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The 11 Best Meal Delivery Services Like HelloFresh in 2024

Sharing our readers' favorites for meal kit delivery services in 2024. See how HelloFresh competitors stand up against the #1 contender for affordable meal kits and a variety of meal options.

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaFeb 2, 2024 | 0 comments

Not only do meal delivery services like HelloFresh make life easier, but they also help you explore new recipes and expand upon your cooking skills. Meal kits are the way to go whether you're whipping up a quick midweek dinner, planning a date night in, or even teaching your kids how to make healthy meals. But, have you seen all the options out there lately? There are way too many meal delivery services to count!

So, we decided to create our own list of the 11 best meal delivery services in 2024 with the help of our readers and staff. It should be no surprise that HelloFresh tops our list, but you'll also discover some of today's top HelloFresh competitors. You'll see options for just about every diet and schedule out there, and we've made sure to throw in several of the most affordable meal kit delivery services currently available too. And don't worry, none of these services require you to be a seasoned chef to prepare their meals.

Best Meal Kit Delivery Services in 2024:

The 11 Best Meal Delivery Services in 2024

1. HelloFresh

Best Overall

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $8.99
  • Available Plans: Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, Fit & Wholesome, Quick & Easy, Pescatarian
  • What You Get: 2-6 meals per week for 2 or 4 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 60+

HelloFresh is by far the most popular meal kit company in the U.S. in 2024. Our readers report that there are few services that offer a comparable overall value, variety of meals, and accessibility. Each box includes traditional meal kits that come paired with step-by-step instructions and their respective ingredients. Each recipe only requires 20-45 min of preparation and cooking so they don't take up your whole night to make.

You can order 2-6 recipes for 2 or 4 people each week, and select from 60-75+ recipes. They cater to a large range of diets and offer 6 major categories for their meal plans: meat & veggies, veggie, family-friendly, fit & wholesome, quick & easy, and pescatarian. This variety allows you to satisfy a number of diets; so if you have a family with members who all eat differently, you can ensure that they’re all fed well.


  • Order 2-6 recipes for 2 or 4 people each week
  • Can choose from 6 meal types
  • Huge selection of recipes


  • Doesn't accommodate certain diets and allergens
  • Ingredient sourcing isn't as strict as other brands

MSA Reader Reviews

"We are on our 2nd week of HelloFresh meals. They are delicious! My spouse recently had major surgery and these meals have been perfect for us during his recovery period. Food is fresh, recipes are simple to follow and easy kitchen cleanup! Highly recommend!" - SueSue Johnson

"I got HelloFresh for my parents, who live in a rural area, for Christmas and they love it so much, they get it every week now! It allows them to try new and different dishes and also keeps them safe by limiting how many trips they make to the grocery store. They raved about it so much, I decided to try it for myself and I love it too! It keeps me out of the grocery store where I always tend to overbuy and the box for 2 is enough for dinners for me for the whole week! I really enjoy all the options, no-waste ingredients and it's so easy to skip weeks. My mother had to contact customer service for something and they were very helpful!" - Amy R.

"I just prepared the second meal from my first box and I am so impressed. The quality of both the meat and produce was superb. I don't think I will order weekly but it was easy to pause on the website. This is the first box my husband has actually encouraged me to keep getting! Both the meals I have prepared for 2 were very generous in portion sizes. Highly recommend!" - Audra

Starting at $56.95
Active Deal
16 Free Meals (Offer is for new subscriptions only across 9 boxes and varies by plan) + First Box Ships Free + 3 Surprise Gifts
Use Coupon Code MSA16HF
Try Hello Fresh
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our HelloFresh reviews.


2. Home Chef

Best for Customization

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $7.99
  • Available Plans: Calorie-Conscious, Carb-Conscious, Vegetarian, Keto-Friendly, <30 Min
  • What You Get: 2-6 meals per week for 2, 4, or 6 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 30+

Home Chef is all about customization. Choose from traditional meal kits, easy prep meal kits (~10-20 min prep), or heat-and-eat meals. You can choose from 16+ traditional meal kits and 20+ easy prep meal kits each week which include options for the vast majority of diets. And, Home Chef also lets you add on proteins, swap ingredients, or throw in bundles and other extras too.

