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The 16 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2024 – Readers’ Choice Awards

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaApr 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Some mornings you can't help but grab a quick cup of joe from your local coffee shop on the way to work. There's just something magical about the specialty coffee from your favorite spot in town and it's hard to pass up the opportunity to indulge in this aromatic splendor when it presents itself. Unfortunately, these once-in-a-while coffee stops oftentimes turn into daily habits that rack up extra expenses very quickly if you're not careful.

While we totally don't judge anyone for being addicted to amazing coffee, we'd hate to see a fellow coffee lover break the bank when it could be easily avoided. In fact, we have a simple solution for providing you with a steady supply of your favorite coffee that's cost-effective and tastes just as great (if not better) than that from local coffee roasters - a coffee subscription box.

Coffee subscription boxes ensure that you're always stocked with your favorite roasts and help you try out new coffees from top-name brands all around the world. They provide an incredibly fun way to become your own sort of coffee connoisseur and allow you to delight in the perfect cup of specialty coffee whenever you want - 100% guilt-free.

If you're ready to sign-up for a coffee subscription box but need help with navigating the coffee industry to find the perfect brand for you, then you've come to the right place. Below, you’ll find our readers’ top choices for the best coffee subscriptions in 2024.

The 5 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes Featured on this List:

The 16 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2024

Read on for our reader’s recommendations for the best coffee subscription boxes currently available. If we missed anything, drop us a comment. If you’ve tried one of these services, be sure to leave a quick review (even if you had a poor experience — your review can help other readers avoid subscription remorse).

1. Trade Coffee

Great Coffee Subscription For Supporting Small Businesses

Image from our review.

About the Box:

Trade Coffee matches you with small-batch coffees from unique roasters around the country based on a short quiz and how you rate each shipment. In other words, the coffee is curated to each subscriber and the initial quiz you take collects information about how you’re preparing your coffee and which roasts you typically prefer.

Once you've received your coffee and are finished sampling it, you can rate the blend and then Trade will provide new recommendations that should fit your tastebuds best. However, you’re always free to choose your own coffee and there are over 400+ blends to choose from.

Shipping: Ships to the US for free.

Starting at $15.75
Try Trade Coffee
If you want to learn more, check out all our Trade Coffee reviews.

2. Cometeer

Best New Hyper-Flavorful, Innovative Coffee Brand

Image via our review.

About the Box:

Cometeer is a Massachusetts-based coffee subscription focused on supplying high-quality beans from highly respectable roasters including Onyx, Go Get Em Tiger, Joe Coffee, and Bird Rock. Deemed "hyper-fresh", these coffee pods, or "comets" are weighed at exactly 26 grams each to create the perfect cup at home, every time.

Where Cometeer diverges from the competition is that the pods arrive frozen and are meant to be stored in the freezer. The process is simple: take your pod out of the freezer, let it thaw for a few minutes, and mix it in with 6-8 oz. of your choice of milk or water. Additionally, you can brew the pod as you would a K-Cup in your Keurig. All boxes are $64 and have 32 cups of coffee.

Cometeer also touts an emphasis on sustainability—capsules and all of the packaging are made with recyclable aluminum, while the brand deals with composting the grounds. The life of the bean is extended due to freezer storage, optimizing the shelf life of the product.

You can set your preferences for coffee by the following features:

  • Mixed Roast Box: a mix of dark, medium, and light roast varieties
  • Light Roast Box
  • Medium Roast Box
  • Dark Roast Box
  • Light/Medium Roast Box 
  • Medium/Dark Roast Box
  • Half-Caff Box
  • Decaf Box

Cometeer's additional perks include free shipping, a flexible cancel or pause anytime option, and is shipped on dry ice to ensure maximum freshness.

Shipping: Shipping is always free. Cometeer ships within the continental U.S. only.

Starting at $64.00
Try Cometeer
If you want to learn more, check out all our Cometeer reviews.

3. Peet's Coffee

OG Coffee Brand And Highly Popular Nationwide

Image via our review.

About the Box:

Peet's Coffee is an OG of the coffee world with its origins stemming back to 1966 as a coffee store in Berkeley, California. Since then, the brand's popularity has exploded nationwide and nowadays you'll be able to find several of its blends at most grocery stores and supermarkets. To streamline the process of buying your favorite brews, Peet's Coffee offers a subscription where customers can select one of its curated subscriptions or build their own through its Frequent Brewer Subscription.

