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Lovevery Reviews

Is Lovevery Right For You?

Updated November 27, 2023 | Verified Since 2023

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Starting at $80.00
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Lovevery Overview

About the Brand

Lovevery is a quarterly play kit subscription that delivers developmental-stage-appropriate products to your door. This kids’ subscription box grows with your child; each new box includes research-based products on target with developmental milestones, accompanied by an in-depth activity guide for parents.

The products and information in each Play Kit were informed by published research in the field of child development and reviewed by specialists from multiple disciplines. The kits are tailored to your child’s age, arriving every 2 months for babies (larger Play Kits for toddlers arrive every 3 months).

The stage-based approach is intuitive for parents, and the toys are awesome — many feature high-quality woods, which gives them a pleasing aesthetic (even when they’re strewn all over your living room).

Key Info

  • Price:$80.00 Quarterly
  • Founded In:2016
  • Ships To:US, UK, and Canada
  • Retail Value:$80.00

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Lovevery


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences subscribers have had with Lovevery.

How Lovevery Works

Lovevery starts by asking for the birthday of your child to help estimate what stage of development they’re in and determine the best toys for them. You have an opportunity to see the expected shipping schedule for your child before subscribing.

Kits come once a quarter and the toys should be perfect for your child to learn. Lovevery generally follows the Montessori method of learning, where children choose what they want to engage with, and the toys are just there as an option to learn different things at the right time. By rotating the toys you leave out, you don’t force your child to learn, but instead they choose on their own to engage. The Lovevery kits help with this rotation by evolving the toys available for your child. Each kit also comes with notes for you as a parent for how to get the most out of each toy.

You can subscribe to pay for and receive one kit at a time or pre-pay for 3 or 4 kits, after which your subscription will continue on a monthly basis if you don’t pre-pay for more.


Kits for babies up to one year cost $80 each and kits for kids over 1 year cost $120 each.

  • By ordering 3 kits at a time, or 9 months, you can bring the cost down to $114 per kit.

  • By ordering 4 kits at a time, or 12 month, you can bring the cost down to $108 per kit.

Because these toys are built to last, Lovevery advertises the price per month of enjoyment, but the costs above reflect the minimum price you have to pay to actually purchase a kit.

Lovevery Pros and Cons


  • Follows the Montessori method of learning
  • Gives parents peace of mind that the toys they provide are high quality and a positive influence on their child’s learning
  • Provides a great, fun way to engage with your kid
  • They toys are high quality enough to retain some value and be resold when your kid outgrows them


  • Your kid probably won’t like every toy in every kit, so it may feel like some are wasteful
  • If you have multiple kids, some toys will last and some toys are consumable and would have to be repurchased.
  • The price is high given that you don’t have to have these toys

Is Lovevery Worth It?


The toys you get with Lovevery are built with high quality materials that fit the Montessori method well and so if the toys are within your budget then they are well worth the price.

That said, as with many toys like this, they aren’t necessary for your kid to learn and explore the world around them, so they may be on the pricier end for some people and if they aren’t within your budget, it is not worth it to stretch yourself to buy them.

How Lovevery Compares to Other Top Subscriptions for Kids


Lovevery VS Kiwico’s Panda Crate: KiwiCo offers a bi-monthly crate of toys for $42 compared to the quarterly crate Lovevery offers for $80. The quality of the toys is both high, but Lovevery crosses into luxury territory. KiwiCo has activities for all ages, though, so when your child passes 2 they can switch to new crates for ages all the way through early teens.


Lovevery VS Monti Kids: Each Monti Kids kit costs $297 before any discounts, easily putting it at almost 3 times the cost of a Lovevery play kit as both are shipped quarterly. You get a few more toys with Monti Kids, as well as access to online courses and coaching for how to engage with your kid using these toys. Both kits follow the Montessori method and have toys appropriate for that style of learning.

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LoveveryVerified by MSA
5 overall rating
Starting at $80.00
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