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How MSA reviews subscription boxes:

When a company contacts MSA to send us a free box to review, we let them know that we only review boxes a paying customer would receive.

If we received a box at no cost, we will always mention it at the beginning of the review.

We never accept compensation for a review.

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  1. please let me know how to reorder a razor—I lost mine and still receive refill blades–THX Kathy


    • Same! I ordered my fall box on 11/13/2019 and to date 1/15/2021. I still have not received it. Needless to say I cancelled it!

  3. very disappointed in Bombi box I see all this great stuff in the pics but all I keep getting is stuff for teenagers with acne Dear bombi box the whole world does not have acne oil prone skin. Was a waste of money for me

  4. when a box was sent free for a review but it is a styling fee based box where you pay for what you keep like Frank and Oak. Do you get all the clothes for free or are you paying for what you keep? This has never been made clear in any review I have read and should be addressed in this article above.

  5. You should add Babe box! I loved my subscription from them this month!! And Singles Swag.

  6. when a box was sent free for a review but it is a styling fee based box where you pay for what you keep like Frank and Oak. Do you get all the clothes for free or are you paying for what you keep? This has never been made clear in any review I have read and should be addressed in this article above.

  7. I am a new subscriber of Slay glam box and I got my second box this month in March and I love my subscription! I am subscribed to a lot of beauty subscriptions and I cancelled a few but Slay Glam box isn’t going anywhere!! I love the products and I love that I am about to customize by picking out an item or two of my choice and I haven’t had any issues. I highly recommend this subscription to my friends and family members because I know they won’t be disappointed! I am hooked….🙌🏻💕💋💄

    • Sounds great do you have. Link is be interested in checking one out

  8. Liz,
    Not on the subject above, but…Have you seen the BoxyGirl toy action figures? Complete with their own boxes! They are advertised on QUBO channel for kids. LOL…I saw them and thought of you and MSA.

    • I am so confused, wanted to see review before I purchased but people are giving reviews for Wal-Mart box, Ipsy, Birch box and something about a dog box. I have tried Ipsy, more customer service, Birch box, expensive and started to get same products over and over. Reviews didn’t help. Limit them to your box.

  9. Hi Liz, I just found out about a new box that I find really exciting and appealing to women like me, and I would love it if y’all could review it. Where can I make that suggestion? (I haven’t tried the box yet, tbh, but am on the verge of taking the plunge)

      • I really like boxy charm, I’ve tried Birch box didn’t care for it they sent me products I didn’t want or use. I’ve also tried Sephora play, didn’t like it either they sent me colors that were no where near my profile shades. I also tried ipsy which is ok, but would be better if they were full size products. What I noticed in all that I’ve tried is they are all sample sizes and the samples are not even full they are half full or should I say half empty which really is giving you nothing it’s basically a rip off.. Except boxy charm are all full size products..I just signed on for lip monthly, but haven’t received it yet, so we’ll see how that goes..

    • Care to share which box? Always interested in trying and reviewing new ones! 🙂

      • Yes! I’ve been receiving Bless Box, IpsyGlam Bag, Ipsy Super Glam Bag, Allure Beauty Box, Macy’s Beauty Box, Walmart boxes I get the classic box and the trendsetter box, Lola Beauty Box, Glossybox, Lookfantastic Beauty Box, Lenybox, Beauty pie, Sephora Beauty Box, Facetory Mask Box, I have 2 regular BoxyCharm Beauty Box and I have the BoxyCharm Luxe, AdoreMe, Splendies, Scentbird,Shoe Dazzle and JustFab! I’ve been receiving all the boxes going on 2 and half years! All my boxes are paid for 6 months at a time if it available or otherwise I do 3 months! I’m trying to learn how I can do live unboxing for my boxes! I don’t know we’re to start and what to do? I was working and right now Im not so I’m trying to put all my time into reviews on all my products that I received

  10. Hi. I receive the Walmart Beauty Box. The last two boxes have not very much in it. No full size anything. 3-4 items. That is it.
    Is this normal? Thinking of quitting it.

    • I ended my subscription. Junky stuff. I now get Birchbox. Quality products, some full size!! Also you can add products you choose. Earn points, as well.
      1000 times better than Walmart. Cost $10 Birchbox.

      • I love Birchbox it’s great, I am a make up artist so it works for me. Also ipsy is really good as well you also get name brand items that come in really cute make up bags definitely worth 10 dollars per month.

    • I have received 3 Wal-Mart boxes and the limited one, they were awesome, plenty of goodies, way better then most $10 boxes. Just cancelled my birch, most items only half full. I’m sure Wal-Mart will fix it and probably get some freebies. Good luck

  11. I’d love to send you a box to review. Pulse let me know where to ship.

    • I love the things I get always nice to try new things so I VB can tell my friends about the products

    • I would love to receive a box and do rebiews on it….do u have the informaion for me to do so?