Its curated subscriptions include the Small Batch Series, Carbon Neutral Series, Single Origin Series, and Signature Blend Series. On the other hand, if you go with the Frequent Brewer Subscription you can either handpick your favorite blend or take Peet's coffee quiz to find a perfect match. Peet's curated subscriptions are shipped on a monthly basis whereas the Frequent Brewer Subscription allows you to choose your preferred frequency.

If you decide to pick out a blend, you can filter through all available blends by the following features:

  • Roast: dark, medium, or light
  • Brewing Method: drip, pour-over, press pot, espresso, cold brew, K Cup, or espresso capsule
  • Caffeine: regular, decaf, or half-caf
  • Flavor: spicy/complex, bright/citrus/sweet, nutty/chocolate, fruity/floral, herbal/earthy, or flavored K-Cup pods
  • Region: Americas, Indo-Pacific, or Africa/Arabia
  • Featured: signature blend, single-origin, online exclusive, organic, limited release, or reserve

Additionally, subscribing to Peet's Coffee comes with incredible perks such as free shipping, volume discounts, and exclusive subscriber-only deals and promotions.

Shipping: Ships worldwide. Standard shipping is free for subscribers in the US, whereas it starts at $18.50 for shipments to Canada and $27 for all other international locations.

Starting at $18.95
Try Peets Coffee
If you want to learn more, check out all our Peet's Coffee reviews.

4. Bean Box

Best Coffee Club for Curated Goodness

Four Bean Box bags of coffee with a handful of each roast's beans shown.

Image from our review.

About the Box:

Bean Box is a Seattle-based coffee subscription company that offers small-batch, locally-roasted beans from the top independent coffee roasters from Seattle and Portland. They offer two types of subscriptions which are a coffee tasting subscription and a coffee bag subscription.

The coffee tasting subscription helps you to discover four expertly-curated coffees each month in an exclusive 1.8oz tasting format which brews 4-6 cups per coffee, or 16-24 cups total. In contrast, the coffee bag subscription includes one of Bean Box's expertly-curated artisan coffees that comes in a 12oz bag that brews 24-36 cups. The coffee tasting subscription runs on a monthly basis, whereas the coffee bag subscription allows you to set their frequency for delivery to every 1,2, or 4 weeks.

You can set your preferences for coffee by the following features:

  • Coffee beans: freshly ground or whole
  • Taste: curator's choice, light & bright, medium & cozy, dark & toasty, espresso, or decaf

Can't pick a favorite flavor for your coffee? No worries, Bean Box will ship you four curated blends each month so that you don't have to stick to one bag only.

Shipping: Ships to both the US and Canada. Free shipping is available for standard shipping to US-based subscribers.

Starting at $18.00
Try Bean Box
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5. Atlas Coffee Club

Best Coffee Club for Adventurers

Atlas Coffee Club image of coffee bags and mugs.

Image via Atlas Coffee Club.

About the Box:

Atlas Coffee Club sends you a signature coffee from a new country each month. That might mean whole beans (or coffee grounds, depending on your preference) from Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, or somewhere else — but every single option bag is artfully roasted to showcase its unique flavor profile. Each bag of coffee comes with flavor notes, a postcard, and brewing tips to help enhance your overall experience.

This coffee subscription service lets you “tour the world" and build a more refined palate. If you’ve ever wondered what sets a Peruvian coffee apart from a Costa Rican, this might be the best coffee subscription box for you.

Atlas Coffee Club picks your monthly bag of coffee for you, but you can customize your subscription by selecting from among the following features:

  • # of bags per shipment: 2, 1, or 1/2 bag
  • Delivery frequency: every 2 or 4 weeks
  • Roast preference: light to medium, medium to dark, all roast types, or decaf
  • Coffee bean: whole or ground

Shipping: Ships to the US for $4.95 and Canada (add $6).

Starting at $9.00
Active Deal
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Use Coupon Code MSA50
Try Atlas Coffee Club
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6. Blue Bottle Coffee

Best Coffee Subscription For Sustainable, Organic Coffee

Image via Blue Bottle Coffee.

