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NewBeauty February 2021 VIP Beauty Box Available Now!

NewBeauty has a VIP Beauty Box available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Hilary!) The February VIP Beauty Box is $125.

You get the VIP Beauty Box when you buy a ticket for the NewBeauty Virtual Event:

This ticket comes with a beauty box filled with more than $600 in products from our favorite brands! Additionally, it unlocks exclusive VIP access to the first NewBeauty LIVE virtual event of the year on Thursday, February 11th at 8pm EST.

You’ll automatically be RSVP’ed to NewBeauty LIVE which makes you eligible for a chance to win any of the $10K+ worth of prizes we’ll be giving away during the live event.

  • VIP Boxes will begin shipping out February 8, 2021
  • Limited quantity, while supplies last
  • Limit one VIP Ticket per customer

Are you going to get a NewBeauty VIP Beauty Box?

If you are interested in signing up for the regular New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month. Check out our reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Comments (81)

  1. Do you believe the box will be available again for $111 ???

  2. Skinmedica serum is the highest ticketed item that I have ever received in sub boxes as a beauty product. However, I felt slightly underwhemled compared to my first one which was November box. Maybe because we received Foreo Luna…. when I saw “Nu Skin” on the card, I mistook it for “Nu Face” and thought we might have received one of their devices…. lol A device like that would have been nice! I kind of forgot to buy the next one and it is already sold out. But price increase to $111 instead of $99?

    • As much as I’ve loved the VIP Boxes, there is no way I can justify spending over $100 for one (even with the value). I’m going to have to sit the next one out.

      • I agree it is a lot but I have cancelled all of my other subscriptions for this one.
        I want skincare not makeup. This box has skincare, a little haircare and a little makeup.
        This wasn’t my favorite VIP box but they do have to switch it up so I appreciate that they are trying to cater to different hair & skin types. Some people weren’t pleased getting supplements but I was happy to try something new. I bought the April box since it sounds like it will be good box.

    • It’s because the April box is an Awards box with a higher value than previous VIP boxes. Btw, the Feb box promised +$600 value and ended up being worth $757.

      • Any idea what may be in the Award box? Sounds very intriguing. Also do they take the money out when you place the order or when the box ships? They seem to have very good brands in prior months. Love Eminence.

      • In answer to Kimi, they take the money out at the time of purchase.

    • I tried to purchase the next box at $111 and it sold out the same night of the event.

  3. I can’t believe I missed the event. Completely forgot. Was it good?
    Did open my box just now and I do have the Sebastian hairspray and the nail stuff. Are those the 2 missing items? I didn’t get an email.

    • Those were the 2 items I was missing. I’m not worried I know it’ll show up eventually. Im just bummed the next vip box sold out so fast! Hopefully they add more later.

      • I think this happened with The last box. They will probably release more at the higher price.

      • The April box is available now for the $159!! Still such a great value. I am obsessed with all of the items from the box last night.

      • I got the hairspray and nail stuff today.
        FYI – I never received a shipping notification.

    • Argh! I was so worried I’d forget, so I added it to my calendar and rushed to finish dinner when the alarm went off lol! It was fun & interesting, especially the co-founder’s presentation on the Hairtamin product, complete with before/after photos. Was just coming here to see what others’ thoughts were? OK, so I am going to be scoping out the Swap board and eBay for backups to the Perfect formula pink nail gel, Hairtamin, Lab to Beauty lip balm (it’s amazing!) and Hush & Hush supplements – in case anyone doesn’t want theirs, I’m willing to purchase or swap generously for those items. 😊 It’s crazy that I’m not coveting the $98 lash serum or $295 face serum LOL but I can’t afford to get hooked on pricey products!

      • I agree I won’t get hooked on the face serum but I’m actually using it on my neck and hands…love and wow…but yes I won’t rebuy

  4. Anyone else get the email that two items will arrive separately?

    • What 2 items?

      • It didn’t say.

    • No, I didn’t get the email. I did peek at the box I received though and the items were almost exactly what was pictured in the link for the RSVP that they sent a few days ago. There were three items in the picture not included, but two that were not in the picture are included…so who knows!

    • Sorry, I didn’t look at the shipping email closely. I did receive the same email. I think it must be items that have to ship via ground vs. air.

    • I didn’t get an email but I peeked and it appears I’m missing 2 items. I’m assuming its a set box and we’ll all receive the same things? Hopefully they will replace them…

      • I looked at the spoilers online and the two missing items are things that would require ground shipping. I am sure everyone will get them and I’m guessing they will address it on the live event. The boxes so far have been the same for everyone so I can’t imagine they would change now.

    • I got that email as well.

    • I just got FedEx tracking for the other items. They’re due on 2/16.

