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The Best Dog Subscription Boxes – 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards


The Best Subscription Boxes for Dogs

You subscribe to boxes that hook you up with the latest beauty products, trendy clothes, and fresh meals—now it’s time to treat your dog to the best food, treats, and toys out there! This list contains dog subscription boxes voted by our readers as their favorite subscriptions for keeping their furry friends well-fed, stocked on yummy surprises, and entertained.

Treat Your Pet to These 13 Popular Dog Subscription Boxes

From big dogs to tiny pups, these dog subscription boxes are designed to get your favorite pet’s tail wagging:

1. BarkBox

BarkBox subscription with dog treats and toys.

Image from our review.

The Cost: $29 a month, or $19 a month with a 12-month subscription. Sign up here!

COUPON: Get a free extra month when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription. No coupon needed - just use this link.
What Our Readers Say:

“My dog gets so excited when his box comes. He digs through until he finds one of the chewy treats and then runs to his crate with it. I have a hard time getting it from him so I can open it!” – Connie Scruggs

“Great box to receive for your loving fur babies.” – damommatimez3 

“My pups love destroying the plushies and I’m actually framing some of the artwork from the paper inner wrapping to hang in the dogs’ favorite room.” – Ali

What you get: BarkBox is a monthly dog subscription that sends 2 quirky toys (usually plushies), 2 all-natural treats, and 1 chew in each box. Boxes are curated for your dog based on their weight and allergies (chicken, turkey, and beef allergies are built into their checkout). Each box is centered on a theme, and each high-quality item fits in impeccably!

Check out our BarkBox reviews and BarkBox details to learn more! Ships to the US and Canada.

2. Chewy Goody Box

Chewy Goody box with dog treats, plush toys, poop bags, and dog bandana.

Image via Chewy Goody Box.

The Cost: Starting at $24.99 + free shipping on orders of $49+. Pick one up here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I liked the various products and the variety.” – Ann

“Wide variety of goods. Healthy food and snacks.” – Elle

What you get: Getting ready to celebrate your pup’s birthday? Working on training? Just want to celebrate your special bond? Pick a theme that fits your dog’s needs, and you’ll get a one-time shipment of toys or treats, or a mix of both! Chewy will show you what is inside each box before you buy, and they typically have options for dogs of all sizes.

Check out our Chewy Goody Box review and Chewy Goody Box details to learn more! Ships to the contiguous US only.

3. Super Chewer Box

Eric unboxing the Super Chewer Box, offering a toy to a dog who's licking his nose.

Image from our review.

The Cost: $39 a month + free shipping, $34 a month + free shipping with a 6-month subscription, or $29 a month + free shipping with a 12-month subscription. Sign up here!

COUPON: Free Benebone with subscription! . No coupon needed - just use this link.

What Our Readers Say:

“Excellent items.” – Jennifer W.

“Our pups love the toys and treats!” – Anonymous

What you get: Does your dog really like to sink their teeth into toys? The Super Chewer Box is curated with dogs who are tough on toys in mind. Each monthly delivery includes two durable rubber or nylon toys, two bags of treats (made in the USA or Canada), and two all-natural chews. Like BarkBox, Super Chewer also makes it easy to avoid chicken, turkey, or beef if your pet has an allergy.

Check out our Super Chewer Box reviews and our Super Chewer Box details to learn more! Ships to the US and Canada.


4. Bullymake Box

Dog laying next to the Bullymake Box, which includes dog treats and toys.

Image via Bullymake.

The Cost: $39 a month. Save with longer subscriptions. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code Bullymake5 to save $5 off your first box!

What Our Readers Say:

“Best box for any dog but especially bully breeds, items are all made in the USA, toys are durable, treats are healthy and can be customized if your dog has certain allergies.” – Pixxy Haze

“Our power chewers love these toys and treats!” – Kelly

“Tougher toys for my dog who is into chewing and destroying toys.” – Carly

What you get: Here’s another box for all the heavy chewers out there! This subscription contains 5-6 items every month, including heavy duty toys and treats for true chompers, curated to suit your pup’s preferences and health needs. You can opt into boxes that avoid grain, beef, or chicken allergens if need be–or choose a toys-only box and you’ll receive 4 toys per box (and no treats at all).

