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The 14 Best Men’s Clothing Subscription Boxes in 2023

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaAug 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Tired of wasting time shopping in stores just to walk out empty-handed? Not only are the prices these days outrageous, but it seems like everything is cheaply made and falls apart within the first year of wearing it. That's why many of our male readers have flocked to men's clothing subscription boxes over the last few years.

With a clothing subscription service, men can now buy exactly what they need from the brands they love the most. And, most of these monthly subscription services offer huge discounts on retail prices while also providing other major perks like offering your own personal stylist.

Every year, we ask our readers to share their top recommended subscriptions of all types. Then we ask our experts to share what they know about each subscription to make it easy for you to know which subscription is right for you. Below, you’ll find our insights for shopping for the best men’s clothing subscription boxes in 2023. We've included our readers’ top choices for everyday wear, business attire, casual wear, and more.

Best Men's Clothing Subscription Boxes in 2023:

The 14 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men in 2023

We'll start off our list of the best clothing subscription boxes for men by first reviewing brands that focus on sending clothing only. Then, we'll explore brands that focus on basics like socks and underwear. We'll round up our list with some of the best subscription service options for accessories as well as those that include a mix of lifestyle items, apparel, and more.

Best Overall Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men

1. Stitch Fix Men

Best Overall

Image from our review

Ever wish you could afford a personal stylist and shopper? That’s where Stitch Fix comes in. This clothing subscription box for men curates apparel for only $20 per month (this styling fee can be applied towards any items you decide to keep).

Start by filling out a survey, detailing your fit, style preferences, size, and price range. You’ll be matched with a personal stylist based on your feedback, then you’ll receive 5 hand-picked items to try on in the comfort of your own home. Keep anything you love and send everything else back. Returns are free, and you'll get 25% off if you keep the entire box.

Sizes: XS-3XL


  • Clothing is very affordable
  • Excellent curation from professional stylists
  • Your styling fee counts towards the cost of items you keep


  • Charged styling fee even if you don't keep items
  • You only receive the 25% discount when you purchase all the items from one shipment
  • Quality of fabrics and cuts can range considerably from item to item

Starting at $20.00
Try Stitch Fix Men
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Stitch Fix Men reviews.


2. Menlo Club

Best for Budget-Friendly Clothing

Image via our review.

Menlo Club is a monthly men's clothing subscription that sends casual, classic, and fashion-forward garments styled to your tastes. You'll take a survey to start your fashion journey. Then, a stylist will curate 2-3 items per month from brands like Five Four, Grand AC, and New Republic.

Unlike other personal styling services, Menlo charges a straight $60 per box and does not allow returns, except for size exchanges. Members will receive up to 25% off items in the Menlo House online store and free shipping on all orders.

Sizes: Clothing: S-3XL, Shoes: 7-15


  • No styling fee
  • Much less expensive than other men’s stylist subscriptions
  • Personalized apparel from well-known brands


  • Limited selection of brands
  • Can't make swaps
  • Only 2-3 items per month

Starting at $60.00
Try Menlo Club
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Menlo Club reviews.


3. Basic Man

Best for the Essentials

Image from our review

The name of this subscription says it all: Basic Man supplies you with the most basic–and vital–clothing essentials every month. You’ll receive comfortable, high-quality essentials made from excellent fabrics.

Each shipment contains 1 new T-shirt, a pair of socks, and a pair of underwear. All products are made from sustainable materials, and they’re shipped in biodegradable packaging. Basic Man even provides a “destroy by” date to help remember when it’s time to recycle the items they’ve sent you before they’re worn, torn, and raggedy.

Sizes: XS-4XL


  • A regular supply of t-shirts, boxer briefs, and other essentials
  • Products have a “destroy by" date to help you rotate out older pieces
  • Options available for sizes XS - XXL


  • You’ll need to look elsewhere to complete your look
  • Not the cheapest option for essentials
  • Limited customization

Starting at $19.99
Active Deal
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Try Basic Man
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Basic Man reviews.


