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The 14 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes of All Time!

I have been reviewing subscription boxes for over 6 years now (I’ve reviewed thousands of them), and the top questions I always get are, “What subscription box would you recommend?” or “What’s your favorite subscription box?” Since there are so many monthly subscription box options, I usually answer the question with a question. Are you interested in beauty boxes? Meal kits? Clothing subscription boxes? etc, and try to narrow things down to a few top recommendations.

What I’ve realized over the years, is that I keep coming back to a small number of boxes that I recommend because they have stood the test of time. These are boxes that are the best of the best, they have been around for years, and they just keep getting better! So, if you’re new to subscription boxes and don’t know where to start, this list is for you. Any option below is a good one, and this list covers all price ranges and interests!

After 6 years of opening subscription boxes every single day, I can confidently say, here is the list of the absolute best monthly subscription boxes of all time.

Updated 10/1 to reflect updated pricing for Allure Beauty Box. Lean more here!

The Absolute Best Monthly Subscription Boxes of All Time

1. ipsy

all contents

Cost: $12 per month. Sign up here!

Why It’s One of the Best: Ipsy has been around since 2012, and they have consistently delivered an amazing value in beauty products that entire time. They send you 5 beauty products + a new makeup bag every month. And they’ve been improving things since they launched, too. This subscription box is customized to your beauty profile, and you can rate all the items you receive, so your products will become more customized over time.

You can expect to receive a mix of full-size and deluxe-size products from a range of brands. (Think high-end brands like tarte, MAC, Make Up For Ever, and a few lower-price-point brands, too.) The exact contents you receive will be determined by your profile, but the average value of a bag is usually over $50!

Read our ipsy reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

FYI, ipsy is in waitlist mode, but you can use our exclusive link to bypass the waitlist!

2. Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Mellow mens subscription box review all contents

Cost: $45 per month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code ADDICT25 to 25% off your first box.

Why It’s One of the Best: Bespoke Post is my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a great subscription box for men. (Actually, most of their boxes are actually gender-neutral, so this is a great subscription for women to consider, too.) Bespoke Post is another monthly subscription that has been around since 2012, and they are still putting together unique and awesome boxes every month—it’s impressive.

Each month, Bespoke Post releases a few new curated box collections, and subscribers get to pick which of those boxes they want. The boxes vary a lot, but the one consistent theme is quality. Think of Bespoke Post as a way to upgrade one aspect of your life every month. (For example, one month you might pick out an amazing bar set, the next month a classic jacket you’ll wear for years, etc.) And the value is consistently higher than the cost of the box, too!

Read our Bespoke Post reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Bespoke Post!

3. Barkbox

Cost: $29.00 per month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Get a free extra month when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription. No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why It’s One of the Best: If you have a dog, you need Barkbox. It’s another monthly subscription box that launched in 2012, consistently delivers quality boxes, and has gotten better every year. We signed up for our dog Buckles, and going through the box with him each month is one of our favorite things! (I don’t think we could ever cancel this subscription—he loves it too much!)

You can expect to receive a mix of ingredient-conscious, made-in-the-USA treats, and exclusive dog toys all centered around a theme. (And if you have a dog that destroys toys in minutes, they also offer a Super Chewer option!)

Read our Barkbox reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Barkbox!

4. Allure Beauty Box

all contents

Cost: $23 per month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Get a Free Mega Bundle when you sign up for a 12-month subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why It’s One of the Best: This subscription box from the Allure magazine editors is the perfect way to keep up to date on current beauty trends and try out some luxe brands. They’ve been around for years, and they are still keeping it exciting by sending subscribers newly launched products, beauty award-winners, and the occasional indie-beauty-brand find, too. Our readers even named Allure one of our top boxes for women in 2019!

You can expect to receive 6 items each month, including full-size and deluxe-size items with a total value of over $100!

Read our Allure Beauty Box reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Allure Beauty Box!

