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Ollie Reviews

Is Ollie Right For You?

Updated May 18, 2023

4 overall rating
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Ollie Overview

About the Brand

Ollie is a fresh dog food subscription company that created personalized formulas with canine nutritionists. Ollie has you create a profile for your pup based on weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies. This way Ollie can recommend a customized and ideal plan for them. You are able to select a regular or flexible schedule to ensure you always have the right amount. Ollie arrives in food packs that you place in the freezer and thaw in the fridge once you are ready. Ollie is one of the Best Pet Subscriptions of 2021.

Key Info

  • Price:$35.52 per month
  • Ships To:US

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Ollie


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Ollie Works

  1. First, you create a profile for your pet. You’ll enter your name and email address to get started. Then you’ll provide information on your pup’s weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies. This helps Ollie to recommend the precise portion for your pup to match their nutritional needs.
  2. Next, you’ll determine the delivery schedule for your pup’s food.
  3. Your Ollie order arrives! Your dog’s food will arrive in specifically portioned food packs, ready to store in the freezer until it’s time to thaw in your refrigerator (24 hours prior). Then your pup is ready to enjoy it!

Pricing Options

Ollie prices their subscription based on the size of the dog. They will calculate how much food your dog needs based on the exact number of calories they need to consume daily, this ultimately will dictate your subscription cost. Shipping is always free. Example: A small dog’s subscription would start at $3/day.

Ollie Pros and Cons


  • Ollie’s has rigorous nutritional and quality standards. It is made in a human-grade facility in New Jersey and they go through the same safety standards and they test every batch before sending it out.
  • Having high-quality food delivered for your pup is not only convenient but saves time from frequent trips to retail stores.
  • Ollie offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all its products


  • Having a fresh food subscription for dog food can add up as opposed to traditional retail dog food options.
  • It may take some time for your dog to adjust to the new food (upset stomach, uneaten food) if they have not eaten this kind of food before, and mixing kibble could help.

What Else You Should Know About Ollie

Ollie’s customer service team will actually reach out to you within a few days of sending your first shipment to discuss how your dog is adjusting to the new food. If you happen to notice something concerning, like unwanted weight loss or gain, the Ollie care team is able to adjust the meals appropriately. The company also allows you to mix meal options in each shipment free of charge.

Is Ollie Worth It?


Today’s dog owners have been introduced to more information than ever before on the health and well-being of their pets. If you’re looking to ensure your pet is getting optimal nutrition then Ollie is worth researching since there is a strong focus on quality ingredients, rigorous testing, and veterinary recommendations. Your monthly budget for dog food will certainly increase, but there is something to be said for preventative measures like a good diet to combat possible illnesses down the line.

How Ollie Compares to Other Top Meal Subscriptions


Ollie VS Farmers Dog: Both subscriptions offer human-grade ingredients, approved by veterinary nutritionists. Ollie’s recipes however include hormone-free chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables, and nutrient-dense superfoods like chia seeds. Ollie’s subscription also offers an additional lamb recipe that Farmers Dog does not have. Both subscriptions come out to be around the same price range; Ollie’s is $2-9 a day (depending on the dog's size) vs Farmers Dog running slightly higher at $2-11 a day.


Ollie VS Spot & Tango: Both subscriptions offer the same high-quality, AAFCO nutritional standard-approved meals for dogs. Spot & Tango does offer a “Fresh dry version” known as the “Unkibble” that Ollie does not currently have. Both subscriptions do differ on how the “fresh” dog food is prepared. Spot & Tango cook each ingredient separately while Ollie cooks everything in the popular “kettle” method. Both brands are comparable in price but outside of Spot & Tango’s dry option, Ollie had more variety throughout their recipes.


Ollie VS Nom Nom: Both subscription recipes have been crafted by veterinary nutritionists and are AAFCO nutritional accredited for all dog’s life stages. Ollie’s customer care team is able to adjust your dog’s meal plan if it ends up not agreeing with them at whatever point during your subscription. Nom Nom offers a variety of packs for dogs to try out but if they are included in future deliveries a flat $5 fee is included. Pricing for both subscriptions is similar with Ollie starting at $2 a day (Depending on the dog) and Nom Nom starting around $3.

Ollie Reviews

Ollie News

Ollie FAQ

How do you determine how much Ollie costs?
The price depends on the size of your dog: Ollie calculates how much food they need based on the exact number of calories they need to consume daily, which dictates your subscription cost.
When are Ollie orders shipped?
You decide how often you want to receive meals, and then the card on your account is charged on a regular schedule in accordance with your shipments.
What if I need to make changes to my delivery or reschedule?
If you need to make any changes to your order, whether that's switching a recipe or pausing a delivery, you can make those adjustments on your account page. Just make sure and do so before your 'changeable' date, this is the deadline for making any changes to an order before it's processed. Ollie can't make changes to your current order past because of ingredient freshness. You can skip delivery and reschedule up to 6 weeks at a time.
How do I cancel my Ollie subscription?
You can cancel any time by reaching out to Ollie’s Canine Care team, here: [email protected]
What are the health benefits of feeding my dog Ollie food?
From Ollie's site: A diet made with natural, real ingredients does wonders for a dog’s overall well-being—it can promote heart health, increase energy level, make their coat shinier, their breath smell better, improve eyesight and even impact their digestion positively.
How does Ollie tailor the recipe to my dog?
Ollie has created a proprietary algorithm, in collaboration with veterinarian nutritionists, that takes your dog’s weight, breed, age, activity level, and allergies into account to formulate your dog’s recipe and the precise portion you should feed them.
How long will Ollie food stay fresh after it’s delivered?
Once a package is thawed and put in the refrigerator, the food will be good to serve your dog for up to 4 days, opened or unopened. Always remember to put the Ollie resealable lid on your tray after you’ve opened it to preserve the freshness. Before thawing, packages can last much longer while remaining frozen.

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4 overall rating
Starting at $35.52
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