Check out our Bullymake Box reviews and Bullymake Box details to learn more! Ships to the USA for free, Canada for $8, internationally for an additional cost.


5. Pet Treater

The Cost: $15 – $25 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. One-time boxes are also available for $17.99. Sign up here!

What you get: Pet Treater is so much more than just treats! Their Dog Pack ($15) monthly box sends a collection of 3-4 items in each box including toys, leashes, poop bags, grooming supplies, and more—and the treats they do send are made in the USA or Canada. (You can also choose to receive just treats or just toys if that better suits your pup’s needs.) Love treating your pet? Upsize to the Deluxe Dog Pack ($25) for 5-8 items!

Check out our Pet Treater reviews and Pet Treater details to learn more! Ships to the US only. 9.5% sales tax applies to Tennessee residents.


6. PupBox

Golden doodle puppy sniffing the Pupbox, some contents spilling out.

Image via PupBox.

The Cost: $39.00 per month. Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code MSA60 to save 60% off your first PupBox on any 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription.

What you get: Do you have a new, wiggly puppy in your family? PupBox subscription helps puppy parents raise a happy, healthy dog with monthly shipments of treats (1 bag per box, made in the USA and Canada), plus toys and accessories (4-6 items) that follow along with each step of your pet’s development! Each month also includes a training guide for your growing pup. Customizable for dogs with grain, chicken, beef, and pork allergies.

What Our Readers Say:

“We have subscribed this box more than a year. He loves every box. We have explored what snacks he likes.” – Ichigo Ichie

“This is the best pet box!!!” – Alex

Check out our PupBox reviews and PupBox details to learn more! Ships to the US only.

7. The Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog box propped open to display holiday dog toys, a bandana, and treats.

Image from our review.

The Cost: $35.99 per month with free shipping in the US ($4.99 to Canada).  Sign up here!

COUPON: Use code DAPPERADDICTION to save 10% off your first box!

What you get: Personalized dog treats, personality-filled toys, and quirky accessories, all from high-end brands: that’s what The Dapper Dog Box is all about! The star of each box is the limited-edition monthly bandana, sized just right for your dog–but you’ll also receive 2 bags of treats or chews and 2 curated toys as well. Each 5-item box will always have a value of over $65, and prioritizes items made in the USA by small businesses.

Check out our Dapper Dog Box reviews and Dapper Dog Box details to learn more! Ships worldwide.

Looking for more ideas for your pup? Consider getting them a fun advent calendar for the holidays. Our editors also recommend checking out the following food subscriptions for dogs:


8. Chewy Dog Food Autoship

Brightly lit living room with shibu inu dog sitting among Chewy boxes, toys, and treats.

Image via Chewy.

The Cost: It’s up to you! Save an extra 5-10% on your regular dog food order when you choose an autoship plan. Sign up here!

What Our Readers Say:

“Perfect every time!” – Anonymous

What you get: Tired of hauling heaps of dog food home every month? Chewy’s autoship program lets you save on the quality dog food you were going to pick up or order anyway. Simply add the products you need to your cart, and choose the autoship option in checkout to have those items sent out on the recurring schedule you choose.

Check out our Chewy Dog Food Autoship details for more info. Ships to the US and Canada.


9. Just Food for Dogs

The Cost: Indicate your dog’s details in their feeding calculator to get an estimate. Sign up here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I think they are great.” – Anonymous

What you get: Healthy food for dogs made from fresh, human-grade ingredients. You fill out a brief survey to tell Just Food for Dogs about your pup’s details to have serving sizes recommended. You can choose from six different recipes that are designed to equip dogs with all the nutrients they need, and nothing more!

Check out our Just Food for Dogs details for more info. Ships to the US and Canada.

10. The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog subscription box positioned with its dog food packages in front.

Image from our review.

The Cost: Plans start at $2/day + free shipping, but the final cost depends on the size of your dog. Sign up here!

