hair and they send red colored brow pencils. Blows my mind. Or that you hate red lipstick and they send the brightest shade they have.

      • Exactly! I am a fair Redhead, And they always send me a dark blush/bronzer, dark eyebrow, ugly shades of brown lipstick and Bright Red/Pinks! UGH! And I totally feel you on the orange glitter…I love them for the skincare options..but until they TRULY start using peoples profiles and taking the review after review of bad feedback , to heart…The Make-up part won’t get better!

      • How did you contact them I can’t find anything online that says where to contact them. They overcharged me and sent me 2 boxes in one month and charged me for both, and now i can’t find any number or email online to contact them

      • [email protected]

        They keep sending the opposite of what I want they said here’s 600 points. To shut me up and I went to the ultimate I’m pissed.

      • They did the same to me, 600 points does not cover what they did. I canceled. I have never had an issue with boxycharm.

    • I will totally buy one of those Huda’s from you! I kept beggging for one and they wouldn’t send it to me.

      • I love Huda too. I have a gorgeous shimmer palette from them that is amazing!! If you love shadows try investing in a Pat McGrath Labs palette! Phenomenal!! I barely touched the palette with my brush and it goes right on! Seriously expensive but worth every dime!!!

    • I’ve had so many issues with them that I had to cancel my subscription. They claim I upgraded and I didn’t said it was fixed and refunded me. Then they did it again 3 more times. No thanks.

    • That’s exactly why I cancelled ipsy and went to Boxycharm. I was constantly receiving the same products.

      • I canceled Ipsy and went to Boxycharm. They both suck!
        So disappointing since Ipsy bought Boxycharm…..canceling today!

    • I do not like Huda products. They do not apply easily, since they are so expensive, you would think that their products would be better. I have learned the hard way, they are not all created equally. Tarte is one of my favorite, I wish the companies themselves would have monthly subscriptions that were affordable to us.

  49. Just letting people know that the upgrade to glam bag plus for ipsy is for US only. I tried to do it and since I’m Canadian it wouldn’t let me. Although their regular Sub is for US and Canada.

    • Do not think you are missing out. I loved Ipsy for years and have been very disappointed lately. I first upgraded to Glam Bag Plus (5 Full Size) products for $25.00 (had good products with that). More recently, I jumped to the Glam Bag Ultimate (8 Full size) products for $50. and a very large make-up bag (like one you would actually use). I was happy with one of my shipments, but the rest have not been custom. It’s obvious because I did not choose any of the types of the products in my profile. This weekend I have read a lot of people saying the same and it is very unfortunate. To spend $50, and to get small sized things and ones that aren’t quality is very disappointing. There is one item I would use or like this month out of 8. I think it may be too new so they can’t personalize (like they say). It seems a lot of comments show people received exactly what I did. I think the personalization went out the window. So sad, I have written so many places for Ipsy and was a huge fan. Now, looking here to possibly switch. May do one more and see what happens. I will update this, if it was a random bad batch. Some products looked dirty too like they were kicked around or on the floor. The packaging on some is all dented and I honestly am pretty shocked. Hopefully, it was a one off situation.
      I did like the Glam Bag Plus and the types of products they offer for that one are even different and better than the ultimate!?! It should be the same, just 3 more as they say. Anyway, maybe I will downgrade or stop and buy what I want from the stores I want. Who knows.

      • Same thing happened to me.
        No personalization. They blamed me for a profile update, and lack of product review…. my profile is very clear about what I want, and I’ve reviewed every product they’ve sent. I gave them a few chances too, nothing improved. I unsubscribed from everything, they don’t care

      • Same thing with the boxy charm… so disappointed with it that i canceled both of them

      • I agree. Ipsy Glam bag is just not for me. After 6 months of getting nothing I wanted in each box, I canceled. The personalization is not very specific. Sure I like eye shadows, but not powder shadows. I like eyeshadow sticks.
        My favorite Beauty Box is Test Tube. Full size high quality products for $35 quarterly.

    • My guess is, they haven’t enough stock.

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