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Factor Reviews

Is Factor Right For You?

Updated May 28, 2023

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Factor Overview

About the Brand

Factor is a prepared meal subscription delivery service that sends high quality meals that are ready to heat, with optional snacks and drinks to go with your meal. Factor specializes in catering to dietary restrictions with an emphasis on keto. Factor also claims to use high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients (both meat and vegetable alike). Factor recently became part of the HelloFresh family of meal delivery services, and is one of the most popular prepared meal subscriptions that we’ve reviewed on the market.

Key Info

  • Price:$60.00 Weekly
  • Founded In:2011
  • Ships To:US

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Factor


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Factor Works

Joining factor is extremely easy - tell Factor how many meals you want each week and if you have any dietary restrictions like keto, vegan, or low-calorie.

Once you’re subscribed, you can either let them pick meals for you and they’ll follow your dietary needs, or you can look through the menu each week and pick the meals you want.

Meals then show up and you can store for up to a week and heat when you’re ready to eat.

Example Factor Recipes

  • A standard garlic and herb chicken breast on cauliflower grits
  • Keto-friendly sun-dried tomato chicken
  • Keto mushroom burger
  • Pesto salmon
  • Italian sausage oreganato
  • Vegetarian tamale bowl

Pricing Options

Pricing is based on how many meals you order per week, regardless of how many people are eating the meals.

Meals Per Week Price Per Meal Price Per Week Monthly Total
4 meals/week $15.00 $60.00 $240
6 meals/week $12.83 $76.98 $308
8 meals/week $12.38 $99.04 $396
12 meals/week $11.50 $138.00 $552
18 meals/week $11.00 $198.00 $792

Factor Pros and Cons


  • Meals are delivered fully prepared and ready to heat
  • Caters to multiple dietary restrictions
  • Add-ons available to supplement meals


  • Not for the chefs among us who love to cook
  • Expensive over time - you get what you pay for though
  • Not for those who want to avoid diet culture

What Diets Does Factor Accomodate?

Diet Is Factor Good For This Diet?
Keto Yes, multiple keto options
Paleo Yes, multiple paleo options
Gluten Free Yes, facilities are gluten free
Vegetarian Yes, many options
Vegan Yes, not as many as vegetarian but still doable
Dairy Free Yes, some options
High Protein Yes, many options, but portions may be small if you’re looking to bulk up
Low Carb Yes, many options
Organic Yes, numerous options

What Else You Should Know About Factor

Factor is a very straightforward meal subscription, but it helps to be prepared - make sure you have fridge/freezer space cleared ahead of time, and set reminders to pick your meals if you don’t want to let them pick for you.

If you’re willing to do some dishes, you can try to mix it up and bring out different flavors of your Factor meals by skipping the microwave and getting out your skillet, pots, or pans to heat over the stove or in the oven.

Is Factor Worth It?


Factor is priced a little more expensive than your average fast food meal, but is significantly healthier and just as fast (if not faster!) since all you have to do is heat and eat. If you enjoy saving time, eating healthy, sticking to a diet, and you’re willing to pay a little bit more than you would at the grocery store, Factor is the perfect option.

If you don’t need your food prepared and/or you don’t need to stick to any particular diet, then you might find other more affordable options.

How Factor Compares


Factor_ VS HelloFresh: Factor is actually part of the HelloFresh family, and the main difference between these two is that Factor is a prepared meal catering to specific diets like keto, and HelloFresh is not prepared and is more generic. Because of that, HelloFresh is also more affordable. Factor starts at $11 and HelloFresh starts at $7.49 per meal.

Factor_ VS Home Chef: The main difference between these two is that Home Chef is not fully prepared, and Home Chef does not cater as much to specific dietary needs. Home Chef does, however, come portioned and ready to cook, but it’s not fully prepared and so not as fast. Home Chef is part of the Kroger family, which means you also have the option of finding their meals in-stores too if you choose. Factor starts at $11 and Home Chef starts at $9 per meal.

Factor_ VS Freshly: These are both prepared food delivery services, so they are both fast, but Freshly does not cater to dietary needs as strongly, and saves you money in the process. Factor starts at $11 and Freshly starts at $9 per meal.

Factor Reviews

Factor FAQ

How much does Factor cost?
The true cost of Factor varies from $11 per serving to $15 per serving depending on how many meals you order per week. At 4 meals per week, you would pay $15 per serving which translates to $240 per month and feed one person for about half a week. At 18 meals per week, you would pay $11 per serving which translates to $792 per month and feed one person for an entire month both lunch and dinner, or two people just for dinner.
How to skip a week of Factor?
To skip a delivery week of Factor, simply go into your profile and manage your orders, and on the week you want to skip simply select the “skip” option next to the edit options
What skill level do you need to cook Factor meals?
Factor meals come prepared and ready to heat and eat, so you don’t need any special cooking skills.
Is Factor good for families with kids?
Factor caters to specific dietary needs like keto, paleo, or vegetarian, so while it is possible to feed a family with Factor, it is not designed for families and you might find more affordable and kid-friendly options elsewhere.
Is the packaging of Factor meals environmentally friendly?
Many parts of Factor packaging are either made from recycled materials or are themselves recyclable, but would require special care to make sure they aren’t contaminated with food or non-recyclable materials which would prevent them from being recycled. Prepared meals come in their own containers and boxes are insulated.
When does Factor ship meals?
Factor ships meals once per week after your order is placed the week prior. Your exact delivery day of the week depends on your location and will be noted in your account.
How to cancel Factor?
You can cancel Factor by logging into your account and managing your subscription. Note that if your order was already placed for the next week because you missed the cut-off deadline, then you will be charged for and receive one more week of meals before your subscription is cancelled.

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Subscriber Reviews

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4 reviews
"Delicious, fresh"
Aug 25, 2022
I got Factor meals for the better part of a year. They are truly delicious, with great, creative recipes. Their customer service is also stellar, as I have a number of issues over the nearly year I got them, and they always refunded promptly, and typically comped me future meals for the hassle. I appreciated that. I will say that on their keto end, their meal is pretty repetitious (which is mainly what led me to cancel) , and that I did not lose weight eating their meals. I often wondered if the macros were accurate. But, it totally could have been me just going over my calories or whatever. Overall, if you can afford it, Factor is wonderful.

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