You can order for 2, 4, or 6 people and include 2-6 recipes in each box. Or, upgrade to their Family Plan menu and you can order 4, 8, or 12 servings per recipe. Because you can customize so easily, this meal delivery subscription is perfect for people with picky eaters. Whether it’s your school-aged kid or the spouse who asks for substitutions in every restaurant you go to, they can be satisfied by the customized meals you select at Home Chef.


  • Offers a high level of customization
  • Choose from 30+ recipes and 18+ extras each week
  • Swap out ingredients and set dietary preferences


  • Customizations typically cost extra
  • Not a great choice for stricter diets (i.e. keto, paleo, vegan)
  • Pricing structure and plans are a bit confusing

MSA Reader Reviews

"We have been ordering from them for a couple of months now and so far everything has been delicious and really easy to make!!! My favorite part about the whole thing is that it takes the stress out of having to plan dinner and I'm learning how to cook the right way. Even my husband loves cooking these meals. The portions are very generous! They are restaurant-size portions. I would say that you get about 1.5 meals out of one serving. The meals are very well packaged, have always delivered cold, no missing ingredients and always on time." - Bridgette

"Our family subscribes to Home Chef as well as 4 other food subscription services. Home Chef is the best deal for your $$$ in my opinion. Plus.... the meals are the most kid-friendly I am discovering." - Maggie Goebel

Starting at $43.96
Try Home Chef
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Home Chef reviews.


3. Green Chef

Best Organic Meal Kit Service

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $11.99
  • Available Plans: Mediterranean, Calorie Smart, Quick & Easy, Plant-Based, Protein Packed, Keto, Delicious Discoveries, Gluten Free
  • What You Get: 3 or 4 meals per week for 2, 4, or 6 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 40+

Green Chef focuses on providing subscribers with gourmet meal kits made from fresh, organic ingredients. They're the first-ever CCOF-Certified Organic Meal Kit Company as well as the first food box to receive Gluten-Free Certification. Choose from 30+ recipes each week along with bundles of customer favorites for easy meals that are made to heat and eat. There are recipes for most major diets such as keto, paleo, and plant-based (vegan included). You can order 2-4 meals per week for 2, 4, or 6 people. This is by far one of the best options available for those with dietary restrictions.


  • All produce and eggs are organic
  • Works with farmers for sustainable ingredients
  • Offers meals that fit several diets


  • Slightly more expensive due to ingredient sourcing
  • Fewer recipes for certain diets
  • Not always guaranteed to have all organic ingredients

MSA Reader Reviews

"I get the Green Chef vegan box and it is by far THE BEST FOOD BOX ever! Everything is organic. It’s is soooo delicious even my husband who makes fun of me being vegan looks forward to the delivery and scarfs it down with a big smile on his face." - RedHeadMama

"Their meals are absolutely delicious. Totally creative recipes. Ingredients I'd never think of combining. Whoever designs their menu is a genius." - Lisa

"I have subscriptions to Green Chef, Home Chef, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Territory Foods, and Daily Harvest. Green Chef is consistently the MOST DELICIOUS foods of all the services!!! I love that it's always 100% organic and the efforts they put into smart packaging. I have never made a meal that didn't taste good." - Jerri Lyn

Starting at $71.94
Active Deal
Get $250 off + free shipping
Use Coupon Code MSA200
Try Green Chef
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Green Chef reviews.


4. Blue Apron

Best for Adventurous Foodies and Wine Lovers

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $7.99
  • Available Plans: Chef Favorites, Wellness, Family Friendly, Fast & Easy, Veggies
  • What You Get: 2-5 meals per week for 2 or 4 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 70+

Blue Apron has a reputation for creative recipes that are surprisingly delicious, so it's a great choice for adventurous foodies. Their balanced meals are globally influenced and use seasonal produce that comes pre-portioned. Blue Apron has also done fun, limited-edition menus with programs like Whole30, Weight Watchers, Chrissy Teigen, and Bob's Burgers. If you don't mind a bit of meal prep, this meal delivery service is worth a shot.

