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14 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021

Coffee subscription boxes — or coffee clubs, if you will — are typically intended for aficionados. If you love nothing more than a hot cup of joe, you owe it to yourself (and your productivity) to turn your caffeine habit into a full-fledged hobby. Subscription services allow you to expand your palate, explore new brews, or simply keep a regular supply of your tried-and-true favorites.

Of course, the quality and cost of coffee clubs varies. No stale beans here: We’ve assembled a list of the most dependable coffee subscriptions currently available, along with clear reasons to try them. We’ve also packed in information about pricing, and where possible, we’ve included coupon codes and promo links to help you enjoy every cup with total peace of mind.

Before we get started, let’s clarify a few of the factors we considered while setting up this list:

  • Variety – Some coffee drinkers prefer blends, while others prefer single-origin beans. Some don’t care about either of those terms (or really understand them, and no, we’re not judging). We tried to find options that provided plenty of variety, but quality comes first: If it’s on this list, you’ll love every sip.
  • Affordability – The best subscription boxes offer better value than what you’d get in the store, and coffee clubs are no different. We looked for subscription options that cut down on the cost per cup — but great coffee is worth the price, so we’ve included options for every budget
  • Flexibility –We brew about two pots of coffee per day, so we looked for clubs that could satisfy our caffeine cravings. However, not everyone scrapes the bag for that last tablespoon of grounds; we’ve prioritized coffee subscription services that provide plenty of options.
  • Customer Service – Where possible, we evaluated how easily customers could give feedback, receive refunds, and exchange products. The services on this list excel in customer support, which is an important factor when choosing any type of subscription box.

Keep those factors in mind while reading through the list — and if you love coffee, but you’re not the type of person who invests in grinders and pour-overs, we’ve also included a quick list of the best single-serve coffee subscription services.

Best Coffee Subscriptions

1. Trade Coffee – Best Coffee Subscription Box Overall

My Trade Coffee Review—Is this Coffee Subscription Worth Trying?

Image from our review.

Price and Order Frequency: Individual bags of coffee start at $15 before discounts, and you can set your subscription to place an order each week (up to once every six weeks). Sign up here!

COUPON: Get 30% off your first subscription shipment, plus free shipping! No coupon needed - just use this link.

About the Box: Trade Coffee matches you with small-batch coffees from unique roasters around the country, based on a short quiz and how you rate each shipment. In other words, the coffee is curated to the subscriber — and that’s not just a gimmick. Trade Coffee takes preferences into account, with a quick quiz that collects information about how you’re preparing your coffee and which roasts you typically prefer.

All bags are shipped soon after roasting. That quick shipping ensures balanced, delicate flavors with peak freshness (and quite the caffeine kick, though caffeine content varies by brand). After sampling your coffee, rate them; Trade will provide new recommendations, though you’re always free to choose your own coffee.

We love that Trade Coffee provides options for coffee lovers of all experience levels — if you’re a “total coffee nerd,” select that option to get started, but if you have no idea what caturra means, they’ve got something for you, too. Their site has tasting notes for each bag,

Advantages: The company supports small businesses, offers an incredible variety of coffees, and personalizes their selections to each subscriber. With great customer service and affordable pricing, there’s no significant downside.

Best For: Pretty much anyone who loves coffee. Trade Coffee checks all of our boxes.

Read our Trade Coffee review to learn more. Ships free to the US only.

2. Atlas Coffee Club – Best Coffee Club for Adventurers

Price: Plans start at $9. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code MSA50 to save 50% off your first shipment!

About the Box: Atlas Coffee Club sends you a signature coffee from a new country each month. That might mean beans (or grinds, depending on your preference) from Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, or somewhere else — but every single option bag is artfully roasted to showcase its unique flavor profile.

The company is dedicated to quality and sustainability, and their scheduling options let you start exploring on your own terms. You can also choose roasting preferences, but for the most part, you’re trusting their (excellent) curators.

Advantages: Atlas Coffee Club’s unique approach lets you “tour the world” and build a more refined palate. If you’ve ever wondered what sets a Peruvian coffee apart from a Costa Rican, this might be the best coffee subscription box for you.

Best For: Adventurous coffee drinkers who want to try something new every month.

Check out our Atlas Coffee Club reviews to learn more. Ships to the US for $4.95 and Canada (add $6).

