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Bespoke Post Reviews

Is Bespoke Post Right For You?

Updated June 4, 2023 | Verified Since 2023

Bespoke Post Overview

About the Brand

Bespoke Post is a monthly membership club that delivers awesome boxes of top-shelf goods from under-the-radar and small business brands.

Each month, Bespoke Post introduces its members to cool new products including outdoor gear, barware, home and kitchen goods, clothing, and more (even live oysters!), based on a preference quiz they fill out when signing up. The company is all about helping its members to discover new goods that they probably wouldn't have found elsewhere and that spark their next hobby, experience, or conversation.

Bespoke Post is all about high-quality and value and each item found in its subscription boxes reflects this. On top of that, 90% of the products they sell come from small businesses and several subscription boxes from Bespoke Post are worth double or more in retail value compared to what customers pay for a monthly subscription.

Each month they curate several new boxes around a theme, and you can preview the box they have selected for you and make one of three choices: keep it, swap it, or skip it. That means there is no commitment if you end up not liking what they show you, so you can essentially join for free!

Read below our detailed unboxings and Bespoke Post reviews to see inside this popular New York-based subscription box and find out how other subscribers rate this box.

It's one of our favorite subscription boxes for men and also one of the most gift-able subscriptions out there! And we aren't the only ones - this year, Bespoke Post tops our Reader's Choice list for best subscription boxes for men, with one reader saying "This box has been a lifesaver when it comes to buying gifts for the favorite men in my life dad, brother, and son so be sure to check it out!"

Key Info

  • Price:$49.00 Monthly
  • Founded In:2011
  • Ships To:US and Canada
  • Retail Value:$70.00

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Bespoke Post


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Bespoke Works

Prior to receiving your first subscription box, you’ll first need to take the online preferences quiz which will help Bespoke Post to tailor future boxes to your interests. You’ll be able to select one of the following options to indicate your interest for certain categories available: very interested, open to try, not interested.


Categories that you’ll be asked to rate include Barware & Mixology, Home Décor & Accessories, Style Accessories, Men's Clothing, Cigars & Tobacco, Kitchen & Cooking,Men's Grooming, Camping & Outdoors, Travel & Bags, and Music & Tech Gear. You’ll also be asked to provide your waist size , shoe size, and shirt size as well.


Once you’ve completed the preferences quiz, Bespoke Post will then allow you to preview your upcoming box and either keep it, swap it out, or skip it. If you choose to either keep the current box or swap it out, you’ll be charged $49 for your upcoming order. All recurring orders will follow a similar process where Bespoke Post will email you 5 days before charging you to ensure that you want your next pre-selected box or not.


You can easily cancel any upcoming order or cancel your subscription via your online account.

Example Bespoke Items

  • Split Box - Pull Start Fire pack and Field Hatchet by Barebones
  • Dough Box - Honey-ginger syrup and Bourbon-Infused Cookie Kit by Red Velvet NYC
  • Gale Box - Line of Trade The Starboard Donegal Sweater and SELF/ish Exfoliating Pads
  • Sabor Box - Tortilla Press, Barro Plate, Servilleta, Tierra Bravado Hot Sauce, Black Edition, and Masa Azul, all by Verve Culture

Pricing Options

Each monthly Bespoke Post subscription box costs $49 for members, however, boxes cost $70 for non-members. There’s also a standard shipping fee of $3.95 for all orders placed in the lower 48 states, whereas residents of Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada will be charged a shipping fee of $10.


Members do not have to pay for each month and are able to skip a month at any time and there are no limits to the number of times you can skip an upcoming order.

Bespoke Post Pros and Cons


  • Bespoke’s subscription boxes are gender-neutral and there’s something for everyone to love
  • Tailored to a wide variety of themes including barware, home décor, clothing and accessories, cigars, and more
  • Sources products from under-the-radar brands for a more authentic, distinct experience


  • Some boxes are close to actual retail value and don’t provide major savings or deals
  • Cannot return single items, only complete boxes in mint condition

What Else You Should Know About Bespoke Post

During the Covid-19 crisis, Bespoke Post purchased over $138,476,712 of products from small businesses, many of them being under-the-radar and upcoming brands.

Here are a few examples of items purchased from small businesses in the US:

  • Terra: The knife in the Terra box is made by Barebones based in Salt Lake City.
  • Forge: This Damascus steel knife is made by BucknBear Knives located in Pennsylvania.
  • Trail: The gut-hook knife in the Trail box is made by Titan International located in Illinois.
  • Carnivore: The American BBQ rub in the Carnivore box is made by The Great American Spice Co. in Rockford, Michigan

Is Bespoke Post Worth It?