While anyone can make Blue Apron meals, this is a favorite food subscription box among more seasoned cooks and couples who are looking to step up their weekly date nights. You can order 2-5 recipes per week along with 2 or 4 servings per meal. Choose from 70+ recipes from meal categories like chef favorites, wellness, family-friendly, fast & easy, or veggies. Blue Apron also offers a wine subscription that delivers 6 bottles of wine each month.


  • A mix of unique recipes and classics
  • Options for most consumers
  • You can also subscribe to their wine box


  • Offers fewer servings than other brands
  • Fewer recipes for certain diets
  • Ingredient sourcing isn't as good as other services

MSA Reader Reviews

"I highly recommend this box, it is fantastic. Everything has arrived fresh and the recipes are so easy. My 15-year-old is learning to cook so this is perfect for her. You get to pick your recipes and they make provisions for allergies! Which is awesome! Customer service is fast and friendly." - Kaylee W.

"I love this service! The food is amazing, and the cooking techniques I've learned are invaluable. I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago! I am a big fan of eating out, now I'd rather cook. The meals are better than most restaurants, and not having to worry about what to make for dinner, grocery shopping, and throwing spoiled food out is outstanding." - Joedy Lewis Skrobak

Starting at $60.95
Try Blue Apron
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Blue Apron reviews.


5. Sunbasket

Best for Organic Farm-Fresh Meals

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $11.49
  • Available Plans: Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, Diabetes-Friendly, Carb-Conscious, Keto Friendly
  • What You Get: 2-5 meals for 2 or 4 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 20+

Sunbasket strives to help people eat healthier and more consciously through their meal kits and ready-to-eat meals. They feature farm-to-table recipes that use organic vegetables, antibiotic and hormone-free meats, and sustainable seafood. There are options for most diets and they address several different dietary restrictions. If you want to cook organic meals at home but have something healthy to take for lunch at work, Sunbasket may be perfect for you.

You can order 2-5 dinners per week for 2 or 4 people, or receive 4-10 eat-and-heat meals per person. There are at least 20 meals kits and 10 Fresh & Ready meals to choose from each week. And, you can add on items like ready-to-eat proteins, pizzas, extra meat, and more. Sunbasket is one of the best food subscription boxes to try if you prioritize ingredient sourcing and want to eat more mindfully.


  • Offers meals made from organic produce, meats, and poultry + wild-caught seafood
  • Options for both traditional meal kits and heat-and-eat meals
  • 30+ meals each week as well as market items


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Not as many recipes for stricter diets (i.e. keto, vegan)
  • Not for those who shy away from adventurous recipes

Starting at $49.95
Active Deal
Get $90 off and 4 free gifts on first-time order of $65 or more
Try Sun Basket
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Sunbasket reviews.


6. EveryPlate

Best for the Whole Family

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $4.99
  • Available Plans: Meat & Veggie, Veggie, Family Faves, Quick & Easy, Nutrish & Delish
  • What You Get: 3-6 meals for 2, 4, or 6 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 26+

EveryPlate is a wallet-friendly food subscription with crowd-pleasing meals. You can choose to subscribe to either the ClassicPlate, VeggiePlate, FamilyPlate, or EasyPlate plan, and can order 3-5 meals per week for 2 or 4 people. Each week features a rotating menu with 2+ tasty and kid-friendly recipes. EveryPlate cuts out unnecessary expenses to keep their per-meal price low and is the most affordable meal kit service on our list.