COUPON: Save 50% off your first order. No coupon needed - just use this link.

What you get: Start by telling The Farmer’s Dog about your pet’s specs, and they’ll recommend recipes to match your dog’s unique calorie needs. The Farmer’s Dog promises to send enough food on a flexible schedule so that you’re never short, nor letting any go to waste. Store your food in the fridge, then just open the package and pour it in your pup’s bowl at dinnertime.

Check out our The Farmer’s Dog review and The Farmer’s Dog details for more info. Ships to the contiguous US.


11. Spot & Tango

Image via Spot & Tango.

The Cost: Plans start at less than $1.00/day, depending on your dog’s size and needs. Sign up here!

COUPON: Expiring Soon! Save 60% off your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

What you get: Fresh, human-grade dog food made from wholesome ingredients (including fruits!) in small batches. When you sign up you’ll complete an in-depth quiz about your dog. At the end of the quiz, you’ll be recommended the best Spot & Tango recipes for your dog’s needs (weight, activity level, breed, age, etc.). Then, you’ll be able to set up recurring shipments of your recommended recipes. The food arrives fresh—just defrost, snip the package open, and serve!

Check out our Spot & Tango details for more info. Ships to the contiguous US.


12. NomNomNow

Black dog Buckles sniffing a package of NomNomNow dog food with a bowl in front of him.

Image from our review.

The Cost: The price depends on the size of your dog. We calculated $121.76 for 4-weeks of food for a 10-pound dog. The cost will vary with your dog’s information. Depending on your location you’ll be able to get deliveries either weekly or monthly (meals can be frozen until ready for use). Sign up here!

COUPON: Get 50% off your first order! No coupon needed - just use this link.

What you get: This dog food subscription delivers fresh meals made with restaurant-quality ingredients straight to you! Enjoy automatic reorder and free shipping, and have the peace of mind knowing your pup’s meals are well-though-out by a company that cares.

Check out our NomNomNow review and NomNomNow details for more info. Ships to the US only.


That wraps up our list of the best boxes for dogs! Which ones do your canine friends love the most? 

BarkBox Chewy Goody Box Super Chewer Bullymake Pet Treater PupBox The Dapper Dog Box
Price $29 $24.95+ $39 $39 $15 $39 $29.99
Frequency Monthly Non-subscription Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Ships To US, Canada Contiguous US US, Canada Worldwide (shipping price may vary) US US Worldwide (shipping price may vary)
Total Items 5 Varies 6 5-6 3-4 5-7 5
# Toys & Accessories 2 toys, typically plushies Varies 2 durable rubber or nylon toys Varies, designed for heavy chewers Varies 4-6 toys and accessories 1 bandana, 2 toys
# Treats & Chews 2 treat bags, 1 chew Varies 2 treat bags, 2 chews Varies Varies 1 treat 2 treats or chews
Allergen Options Chicken-free, turkey-free, & beef-free options None specified Chicken-free, turkey-free, & beef-free options Grain-free, beef-free, & chicken-free options None Grain-free, chicken-free, beef-free, and pork-free options None
Other Options n/a n/a n/a Toys-only option Treats-only and toys-only options; also has boxes for cats n/a n/a

That wraps up our list of the best boxes for dogs! Which ones do your canine friends love the most?

Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

Comments (19)

  1. I recently started feeding my pup @getjoyfood and have noticed significant difference in energy level and her coat!

  2. Bullymake Box is our favorite! I have a Dane/Mastiff and a Pit mix. They both love the toys that Bullymake Box sends. After months of super-chewing, the toys are still in great condition.

  3. My Barkbox without any frills was $36.86 after Tax. I am not sure where you get a $29 offer unless your subscribing

  4. I’ve had Bark Box for several months now. I purchased the “extra toy option” and with that we still only receive 3 toys every month and 2-3 treat. It’s not 4-6 toys. Wish it was. My dog is under 20 lbs. not sure if that would make a difference. I love their monthly themes! A surprise for me as well as I look forward to seeing what it is for the month.

