16 Best Dog Food Subscriptions of 2019

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Getting healthy, nutritious dog food delivered to your door means less stress and more time to spend playing with your pet. The companies on this list promise high-quality dog food in recipes that will keep them feeling and looking their best. From traditional, shelf-stable kibble to options so fresh that you could eat them for lunch, there are a ton of great options on this list of plans. Which one do you think best suits your dog’s appetite?

Best Dog Food Subscriptions for 2019

1. Ollie

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Cost: Plans start at $3/day, but depend on the size of your dog. Sign up here!

The Food: Fresh, human-grade food made from quality meats, veggies, fruits, and even probiotics and superfoods like chia seeds and omega-3 fatty acids.

How It Works: Ollie gets your dog’s age, size, and health info and pairs them with recipes and serving sizes to suit their needs. They give you a “puptainer” to help keep open packs of food fresh in the fridge, plus a scoop for easy portioning. Ollie recently redesigned their packaging, too, to deliver more food in fewer shipments (which means less packaging to deal with). Learn more by reading our Ollie review!

2. Spot & Tango

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Cost: Plans start at less than $1.00/day, depending on your dog’s size and needs. Sign up here!

The Food: Fresh, human-grade dog food made from wholesome ingredients (including fruits!) in small batches.

How It Works: When you sign up for Spot & Tango, you’ll complete an in-depth quiz about your dog(s). At the end of the quiz, you’ll be recommended the best Spot & Tango recipes for your dog’s needs (weight, activity level, breed, age, etc.). Then, you’ll be able to set up recurring shipments of your recommended recipes. The food arrives fresh—just defrost, snip the package open, and serve!

3. Grocery Pup

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Image via Grocery Pup

Cost: Plans range from $1.60/day ($11.20/week) to $11.43/day ($80/week) depending on your dog’s needs. Sign up here!

The Food: Fresh, human-grade dog food made from wholesome ingredients and gently cooked, sous-vide style.

How It Works: Choose a plan to suit the size and appetite of your dog, and customize which of Grocery Pup’s three flavors you’d like to receive in each shipment (or choose a mix of all three). You’ll receive fresh packs of food every 2-3 weeks, depending on your plan. Packs stay fresh in the fridge for 14 days unopened or 7 days opened. They’re safe to freeze, too!

4. The Farmer’s Dog

Cost: Plans start at $2/day + free shipping, but the final number depends on the size of your dog. Sign up here!

The Food: Fresh, vet-approved blends of human-grade meats and veggies, all made in a USDA facility.

How It Works: Tell The Farmer’s Dog a bit about your pet’s age, breed, and health needs, and they’ll suggest recipes to match their unique calorie needs. The Farmer’s Dog promises to send enough food on a flexible schedule so that you’re never short, nor letting any go to waste. Store your food in the fridge, then just open the package and pour it in your pup’s bowl at dinnertime.

5. Pet Plate

Pet Plate natural dog food blue box and food tubs

Image via our review!

Cost: Plans start at less than $3/day, but depend on the size of your dog. (For example, we reviewed a box of 28 meals for a 10lb dog, which cost $84.40.) Sign up here!

The Food: Fresh, vet-created blends of human-grade meats, veggies, and fruits kettle-cooked in a USDA facility.

How It Works: When you sign up, you’ll share your dog’s info, including their age, weight, and health needs. Pet Plate will recommend recipes and a plan to match their needs. Pet Plate food comes in convenient recyclable plastic tubs with the portion information right on the label for easy reference. Just scoop and serve. Learn more by reading our Pet Plate review!

6. NomNomNow

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Cost: Price depends on the size of your dog. (For example, we reviewed 4 weeks of food for a 10lb dog, which cost $121.76.) Sign up here!

The Food: Fresh foods made from human-grade, “restaurant-quality” blends of meats and veggies in pre-portioned packs.

How It Works: Unlike other programs that require owners to portion out food themselves, NomNomNow’s food arrives pre-portioned⁠—one pack contains the perfect sized serving for your dog. When you sign up, you’ll give NomNomNow some info on your dog’s health, size, etc., and they’ll create a plan that suits their calorie needs and sensitivities. Learn more by reading our NomNomNow review! (Have a cat? NomNomNow offers cat food, too!)

7. Heed Foods

Image via Heed Foods

Cost: $31.49 for a one-time purchase of a 4.5lb package or $65.00 for a one-time purchase of a 10lb package. Save with subscriptions (every 4-8 weeks). Sign up here!

The Food: Pet-nutritionist-designed, shelf-stable blends of kibble and freeze-dried fresh ingredients, including meat and veggies, plus prebiotics for healthy digestion.

How It Works: Shop Heed’s products on a one-off basis or subscribe to save on recurring deliveries. Heed Foods doesn’t have an in-depth sign-up survey, but they do offer a tool to calculate how much food you should order.

8. Chewy Dog Food Autoship Plans

Image via Chewy

Cost: It’s up to you! Save an extra 5-10% on your regular dog food order when you choose an autoship plan. Sign up here!

The Food: A wide variety of quality dog food and treats from quality brands.

How It Works: Chewy’s autoship program lets you save on the quality dog food you were going to order anyway. Simply add the products you need to your cart, and choose the autoship option in checkout to have those items sent out on the recurring schedule you choose.

9. Tails.com (UK & France)

Image via Tails.com

Cost: Depends on the size of your dog. You can find examples of pricing and find out more on their site. Sign up here!