3. Yes Plz Coffee – Best of Both Worlds: Blends and Single Origin Coffees

bag of whole bean coffee in resealable bag

Image via Yes Plz Coffee.

Price: $17.00 per shipment for an 8.8 oz bag of beans (~15-20 cups) or $23.00 per shipment for a 12 oz bag of beans (~18-25 cups). Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code MSA15 to get 15% off your first order!

About the Box: Yes Plz Coffee ships out a new blend or single origin release comprised of top selections sourced from the very best farms and mills around the world. Roasted with great care in Los Angeles, whether you’re a coffee novice or bean grind nerd, the quality and passion packed into every delivery is sure to boost your kitchen coffee game.

Advanages: Yes Plz Coffee profiles exciting blends and single origin coffees, with the best green coffees meticulously roasted, and options for both caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties.

Best For: People who enjoy a nice java blend as well as single origin coffee selections. The quality is there no matter which avenue you choose.

Check out our Yes Plz Coffee details to learn more. Ships to the US and Canada.

4. MistoBox – Best Curated Coffee Subscription with Versatility

Misto Box

Image from our review.

Price: Plans start at $10.95 per month + $5 shipping. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code MSA25 to get 25% off your first box! (Not valid on gifts).

About the Box: MistoBox’s “Brew Queue” collects information about your coffee preferences. You’ll receive your box on your schedule: subscriptions are available on a 1-, 2-, 3-. or 4-week basis.

Like Trade Coffee, MistoBox specializes in providing personalized recommendations, each coffee is fresh-roasted by one of the company’s 50+ roasters. You’ll explore a variety of beans — and if you develop a taste for a certain roast or decide to cut back on your coffee consumption, you can change your preferences at any time.

MistoBox matches users “coffee curators” to ensure consistent satisfaction. The curators are a great way to find out why you love (or hate) a certain bag. 

Advanages: MistoBox’s coffee curators can be extraordinarily helpful if you’re just setting out on your coffee journey. Their fresh-roasted coffees rarely disappoint, and their exceptional customer service gives you peace of mind.

Best For: People who want plenty of options. MistoBox is another great personalized service, and while they offer a variety of products, their simple online platform makes exploration easy.

Check out our MistoBox reviews to learn more. Ships to the US.

5. Bean Box – Best Coffee Club for Curated Goodness 

Four Bean Box bags of coffee with a handful of each roast's beans shown.

Image from our review.

Price: Plans start at $16.50 per month. Sign up here!

About the Box: Bean Box is a Seattle-based coffee subscription company that works with small-batch, independent roasters. Subscriptions arrive on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis, with options for both whole bean and freshly ground packages.

This coffee club is curated by Maryna Gray, a juror with the prestigious Cup of Excellence. The curation isn’t based around individual preferences, though you can set roast and caffeination options. Still, Gray knows her stuff, and expert curation makes your coffee journey fulfilling.

Advantages: Because Bean Box has a single curator, this is a great coffee subscription for sharing (and discussing) with others. You can opt for full bags or the company’s 1.8 oz. tasting format, which is ideal for coffee explorers.

Best For: True coffee fans looking for a surprise in every box. As we mentioned above, this is also a fantastic choice for sharing

Check out our Bean Box reviews for more! Ships free to the US only.

6. – Best Coffee Subscription for No Obligation Curation 

Three bags of coffee floating in the air.

Image via

Price: Bags start at $15, while sample packs start at $24.35. Sign up here!

COUPON: Try four 2.5oz artisan coffees with the free coffee sampler for new subscribers! No coupon needed - just use this link.

About the box: offers bags on subscription, but we’d start with the sample packs, which let you try 3 coffees from 3 different roasters. Choose your preferred roast (light-medium, dark, or medium) and you’re ready for caffeinated bliss.

Each company works with is committed to ethical practices throughout their entire supply chain. Their subscription model is similar to what you’d find at some of the other options we’ve discussed: Input your roast level, adventurousness, cream/sugar preferences, and other basic info, and you’ll be matched with delicious coffees from premiere roasters. You can opt for a subscription (the “Set & Forget” option) or purchase a la carte.

Advantages: doesn’t insist on subscriptions, and you can use their curation tools without making a commitment. Their samplers provide an excellent intro to different flavor profiles, and their pricing is affordable.