Bespoke Post is certainly worth it! Many of the boxes we’ve reviewed at MSA have been valued at double or more the value than the cost of the monthly subscription and each box includes items from lesser-known brands to support small businesses. Bespoke also provides much more customization for boxes compared to other lifestyle brands and offers 10+ categories of boxes to enjoy.

How Bespoke Post Compares to Other Men’s Lifestyle Subscriptions


Bespoke Post VS GQ Best Stuff Box: The GQ Best Stuff Box is a quarterly subscription box that costs $50 and features items such as electronics, grooming products, and accessories. Each box is valued at over $200 and contains around 10 different items. Subscribers will receive exclusive offers and discounts from the brands featured along with how-to articles and video tutorials to learn more about how to use their products. Unlike Bespoke Post, the GQ Best Stuff Box is unable to be customized and contains a mix of items that are seasonally themed, not themed around a specific category. The GQ Best Stuff Box is best for men who only want 4 subscription boxes per year and want to be surprised with what they get, whereas Bespoke Post is best for men who want subscription boxes more frequently and want to have greater customization with the items they receive. Also, Bespoke Post is gender-neutral and offers subscription boxes that both women and men will enjoy.


Bespoke Post VS Gentleman's Box: The Gentleman's Box is a monthly subscription box service that delivers upscale, high-end grooming, style and fashion essentials for men. Subscription options are available for monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual plans. The month-to-month plan costs $35 and each box contains 4-6 fashion essentials. The Gentleman’s Box is the better subscription for men’s fashion, whereas Bespoke Post is the best all-around lifestyle subscription box for either men or women that offers more options for categories, like outdoors, cooking, and barware.


Bespoke Post VS SprezzaBox: SprezzaBox is a monthly subscription box that focuses on men's clothing accessories each box includes 5-6 products that have a combined retail value of $100 or more. The subscription is only $28 per month for customers who prefer to pay month-to-month, however, Sprezza also offers plans that can be paid in full for every 3, 6, or 12 months with a reduced price for each box. Similar to Bespoke Post, Sprezza allows men to choose preferred items, however, Bespoke Post offers the widest variety of categories for items that can be used by men or women, depending on their subscription box item preferences, but Sprezza is mostly focussed on fashion and accessories for men only.

Bespoke Post Reviews

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Bespoke Post FAQ

How does Bespoke Post work?
On the first of each month, Bespoke Post selects a curated box for you and sends you an email. Want something else? No problem. Bespoke Post lets you choose from a variety of different options. This makes this subscription really fun because you can pick something you already want OR something new that has caught your eye. You have until the 5th of each month to confirm or change the box Bespoke Post picks for you and make your size and color selections if necessary.
What types of products come in Bespoke Post?
Bespoke Post has a really broad range of products curated around exciting and unique brands. You can select boxes curated around anything from t-shirts to kitchen knives, camping gear to candles. Every month is full of creative and exciting themes to choose from.
Do they release new boxes every month? Is every box available to members every month?
They do release new boxes each month and sometimes limit the boxes you see based on your specific interests, but you can choose from any still available on the site. Each month features a selection of new boxes and old favorites. Not seeing exactly what you want in the featured boxes? There are still additional choices on the site. You can do broad searches for specific items, themes, or materials i.e. leather, candles, fishing, ect. and boxes related to these keywords will pop up in search, even if they weren’t featured under the ‘Box’ section of the Bespoke Post page. Searching for additional boxes can, admittedly, be a little bit of work, but it is also kind of fun if you enjoy a hunt!
Can I give Bespoke Post as a gift?
Yes! Bespoke Post is easy to gift and is a good experience for the recipient, so it's always one of our top recommendations for giving. You have a few options on how to do this. You can buy any Bespoke Post box as a one-time purchase as a non-member, though you will pay the $55 price rather than the $45 member price. Generally speaking, these are still always a great value! Bespoke Post also offers gift cards if you want to let the lucky giftee choose for themselves.
How much does Bespoke Post cost?
A Bespoke Post subscription membership is $45 a month and you can skip by the 5th of each month to avoid being charged. Not ready for a subscription membership? You can still buy Bespoke Post boxes for $55.00.
Can I skip a month of Bespoke Post?
Yep! Just make sure to skip before the 5th of each month by signing into your account and clicking the “Manage” text inside your cart. You can then delete the box from your current shipment to skip.
What is the Bespoke Post Black Box?
The Bespoke Post Black Box is a Black Friday special edition box that ships free with your purchase of $5 or more.
Can I cancel Bespoke Post online?
You will need to sign in and email the Bespoke Post team at [email protected] Alternatively, you can text 914.326.2765 to cancel or give them a call at 888.565.6762.
Is Bespoke Post just for men?
Though Bespoke has tons of clothing and accessories that are geared towards men, we have found this subscription to really have loads of options for, well, anyone! The variety of products across the site and in the themed boxes make this an excellent fit for anyone interested in a thoughtfully curated unboxing experience. Bespoke Post does usually releases a few “For Her” boxes throughout the year with most of those launching during the holidays. These include lifestyle items like candles, bath bombs, diffusers, and more!
Where does Bespoke Post ship?
Bespoke Post ships to the contiguous US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. They also ship to military addresses, but you'll need to either text 914.326.2765 or email [email protected] to make that happen.
How much does shipping cost?
Standard shipping is $3.95 to the lower 48 states, and all orders over $75 qualify for free shipping. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will have a $10 shipping fee.
How long does delivery take?
Standard shipping in the lower 48 takes 3–8 business days whereas shipping to Canada takes between 10 and 15 business days. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii can take 10–20 business days.
When does Bespoke Post ship?
Bespoke Post ships its subscription boxes between the 6th and 15th of each month.