The Food: Dog kibble, wet food, and treats free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

How It Works: Take Tails’ survey, and their algorithm will match your dog with the perfect products for delivering the protein, fat, fiber, and nutrients they need.

10. SnapWag

Image via SnapWag

Cost: Plans start at $24.99 per month. Sign up here!

The Food: Hand-crafted kibble made from high-quality, grain-free ingredients including omega-3 fatty acids and glucosamine.

How It Works: SnapWag boxes include your choice of food, plus a toy, a treat, and a bowl and scooper set. SnapWag also donates 2 meals to a dog in need! Choose a frequency that works for you, and opt for add-ons like a toy box, accessories, and even Shake It Pup!, SnapWag’s brand of dog food seasoning blends.

11. JustFoodforDogs

Image via JustFoodforDogs

Cost: Recipes start at $4.95. Sign up here!

The Food: Refrigerator fresh and shelf-stable blends of USDA certified meat and vegetables.

How It Works: Shop a la carte or sign up for the JustFoodforDogs autoship program, which lets you get your chosen assortment of their recipes on a recurring basis. You can choose to receive your orders every week, or every 2, 4, or 8 weeks. They offer tools to skip deliveries as needed, too (up to 7 weeks in advance).

12. I and Love and You

Cost: Depends on what you buy! (Ex: canned food starts at $2.69 per can, dry food starts at 11.99 per bag, etc.) Sign up here!

The Food: A wide range of dry food, wet food, raw options, treats, meal enhancers, and more, made from natural, grain-free ingredients.

How It Works: Choose your favorite items from the I and Love and You catalog and have them delivered on a monthly basis. Subscribe to each item individually and save 5% on each subscription!

13. Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Cost: Options start at $4.69/lb. Sign up here!

The Food: Raw dog food, including grain-free and gluten-free recipes, made with high-quality raw ingredients and delivered fresh.

How It Works: Pick the product line that fits your pet’s needs, then tell Darwin’s Natural Pet Products a bit about your dog’s size and health during checkout. Darwin’s will create a plan and a recommended delivery schedule for your pet to ensure they’re getting the ideal calories and nutrients they need in every serving.

14. CaliRaw

Image via CaliRaw

Cost: Plans start at $60 per box. Sign up here!

The Food: Raw dog food made with human-grade meat, bone, organs, and vegetables, delivered frozen.

How It Works: Start with a 10lb starter box featuring foods made with the meat of your choice. (You can also opt for a combo box, so your dog can sample all of CaliRaw’s offerings.) From there, you’ll get 20lb boxes that you can customize to your dog’s needs. Pick a schedule ranging from every week to every 3 months. They offer puppy options, too!

15. Lucky Dog Cuisine

Cost: $149 per month (for a 14lb bag). Sign up here!

The Food: Pre-cooked, all-natural recipes made with GMO-free fruits and vegetables and butcher-quality meats.

How It Works: Subscribe to receive Lucky Dog Cuisine’s food on a monthly basis. Once you’re subscribed, you’ll be able to adjust your order and order frequency to suit your dog’s needs and tastes.

16. PetFlow

Image via PetFlow

Cost: It’s up to you! Autoship customers get additional discounts off their recurring orders. Sign up here!

The Food: A wide variety of high-quality dog food including allergen-free, gluten-free specialty blends from well-known, recognized brands. Toys, treats, and more, too!

How It Works: Shop for the dog food and supplies you love as a one-off purchase, or sign up for a subscription plan to receive shipments every 2-16 weeks. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be able to manage your subscription (delivery schedule, items, etc.) from inside your account. With every order placed, a bowl of food is donated to a pet in need.

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Is your dog a picky eater? Which of these dog food subscriptions do you think they’d like most?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

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  1. So glad to see Heed Foods on this list. Seriously changed me and my pups life. She used to have the worst digestive problems and made a lot of “mistakes” because she just couldn’t control it. She’s been on Heed for the past couple of months and since then her digestions improved, is finally at a healthy weight and her coat has been insanely soft. Highly recommend!

  2. I used to feed all three of my girls I and Love and You (kibble for my younger beagle and chihuahua and soft food for my older terrier) and they all absolutely loved it. Their coats were also shinier and they seemed like they felt better on that food! I had to switch because it was just too expensive for three dogs but if you can afford it I highly recommend that brand!

  3. Has anyone tried making homemade dog food? Would like to try that once we’ve used the bags of dog food I bought in advance.

    • I have two Shih Tzu’s, (1 year old and 4 month old). They have only ever had raw food. I make it myself. I bought an industrial grinder from Amazon and grind chicken leg quarters, liver and gizzards. I grind 20 pounds at a time and it last’s for 3 months and costs right around $20 Their coats are shiny, gums are healthy, teeth are white. They poop about once a day and it’s small and solid. Don’t pee as much since they don’t need to drink as much because kibble isn’t sucking up fluids. I will never go back!

    • I haven’t yet, but I am thinking I should talk to the vet to see what would be best for my pibbles. They get some dry food, but I give them “treats” of fresh veggies. Hilarious how much these two will BEG for cabbage and Brussels sprouts

  4. Or you could be lucky like me and end up with a dog who needs 28 pills a day, a 3 AM feeding (and four other feedings plus one hardboiled egg), biweekly baths with medicated shampoo, and $500 a month of prescription canned food from the vet. (Nyx is worth it though!)

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