5. Menlo Club

Menlo Club

Cost: $60 per month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code MENLO40PKG to receive your first package for just $40! MENLO40PKG Code Applied At Checkout.

Why It’s One of the Best: Menlo Club has been around for years (they used to be known as Five Four Club), and they have always provided great quality men’s clothing at a really fair price. My husband Eric has tees from Five Four Club that are 4+ years old and still look like new!

You can expect to get 2-3 clothing pieces every month based on your style profile and measurements. And if anything isn’t a good fit, you can exchange it for a different size at no cost.

Read our Menlo Club reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Menlo Club!

6. Play! by Sephora

all box contents

UPDATE: As of April 2020, PLAY! by Sephora has ended. Find out more in our post here

Cost: $10 per month. Sign up here!

Why It’s One of the Best: Sephora has successfully taken the fun experience of browsing at one of their stores and turned it into an inexpensive subscription box! You get to sample amazing brands and new products, get tips for how to use them, and you can even bring your subscription box to your local Sephora store to get custom tutorials!

Expect to receive the exact brands that are carried in Sephora stores. You’ll typically get a mix of skincare, haircare, fragrance, and makeup items for a total of six samples every month, plus a reusable bag!

Read our Play! by Sephora reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Play! by Sephora!

7. Book of the Month

Book of the Month May 2019 contents

Cost: $14.99 per month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code NEWBOOKS to get your first book for $9.99!

Why It’s One of the Best: I’ve reviewed so many book subscription boxes over the years, and I think Book of the Month is the best box for any type of reader. It’s customizable, so you get to pick exactly which book you want out of five hardcover new releases. They also cover a variety of genres, so there will always be something that’s a good fit for you and something to push you out of your comfort zone. Often times, you’ll get access to newly released books before they are available for sale, too!

Read our Book of the Month reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Book of the Month!

8. BeautyFIX


Cost: $24.95 per month. Sign up here!

Why It’s One of the Best: BeautyFIX is a subscription box from the mega beauty site, Dermstore. They’ve been around for years, and they consistently deliver a great mix of full-size, deluxe-size, and sample-size products with a skincare focus. This subscription is a great way to try pricey serums, moisturizers, face oils, etc., and know if they are a good fit for you before ever paying retail price. On average, the total value of the box is over $100!

Expect 7-9 beauty products each month with a focus on skincare. You’ll also receive haircare items and the additional beauty tool or makeup item.

Read our BeautyFix reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for BeautyFIX!

9. Stitch Fix

Cost: $20 non-refundable styling fee per Fix, which goes towards the cost of whatever you choose to keep. Sign up here!

Why It’s One of the Best: Stitch Fix is the original online personal styling service, and it’s still one of the best. Over the years they’ve grown from catering to just women in a certain size range, to covering all sizes (plus size, maternity, petite). There are even options for men and kids!

Expect to fill out a profile, which gives your stylist all the info they need to send you five items they think you will love. You can even tell your stylist what price range you want to make sure you stay within your budget. (If you keep all 5 items, you’ll receive a 25% total discount.) If your first Fix isn’t a perfect fit, don’t worry. It usually takes a few tries with your feedback to get into a groove! You can get Fixes whenever you need them or on a regular scheduled basis.

Tip: Make sure to create a Pinterest board of your favorite looks and share it with your stylist via your Stitch Fix profile. Showing my stylist exactly the types of clothing/outfits I liked resulted in such an improvement in what she picked for me!

Read our Stitch Fix reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this styling service is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Stitch Fix!

10. Kiwi Co

Kiwi Crate

Cost: $19.95 a month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Save 40% off your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why It’s One of the Best: Kiwi Co has been around for 5+ years, and over time they’ve added to their subscription offerings to now cover all ages from newborns to teens! If you are looking for the perfect subscription box for your kid, this is the subscription I would recommend to check out first!

You can expect to receive projects + activities based on your child’s age. There are multiple projects per box, so the fun lasts for a while, and lots of the included items are STEM-focused. It’s a great way to encourage creative play with your child!