About the Box:

Blue Bottle Coffee was originally opened as Central Europe’s first-ever coffee house in the 1600s, but now you can find locations across the U.S., Japan, and Korea. It works directly with farmers around the world to source the most sustainable coffees available and all of its coffees exceed specialty-grade standards. Additionally, the majority of Blue Bottle Coffee's blends are organic, with an exception for superior single-origin brands that are located in regions where organic certification is not yet feasible.

These are the three main subscription plans that you can choose from:

  • Origins: This subscription offers customers a new single-origin coffee with every shipment. These coffees tend to be medium to light-roasted and they vary in sweetness and acidity.
  • Blend: This subscription includes a rotating selection of Blue Bottle Coffee's signature blends. Its flavors include balanced and bold in addition to slightly dark.
  • Espresso: This subscription includes a rotating selection of espresso blends and the occasional single-origin blend. Its flavors are darker and roasty.

In addition to these plans, you can also subscribe to their favorite coffees or select from nine other plans which include options such as the New Orleans Iced Kit, 17ft Ceiling Espresso, and Night Light Decaf.

Once you've chosen your specific blend, you can then customize your subscription further by selecting the number of bags per shipment (1/2 to 3) and your delivery frequency (every 1-4 weeks).

Shipping: Ships to both the US and internationally. At-Home subscriptions in the US have a flat, per-shipment shipping charge of $5, or $4 for just one 6oz bag. For international subscriptions, the shipping price is shown at checkout.

Starting at $7.00
Try Blue Bottle Coffee
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7. Santa Barbara Roasting Company

Best Coffee Subscription From a Single Roaster

About the Box:

Santa Barbara Roasting Company's (formerly Amora Coffee) subscription service sends freshly roasted or ground coffee in a variety of blends and flavors. They’re a roaster, so you won’t find other brands here — but their high-quality single roasts and blends provide a delightful perk with plenty of extras.

After choosing from five original blends and eight flavor blends, you’ll start earning points with every order. Those points can count towards free coffee, special products, and more. You’ll also get points for referring friends, so if you find the perfect roast, feel free to spread the word.

You can subscribe to over 20 different blends which include delectable flavors like:

  • Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Southern Pecan
  • Hazelnut Cinnamon
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Birthday Cake

Shipping: Orders $0-30.00 are $5.95 flat-rate shipping. Orders $30.01-$59.99 are $8.95 flat-rate shipping. Orders $60+ receive Free Shipping. Shipping is available to the U.S., Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

If you want to learn more, check out all our Santa Barbara Roasting Co. reviews.

8. Craft Coffee

Best Coffee Subscription For Price-Match Promise

About the Box:

Looking for the best deals online? Craft Coffee is known for its price-match promise where it's able to match the price you pay at the grocery store with the blends it offers and its subscription options include bulk orders (4+ bags) and coffee for home.

Basically, all you have to do is tell them what your favorite coffee is, choose your beans from among 10 different blends, schedule your delivery frequency, and then swap out blends or continue with the same one for future orders.

You can further customize your order by setting your preferences for the following features:

  • Grind: whole bean, french press, flat-bottom filter, or cone filter
  • Bulk order delivery frequency: every 1-16 weeks
  • Home order delivery frequency: 2 bags every 4 weeks, 1 bag every 2 weeks, or custom (1-6 bags every 1-12 weeks)

Shipping: Ships to the US for free, $2.99 to Canada, and $7.99 to all other international destinations. Does not ship to EU member countries.

Starting at $29.99
Try Craft Coffee
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9. Angels’ Cup

Best Coffee Subscription for Sampling

Image via our review.

About the Box:

Angels’ Cup is all about tasting “flights" of coffee. You know how there are beer flights to figure out which brew you like best? Imagine that, but with coffee, and that's what you get with Angel's Cup. It’s a great way to try different coffees without having to buy a larger bag.

They rotate their unique coffees every 4 weeks, so you can expect lots of variety. If you happen to enjoy a particular batch, you can order more directly from the roaster.

This subscription focuses on the third-wave coffee experience — complex, 100% arabica coffees, some of which are single-origin. When signing up, you can choose light, medium, or dark roasts to match your preferences. The smaller bags allow for easy sampling without a commitment.

In order to subscribe to Angel's Cup, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Select your roast - light, medium, or dark
  • Select your grind - whole bean, coarse grind, or fine grind
  • Select your delivery frequency - every 1-4 weeks
  • Select product options - all stars (chosen for you), cupping (small samples), or the black box (enough for 16 cups of coffee)
  • Select payment options - pay per shipment or pay for every 6 or 12 shipments

Shipping: $3-5 to the US and $13-20 to Canada.