    • I was thinking the same thing, hairspray and nail stuff usually requires ground. I hope you’re right! Thanks for the reassurance 🙂

    • Where were you able to see the spoilers please

  5. Will someone who received the November box share the contents?

    • Eminence Mangosteen daily resurfacing cleanser 4.2 oz
      Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting mask w/ Aloe vera 6.7 oz
      Epionce Renewal Eye cream .53 oz
      Dr Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier mask 3oz
      Winged Balance CBD in peppermint 2 oz
      Doll 10 Effortlash XL mascara
      Foreo Luna fofo
      Algenist AA Barrier Serum 1oz
      Mamonde Red Energy recovery serum 1oz
      Gloskin Anti-stress CBD drops 1oz
      Grande Brow-Fill in clear
      Grande plumping lipstick in red stiletto – everyone got the same color
      Grande pink cosmetic bag
      Dr Jart+ Teatreement Skin clearing Ritual – travel sized kit w/ 4 items in it
      Goodhabit Rescue me water jelly dew cream – deluxe sample

      • Thank you so much

  6. My box arrived early this time – Saturday, 2/6. Last time it arrived the day before the event so it wasn’t too difficult not peeking last time. I’ve been good, however. I put the box out of sight so I’m not tempted. I did look at the brands on the card, quite a few I don’t recognize. 3 more days…suspense is killing me.

    I don’t think I got a tracking from New Beauty – box just showed up.

    • Looks like I did get a tracking email – just now, haha, box is already here.

  7. So excited…my box just arrive. I caved and opened, but didn’t really look through it all. Can’t wait for Thursday night!

    • Ugh I haven’t received a tracking number yet and it seems like everyone else has or has already gotten the box. I’m getting impatient lol. I just found out about this box a couple weeks ago and am really excited to see what’s in it!

      • Rebecca,
        I was feeling the same way…
        I actually called New Beauty and had them look up my account. The representative told me none of them had been mailed yet. They would all be going out today! Of course I know that’s not true. My Sister received her box Saturday. Anyway, an hour after I called I received my tracking number from FedEx saying it was out for delivery.

        So not to worry! I’m sure yours is on the way!
        It’s all good!

  8. I caved an opened mine. I have no willpower when it comes to beauty boxes 🤣🤣

    • Haha I did too and I will gladly buy anyone’s TNS serum 🙂

      • I hear you! I was so excited to see that.

    • Well Victoria!

      Tell, are you happy? Any big surprises?

      • I’m kind of bummed because the highest dollar item in the box is a product I can’t use. My skin breaks out terribly when I use it so I’ll have to sell or trade it which is kind of a hassle. But I’m excited to try some of the other products. Definitely a box I’ll stick with!

  9. It said that shipping would start on the 8th – but mine just arrived. I opened the box, and there’s a box inside with a wrapper which says not to open it till the 11th!

  10. I got tracking today and my box should be here tomorrow!! I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for the zoom to open.

  11. Isn’t the event next week?

    When will these boxes ship?

    • I believe the site says they will ship the 8th. They ship them so they arrive last minute. They ask people not To open the boxes until the live event which, I think, is why they wait.

      • Thanks for the information.

        I got the November box. I watched the live event and right after it was over purchased this one for $99.

        This will be my third box. The value is always good. The high end skin care is awesome.

        I can’t wait to see what’s in this box!

  12. Just bought my ticket for the Feb VIP box. I’m so excited. The last one exceeded my expectations. This is one of the few boxes I find worth it. Keep it up and I’ll buy it every time!

  13. there are still boxes available for $99. I just got mine 🙂

    • Looks like they are sold out now. I was just checking when the event is (thought it was this week for some reason). I’m so excited for my box! Especially since they raised the price to $149, I hope there’s some really good stuff in there this round!

  14. November box was my first and I have never bought a box of this price point without knowing the content, but I was surprisingly happy that I want to use most of the products. I went ahead and purchased Feb. box. Also signed up for a year of TestTube with discount. Looking forward to skincare heavy boxes.

    • Thank you for your support Kay 🙂

      • Are there any spoilers for this yet? My budget is constrained with the lockdown so I’d kinda like to make sure it’s not stuff I don’t already have.

    • I can’t seem to find any reviews for the November box.Will you please give me an idea of the items in the November box. I am trying not to open the box I received today. Thanks

  15. I treated myself and bought November’s box. I tuned into the live event and had my fingers crossed in hopes that I would win something. Lol, but no such luck…

    I enjoyed the event so much that I purchased February’s box right after.
    I always purchase these early for $99.

    Has there been a price increase From $125 to $150?
    This is a bit disappointing to hear. It’s not that the value isn’t there. I just don’t think that now with everything that is going on in the world a price increase is appropriate. And there was no advance notice or even mention of the increase.

  16. Well…..grrrr! I bought mine yesterday so I didn’t get the 99.00 special. 🥲 Strangely I didn’t get rsvp email either, checked all inboxes?!?