Read our Kiwi Co reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Kiwi Co!

11. Winc

all four wines displayed with the box in which they were shipped

Cost: Bottles start at $13. Sign up here!

COUPON: Get $20 off your first order! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why It’s One of the Best: This is the original wine subscription box (it used to be known as Club W), and it’s done a great job at elevating wine subscriptions from the previous “Wine of the Month Club” model. They source unique, small production wines directly from vineyards and winemakers, and keep the prices quite reasonable, too.

Expect to take a brief palette quiz when you first sign up. Then Winc will suggest the perfect bottles for you. (You can always change them before the box ships, but it’s a helpful resource for wine novices and experts alike!)

Read our Winc reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Winc!

12. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Cost: Starts at $5.00. Sign up here!

COUPON: Get your first Starter Set for $5 plus free shipping! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why It’s One of the Best: Dollar Shave Club is responsible for helping consumers rethink if razors need to cost so much, and they now have millions of subscribers who are paying a lot less than they used to! Over the years, Dollar Shave Club has branched out to offer products for all your grooming needs (from toothpaste to hair gel), and I’ve been impressed with the quality across all products. (I use their toothpaste every day!)

Pick up a starter kit, then choose a subscription that fits your needs. Easily add shower and bath products, too.

Read our Dollar Shave Club reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Dollar Shave Club!

13. Home Chef

all contents

Cost: Meals start at $9.95 per serving. Sign up here!

COUPON: Save $80 off your first four boxes! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Why It’s One of the Best: We’ve sampled every food subscription box that exists at My Subscription Addiction, and Home Chef is the one box that every reviewer can agree on! The ingredients are consistently fresh, and the meals are delicious. (You’ll want to save the recipe cards!)

In addition to the quality of food, this is my top pick because it can work for just about any diet. Low calorie, low carb, gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian—they cater to everyone with 18 different meal options each week!

Read our Home Chef reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past to decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Home Chef!

14. Trunk Club

Trunk Club

Cost: $25 non-refundable styling fee per box, which goes towards whatever you keep. Sign up here!

Why It’s One of the Best: Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom, so the customer service and clothing selections are excellent. We’ve been reviewing them for years, and the quality has never wavered. If you want a step above Stitch Fix in the stylist department, this box is for you. (Though you will have to pay a little bit more—prices per item are in the $40-$300 range.)

Expect a truly catered stylist treatment, and you can give feedback on items before they ship. There are no surprises with this clothing stylist service!

Read our Trunk Club reviews to see what they’ve sent us in the past and decide if this box is a good fit for you!

Click here to sign up for Trunk Club!

Looking for more subscription boxes? Check out our list of subscription boxes that you can try for $10 or less!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

Comments (68)

  1. Hi Liz, thanks for your article. I am in the pre-pre-launch stage of my subscription box. It will be one of the more expensive boxes in the luxury sustainable lifestyle niche. All of my products will be coming from iconic and emerging fashion designers and artisans of Mexico. I was subscribed to MyStylishFrenchBox and loved it. This box comes in a shipping box with the gift box inside. I was thinking of doing the same thing but am not sure whether this is appropriate in the luxury sustainable niche??? What do you think? Are two boxes appropriate…or will that look like I am going against my values of sustainability. The gift box will be re-useable. Really appreciate your feedback and thanks again for the great article.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations and Review of Bespoke Post ! Their products are top notch and the pricing is a bargain. The website is easy to navigate and I’ve been using them for most of my gift giving this season.

  3. Hi Liz ..several of our friends have a monthly subscription to Globein . The boxes are so unique . I love the social concept with wonderful international people who make the clothes, foods, and one of a kind cultural goods. I was curious to know if you have had any experiences with this box subscription… thank you. Cheryl

    • Liz has stepped back from MSA so I don’t think she’ll see this.