  12. My MS Precious Loves her bark box she can always sense when it co mes !! Will knock it out of your hand n open the box herself !!

  13. And one thing I notice while you say here that you pay for boxes on most reviews you link to another page that says you paid for them. Which is it?

    • It’s a mix. For each individual box, please see the beginning of the review where we state if we paid for the box or received it at no cost for review.

      Hope that helps!

    • I get the normal bark box and my dog tears the toys apart withing 6 hours. He’s a Boston terrier and maxes out at 25lbs. Anything indestructible for him?

      • Try plubber toys. Plastic and rubber and my dog can’t get through them.

      • Bark box has a new box now super chewer it’s amazing! For dogs who destroy . My dog destroyed the original in two minutes now they stay together for the most part til the next box!

    • Anyone know how to get started on reviewing box’s also how to get them free for reviewing

      • I would also like to teview boxes I’ve got several accounts. Even givE gifts to family box orders

      • I have an ipsy account I also ordered my daughter one for birthday she gets each month. I’ve not been happy with my box I get get a lot of items I can buy at the dollar store and pay a Dollar so I’m not really getting my money’s worth. I’ve changed my profile like they said numerous times and emailed them. I still get the cheep and same brands and I watch as everyone else including the one I bought for my daughter get the nice stuff. I don’t know what else to do but cancel. Been with them at least two years. Anyone else having these problems?

      • How to get free cosmetic boxes to review

      • Pay for them…nothing in this works is free

      • I would like to preview boxes .how do i get started

      • I need to try this for my 3 loves

    • What I read several times in different locations is that sometimes people have sent a free box asking for an opinion and review. I’ve also read that I’ll refer to her as Ms. Liz because I don’t remember her last name, Ms. Liz Has been offered to be sent a free box only, but only for a good review and she said she can only give them an honest review in turn no box was sent. Overall all the information that I have read upon this company and the young lady is that she has always been a subscriber of boxes that is how this website was created upon what subscription boxes she has paid for and now with this website that has taken off has been asked to review many boxes that she maybe has been or not paid to review. What difference does it make if she’s only willing to give it a rest opinion and not be paid to promote lies that’s basically what it comes down to whether or not she’s paid God bless if she is as long as she’s being honest and upfront about the review. I believe she would give a honest opinion. There’s a lot of information out there that we all find. I don’t believe that she would give a fake review especially that there are so many other people that are logging onto her website posting their individual opinion. That is why Miss Liz created this particular website my subscription Witch was created to help people come to a comfortable conclusion based on others blogs, and with that a place for people to go to get a lot of feedback and information in order to gather their own opinion upon being unsure of what they want to purchase. it’s a win-win! To sum it up I’ve never heard about or read that she’s been paid to give a review and if she had I still believe it would be an honest one. Isn’t that the point of this website? That’s my opinion. Lol 😘

      • Your Opinon was the best I have Read . I’m with you , If She pay for a Box or Like You said God Bless Her if She gets it Free. I know at some point in Time When She started this She had to Pay Full Price for each Box She Reviewed for us all. Now that Company See ppl like Myself Love and Trust Her Opinons , And Want Her to Review there Products. I hope She gets them all Free , Because She deserves them.

      • Which. Not witch….unless ur referring to the wizard of OZ or something

    • Right! And who spends that much money on subscriptions ONLY to review for free. Maybe for followers or other free stuff? Idk. Doing the math in ny head that’s hundreds a month if not more …at that point I believe I’d have maybe 2 subscriptions to my faves and just go buy the other products! Way cheaper but that’s just me

  14. How do you get boxes before everyone else then if you set it up as a regular customer?

    • Hi Amanda,

      We get some boxes sent to us early by subscription box companies. At the beginning of each review, we will identify if we paid for the box or if it was sent to us at no cost for review purposes. Hope that helps!

      • How you get the Box is not Important . The Reviews are more Important to most of us, And there is no Sugar Coating anything with your Reviews. Thank you they have helped me decide the ones I Like.

  15. I love reading your reviews! As someone who just discovered the world of subscription boxes, they’ve been an invaluable resource.

  16. I just started my own subscription review blog and I have to say, you are my inspiration. I love your blog and what you do. If I could get mine to be half as big as yours I would be happy. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  17. Liz, my husband just signed up for the t shirt subscription called wohven. He selected the graphic tee subscription. It looks amazing but as we just signed up we won’t get his first tee for a while so thought you might like to add it to your list for reviews and spoilers because they look pretty awesome. Thanks and have a lovely weekend.

