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Dinnerly Meal Kit Subscription Box Review & Coupon – August 2017

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichFeb 8, 2018 | 37 comments

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Dinnerly is a subscription meal delivery service brought to you by Marley Spoon. It was created for people who like homemade cooking, but don’t like overpaying for the good things in life. They use the same quality ingredients as other meal kits, but keep the cost low by taking a simpler approach: digital recipe cards instead of paper, fewer ingredients per dish (which means less chopping and cleaning), simple packaging, and no fancy marketing campaigns.

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Preeetttty cute box, Dinnerly!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is for the $68.99 Family Box (3 recipes for 2 adults and 2 kids).

Dinnerly ingredients come packaged inside recyclable foam cocoon with ice packs to keep everything cold until you can get it into your refrigerator.

Hurray! Buns packaged on top so they aren't crushed!

I like that they have a reminder to keep digging down to get to the items that need more chill.

One of the box flaps has a handy little checklist of what to do once you open your box.

The other flap has info on customer service, and where to access more info!

The Box: Dinnerly

The Cost: $30.99 a week + $8.99 shipping

ACTIVE DEAL: Use code PBYYGREZ to get 57.5% off first box and 20% off the next 3 orders

Choose between a $30.99 Two Person Box (3 recipes for 2 people) or $60.99 Family Box (3 recipes for 2 adults and 2 kids)

The Products: Pre-portioned ingredients to cook meals in under 30 minutes. Each meal includes 6 ingredients and Dinnerly features quality ingredients like antibiotic chicken and free range ground beef to make family favorite meals like spaghetti with sausage meatballs and pan roasted chicken.

Ships to: U.S. Only

Good to Know: Dinnerly currently delivers to California and will include most of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, with expansion to midwest and southern regions expected by the end of August 2017. UPDATE! These states are now included: most of Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. 

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Grass-Fed American Chop Suey

Nutritional Information per Serving: Calories 800, Fat 24.1g, Proteins 49.4g, Carbs 92.6g

Total Time According to Dinnerly: 40 minutes

Actual Time: 40 minutes

Dinnerly doesn't include paper recipes, so I had mine downloaded to my phone and would reference it there (I took screen shots to add here). I have to say, even though I appreciate that they're not cutting down more trees than needed (as well as keeping costs low), paper recipes are way easier than unlocking my phone when it goes to sleep, and zooming in and out with messy hands. I would suggest printing these out if you're able unless you have a tablet you normally use in the kitchen.

I was initially impressed with how few ingredients were needed for each recipe. It can be fun to get a recipe with loads of stuff, but also a relief when it's kept simple. A beloved friend was in town this week, so I brought this recipe and the next over to a friends house for a big gathering and cooked two meals at once for eight adults. Each of the recipes I received is suggested to serve two adults and two children, so I figured it'd be more than enough.


This one started with a large nonstick pan, and the onions were chopped and added first. Dinnerly included two large yellow onions, but the recipe called for "11 ounces". I'm sure that's a much more accurate measurement, but I'm so used to only receiving what I need and was like "ughhh i have to measure this out to see how much 11 ounces is?!" I'm a brat.

Next, I added the ground beef. Things were starting to smell delicious as it browned, then I added the chili powder provided. Again, it told me the measurement (4 teaspoons), which had me little confused, instead of just saying "add that whole packet we gave you". They didn't say that because they give you 1/2 ounce of the chili powder, which is technically only 3 teaspoons (even though that's a conversion for fluid ounces). It also doesn't make sense that they say to "reserve the rest for your own use" because I am down a teaspoon at this point, and have none left for future use (insert this meme). I ended up adding the whole packet. Someone, please send help.

Then, I was instructed to add the two full cans of tomatoes, plus five cups of water, and the pasta and started getting nervous about pan space. I mean, this was a large pan, but we were cutting it close. I added the tomatoes and four cups of water first.

I then added the pasta. Eeek! Also, the wording with this step said "Finish Pasta", which confused me because I thought "Finish? I never started it!". Semantics. I waited for this to simmer a while and my friend Ben remembered to add that last cup of water once things had thickened up a bit.

Once it was all in there, I let it cooked for 18 minutes and it was done!

I know, it isn't the most appealing photo to look at, but it was REALLY GOOD.

I opted to put some parmesan cheese on top, which wasn't included but my friend happened to have on hand. All in all, this was a one-pan meal which was awesome. Just make sure it's a HUGE pan, ok?

Harissa-Spiced Chicken

Nutritional Information per Serving: Calories 720, Fat 31.8g, Proteins 46.8g, Carbs 57.7g

Total Time According to Dinnerly: 30 minutes

Actual Time: 35 minutes

Another thing that's unique to Dinnerly is that they include suggestions for different ways to complete your meal at the end. Here, they've suggested different wines that would pair well with this chicken, as well as other options like beer or mint iced tea.

Here are the simple ingredients. Just five things!

While my friend Ben was chopping onion and potatoes, I took the chicken out and sliced into it down to the bone, as directed so that the spices could seep in.