Best For: Any coffee drinker who isn’t sure whether the subscription model will work for them. We’re biased, so we think you’ll get hooked — but if coffee clubs aren’t your thing, you won’t have to remember to cancel.

Check out our info to learn more. Ships to the US for free.

7. Amora Coffee – Best Coffee Subscription From a Single Roaster

Amora Coffee Subscription Review + Coupon July 2016-014

Image from our review.

Price: Bags start at $12.95 with a fully customizable subscription. Sign up here!

COUPON: Buy 2 bags of Amora® coffee of your choice and save 50% off your purchase along with 3 bonus gifts and FREE shipping for life. No coupon needed - just use this link.

About the box: The Amora Coffee service sends freshly roasted or grinds in a variety of blends and flavors. They’re a roaster, so you won’t find other brands here — but their high-quality single roasts and blends provide a delightful perk with plenty of extras.

Oh, let’s talk about those extras, by the way: After choosing from 5 original blends and 8 flavor blends, you’ll start earning points with every order. Those points can count towards free coffee, special products, and more. You’ll also get points for referring friends, so if you find the perfect roast, feel free to spread the word.

Advantages: High-quality blends from a fast-growing independent brand. The flavored options are versatile and perfect for celebrating changing seasons — even if you typically avoid flavored coffees, options like Chocolate Truffle and Blueberry should catch your attention.

Best For: Fans of flavored coffee and people who want an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Read our Amora Coffee review to learn more. Ships to the US for $8.95.

8. Nomad Coffee Club – Best Coffee Subscription Focused on Ethical Sourcing

Nomad Coffee Club open box to show Ethiopian coffee.

Image from our review.

Price: Plans start at $19.00 per month. Sign up here!

About the box: Nomad Coffee Club sends subscribers 100% organic, fair-trade coffee sourced from countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Brazil. The brand makes a serious commitment to sustainability — the coffees come from small farms, the company is part of the Rainforest Alliance, and purchases support paying coffee farmers fair wages.

Bags are roasted to order for optimal freshness, and you’ll be able to select from blends, single origins, and espressos. There’s substantial flexibility here, and the online subscription management allows for quick changes

Advantages: Nomad offers eco-friendly, fair trade coffee with extensive resources for learning how to brew the perfect cup. They also offer office plans, accessories, and gift options.

Best For: Any coffee drinker should enjoy Nomad Coffee Club, but if you’re committed to ethical sourcing — or you’re looking to take your aficionado cred to the next level — this service has serious benefits.

Check out our Nomad Coffee Club review to learn more. Free shipping to the United States.

9. Peet’s Coffee – Best Coffee Club From a Well-Known Brand


Peet's Coffee February 2021

Price: Starting at $14.95 per bag; the curated subscriptions start at $16/month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code MSA30 to save 30% off a new subscription.

About the box: You’ll probably find Peet’s Coffee at your local grocery store, but you can get a fresher roast (and a much wider variety of options) by ordering directly through their coffee subscription service. The company offers sizable discounts, special offers, and other ways to save, so if you’re already a fan, there’s plenty to love here.

Peet’s Coffee is freshly roasted when it arrives, and subscriptions can be modified, skipped, or cancelled at any time. They also offer customization options based on the subscriber’s goals and taste preferences; choose from their small batch series, single origin series, or signature blend series.

Advantages: Dependable quality from a well-known coffee company. The subscription options provide some versatility, and every batch is freshly roasted for the best possible cup.

Best For: Fans of Peet’s Coffee who want the freshest possible roast (and options outside of the brand’s well-known Signature Blend).

Check out our Peet’s Coffee Explorer Series reviews to learn more. Ships to the US for free and internationally.

10. Angels’ Cup – Best Coffee Subscription for Sampling 

Angels' Cup black box with four bags of coffee shown outside the box.

Image from our review.

Price: Plans start at $10.99 per month. Sign up here!

About the box: Angels’ Cup is all about tasting “flights,” which is how aficionados (and particularly dapper amateurs) enjoy their spirits or wines. It’s a great way to try different coffees without having to buy a larger bag.

They rotate their unique coffees every 4 weeks, so you can expect lots of variety. If you happen to enjoy a particular batch, you can order more directly from the roaster.