  18. New subscription box started today that I’m excited about. Heima Market, Nordic/Scandanavian home and beauty. They donate a portion of sales. You can get a small medium or large box and the style you like, minimalist, boho…as well as how often you receive

  19. I had never heard of a subscription box , until i stumbled upon your site. I’m a cosmetologist and a makeup junkie. Now i subscribe to 8 subscription boxes monthly. I always look at your reviews and others comments before I subscribe to a box. Thank you for your honest opinion and all the work you do keeping this site up.

  20. Liz,
    Thank you for your hard work to keep us informed!
    I do have a question I am hoping you can help me with. A couple of months ago, you reviewed a box named Fit Bit and it was supposed to be through Scent Trunk (my choice was women). I signed up to join it and haven’t seen any updates on when I will get it. Have you received any news from them?
    I appreciate anything news you can share with me.
    I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

  21. I’m so glad I found this site . Wow so many boxes to from. I order the Graze sample heard good reviews. It was 2 days late . I messaged them got back . They got back with me sane day . Very nice . It came next day . I loved it . I was on there that night placing an order to start getting it . should be here next week Yay!!

  22. Hi! Who are the other reviewers we see on this site? How does one obtain the opportunity to become a reviewer for your site? Also, questions about the swap site: can i suggest having the matchmaker function available on the actual swap page so that you don’t need to scroll through all the available and followed listings? Also when a swap is automatically cancelled for swapping item to another person, is there a way to keep the other items you proposed on the page in case you can’t remember what else you requested that you might still like to swap for?

  23. I have a concern about your box review process. Lately I’ve noticed that all the box reviews have been overly positive and lacking in any real critique. One example I can point out is Yogi Surprise – they advertise full sized products on their site but when I subscribed, I got half of the box in sample and snack sizes. I have been checking reviews since cancelling, hoping they will change back to full sized. But in boxes after I cancelled, more samples arrived. The reviewer failed to point this out and instead gushed over what was clearly a misleading box. About half the comments in the review point this out too.

    This is only one specific example, but I have seen other lack-luster reviews from people not REALLY looking into what was advertised. I feel like I could write a much more fair and balanced review myself. Please look into your review process.

    • Rebecca – I have to agree. While I think the reviewers are very transparent by providing a photo and value of each item so that the reader can make up his/her own mind, I would like to see the reviews be a bit more critical. And by critical, I DON’T necessarily mean negative. Just more thoughtful. Did this box really live up to what was described or implied online? Are the items they sent not just cute or interesting, but actually functional?

      • I agree. I have had several atrocious experiences with several subscription box companies that continue to get great reviews from this blog.

        I am not surprised if better items and services are provided to a reviewer by a company on purpose.

        I review items all the time for companies and get better treatment from them because I’m not paying for the service or product BUT they expect a good review. I take this into account and do not allow that to influence my reviews.

        For example…great reviews for Blue Apron and Bright Cellars, consistently.
        Reality – Hands down my WORST customer service experiences in 23 years from both companies. The product quality was horrendous too. They both did and said nothing to fix it or to apologize. A big go get stuffed!

        Too few reviewers and since the businesses know they are being reviewed it is a recipe for bias. It is going to happen because the companies can manipulate the service and product quality. Not saying the reviewers are biased…just getting preferential treatment. Consistently.

  24. Liz- I’m trying to add the $20 Updated Beta box onto a new Birchbox subscription but can’t find a way to do it. Have they discontinued it?

    thank you!


    • I don’t think they discontinued it, but I’m not having any luck finding a direct link on the site for you. I recommend asking their customer care:

      Hope that helps!

  25. I’m curious. How do you determine the value of each sample?

    • I look at the price per ounce of the full size and then apply it to the size of the sample. Hope that helps! 🙂

  26. Do you ever think that you get so many of these that the novelty wears off? Or are they all still interesting?

    • I still check out front door for packages multiple times a day – the novelty hasn’t worn off yet! 🙂

  27. Just found your site through instagram and I LOVE it. What a brilliant idea and your refusal to accept blogger boxes for review is freaking awesome. Keep it up, we need you lol.

    • Thank you so much!

  28. I just want to say thank you. I live subscription boxes and anytime I’m considering buying a new one, I always check your site first to see what you’ve said about it as there have only been a couple you haven’t reviewed that I’ve tried. I love your site and while I dont come to the site much, I get your posts my email and read every single one. Thank you!!! I really really want to start my own review blog, I’d really like to focus on pet products and beauty products but maybe just sub boxes in general like I just don’t know how to start….sigh. But I wanted to take a minute and say thank you as I love your site.