      As a former subscriber, I too loved the boxes I received from GlobeIn. However, if you do a search for the box here and scroll down to the comments in those posts, you’ll see that the company seems to be having major shipping delays right now. Personally, I would wait to subscribe until they sort out those problems.

  4. Allure is going up to 23.00 a month,per the email I received from amazon. It’s going to include more products.

  5. I just wanted to say that the photo with Liz , she looks so very pretty and those large windows with the snuggly couch and blankets with the plant looks so cozy and nice…..and the absolutely cutest fur baby up on top of the couch is icing on the cake!!

    My dog just had to be put to sleep yesterday after 16 years (almost 17) due to kidney failure, and its absolutely KILLING me…so please everyone hug and kiss your fur babies extra for me please.


    • I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I’m so sorry for your lost I couldn’t imagine the pain that you’re feeling my pup is 9 years old and has diabetes and is starting to lose his eyesight but everyday I take care of him he’s stable and back to his old self but it breaks my heart every day I can imagine being without him so I wanted to send to my love my thoughts and prayers will be with you

    • Jamey,
      It’s been 8 weeks since I put my little Miss Coco to sleep, she was almost 15 years old and my best friend. She comforted me when I had shingles for 12 weeks and never wavered in her love. I miss her every day and this has been especially hard in this time of coronavirus.
      My thoughts are with you and you will get through this, people don’t understand because they think it’s just a dog but they are in your heart sometimes more than a person.

    • I’m sorry for your loss! My Katie died at 18 and she was such a good girl! It gets a little easier as time passes but you’ll always miss your baby!!

    • Good Evening Liz,

      I am looking for a unique gift for my daughter and thought of the monthly fun boxes would be great. My daughter wears prescription glasses and it would be great to get her a monthly subscription where she could receive a new pair of frames every month with her prescribed prescription. Is there one you would recommend that she could choose the frames and send in her prescription?

  6. I have been super pleased with everything so far! Even when I was going to be out of town for a few weeks and thought I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to return my items till I got back I emailed and let Customer service know my situation, and they agreed to allow me some extra time till I got back to return my items. I ended up not needing it, but it was the thought. Not every item sent to me has worked out, but I don’t expect that either. It’s all been very good quality, and for the most part, very affordable.

  7. I liked this box for parenthood but I think they’ve closed now. It was called Knits&Dooodles.

  8. I’ve tried tons of boxes over the years and LOVE Allure. Yes, like every box, it has a dud, but I love all the Sunday Riley product I’ve received and really like the mix. I really liked Boxy for awhile and was surprised not to see them on the list. I always said they were hands down the best makeup sub I’d tried (much more reliable than Ipsy, though more expensive – and Ipsy was FUN for a period of time)!

  9. Your Winc discount listed is incorrect. By following the link you provided its only offering $20 off first box (versus 4 as you have listed).

  10. Hi all..

    Beauty Hero’s is awesome!

    Check them out for amazing natural products!


  11. I’m loving Fashionsta, Boxycharm, Box of Style and Ipsy GB+ right now!

    Fashionsta has unusual products I’ve never heard of.
    Boxycharm is classic.
    I love all the brushes with Ipsy
    Box of Style is pricy, but I get about $500 of higher end brands and I e loved everything so far.

  12. Any suggestions for stationery boxes?

    • prettypaperclub has wonderful stationary boxes

  13. One of the mens boxes that FOR SURE should be on this list is spiffster. Their ties are high quality, the newsletter has a fun new knot idea, and they are so affordable. I got my son some tie-your-bowties, which can be hard to find in a store. With the 6 month subscription and shipping they were less than $10 a tie.

  14. My favorite monthly box by far is California Found. Great quality products, all from California. Customer Service is tops. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should!

  15. I’ve been with boxy for almost 3 years now. I have had one missing box (replaced immediately) and one damaged (replacement products sent the following month). No complaints here, I love boxy and I think it will always be my fave.