  • 25+ recipes each week
  • Recipes are easy to make
  • Most meals are kid-friendly


  • Isn't the best for those on strict diets
  • No heat-and-eat meals
  • Ingredient sourcing isn't as good as other services

MSA Reader Reviews

"Love their menus and prices! Before using this, I hardly ever cooked. I hated everything about it, starting with going to the grocery store to buy a bunch food that I wouldn't even know how to put together into a decent meal. Now I don't have to worry about any of that, nor thinking on what to cook for the week, or throwing away food that has gone bad... Now I just grab today's recipe and cook with every ingredient at hand." - Ruben Cedeno

"We have experienced two boxes with 5- meals each in them and every meal was delicious! I do not say that lightly, I am an experienced good cook and we were pretty impressed. The packages came in on time and at proper temperature for meats. All the vegetables have been fresh and of good quality. The meals are packed properly and made simple. Each meal has the amount of time for prep and cooking on it. We are experienced with trying most boxes out there for the last 4 years and I was very impressed with Every Plates value!!" - Debster

Starting at $44.94
Try EveryPlate
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our EveryPlate reviews.


7. Purple Carrot

Best Overall for Vegan Food

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $11
  • Available Plans: High Protein, Gluten Free, Less Prep, Chef's Choice, High Fiber, Soy Free, Nut Free
  • What You Get: 3-4 meals for 2 people or 2-3 meals for 4 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 20+

Purple Carrot is the best meal delivery service for vegans and offers both prepared meals as well as traditional meal kits. You can choose from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there's even a Plantry with items like nut butter, soup, and sauce. You can expect to see dairy- and meat-free versions of staple classics (such as loaded avocado toast), along with adventurous offerings inspired by worldly cuisine (like grape leaf mezze bowls). There's definitely something for everyone with Purple Carrot as you can also choose from meals that are designated as low calorie, high protein, quick and easy, and more.

Each week you can choose from 12 dinners, 4 breakfast meals, and 4 lunches from their meal kit selections or pick from 8 prepared meals. Subscribe to 3 or 4 recipes per week with 2 or 4 servings each, or order 6, 8, or 10 prepared meals per week. With Purple Carrot you can customize your plan to include meals that are gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, and soy-free.


  • 100% vegan-friendly meals
  • Provides breakfast and lunch meal options
  • Can add on pantry items and other extras


  • Many meals require a blender or food processor
  • Longer prep time than other meal kits
  • Limited recipe selection

Starting at $51.94
Try Purple Carrot
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Purple Carrot reviews.


8. Martha & Marley Spoon

The Best Meal Kit Delivery Service Endorsed by a Celebrity Chef

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $3.99
  • Available Plans: Low Carb, Low Calorie, Meat & Fish, Kid Friendly, Vegetarian & Vegan, Under 30 Min, & More
  • What You Get: 2-6 meals for 2 or 4 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 100+

Martha & Marley Spoon is a gourmet meal box delivery service with recipes from — you guessed it — Martha Stewart, the queen of domestic arts. This meal subscription features high-quality, pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, and it’s a great choice for learning new cooking techniques. If you're a fan of her style of elevated home cooking, you're bound to love the recipes offered by this meal kit delivery service. Sending high-quality, artisanal ingredients for some of her favorite dishes, this subscription offers a wide variety of classic and creative recipes to choose from.

Image by sean.downtheshore.

Unlike other recipe-based meal subscriptions, you're not required to subscribe to a specific meal plan. Rather, you choose the number of people you're ordering for (2 or 4), the number of recipes you want each week (2-6), and then select from 100+ Martha Stewart meals.


  • 100+ weekly recipes
  • Five major meal categories
  • Includes vegetarian and vegan options


  • Its kitchen is not certified allergen-free
  • Not a great choice for keto/paleo

Starting at $63.95
Active Deal
$100 Off For Your First 4 Boxes (40/20/20/20)
Try Marley Spoon
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon reviews.


9. Dinnerly

Most Affordable Meal Subscription

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $2.99
  • Available Plans: Low Carb, Low Calorie, Meat, Kid Friendly, Vegetarian, Vegan, & More
  • What You Get: 2-6 meals per week for 2 or 4 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 100+

Enjoy cooking but don't want to spend a fortune on meal kits? Dinnerly has you covered. Dinnerly is an affordable meal subscription service with costs as low as $2.99 per serving, offering classic, no-fuss recipes that are designed to simplify your life. Each meal kit only includes six ingredients and takes 30 minutes or less to make. Not only will you save time and money with Dinnerly, but you'll also cut down on paper and packaging as well since they provide digital recipe cards for each dish and use recycled plastic for containing separate ingredients.