    • Thanks so much! I’m so glad you find the site helpful (That’s my ultimate goal!). If you’re blocked on how to start blogging, I recommend trying out Blogger for a free blogspot account. It’s very user friendly, and that’s how I started out. After about a year I ended up switching to WordPress, but I think Blogger is best for when you are starting out and just want to get a sense of how everything will work. Hope that helps!

  29. Great article! I would love to do a subscription box review thing on my blog, but I feel like you cover everything so well here that there really isn’t anything I could add, lol. I love following your blog. You all do such a great job!

  30. What do we do if we have a box that isn’t on your site that we would like you to review? I just started subscribing to a box called the 16 Minute Club for breastfeeding mothers, and it is amazing!! It’s “theme” is breastfeeding, but gives lots of information and advice on new babies and development as well as lots of mommy gifts that aren’t BF related. I would love for it to get the kind of exposure that your site would bring! Is there a process for this?

  31. I love your blog and check it everyday! I’m in school, so its not realistic for me to subscribe to that many boxes (though I do have Ipsy and the Scratch monthly mani box which I love), but I have so much fun living my subscription service dreams through you! You have one of the best jobs in the world 😀 You seem like a great, honest, down-to-earth person and your friends must love getting all those gifts 😉 I chose the homegrown collective box to put on my Christmas list, so I hope it lives up to what I’ve seen from you! I’ve seen so many boxes that I’ve never heard of on here and it’s great piecing everything together from your reviews. You provide all the information I need to see if I want to subscribe! I’ve never had a problem (though sometimes I search a box I see in a review that I want to add to my list and it doesn’t show up in the list, so am I searching wrong?) Okay, sorry this is so long! OH, also, I absolutely love that picture of you surrounded by all your boxes from a while ago- it must be like Christmas everyday! (do you get a box everyday?) Sorry again this is so long, didn’t realize I had that much to say 🙂

  32. Love your website and love your reviews! You really help me pick which boxes would be best for me. I appreciate your honest reviews and I always find your positivity refreshing. Thank you for all the work you do. I would not be the happy box addict I am today without your site!

  33. I never knew some companies did blogger boxes. That is… weird. Neat to see a bit of insight on how you run this blog.

  34. Always love reading your blog! Your blog was the first one I starting reading about subscription boxes and since then I have started getting we’ll say “several”. I feel like your blog gives me realistic expectations and has helped me find boxes I LOVE and has also kept me from getting ones that just aren’t a fit for me. Thanks

  35. Thanks for posting this, although, you didn’t need to. Your reviews are always upfront and I like your neutrality on the boxes.

    • Glad to hear it – thank you! 🙂

  36. Thanks for posting this, Liz!! Really the only time I was upset after subscribing to a box post-reveiw was Bleu Box, and it was a unique situation because it was jewelry. Like you said, you just laid out the facts, it was my fault I thought the jewelry was cheapo! That being said, I LOVE your blog, and have subscribed to a ton of boxes after seeing reviews! I’ve been reading it religiously for almost a year. I love the camaraderie, haha! 🙂 🙂

  37. Love this! While I may receive something that I don’t totally love (cough, cough, tea and eyeliner) or won’t use, I recognize that it doesn’t mean other people wouldn’t love to receive it in a box!

  38. I’ve been a lurker for some time, but have always thought you have an honest vibe to you (and genuinely enthusiastic with subscription boxes themselves). Thanks for confirming that this is the case!

  39. I don’t even use the same name when subscribing to boxes (and am often accused of getting a better box than regular subscribers or whatnot), and frankly, I don’t think companies really bother. Sometimes despite best efforts I have ended up with a blogger box. They are completely meaningless for purposes of a review.

    My family just visited and I sent them home with a box of items that I have saved from my boxes that I thought belonged in another home. I’ll be giving them during the holidays (and won’t do an ounce of shopping!),

  40. Great post. I think it’s always nice to know how a blogger does their review.

    I also think that the items that you don’t use can be a great gift item around the holidays or birthdays. 🙂 No waste there!!!

    I currently only subscribe to 4 things (ipsy, birchbox, ecoemi and poopbuddy) and I enjoy them a lot. I don’t use/like everything, so I put it in my “gift bag” and they will be gifts for friends and family. 😀

  41. Thank you for letting a company know that you only like to review boxes a paying customer would receive, it’s let’s me know that you are a great person and wants you reviews to be fair for your readers. I love reading your blogs everyday. 🙂

  42. Of all the box bloggers out there,
    you and Ramblings of a Suburban Mom are the only ones I can read on a daily basis. And what you just wrote explains why. You are so genuine and i truly know what I should expect from boxes I’ve subscribed to thanks to you. Keep them coming!!

    • Thank you so much – that means a lot to me! 🙂

    • Aww, that’s me too. Thank you!

  43. Thanks for this post. Interesting and informative.

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