    • I currently am subscribed to Birchbox for myself and Birchbox Grooming for my bf. He gets really cool stuff in his box (I’m kinda jealous)!! I do pay more for his but its worth it. I just wish they’d offer that for women too 😩

  16. I think this was a great roundup. I would like to try Home Chef one day! I am always getting their emails and the reviews look so good.

    Is there a snack box you like the best? Those other than beauty boxes are my favorites to read about on here.

    • Home Chef is amazing! Food is easy to prepare, always tastes great and the recipe cards can be saved for some night when you don’t have the kit, but want to re-make something. I work different hours now, and cooking when I get home so late isn’t an option so we started trying Freshly. It tastes like someone just cooked it every single time. And my 12 year old can pop the stuff in the microwave. Wouldn’t eat it every night, but… 3 nights a week, it is a lifesaver.

  17. I’m in shock that Allure is even on this list!! Like what!?!?

    • Seriously. MSA definitely knows about the multiple issues with Allure. Not cool of them to push the Allure sub the way that they do.

      • I don’t pay for my Allure and I have never had a problem but I know tons of paying customers have. They shouldn’t be on this list.

      • What issues are/were going on with Allure??

    • Double shock…..that subscription is replete with problems.

      • I just signed up for Allure. Can you please explain the problems…I may need to cancel.

    • Allure is great for the price. You always get 1-2 full-size product and for $15 it is a great deal!

  18. Great roundup! I will have to checkout kiwi co for my kids. The only monthly ones we get are Wohven and Sisley and we love them.

  19. My favorite monthly box by far has to be Bombay & Cedar.

    I used to think Ipsy was great, but they haven’t been taking my preferences into consideration these last couple months.

    • I agree about ipsy not taking into consideration what you actually put on your questionnaire for your likes and dislikes. I kept getting a ton of make up brushes and eye shadows which I never wear and said so a few times to them. I only wanted to try the hair and skin care items, mascara and eye liners but I would get maybe 1 or 2 items a month that I would use. Other than that I had to give away the rest or it’s still sitting in my cabinet collecting dust. I was with them for over a year before I cancelled my subscription. I tried the free FabFitFun box and loved it so much I joined and haven’t been disappointed yet. When you add up what you spend a month on ipsy (and I only got the sample sizes, they started the one full size item the month before I quit) and what you spend for a year subscription to FFF I think the later in my opinion is a much better deal.

      • Would you be whiling to send me the FFF starter box. To try out.

  20. I know Boxycharm has some nice products, but their terrible customer service definitely keeps them off any lists I’d make. Been there, done that (let down twice, so shame on me!) so no thank you. I left them for Ipsy and from my experience, I’d say it’s really no wonder Ipsy is #1 on this list! They really try to treat you right! Go IPSY!

    • Agreed!

    • I left boxy because of the crap customer service. October I had a missing item and it took 6 weeks to get resolved. The follow month I was sent two of the same product, and to date ( 4 months) it has not been resolved. I quit in January and I’m not going back. The customer service has ruined it for me.

  21. I’d definitely add Heart and Honey and Yogi Surprise to the list. And some of the natural beauty boxes, too. Like boxwalla, pearlesque, detox box. Of course this is all subjective and purely my opinion, but they are some of the best curated boxes out there

    • Yes! I was thinking that one of the natural/vegan/clean beauty boxes would be good to add to the list, based on quality and consistency. If you add in ‘good on a slim budget,’ Petit Vour is a possible contender, IMO.

      • Yes, that is a good one, too! MightyBody is another one I like. You get one green item a month for $12.99. They’ve introduced me to some of my favorites that are affordable, so if I want to purchase again, I can.

    • I pick the same boxes as you for my favorites. Boxwalla and Pearlesque have been my absolute favorites for some time. Its too bad Pearlesque is no longer.