  5. Dapper dog is $35 at the cheapest even with a discount code I don’t see anything on the website for $29

  6. I subscribed for the 6 month deal to the Dog Bundles. Never shipped my box, never responded to my emails or phone messages over a 10 day period. I think it’s a scam, so I cancelled and asked for a refund for the first box where they took my money but never fulfilled the order. So very disappointed in this, now I hesitate to try another dog box subscription.

    • Hi Debbie – Thank you for letting us know, our community is an important part of staying on top of these types of issues! We investigate all subscription box brands before they appear on our lists and we do our best keep them up to date when we’re alerted to brands that are having customer service issues or have shut down. This particular list just got updated for 2020 today (and I see Dog Bundles is no longer on the list).

  7. Would you please give more detail in your descriptions? I’d like to know how many toys come with each box, how many treats (or how long the treats will last), etc.

    Please compare the different subscriptions. Does one have 5* toys and 2* treats for $25 but another has 4* toys and 4* treats for $27?

    I’d also like to know why a subscription is ranked #1 vs #9. What you have here (and I read another list you recently posted) is just a list of a bunch of different services. These posts have helped me to see there are a bunch of different companies to choose from, but not really any information on what makes one better or worse than others.

    • Thanks for the feedback! We rank these lists in order of the number of votes they receive from our readers. We’re working on updates for 2020 now so we’ll see what we can do to make the description of each box more informative. 🙂

  8. I just cancelled mine today! It’s so frustrating that they are so quick to charge but can’t ship on time. I’m going to try bullyMake it’s a little more but it’s worth it if they are reliable. So disappointing cuz I’ve been with barkbox for a long time and soon as I switched to super chewer this stuff happens.

  9. Bark Box is not shipping to cananda but still taking payments. Also hard to disable auto renew. . . was a customer since 2014. . . cancelled and still being charge and had my subscription renewed after I disabled and they will not cancel early or refund for unrecieved boxes. . . sadly I have to advise any canadians stay far away from bark box now.

  10. Might want to hold off on any long term commitment to BarkBox. It seems they are having CS, sourcing, and shipping problems and delays. Started in Sept. and continues.

  11. Pooch perks only ships to US. Theres no Canada option 🙁

  12. I subbed to the Super Chewer box last month and signed up for a six-month to get a promo deal. I signed up at the end of August and the August box shipped right away. They charge me the first week of September for that box. Well, it’s now nearly October and I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice. I reached out to them and got a c.s. response that there was some kind of delay and that they would be sending an email to explain. Never happened. I’ve always seen such good reviews about Bark Box, so it’s frustrating that this happened right out the gate and with basically no communication about what’s happening. I will be charged next week for the October box and still have no idea when September will arrive. I’m really hoping this is a fluke for them and the rest of the months will be fine.

    • they seem to be having issues shipping to Canada right now. I wanted to sign up but couldn’t. They really should have kept you informed.

    • I had the same issue and now they have the six month subscription on hold as they can not get it through customs. When I reached out I always got the same response. @ confident you will get it within the shipping time”. Wonder how confident now? They kept saying we will send you extra toys but what good is this if it can not get here. They should not take Canadian subscriptions if they cannot deliver

      • @Victoria – I have been a BarkBox subscriber for over a year now and I’ve still not received my September (or October) box and it is now Oct 24th. They’ve now, for the time being, stopped taking on any new Canadian subscribers while they sort this out. I got an email saying that they are able to ship out October boxes now but they had to make them all toys (no treats/chews so my guess is the issue with the border has to do with “food” products) and they said they were hopeful that the boxes would arrive by Halloween (I’m not holding my breath). I spoke to c.s. regarding my September box and they said it had been returned to them as it was not able to cross the border so they offered me either a refund or add an extra month to the end of my current subscription. Prior to this, shipping was always much slower then they anticipate (I always get my box around the 31st of the month when their arrival estimate says I should get it by the 21st) but this is an unprecedented wait. That said, they’re definitely the best box out there so if they do get this problem sorted out, I’d say stick with them!

  13. Chewy box says 29.99 on the website.

    • Thanks for catching that, Jackie! Just updated the price 🙂

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