  • Choose from 30+ options weekly
  • Most affordable meal sub
  • Uses less packaging and paper than other services


  • Ingredient sourcing not as good as other plans
  • Not a great choice for keto, paleo, or vegan diets

MSA Reader Reviews

"I am LOVING this box. This is a very easy affordable way for my family to try new recipes without having to do any research or legwork. All the ingredients come to me in the right amounts and I'm not left with random leftover spices or whatever that won't get used." - Kelley

"For the price, Dinnerly is the best value around. You can't eat McDonalds for $5 a person...with Dinnerly you get a home-cooked meal for $5. Their customer service is outstanding. The meal selections are simple with ingredients most people will readily eat." - Amber Long

Starting at $23.16
Active Deal
Use code PBYYGREZ to get 57.5% off first box and 20% off the next 3 orders
Use Coupon Code PBYYGREZ
Try Dinnerly
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Dinnerly reviews.


10. Gobble

The Best Low-Prep Meal Kit Delivery Service

Image from our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $11.99
  • Available Plans: Classic, Vegetarian, Lean & Clean
  • What You Get: 2-5 meals per week for 2 or 4 people
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 15+

Love to cook, but only have 15 minutes? No worries - Gobble's got the meal kit subscription for you. Gobble is a meal plan that streamlines the process of cooking by having its chefs do all the prep work so you can simply cook. No more slicing and dicing as Gobble includes pre-sliced vegetables and meat along with pre-cooked sauces, grains, and pasta.

Image by taurpalate


  • Diverse weekly menu of no-prep meals
  • Can add on side items
  • Low-calorie and allergen-friendly


  • Limited vegetarian meals
  • More expensive than other subs
  • Not best for those with severe allergies

Starting at $67.96
Active Deal
Get 6 meals for $36.
Try Gobble
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Gobble reviews.


11. Hungryroot

Grocery Shopping and Traditional Meal Kits Combined

Image via our review.

Key Features:

  • Cost per Serving: Starts at $8.49
  • Available Plans: Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, Pescatarian, Gluten-Free, & More
  • What You Get: Start with 3-8 meals per week (lunch/dinner) for 2 people and can add on other meals (breakfast, snacks, sweets)
  • # of Weekly Recipes: 100s+

Hungryroot is an online grocery service, but it also offers a recipe-based meal delivery service as well. When you sign up with Hungryroot, there's an online quiz that will ask you questions related to your health goals and dietary needs, how many people you’re feeding, dietary needs, and what you like to eat for dinner. Then, you'll be provided with a grocery plan and have your cart filled with suggested groceries and recipes based on your answers to the quiz.

Customization is easy; before you get your recipes and groceries, you can change out the entire order if you choose, to make sure that you only get what you want. By rating the food you receive, future orders can be even better suited to what you want. You can choose meal kits that include entrees, grain bowls, pasta dishes, tacos, burgers, and pretty much anything you can think of. Not only that, you can modify your meal kit plan so that it accommodates the following diets: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free, egg-free, and shellfish-free.


  • Offers groceries and meal kits
  • Accommodates many diets/allergies
  • Offers guidance along with customization


  • Not ideal for those who want a simpler plan
  • Does not offer premade meals
  • More expensive than other plans

MSA Reader Reviews

"Hungryroot has made my life so much easier! Their sauces are so delicious, and the variety of vegan options is incredible." - Debbie

"Of all the meal kit services I have tried, this one is by far the most convenient - several recipes have taken me only 10-15 minutes to make dinner for my family. It's very customizable - you can remove and swap ingredients. Love that I can also grab a few fruits and snacks in my box too!" - Connie

Starting at $70.00
Try Hungryroot
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Hungryroot reviews.

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Searching for Meal Delivery Companies for Kids?

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