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Subscriber Reviews

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Joseph Clewell
Joseph Clewell
1st Time Poster!
"Sets the bar for subscription boxes"
May 21, 2023
Right off the bat, EXCELLENT customer service, bar none. Also, a big plus in my book is that many of the products are small business manufactured and American-made. You also get plenty of time (5 days) to look at your monthly shipment, and skip if you don't like the options. The store has plenty of interesting, well-designed and high-quality products, and the member discounts are well worth it. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING that I've received in a monthly shipment, or bought from their store has seen regular use. Very low chance of cluttering your house with "cool" stuff that you'll never touch, or things that break if you look at them funny. Excellent subscription box, with a view towards excellent customer service and partnering with high-quality businesses. Surely a bar to be compared against.
Randy Roll
Randy Roll
1st Time Poster!
May 12, 2023
It is such a pleasure to be on the receiving end of such stellar customer service. Impressive and I don’t think a one shot fluke.
1st Time Poster!
"Great service"
May 12, 2023
Great variety of options every month and customer service is top notch!
1st Time Poster!
"Two years and still going strong"
May 9, 2023
Been a subscriber for a long time now and almost every product has seen use in a major way. I will say that some of the products seem to be a little bit on the cheaper side specifically the Titan and Buck n Bear knives, even more specifically the Damascus blades. But it seems like bespoke post is getting better at sourcing higher quality products to offer subscribers of their monthly boxes. So I'm grateful to be a part of bespoke and watch their continued growth and offerings as they keep getting better and better. The customer service element of the service has continued to be awesome in the ways that you are allowed to contact them and the rate at which they respond to concerns or issues. I wish the company had a way to offer service for replacement parts that wasn't so wasteful as to just send you another one of something. While I appreciate them being willing to do so to solve a problem, there are cheaper and less wasteful alternatives to this method.
Steve Sibbio
Steve Sibbio
1st Time Poster!
"A positive return/exchange experience"
Mar 24, 2023
There is nothing that Bespoke Post could have done better for me when I ordered a "wrong" size. The interaction was so quick and easy and resolved to my complete satisfaction! Well done!!!
Lou Halmes
Lou Halmes
1st Time Poster!
"Super cool, fun and new ideas & great customer service"
Mar 10, 2023
The monthly subscription boxes are so fun! So many cool, fun, new ideas that I use Bespoke Post for most of my gift giving! Customer service is also really quick to respond, and they are people (not robots) who can help by providing real responses in real time. I can't say enough good things about this company! :)
Rodney Budell
Rodney Budell
1st Time Poster!
"My Very Cool Personal Shopper"
Mar 10, 2023
Have you ever known a person that always seems to have really cutting edge trinkets and cool items that you never thought of buying, or perhaps didn't even know existed? This subscription is like having that person always scouting the marketplace for those items just for me! In addition, those highly coveted items arrive at my door every month. Always top-shelf quality and very tasteful! Keep 'em coming Bespoke Post!
David Carlson
David Carlson
1st Time Poster!
"Great Service, Great Projects, Great Prices"
Mar 1, 2023
I have received about 20 products, both for personal use and for gifts. I have been happy with all of them. Good quality, good variety, and often less expensive than Amazon. In addition, great service. I ordered a product as a gift, found out my daughter had it, called and in 30 seconds on the phone, had cancelled the order. My payment was refunded in less than five minutes.
1st Time Poster!
"Issue with product but fixed fast"
Feb 28, 2023
Awesome products and great quality. I had one issue but called the number and was helped by a very knowledgeable employee. Kristina fixed the issue immediately and I was very satisfied by the end of the call
Richard Lamontagne
Richard Lamontagne
1st Time Poster!
"Just join already you're missing out every day that goes by!"
Feb 28, 2023
This subscription has given me faith that there are still companies out in the world that truly value the customers experience. Join now and you will never regret it!

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