Starting at $17.49
Try Angel's Cup
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10. Yes Plz Coffee

Best of Both Worlds: Blends and Single Origin Coffees

bag of whole bean coffee in resealable bag

Image via Yes Plz Coffee.

About the Box:

Yes Plz Coffee ships out a new blend or single origin release comprised of top selections sourced from the very best farms and mills around the world. It profiles exciting blends and single-origin coffees, with the best green coffees meticulously roasted, and there are options for both caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties.

Subscribing to Yes Plz Coffee is extremely straightforward - all you need to do is select your bag size (8.8 or 12 oz) and then choose your delivery frequency (every 1-4 weeks). Yep, that's it!

Shipping: Free shipping to US. No international shipping is available.

Starting at $20.00
Try Yes Plz Coffee
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11. Nomad Coffee Club

Best Organic Coffee Subscription Focused on Ethical Sourcing

About the Box:

Nomad Coffee Club sends subscribers 100% organic, fair-trade coffee sourced from countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Brazil. The brand makes a serious commitment to sustainability through purchasing all of its coffee from small farms, being a part of the Rainforest Alliance, and supporting the payment of fair wages to coffee farmers.

You can choose to subscribe to this coffee subscription service on a monthly basis, or choose a 3, 6, or 12-month-long plan. No matter your plan, you'll receive a different coffee to try each month.

Shipping: Ships to both the US and Canada. Free shipping to the US.

Starting at $19.00
Try Nomad Coffee Club
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12. MistoBox

Best Curated Coffee Subscription with Versatility

Misto Box

Image from our review.

About the Box:

MistoBox’s “Brew Queue" collects information about your coffee preferences and, just like Trade Coffee, MistoBox specializes in providing personalized recommendations. Each coffee is fresh-roasted by one of the company’s 60+ roasters and there are currently 627 different coffees to choose from and counting.

Additionally, MistoBox will match you with a coffee curator to ensure consistent satisfaction and they'll be able to help you find out why you love (or hate) a certain bag.

In order to sign up for a coffee subscription, you'll first need to answer a few questions about your preferences like:

  • Do you prefer whole bean or ground?
  • What is your favorite roast level?
  • Which types of coffee do you like?
  • How often do you want to receive coffee?
  • Which tier (price range) do you prefer?

You'll then select whether you want to sign up for a pay-per-coffee plan or choose between a 6 or 12-coffee plan.

Shipping: Ships to the US.

Starting at $12.71
Try MistoBox
If you want to learn more, check out all our MistoBox reviews.

13. Driftaway Coffee

Best Coffee Subscription For Soil-To-Soil Packaging

About the Box:

Driftaway Coffee features high-quality, single-origin beans from small farms around the world that it roasts in its Brooklyn, NY facility. When you sign up for a subscription, the first box you'll receive is a tasting kit that comes with five different coffees from around the world. Based on your feedback, Driftaway is able to get a better feel for your coffee preferences and customize your future shipments.

However, if you're a more experienced coffee drinker then you can skip this initial step and go straight to receiving coffee that is based on your taste profile.

When signing up for a subscription, you can choose between whole bean, ground, and cold brew and select quantities ranging from 8oz to 2lbs. You'll also be able to set your delivery frequency to every 1, 2, or 4 weeks and select whether you want to pay per shipment or ahead of time for 6 or 12-month long shipments.

Shipping: Ships worldwide and shipping is free for all orders.

Starting at $14.40
Active Deal
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Try Driftaway Coffee
If you want to learn more, check out all our Driftaway Coffee reviews.

14. Crema.co

Best Coffee Subscription for No Obligation Curation

Three bags of coffee floating in the air.

Image via Crema.co.

About the Box:

Crema.co offers bags on subscription as well as sample packs which let you try three coffee types from three different roasters.

In order to subscribe to Crema.co, you'll need to complete an in-depth coffee quiz, after which you’ll be matched with coffee that best meets your preferences. As you order, taste, and rate different coffees, its algorithm will get smarter and make better suggestions for future orders.