We put the sliced onions and potatoes on a baking sheet and tossed them with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

We mixed the harissa spice blend with olive oil and coated the chicken drumsticks in it. There didn't seem to be quite enough for all of them, so we added a bit more olive oil and it was fine. Then we added them to the baking sheet with the veggies.

It all cooked for 20 minutes before I moved it up under the broiler. That initial direction also confused me because my oven has the broiler at the bottom, and it says to move it to the "upper rack". My friends basically then shamed me for having an old oven and explained that most newer ones have the broiler up top now. Now I know.

It wasn't until much later that I woke up in a cold sweat, realizing I completely forgot to add the spinach. Sigh. Here we have it plated, with the chicken, onions, and fingerling potatoes.

Even without the spinach, this meal was a hit with my friends. I normally don't eat chicken with the bone in, so it was a treat to prepare something a different way.

Griddled Onion Turkey Burgers

Calories per Serving:

Total Time According to Dinnerly: 30 minutes

Actual Time: 25 minutes

The tip they have on this recipe is to make a garlic mayo for fry-dipping.

Let's ignore the fact that I didn't include the onion in this pic, ok?  Let's also pretend I didn't use the only two red onions included in the box for the chicken recipe. I think that's why I'd rather the recipe say "slice one red onion" as opposed to "11 ounces of onion". I'm a mess. I just ran out and grabbed a red onion at my local bodega, so no harm done.

Ok, so I sliced the sweet potatoes into wedges, tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and popped them in the oven.

While they were baking, I added some finely chopped onion to the ground turkey with salt and pepper. The recipe called for me to grate the onion, but that didn't really work our for me, so I finely chopped about 1/4 of the one red onion (the rest was sliced and kept in rings). This is also when I realized that raw ground turkey isn't very appetizing. I then molded them into patties and set them aside.

The onion rings then went into the pan with olive oil.

Next, I put the turkey burgers in the pan, plopping them right on top of the two largest onion rings to imbed them.

After they cooked for three minutes on each side, I added the cheese. The cheese that it came with was in the form of sticks, so I opted to cut them in half length wise and crosswise to fit the burger better.

Here are the fries once they came out of the oven.

The last step was to toast the buns in the pan. Good tip!

Here's the burger, fully assembled with the fries. Instead of making garlic mayo, I ended up doing Srirachi mayo. Tastsy!

This was the first time I've made turkey burgers and I think it went well! I'm also not normally a fan of sweet potato, but these fries were hecka dope. The burger had a lot of onion (some which I pulled off after the photo and before eating), but it added a TON of flavor. I gobbled this down super fast.

Verdict: Dinnerly is by far the cheapest meal kit I've heard of at $5.00 per person, per meal, as most of the others start at $9.99 per person, (like Blue Apron). The meals I received weren't cutting edge with tons of ingredients, but they were still super tasty and made everyone happy. You don't have the option to switch recipes with this subscription, but I have a feeling they won't steer you wrong. The only downfall was my interpretation of some of the directions, but the more meal kits I try, the more I learn. 

What do you think of Dinnerly

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Dinnerly brings recipes and ingredients to your door for unfussy, affordable weeknight meals.

Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Nakehia Shona Phillips

I got my box today and it was horrible. I ordered three meals and they just threw random items into a box. One meat, and random vegetables. That is it! They pretty much just stole my money. The only way to contact them is via email. I probably can’t get a refund. I’m out $50.00.

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I think they’re advertising for $5 servings is very misleading considering the shipping charges.
You have to take the total cost including shipping into account. It seems like you could buy a box of Hamburger Helper, an onion and a hamburger and still save money and have the same recipe. I get the market for “easier” meal kits, but this one just doesn’t seem worth the money.

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I’m obviously late to this party, but I was considering Dinnerly and found your review. I’ve done Blue Apron in the past and it was very good, but I’m not much of a cook, so all the chopping, slicing and dicing of all the many ingredients felt like a chore. The fact that Dinnerly uses very simple recipes is an appealing option. And while several people commented that they could go and purchase these very simple ingredients (or have them delivered) from their local store, another excellent benefit to using a subscription service like this is that I don’t end up buying a larger than needed quantity of anything…so nothing goes to waste….if I have to buy a whole package of cheese, but only use a couple slices, there’s no guarantee that I’ll use the rest before it goes bad. Or 2 buns – unless I bought specialty buns from the in store bakery, which are more expensive, the rest of the package may not get used. I’m looking forward to the simple recipes with the ingredients delivered to my door. Plus, as mentioned, I don’t have to think about what to make – the decisions are made for me – and provides variety over my boring standard choices.

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Problem I have with this service is it looks like it’s just plain old Betty Crocker quick meals. Nothing you’ve really never had before, just usual ‘fast worknight dinners’ – which is fine I suppose, but with so many grocery stores offering free delivery now how difficult is it to order a box of pasta, 1 and 1/2 lbs ground beef, an onion and a thing of chili powder? That’d serve your 4 people for a lot less than $20 and it’s exactly what they include.

Plus, the stuff is obviously amateur in comparison to BA and the like – generic ziplock baggies, nothing measured as you pointed out, store brand boxed pasta and… funniest of all, really, string cheese to melt on your burger? I mean, I’ve made things work in a dorm before too, doesn’t mean I’d be proud of it as a business practice.