4. Taelor

Best Clothing Rental Service

Image via Taelor.

Taelor, which acquired the former Mr. Collection, is a personal styling service for men. They’ll collect your sizing and style information from your style quiz or one-on-one consultation calls, then you can provide feedback to the curated collection from 200 brands. From there, you can wear up to 5 or 10 clothing items per month without buying them.

Unlike traditional services, you can wear what you get for weeks without buying them. Other personal styling services expect pieces to be tried on and sent back, not worn out and about.

Sizes: S-XXL in slim fit, regular fit, and more


  • Change your wardrobe whenever you want
  • Rented items can be purchased at a discounted price
  • Reduce clutter at home and support sustainability


  • Clothing items while like new, are pre-owned
  • Not as size-inclusive as other options
  • Can't handpick clothing

Starting at $88.00
Try Taelor
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Taelor reviews.


5. Trendy Butler

Best for Trendy Clothing

Trendy Butler

Image via our review.

If you're sick of clothing subscription boxes that only offer a run-of-the-mill selection, then Trendy Butler is what you need. Each monthly box comes with $150+ worth of men's clothes for only $65 per month.

You can expect to receive 2 items which may include clothing like a hoodie and pants, or a button-up and a sweater. Brands you may come across in your monthly delivery include Eleven Paris, Civil Society, Tailor Vintage, Stitch’s Jeans, Zanerobe, WeSC, Superdry, and Antony Morato.

Sizes: S-XXL in tops, 29 through 44 in the waist, and inseam sizes can range from 30 to 36


  • Clothing is high-end
  • Keeps up with the latest trends
  • Relatively affordable


  • Only 2 items per box
  • Can't swap items
  • Not as size-inclusive as other options

Starting at $65.00
Active Deal
Save $15 off at sign-up!
Use Coupon Code STYLIST15
Try Trendy Butler
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Trendy Butler reviews.


6. Urbane Box

Best for Business Attire

Image via UrbaneBox.

UrbaneBox is a monthly subscription for clothing and accessories. The overall vibe has a business casual feel, but there is plenty of room for different dress codes. Each month a stylist sends you 2-3 staple items based on your preferences that are yours to keep. And, UrbaneBox offers a demand feature that lets you request additional clothes at any time.

You’ll get items from high-end brands, and if you’re planning an event or completely refreshing your wardrobe, you can request larger packages.

Sizes: Casual shirts S-XXL, shoes 8-14, waist 28-40, inseam 29-34, dress shirts 14-18 (32-33 through 36-37), blazers 36S-44L, and more!


  • 2-3 staple items of clothing handpicked by a personal stylist
  • Excellent quality and great customer service
  • Options from a variety of high-end brands


  • Fairly high monthly fee
  • Limited selection for casual wear
  • Not as size-inclusive as other options

Starting at $65.00
Try Urbane Box
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Urbane Box reviews.


7. ThreadLab

Best for Eco-Friendly Apparel

Image via our review.

Let's face it - many clothing subscription boxes for men aren't as eco-conscious as they should be. Thankfully, ThreadLab's different! ThreadLab matches you with eco-friendly and mission-driven brands like PX Clothing, LinkSoul, TOMS, Patagonia, PACT, Threads 4 Thought, and Alternative Apparel. They also ship all products directly from their partners' warehouses in eco-conscious packaging to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible.

To get started, you'll need to provide information on your sizes, style preferences, and budget. Then, you'll select the causes you care about most and be matched with the brands that support these causes best. You'll then receive a box with either 1-3, 2-4, or 4-8 items, and you can keep what you like and return what you don't.

Sizes: S-3XL


  • Offers eco-friendly brands
  • Set a budget for your box
  • Subscription is flexible


  • No help from stylist
  • More expensive than other options
  • Website isn't as user-friendly as other brands

Starting at $99.00
Try ThreadLab
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our ThreadLab, Inc. reviews.


Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men's Underwear and Socks

8. MeUndies

Best for Comfortable Underwear

Image via MeUndies.

