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Bokksu Reviews

Is Bokksu Right For You?

Updated February 11, 2024 | Verified Since 2024

BokksuVerified by MSA
4.3 overall rating
Starting at $39.99
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Bokksu Overview

About the Brand

Bokksu delivers authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas each month that are sourced directly from centuries-old small family businesses. Each month you’ll receive 20-24 snacks and teas along with a snack booklet that follow new curated themes around festivals, prefectures, and holidays.

Bokksu earned a spot on our Readers’ Choice Awards list for the best snack subscription boxes.

Key Info

  • Price:$39.99 Monthly
  • Founded In:2015
  • Ships To:Worldwide

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Bokksu


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Bokksu Works

All you have to do is venture over to Bokksu’s website and hit the subscribe button. Then, you’ll be prompted to select which subscription payment plan you prefer and can choose from monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month.

No matter which plan you choose, each monthly box you receive will contain 20-24 Japanese snacks, candies, and a tea pairing curated around a fun cultural theme as well as a 16+ page culture guide magazine that details each product's origin, flavors, and even common allergens.

Once you subscribe, you’ll automatically be signed up for auto-renew, but you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time from your online dashboard.

Example Bokksu Snacks

  • Koikeya Minit's Stick Potato
  • Organic Genmaicha Tea
  • Aomori Apple Caramel Yakkoi Sable
  • Mocchan Dango Mochi
  • Edamame Senbei
  • Handmade Yuzu Sake Candy

Pricing Options

You can choose from the following subscription options:
  • Monthly - $49.95/box
  • 3-Month - $44.95/box
  • 6-Month - $42.95/box
  • 12-Month - $39.95/box

Bokksu Pros and Cons



  • Authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas
  • Each month is a surprise
  • Each box contains 20-24 goodies


  • Only one subscription box size is available
  • No customization is allowed
  • Does not accommodate allergies

What Else You Should Know About Bokksu


When Danny Taing had initially relocated to the United States from Japan, there had been a void in his heart and belly: his favorite specialty snacks from home, deliciously prepared by local family businesses that didn’t sell overseas. Upon stuffing his suitcase with snacks to share with friends and family who loved them as much as he did, Danny realized he was on to something.

In May of 2016, Bokksu unveiled the Classic Bokksu, a box filled with just six unique snacks and teas from Japan. Today, Bokksu operates unlike any other of its kind by delivering handpicked, culturally-themed boxes filled with 20-24 artisanal Japanese snacks, a tea pairing to complement the month’s flavors, and a Tasting Guide that dives into each item’s story.

In a recent reflective Facebook post, he stated the following about his personal journey with Bokksu, “I’m a proud gay Asian man. I was also a solo bootstrapped first-time founder who had never seen a venture-backed entrepreneur that looked like me…it’s meaningful to me on a personal level that a gay Asian man has successfully raised a Series A for a D2C Asian food startup, and I hope this milestone inspires, motivates, and validates other underrepresented founders.”

Is Bokksu Worth It?


If you’re in search of the most authentic Japanese snacks available today, then Bokksu is right up your alley. It offers the most snacks and drinks out of all the Japanese snack subscription boxes we’ve come across and everything is sourced directly from centuries-old small family businesses, making it feel as if you’re really immersing yourself in Japanese culture.

How Bokksu Compares to Other Top Snack Subscriptions


Bokksu VS Universal Yums: Universal Yums delivers snacks and candy from a different country each month and allows you to try offerings from all over the globe. You can choose to subscribe to 5-7 snacks, 10-12 snacks, or 18-20 snacks per month for $17, $28, or $42 per month. Universal Yums is best if you want to try snacks from a wide range of countries, whereas Bokksu is ideal for those who only want Japanese snacks.

Bokksu VS Japan Crate: Compared to Bokksu, Japan Crate focuses more on mass-market snacks and offers a more affordable way to explore Japanese snacks, candies, and accessories sourced directly from Japan. Japan Crate offers three plans: the Mini ($12 per month) contains 5 items, the Original ($25 per month) contains 10 items and a DIY kit, and the Premium ($35 per month) contains 18-20 items and includes a drink, DIY kit, and LE bonus item. While Japan Crate is more affordable than Bokksu, Bokksu feels a bit more authentic.

Bokksu VS TokyoTreat: TokyoTreat comes with 15-20 full-size snacks that include exclusive drinks, ramen, KitKat party packs, salty snacks, candy, bakery items, and more. You can subscribe to a monthly plan for $37.50 per month, or choose longer-term plans to save more money. Similar to Japan Crate, TokyoTreat features mass-market items and lacks the family-business feel of Bokksu.

Bokksu Reviews

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Bokksu FAQ

How much does Bokksu cost?
Bokksu costs $49.95 per box if you choose a monthly plan. However, there are also options for a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plan that cost $44.95, $42.95, and $39.95 per box respectively.
What’s inside each Bokksu box?
The Classic Bokksu includes an original assortment of 20-24 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing curated around a cultural theme. In addition to delicious snacks and tea, you will find a 16+ page Culture Guide magazine that explains how to best enjoy the items in your box and their craftsmanship stories.
Where does Bokksu source its snacks?
Bokksu directly sources its artisanal snacks from local snack makers in Japan, some of whom have been around for over 200 years!
How can I skip a shipment of Bokksu?
Monthly subscribers can easily skip a shipment at any time. Just log in to your Bokksu account and go to “Subscriptions & Gifts”. Then, select "Skip Charge". Multi-month subscribers can email [email protected] for help with skipping a prepaid shipment.
How do I cancel Bokksu?
Log in to your Bokksu account and go to “Subscriptions & Gifts”. Then, click “Deactivate Subscription”.
When will my first Bokksu box ship?
Orders now ship out within 1 week of your initial order.
How long will it take to receive my Bokksu box?
US shipments generally arrive within 1-2 weeks after being shipped. All other orders will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks after their ship date, but may take up to 6 weeks.

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4.3 overall rating

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BokksuVerified by MSA
4.3 overall rating
Starting at $39.99
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