It all just screams “use whatever’s left in the fridge before we go shopping tomorrow” to me.

And really, they’re a bit deceitful with the $5/meal advertising – BA may start at 9.99 (8.99 for vegetarian), but you’re not paying that $9 shipping charge. For the two person plan (3 meals), BA is $60 shipped while this is $39 – they’re billing themselves as ‘half off’ but really translates into about a 35% savings. Significant, I know, but it’s filling a market that doesn’t need to be there. BA puts some thought into these things, this is just rushed and lazy. Walmart and Kroger already offer this service with Clicklist and curbside loading.

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What are the sodium levels?

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nirzhar k kar

any updates on when this will come to NJ/NYC area?

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We called that goulash when I was little.

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Is that an albino sweet potato with the turkey burger????

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Sweet Potatoes are actually white, yams are orange and that is what people commonly call a sweet potato

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sigh…..love the meal services. Makes me feel like a kitchen hero, but they are kinda pricey so this seemed awesome….sadly not vegetarian friendly

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Marne Orenich

Maybe in the future?

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Michele L Starr

The recipe says a volume, size or qty so that if you want to make it in the future you will not have a company provided premeasured packet to use. Some of the meal prep services just tell the ingredients for the spices and you have to try and figure it out for yourself.

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Marne Orenich

Ahhhh, good call! That makes sense.

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Tiffany J. Kim

I think the box is $30 plus $8.99 shipping, not $38.99 plus $8.99 shipping, since it’s $5 per serving, 6 total servings (3 meals that serve 2). This sounds like a great box, and I’d love to try it. I love choices though, which may be the primary reason I hesitate to sign up.

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Marne Orenich

D’oh! You’re so right, Tiffany! Good catch! I’ve updated the information in the review. 😉

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Victoria S

This review was awesome! I wouldn’t sub at this point because you can’t choose the meals (I always love the huge variety with Hello Fresh), and they seem a little to cheap. Ground turkey, onion, a potato, and a few buns? Sounds like something I can easily pick up at the grocery store for the same price; guess I want something a little more than just bare basic recipes.

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Marne Orenich

Thanks Victoria! For sure, variety is awesome, and being able to swap recipes is an awesome thing that seems like maybe makes the price go up a wee bit? This one definitely has a lot less frills than others, and I can see it working for people who are like “please don’t make me come up with an idea. Just send me the stuff so I can make it and don’t have to make any more decisions or trips to the store”. Nothing wrong with that! I know I’m lost when not given a recipe to follow. I used to just eat tacos and spaghetti every day before meal kits entered my life.

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…what in god’s name is American chop suey. It looks like spaghetti bolognese to me.

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I grew up on American Chop Suey I thought everyone knew what it was. Apparently it’s mostly a New England thing. We used to call it goolash (sp?) too. It’s awesome!!


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Sharon, yes! That’s a chili mac dish – nothing about it is remotely even pseudo-chinese about that recipe. I too went, Wait, what the flibbertygibbit kind of chop suey is that?

I can appreciate their keeping costs down, but sending cheese sticks was just chintzy. No one told a burger with a stick of cheese like that.

Also, Marne, love your reviews!

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Marne Orenich

Hahaha- I had the same reaction, but it DID taste good! It’s like a nicer hamburger helper (which I legit love)?

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I thought of Beefaroni honestly.

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“but these fries were hecka dope”…Hahaha, Marne I freakin’ adore your reviews! You crack me up! 🙂

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Marne Orenich

Heeeyyy thanks, E!!

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Can you skip a week if you don’t like the menu?

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Marne Orenich

Hi Lisa! You sure can!

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Wow finally an affordable box and lucky enough to live in future area. Just may purchase it.

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Marne Orenich

Lucky is right!

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I am living for your food reviews!!! And you’re also making me want to subscribe. It’s just hard to pick the right sub. I’d like the cheapest but tastiest. Or maybe just the best one I can start there. Suggestions??

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I live in Ohio😕 For this price and the ease, I would not hesitate to order!

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Liz Cadman

Hopefully, they will be expanding nationwide soon!

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This is absolutely my favorite MSA review of all time! (I’ve been reading MSA since 2014.) Marne, you have created something that will become the standard by which all other home food delivery sub box reviews will be measured. Thank you!

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Marne Orenich

Gosh, Jennifer! You are way too complimentary! Thank you!

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Amber P

Ah this is another one that looks like it has a conservative menu that I could use to supplement Home Chef with so naturally it doesn’t ship to Vermont!

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Marne Orenich

Nooooo!! Maybe by year’s end they will figure it out??

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Jessica Hapak

Wow that is an awesome price for a meal kit! And the meals look tasty. I love being creative in the kitchen, and some of my tastiest dishes will come out looking like slop. That’s exactly what the chop suey reminded me of (not slop, but good food that doesn’t photograph well or look *pretty*).

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Marne Orenich

I have no qualms eating tasty slop!! Thanks for the back up, Jessica!

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