    • Hi,

      We’re so sorry to hear that 🙁

      However, this beauty box is filled with more than $600 in products from our favorite brands!

      Additionally, you’ll automatically be RSVP’ed to NewBeauty LIVE which makes you eligible for a chance to win any of the $10K+ worth of prizes we’ll be giving away during the live event 🙂

  17. I bought the last two boxes and have not been disappointed. The value is definitely there. I didn’t hesitate to buy the February box when it first came out. I have cancelled most of my other boxes as I get so much great things in the VIP box. This has been a skincare heavy box so if you want a lot of make up, this may not be for you.
    It has been a way to try high end brands I normally couldn’t afford.

    • Lee,

      We’re thrilled to see the positive feedback! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. I have bought all those VIP boxes and I love the last one (Nov) the most. They are totally worth it. They also gave so many prizes that looked amazing, although I never won.

    • Thank you for sharing your kind words with us, it means a lot! ☺️ We’re glad to hear that you loved the last VIP Box.

  19. Can anyone tell me what the live event is all about? I bought the last box but didn’t join the zoom event.

    • Hi Darlene,

      By purchasing a VIP Ticket, you will have access to the first NewBeauty LIVE virtual event of the year on Thursday, February 11th at 8pm EST where the biggest names in beauty will demo products and share insider intel 🙂

  20. I have purchased this box as soon as I received the text after the live event as well as the two previous boxes and have found them to be well worth the cost. While there are several items that I normally would not even notice to purchase at this box exposes need to many unique beauty products/lines which is part of the appeal and what keeps me coming back! The lives are so informative and a lot of fun. For anyone on the fence, this is a great opportunity to jump in before the price goes back up. Most of the items are full size and they are higher end products so the value is there.

    • Hi how you do signed up for the texts, I’ve asked this question previously but never got the answer. Thanks

  21. I bought the last one, and it was totally worth it. The live event was a bonus.

    • Our priority is customer satisfaction and we’re ecstatic that we met that mark! ☺️

  22. Just ordered and the price was $99!

    • Great!

      We look forward to you receiving your box 🙂

      • Hi how you do signed up for the texts, I’ve asked this question previously but never got the answer. Thanks

  23. Just ordered and it was $99. Must be a cyber Monday deal!

    • Yes, the VIP tickets are currently $99 ☺️ They will go back to $149 at 11:59p EST

  24. I have bought the last two and they were totally worth it. As far as right now with the holidays, I can’t. Hopefully it’s still available after!

    • I just received an email today that it is available for $99.

  25. I splurged on the September and November VIP Boxes ($99 as I got early – it’s worth it to sign up for the Zoom unboxings as you then get the chance to buy at the pre-sale price). I think both were absolutely worth it in terms of value received for price paid and it doesn’t seem out of whack vs special boxes/advent calendars that other companies put out pre-XMAS. The few products I wouldn’t personally use are gift-able to others since they’re (almost all) full-sized and in original packaging. I have had my issues with NewBeauty TestTube or VIP a couple times this year (a damaged product in each of two shipments), but they eventually did more than make good on this. I personally think it’s worth the money, even without spoilers.

    • Stormi,

      Thanks very much for your balanced and fair feedback. We’re glad you felt the products included in the VIP previous boxes were worth it in terms of value! It’s something we’ve worked hard on and we’re pleased our efforts resonated with you.

      • And I also ordered the Feb VIP box after the unboxing of Nov:-)

  26. Nope, not before the holidays. This the season for giving, not indulging oneself. Seems in bad taste to put it out now,especially as this was a tough emotional and financial year for so many people.

    • Interestingly enough, in rough times and economic downturns, little luxuries like makeup actually become more popular for some. (Even a term for this effect on lipstick, the “lipstick index.”)

      Also, extra/unneeded products can be donated to women’s shelters or as gifts so foster kids can gift their moms, etc. Practical gifts are good too, of course, but sometimes getting something nice can perk a person up. You can also gift items to friends and family.

      I’m not sure I really need to be picking up $600 worth of makeup and other products, but this is a good deal for those that want to do it, with a lot of gifting potential as well.

      • Are shelters still allowing donations in the time of COVID?

  27. Nah, I’d never buy anything sight unseen.

    My wallet is safe. 🙂

  28. i’ve purchased all of these boxes so far, but this one. i can’t do it for 125 around the holiday. i will get it if the price goes back down to 99, for sure. these are great boxes!!!

    • Hello! Save $50 on your VIP Ticket ($600+ worth of beauty products and access to NewBeauty LIVE on February 11th). BUY YOURS NOW for only $99! Tickets go back to $149 at 11:59p EST. Hurry, don’t miss out! While supplies last. .

      • You convinced me! I’m in! I always love my TestTube when I get them. It hasn’t been so often lately, but there’s no way I passing this one up! Can you say if it’s more skin care heavy? I live for skin care!

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