  22. I’m sure these are all great, but I’m surprised not to see any women’s lifestyle boxes on this list.

    • ETA: maybe none of them are monthly any longer. RIP (again) Popsugar monthly…

      • and remember Popsugar mini (maybe it was called something else). I loved every item I ever received). Unfortunately, I only subscribed for 3 months before it ended. Sigh.

  23. I’m surprised there are still 14 monthly boxes around to make a list for. So many come and go.

  24. Shocked to see Allure on there. It used to be good, yes, but now, no way

    • I think it’s still a very good value.

    • I disagree, I think they are one of the best.

      • I agree I love Allure!!!

    • Allure has a dud month here and there but I’ve gotten some GREAT items within the last year! Full size Sunday Riley, Amore Pacific, Caudalie, Elemis, Huda… you almost never see the usual sub box suspects in there like Bella Pierre, Manna Kadar, Eyeko or Beauty Creations 😖

    • Depends on the month. Some months they knock it out of the park. Others are a bit lackluster. However, there is always good value there, and products that don’t work for me I I can often pass on. And they seem to have Sunday Riley items pretty regularly, which I love since they work so well for my skin – looking forward to trying the ICE.

    • I love Allure, it is one of my favorites. I think it really comes down to preference and each person’s individual experiences. I have never had trouble with them and always resubscribe after leaving for a while. IMO it is one of the best values for your money as a box.

  25. Yeah I was bit surprised Play was on there, its awful, I’m surprised it’s still around. Allure is another one I’m not a fan of especially in comparison to Boxy. But of course this is opinions, just like my post it!😁

    • Really surprised StitchFix is on here, it’s absolutely terrible with style choices. I tried them for at least 6 months and I think I kept a pair of sneakers and a shirt for work. Would absolutely not recommend to anyone.

      • I agree. I stayed with them for 3 months and then gave up. Nothing at all interested me, but I felt like I had to keep atleast 1 item every month so my “styling fee” didn’t go down the drain. Not too sure who these “stylists” are, but they didn’t listen to ANY of my preferences. There was even a shirt a paid $50ish for and I found it at Marshall’s the same month for $12.99! That was the final straw!

      • I 100% degree. I feel like I started to receive it just to laugh at the stuff I would receive. Awful colors, horrible sweaters my grandma would never even wear just completely wrong from what my style choices were. O not to mention, the outfit would be like $250-$300. Uhhh i’m a single mom that’s not what I requested AT ALL!

  26. I was shocked to see that Boxycharm/boxyluxe was not on this list. I understand the wide range that was listed and I am not sure how some of these were reviewed and chosen over others. I appreciate your opinions but It’s personal preference and I’ve been with many boxes for 5-6 years and have my preferences as well. What I think needs to be noted is that this is the opinion and preference of one person. I am also going to assume that the 100 if boxes you “subscribe” to you aren’t actually paying for all of them, if any, and you may receive the best of the best because you are reviewing it and posting the best boxes of 2019 to a very large following. Readers including myself need to realistic and understand that a bias definitely exists to some extent.

    • Boxycharm is a full sized bottle of nightmares.

  27. None of those beauty boxes can touch BOXYCHARM! Every single month for over two years, I consistently say – HOW do I get all of this for $21?!?! Best value, NO DUPLICATES, always shipped on time, BEST BOX PERIOD

    • Until they charge you $480 twice and customer service is MIA to refund same!

      • Their customer service thinks that MIA is their airport code, not their service status. LOL

      • Don’t even get me started on their customer service. I had quite an ordeal with them that I would have to write a short novel to explain. Trust me…. they are the worst. I wouldn’t go back to them if they were offering gold bars for the price of pencils.

      • Is that for boxycharm

      • Yes

    • Boxycharm has want down I have cancelled and so many people I know they put out all this type and then disappoint and by all the comments on there Instagram they have not gotten any better.

    • I have discontinued Boxycharm and don’t miss it. I use to really like them but the last year or so they have gone downhill in my opinion. I’ve noticed several people I follow on YouTube have quit them also.
      There is so many options today to choose from.

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