MeUndies offers super comfortable and ethically sourced underwear and socks for men. Their underwear is made from Lenzing MicroModal, which is sourced from sustainably sourced, naturally soft fiber. MeUndies lets you receive one pair of underwear or socks each month and you can choose from classic solids, bold hues, or quirky prints.

Sizes: Socks S-XL, underwear S-4XL


  • Eco-friendly, super comfortable underwear
  • For men and women
  • You can pick out exactly what you want


  • Lacking the element of surprise
  • Styles don't pop as much as other brands
  • No subscription for underwear and sock sets

Starting at $14.00
Get MeUndies
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our MeUndies reviews.


9. Stance Underwear

Best for Making a Statement

Image via Stance. 

Stance sends men 1-3 pairs of underwear in either boxer or brief styles. Or, you can choose to receive 2-4 pairs of socks. No matter which you choose, every item makes a statement. Some of their latest collections have included psychedelic Scooby-Doo prints or Sara Rabin-designed pieces that feature spider-inspired and cosmic aerosol prints.

Sizes Available: Socks: S-XXL, Underwear: XS-XXL


  • Choose between monthly or quarterly box
  • Receive men's underwear or socks
  • Get basics at an affordable price


  • Not for basic prints
  • Membership is required to select styles
  • Not as size-inclusive as other subscriptions

Starting at $19.00
Get Stance
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Stance reviews.


10. Society Socks

Best Sock Subscription for Supporting Charity

Image from our review.

Society Socks is a fun, funky subscription service for men's socks. Their products feature interesting colors and patterns, but every pair of socks is perfectly office-appropriate. Sign up for the basic plan, and you’ll receive 2 pairs of stylish socks each month.

Sizes: 7-13


  • Comfortable socks with fun styles
  • All options are office appropriate
  • Donates to communities in need with every order


  • Somewhat pricey for socks
  • Only socks — no other basics
  • Some men prefer less bold styles

Starting at $20.00
Active Deal
$10 off
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Try Society Socks
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Society Socks reviews.


Best Subscription Boxes for Men's Accessories

11. Gentleman's Box

Best Overall for Men's Accessories

Image via our review.

The Gentleman’s Box is a man's man box: it offers stylish accessories that are classy, functional, and perfect for upgrading your lifestyle. You’ll receive 4-6 must-have accessories for the modern man like chic ties or trend-conscious timepieces each month. The Gentleman’s Box lets you quickly update your wardrobe without the hassle of shopping around for in-style accessories.


  • Upscale style and fashion essentials at a great price
  • Boxes include the latest issue of The Gentleman’s Post
  • Easy subscription management


  • Some items won’t appeal to everyone
  • No real customization options
  • Not for full outfits

Starting at $35.00
Active Deal
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Use Coupon Code Pocket75
Try Gentleman's Box
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Gentleman's Box reviews.


12. SprezzaBox

Best for High-End Accessories

Image from our review.

SprezzaBox is the perfect monthly men’s style subscription box for discovering unique, fashionable goods for the modern man. Each month, subscribers receive 4-6 lifestyle, fashion, or grooming products valued at $100 or more. You aren’t stuck with just a single option — members get to choose from several available boxes, so you should find something to love in every shipment. SprezzaBox typically includes items like socks, pocket squares, ties, sunglasses, wallets, skincare, and grooming kits.


  • Receive a regular supply of socks, pocket squares, and more
  • Reasonably priced (and makes a great gift)
  • Choose from several boxes


  • Not for full outfits
  • Some items won’t appeal to every subscriber’s tastes
  • Featured brands and item quality can vary

Starting at $28.00
Active Deal
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Use Coupon Code MSA10OFF
Try SprezzaBox
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our SprezzaBox reviews.


Best Lifestyle Subscription Boxes for Men with Clothing

13. Bespoke Post

Best for Men's Lifestyle Items

Image via our review.