Advantages: This subscription focuses on the third-wave coffee experience — complex, 100% arabica coffees, some of which are single-origin. When signing up, you can choose light, medium, or dark roasts to match your preferences. The smaller bags allow for easy sampling without a commitment.

Best For: Coffee drinkers who want to explore flavors without sticking with a single bag per month. 

Check out our Angels’ Cup reviews to learn more. Free shipping to the US. $6 to Canada.

11. Un’kupped – Best Single-Cup Coffee Box


Price: $34.00 per month for 15 packs. Sign up here!

About the Box: Single-serve coffee pouches have a bad reputation — or, at least, we rarely see them on the shelves of our favorite coffee shops.

Un’kuppd is trying to change that. Their coffee box caters to travelers, office workers, and other folks who need a quick pick-me-up, but hate the taste of freeze-dried instant coffees (that applies to…well, pretty much everyone).

The pouches fold out over your cup. Pour in hot water, and you’ll enjoy single origin coffee with incredible convenience. While we’re not ditching our coffee pot anytime soon, Un’kuppd is a fantastic option for storing at the office, taking on camping trips, or bringing to a hotel. Their Discovery Box provides 15 pour-over coffee packs, and it’s a great way to sample their selection.

Advantages: If you want a high-quality cup of coffee — and you have limited time and space — this is a fantastic coffee service. We just wish it had a subscription option.

Best For: Travelers, adventurers, and office workers who don’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience. 

Flavor profile: Arabica single-origins from Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

Ships to the US only.

12. Idecaf – Best Coffee Subscription for Decaf Drinkers

Coffee bag with beans overflowing from Idecaf.

Image via Idecaf.

Price: $19.99 per month. Sign up here!

About the box: Don’t worry, decaf drinkers, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Many of the companies on this list offer decaf options, but Idecaf specializes in premium decaffeinated products. Idecaf uses extensive methods to decaffeinate their coffee, including the Swiss Water method and the organic solvent method — that means that their coffee is always free from harmful chemicals, and you’ll get all of the flavor with much less caffeine. 

Flavor profiles: Single-origin and flavored coffees, with options like almond, blueberry cream, chocolate raspberry, maple bacon, peppermint, and more.

Advantages: Idecaf offers a premium experience with more decaf options than you’d find in a typical coffee club. They don’t curate their shipments — you’ll need to select the flavors — but you can choose a fixed interval of 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks to ensure that you’ll never run out of joe.

Best For: Decaf drinkers couldn’t ask for a better coffee subscription service. You’ll find a great selection of flavored and unflavored coffees, and you won’t have to worry about an unexpected caffeine buzz.

Flavor profiles: Single-origin and flavored coffees, with options like almond, blueberry cream, chocolate raspberry, maple bacon, peppermint, and more.

Check out our Idecaf info here. Ships to the continental US for free.

13. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Club – Best Coffee Subscription for a Good Cause

Kitchen scene with woman pouring coffee into a mug.

Image via Grounds & Hounds.

Price: Starts at $13.99 + $2 shipping per delivery for pods, $14.99 + $2 shipping per delivery for grounds or whole beans. Sign up here!

About the box: Grounds & Hounds provides organic, 100% Arabica, specialty-grade coffee. Every bag is sourced with an emphasis on fair trade, and whether you opt for whole beans, grounds, or pods, you’ll enjoy crisp, nuanced flavors with plenty of depth. Flavored blends and decaf options are available.

Those are all good reasons to include them on a list of the best coffee subscription boxes, but there’s one more: 20% of all Grounds & Hounds profits are sent to rescue organizations that give dogs a second chance. Each delicious cup helps an important cause, and that has us wagging our (proverbial) tails.

Choose to receive deliveries every 1, 2, 4, or 8 weeks. While this isn’t the least expensive subscription we’ve covered, it’s still affordable, and the charitable aspect is certainly noteworthy.

Advantages: Plenty of options, regardless of your preferred brewing method. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as your morning cup, especially when you know that your purchase is helping shelter dogs — and the dog-themed coffee names gave us a chuckle (Belly Rub, Good Boy Dark Roast, and Two Tails Espresso are highlights).

Best For: People who love dogs and coffee (that’s a sizable percentage of the population, right?) 

Ships the US for $2.

