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NewBeauty TestTube Reviews

Is NewBeauty TestTube Right For You?

Updated May 11, 2022

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NewBeauty TestTube Overview

About the Brand

New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every quarter, they send full size skincare, haircare, and makeup products. A quarterly subscription is $59/quarter or $200.60 for the entire year.

Key Info

  • Price:$59.00 Bi-Monthly
  • Founded In:2006
  • Ships To:US

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3.5 overall rating

Subscriber Reviews

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2 reviews
Jun 22, 2020
Test Tube is my favorite of all my subscriptions. The variety of items in each box is amazing. The best thing about this sub is that in every box I get something I never would have purchased in a store that I end up loving. The value I FAR exceeds the price every single time. I find that if I don’t particularly care for an item someone I know is thrilled to get it and I’ve always got little “thank you“ gifts on hand because every item is great for someone 🙂.
Alexis Rhinehart
Alexis Rhinehart
1st Time Poster!
Jun 24, 2019
This box is absolutely incredible. Every time I receive my box, I am overwhelmed by how amazing the items are. There are usually full size items and only a few sample or deluxe sample sizes, and they are always from high end brands. The customer service is decent enough, when you call they are very friendly; yet their website is awful. I really dont care how terrible the website Is because the box is THAT GOOD. You can just call them if you ever choose to cancel. Oh you also get a free subscription to the New Beauty magazine, which is really cool. This box and Ipsy GBP are my favorite 2 boxes out of the 5 I subscribe to, but honestly thinking about it, this one truly delivers with unexpected items that I fall in love with yet would likely never try had they not been in my box. LOVE LOVE LOVE NBTT!!! Cannot sing it's praises high enough!
Eliza Martin
Eliza Martin
1st Time Poster!
May 2, 2018
I’m surprised this is such an Underrated box. I’ve tried virtually EVERY woman’s and a few men’s Subscription boxes. Test tube is one of the few I have kept over the years. They consistently send high end high end products. If you break it up, it’s LESS than $20 a month. They have both quantity and quality. This is our skin, ladies! QUALITY:)
8 reviews
"A longtime coming..."
Jan 18, 2022
This was one of , if not the first beauty subscription box ever. In my opinion it's really hit or miss for me. Mostly miss but whatever. How long can you expect the wow factor. So many new ones coming..
Magan Albulario
Magan Albulario
4 reviews
"They went downhill "
May 1, 2021
I really did love this subscription when I first joined. But I couldn't log into my account at all for months on end. I called I emailed, I got nowhere. It's apparently been an on going issue that they haven't been able to fix with their website for years, according to reviews I've read. I got charged "randomly" even tho I had already paid weeks before. I saw in other reviews the same thing happened to them on the same day but the previous months. Some customer representatives are great, others are NO help whatsoever. Product curations keeps getting worse and worse. I cancelled, not worth the $39.
"What happened? Boy have they gone downhill. "
Sep 14, 2021
2 stars is for the September 2021 box. I don't know where to start! A coupon for face massage videos? There's a really interesting article about them at Huffpost and it says any results are temporary at best. I don't ingest anything I get in a subscription box, especially when it's not FDA approved. Read the fine print! I'm really disappointed with this box and I think I am out of here. The stars are for so far untried but look interesting cucumber eye thingy and the rest of the tube. I don't care for the magazine either; too many ads for plastic surgeons and trying to sell me on products on procedures I will never try.
Michelle Bunning
Michelle Bunning
6 reviews
"I'm done with TestTube after Speing 2021 box!!"
Mar 18, 2021
I'm disappointed in the Spring 2021 Test Tube box. The most disappointing was the size of the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound. It’s only 10ml, but the $23 Allure February box had the exact same item but in size 30ml. The full–size products in the Test Tube is a serum by East 29th, which I've never heard of, but hoping it's great! The other full-sized is something by Mannakadar Wake Up & Glow. I'm not sure what it is because they did not send the little pamphlet that explains the items in the box. The other items were a lip scrub that seems too abrasive , a travel-size {Save} Anti-Pollution Sleeping Mask 30ml that I’ll try but I'm not crazy about the scent (it reminds me of old fashion soap, but does fade quickly. I do like the lacy face mask, but it's a little tight and it's red, which is my least favorite color. It is soft and not at all scratchy, which is great! Finally, this is only my 3rd Test Tube, but the box itself is identical to my previous one. I'm done with TestTube!
Aug 15, 2017
I just recieved my first box.. it was ok. Im not sure the price i paid for the stuff id actually use is worth it or not.. im gonna try it out for a couple more months since one box isnt really a good comparison to the other like 10 makeup subscriptions i have that i like...
1st Time Poster!
"Sassy southern sister"
Apr 21, 2022
Scam! Don’t buy. Paid in full $208 and never received one item. Emailed three times and live chat. Still no tube.
Melissa Manchego
Melissa Manchego
1st Time Poster!
"Disappointed "
Mar 24, 2022
I usually find a few things in the box I like and enjoy that exceed the cost of the tube that make up for the one or two items I won’t use and can give away, but this tube I was thoroughly disappointed with. The product offerings have steadily gone down in value and usefulness. I canceled my subscription after 2 years as a result.

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