Each month, Bespoke Post subscribers choose a themed box filled with unique hand-curated pieces. The box might include lifestyle items, gadgets, home decor, or just about everything else, but every item is made from high-quality materials, with few of the “trinket"-type pieces you’d get from less expensive men’s subscription boxes. The goal is to introduce you to something new, which might mean a better way to shave, a trend-conscious take on barware, or a new hobby.


  • An excellent selection of apparel, outdoor living tools, tech gadgets, and more
  • Fantastic curation with plenty of products from under-the-radar brands
  • A wide variety of themes to choose from


  • Some boxes might not include clothing
  • Some boxes might not appeal to certain subscribers

Starting at $49.00
Try Bespoke Post
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Bespoke Post reviews.


14. GQ Best Stuff Box

Best Quarterly Box for Men

Image via our review.

GQ Best Stuff Box lives up to its name, and it’s relatively affordable given the quality. This quarterly subscription box for men is curated by the editors of GQ Magazine, and the items are certainly on-brand: You’ll find a mix of apparel, accessories, and grooming products with a total retail value of $200 or more.

You’ll also receive exclusive discounts from the featured brands and access to tutorials for many of the products. Like Bespoke Post, the GQ Best Stuff Box allows men to explore new lifestyle products, and the quarterly delivery model ensures that you’re never overwhelmed.


  • Luxury apparel, grooming products, and more
  • Hand-selected by the editors of GQ Magazine
  • Exclusive access to products at discounted rates


  • The per-box cost is expensive
  • Some items won’t appeal to certain men
  • Not clothing-heavy

Starting at $59.00
Shop GQ Best Stuff Box
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our GQ Best Stuff Box reviews.

Factors We Considered When Reviewing These Men’s Clothing Subscriptions

This list features our fellow subscription fanatics’ top choices, and we can confidently recommend the subscriptions above since we’ve researched and reviewed them all. Factors we considered when reviewing these subscriptions include:

  • Overall Value – If you’re paying for a style subscription, you should get a decent return on your investment. These services are a bargain when compared with retail pricing for similar types of products.
  • Versatility – No two men dress exactly the same (well, maybe at a wedding). We looked for subscriptions that offer personalization options, and by taking advantage of those resources, you’ll find satisfying selections in every shipment. We also included several services that provide something other than clothing to help you accessorize with confidence.
  • Simplicity – Modern men are busy people, and you shouldn’t be thinking too much about how difficult it is to subscribe to a men’s clothing service. That’s why the ones in our list have straightforward models–you’ll know exactly what you’re getting (and when you’re getting it). We provided information about how each service works to help you find the right fit for your needs and lifestyle.
  • Customer Service – A clothing subscription can be a useful way to upgrade your attire, but if you’re stuck with a bunch of clothes that you won’t actually wear, you’ll waste money (not to mention closet space). We searched for companies with well-established reputations. While we encourage our readers to look for information about returns & exchanges before ordering, we chose subscriptions that make that process easier.

What To Look For When Trying Men’s Clothing Subscriptions

Subscription services can help you avoid quite a bit of legwork, but you do need to focus on the following when evaluating your options:

  • How each subscription works.  You can avoid brick-and-mortar retailers entirely if you’ve got a subscription, but you must know the rules of each particular service. Our list provides detailed descriptions so you know what to expect.
  • How much each subscription costs. You already know that exclusive brands might cost more than other brands, but you’ll have to also consider styling fees, shipping and other charges. Do a cost comparison between a few subscriptions before choosing one–but also consider how much more value you’ll get if you choose to spend a few extra dollars. Where possible, we’ve included info about shipping charges, styling fees, and other expenses that could add to the cost of entry.
  • Your personal style and clothing needs. If you’re looking for weekend clothes, you might focus on subscriptions that offer a more buttoned-down look. However, you may still want services that can provide you with fresh office apparel and formalwear when necessary. Our readers preferred a variety of services, so we’ve included some that cater to every style. All of the services below have simple, straightforward return policies. If you’re interested in trying something new, you can shop with confidence.
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