Unlike other brands, Crema.co doesn’t insist on subscriptions and you can use their curation tools without making a commitment. You can opt for a subscription (the “Set & Forget" option) or purchase a la carte and there are over 450 types of coffee to choose from.

What's amazing about Crema.co is you can filter through coffee by selecting features such as

  • Certifications - i.e. Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Organic
  • Grind - whole bean or ground (coarse, medium, or fine)
  • Type - caffeinated, decaf, single origin

Shipping: Ships to the US for free.

Starting at $15.00
Try Crema.co
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15. Tiny Footprint

Best Organic Decaf Coffee

About the Box:

Wish you could enjoy an incredible cup of organic coffee without having to experience the jitters? Tiny Footprint Coffee sells a full-bodied decaf coffee that's sure to hit the spot! It offers a coffee subscription for its Water Process Decaf blend that can be delivered every 7, 14, 30, or 60 days for orders ranging in size from 1 to 5 lbs.

You can choose from a variety of grind types including whole bean, espresso, fine, drip, and coarse. There's also the option to select light or dark roast as well.

If you're a coffee lover who is highly sensitive to caffeine or have to avoid it for certain health conditions, then Tiny Footprint's organic, fair trade, swiss water-process decaf coffee is ideal for you.

Shipping: Ships to the US.

Starting at $13.37
Try Tiny Footprint Coffee
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16. Purity Coffee

Best Organic Coffee

Best Coffee Subscriptions

Image via Purity Coffee.

About the Box:

Purity Coffee is one of the leading organic coffee suppliers worldwide and it strives to provide its customers with the purest and most transparent coffee possible. All coffee offered by Purity Coffee is pesticide-free, 100% organic, and contains up to 3 times the amount of antioxidants as compared to other leading brands.

Additionally, Purity Coffee tests each and every batch of its coffee in order to meet the SCAA Green Coffee Grading Standards and remain specialty grade. This ensures that all coffee is completely free of mold and mycotoxins and maintains both a superior taste and exceptional nutritional value.

Purity Coffee offers subscriptions for its whole bean coffee, coffee pods, and coffee sachets, and customers can select caffeinated or decaf coffee.

Shipping: Ships to the US.

Starting at $19.20
Try Purity Coffee
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Factors We Considered When Reviewing The Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

This list features our fellow coffee lovers’ top choices for coffee subscription boxes, and we can confidently recommend the subscriptions above since we’ve researched and reviewed them all. Factors we considered when reviewing these coffee subscriptions include:

  • Brand's History - How long has the coffee subscription box been around, and what do consumers say? Several of the coffee subscription boxes we reviewed above have existed for decades and have superior ratings left by the majority of their customers. These coffee subscriptions are well-established and have worked hard to develop consumer trust and loyalty. It can be extremely helpful to rely on coffee subscription services that have a proven history of excellence among consumers (especially frequent coffee drinkers) and have shown that they meet a variety of demands and interests.
  • Variety of Blends - Looking for a monthly coffee subscription that allows you to mix things up? Most of the coffee subscription boxes included on our list have options for several types of blends that range from light to dark roasts and also offer caffeinated, decaf, and half-caf options.
  • Personalization - Several of the above coffee subscriptions allow you to remain in the driver's seat for the entirety of your experience. Many of these coffee subscription services allow you to customize each and every order as well as choose from an extensive list of options. They also offer flexibility when it comes to delivery frequency as well as order quantity.
  • Sourcing - Where does a coffee subscription source its blends? We tried to include as many coffee subscriptions as possible that meet specific sourcing standards, such as small-batch, fair trade, single-origin, or organic.
  • Purity & Safety - Are you looking for coffee that's been extensively tested for purity and safety? Several of the above coffee subscription services above implement strict forms of testing when it comes to developing their blends. Check for standards like SCAA Green Coffee Grading Standards and also that the brand states that it tests for mold and mycotoxins.
  • Your Reviews: Last, but not least, we value your input and designed this list with your feedback in mind. Coffee lovers like you help us to develop the best lists possible by leaving your honest reviews on our brand pages and commenting on related reviews and posts.

What Did You Think Of These Coffee Subscriptions?

What do you think is the best coffee subscription box? Are the above coffee subscription services worth a try? Should we add more coffee subscriptions to the list?

Let us know your thoughts below and make sure to leave an honest review if you've tried any of these subscriptions.

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Kat Giuffrida

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