14. Real Good Coffee Co. – Best Coffee Subscription for K-Cups

Price: $19.99 for 36 K-Cups® or Nespresso pods, $32.99 for 72 K-Cups® or Nespresso pods, $24.99 for a 2 lb. bag of whole bean coffee. Save 5% when you subscribe to recurring shipments. Sign up here!

About the box: Seattle-based roaster Real Good Coffee Co. lets you choose nearly every aspect of your coffee subscription, and they’re a particularly solid choice for Keurig owners.

Their coffee comes in 2-pound whole bean bags, Nespresso pods, and Keurig K-Cups® If you know you love one style of roast, you can snag a whole box, or you can try a variety box to change things up. All their cups and pods are 100% recyclable. Nespresso pods are not compatible with VertuoLine nor OriginalLine makers

Advantages: The recyclable cups provide some peace of mind, and this is an affordable option for K-Cup® drinkers. As for the taste, well, the company lives up to its name.

Best For: Keurig owners looking for affordable, high-quality brews. The whole bean coffees are also delicious, but Real Good Coffee Co. doesn’t offer a ground option at the time of writing.

Ships the US for free via Amazon.

Christen Russo
Christen Russo
Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

Christen Russo
Christen Russo
Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.
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Black Rifle Coffee Company is not just the best coffees I’ve ever had (literally puts any coffee you’ve ever tried to shame)! It’s made to order batch’s by US military vets. It gives portions of the cost to veterans causes, and it’s started and owned by veterans. The packaging is to die for, cool names, great design, and they deliver in time and quickly once your going, starting out seemed a lil slow but their on time once rolling. Their kind of expensive but good cause and holy moly the coffee is the best ever and there’s a grind and roast to suit most anyone. The reviews are thru the roof good like it’s insane. I’m sure you know of them probably tried them but didn’t have them listed so was giving a shout out!

Sheri Hoffman

Love Bean Box! I first purchased one of their gift boxes for my husband at Christmas time. We really enjoyed it and we have been subscriber’s for over a year now. There customer service is the best and the coffees along with treats arecsublume.


There is a good subscription option only for Colombian cafes the site is called and it offers coffee memberships with high scores from various places in Colombia, all their cafes are excellent, they bet on the small Colombian coffee grower.

Robert B

Hawaii coffee box or copper cow sounds cool


I would like any of these, but if I had to choose, Nomad so I can try coffees of other countries.


This was a tough choice. I kept vacillating between Hawaii Coffee Box and Coffee & a Classic.
I finally chose Coffee & a Classic. I went to their website and checked out earlier boxes. I was won over by their creativity and originality.


I would love coffee and a classic! Perfect for the lifestyle I want.


I love any strong organic coffee.

Kim Miller

Coffee & a Classic, I love books and a chance to have related foods and items to pair

Susan D

I have had the Blue Bottle subscription before that I received as a gift. I would get it again because the quality was excellent!

Jaye Smith

Hawaii Coffee Box Because I am just fascinated with Hawaiian coffee.

Robyn Norris

I would choose Hawaii! (probably… they all look great! )


Wow! This might be the most difficult decision of my life. Too many awesome choices 😀 I guess I’d pick Amora Coffee subscription, because they have a variety of flavored coffees to choose from.


I would try Misto Box


Peets for me!


I would choose Peets


I’d love to try Nomad because it’s organic and sustainable!

Tara W

MixCups seems like a good choice. I have both a regular coffee maker and a Keurig. The MixCups works with a Keurig and easy-peasy sounds good right about now.


It’s tough to pick!

Trade Coffee sounds great – 12oz a month and a variety of flavors seems perfect for me. This probably is my number 1.

Nomad Coffee Club also sounds good – fair trade Coffee is a win-win! Drift Away also fits the niche of coffee that gives back, as it supports World Coffee Research.

Atlas Coffee Club has coffees from all different countries, fun, and how cute is the packaging for Crema, co.?

And Golden Ratio has this nice sounding good coffee that brews like tea.

Leslie Prior

Would pick the Hawaiian Coffee Box cause coffee from Hawaii is the best.

Valerie M

Bean box, match made coffee and coffee and a classic all sound awesome

Howard Steeley

Match Made Coffee Box


I would love to try the Coffee & A Classic.

Melissa Storms

I would love to try the Match Made coffee box.

Susan Smith

I would choose Real Good Coffee Co because I like being able to choose the flavors.

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