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The 18 Best Dog Boxes and Subscription Services in 2024

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaJan 26, 2024 | 0 comments

Is your furry friend the perfect candidate for a dog subscription box? If so, we've got just the list for them! The following list contains the most popular dog boxes in 2024, as voted by our readers. You'll find our insights for shopping everything from chew toys and tasty treats to food, stuffed animals, and doggie accessories. Your pup will wag away when their new monthly box of food, treats, and dog toys arrives!

Top Subscription Boxes Featured In This List:

The 18 Best Dog Subscription Boxes in 2024

1. BarkBox

Best for fun-themed boxes

Barkbox - all products in Nov box.

Image from our review.

BarkBox is a dog subscription box that sends 2 quirky toys, 2 bags of all-natural treats, and 1 chew every month. Boxes are curated based on your dog's weight and allergies. Each month is centered on a different theme, and each high-quality item fits in impeccably!

This box is for the pet parent who wants to spoil their pup with durable and fun-themed toys. And your dog will also love the nutritious treats that come in these monthly boxes.

Key Features

  • Every box is based on a fun theme
  • Affordable compared to going to the store
  • Healthy treats and cute dog toys every month

Starting at $20.00
Try Barkbox
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2. The Pets Table

Best Personalized Dog Food Service

Wish food subscription boxes like HelloFresh offered pet-friendly meals? Cue The Pets Table! This personalized dog food service offers dog meal plans based on age, breed, weight, activity level, and more. You'll receive fresh food, air-dried meals, or a mix of both, and every meal is packed with superfoods and fiber.

With this subscription box, your pup will get to feast on savory options like Beef Stew with Carrots, Chicken & Sweet Potato, and Turkey Casserole with Broccoli. And, not only do these meals taste out of this world, but they also provide major health benefits like enhanced nutrient absorption, better skin and coat health, and greater immunity.

Key Features

  • Customized to your dog's needs
  • Fresh food, air-dried food, or both
  • Made with clean, nutrient-dense ingredients

Starting at $22.26
Active Deal
Enjoy 50% off your first box!
Use Coupon Code MSA50OFF
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3. Super Chewer Box

Best for dogs who play rough

Eric unboxing the Super Chewer Box, offering a toy to a dog who's licking his nose.

Image from our review.

Super Chewer Box is for dogs who are tough on toys. Each monthly box includes 2 durable rubber or nylon toys, 2 bags of treats, and 2 all-natural chews. Super Chewer also makes avoiding chicken, turkey, or beef easy if your pet has an allergy.

Key Features

  • Includes durable toys
  • Wide variety of products in each box

Starting at $45.00
Try SuperChewer
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4. The Farmer's Dog

Best for homemade food

Give The Farmer's Dog your pet's specs, and they'll recommend recipes to match your dog's dietary needs. They promise to send enough food on a flexible schedule so that you're never short, nor letting any go to waste.

Store your food in the fridge, then open the package, and pour it into your pup's bowl at dinnertime. Dog owners love the convenience of this subscription and how much healthier the food is compared to what you find in your local pet store.

Key Features

  • Freshly-made food for your dog
  • Sends enough food without creating waste

Starting at $21.00
Active Deal
Get 50% off your first box!
Try The Farmer's Dog
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5. PupBox

Best for puppies

Pupbox Adult August 2020 All the Goodies

Image from our review.

PupBox was created to help new pet parents raise a happy, healthy dog. They send monthly boxes of treats plus age-appropriate toys and accessories.

They also include a training guide for your growing pup. This subscription doesn't have to stop when your wee one becomes a full-grown dog!

Key Features

  • Tailored box that helps development
  • The box grows along with your dog

Starting at $39.00
Try PupBox
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6. Pet Treater

Best for the necessities

Image via our review.

Pet Treater is so much more than just treats! Their Dog Pack box sends a collection of 3-4 items each month, including toys, leashes, poop bags, grooming supplies, and more. If your pup has more specific needs, Pet Treater has treats-only and toys-only boxes for $18.00 per month.

Key Features

  • Wide range of products
  • Different boxes to choose from
  • Pretty affordable

Starting at $15.00
Active Deal
50% off the first month
Use Coupon Code DOGPACK50
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7. Bullymake Box

Best for power chewers

Image via Bullymake.

Bullymake is another great option for the heavy chewers out there! This box sends 5-6 items every month, including heavy-duty chew toys and treats for true chompers. Think beef sticks, durable toys, and more. Or, subscribe to the toys-only box, and you'll receive 4 toys each month.

Key Features

  • Toys-only or can include food
  • Box comes with more than 4 toys

Starting at $39.00
Try Bullymake Box
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8. Kong Box

Best for Kong products

Image via our review.

If your dog's favorite toy is the iconic KONG, you may as well stick with what works for 'em! KONG Box sends a classic with the first box (you know, the kind pups love to lick peanut butter or treats out of), then subsequent dog subscription boxes include a combo of a KONG training toy, a "personality toy," which is hand-picked based on your unique dog's needs, KONG brand treats, and recipes & tips for keeping your playful pal as happy as can be.

Key Features

  • Customized box
  • Toys are made in the United States

Starting at $9.98
Active Deal
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Use Coupon Code 23KONG10
Try Kong Box
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9. BoxDog

Best for cute accessories

Image from our review.

BoxDog lets you choose between monthly and quarterly plans. The monthly tier sends 2 types of handmade treats, 1 skincare or puppy gear item, and your choice of 2-3 dog clothes or other products. The GIANT quarterly subscription sends an extra bag of handmade treats.

Key Features

  • Includes vegan skincare for your doggo (CBD oil, nose balm, and more) or gear items
  • Caters to dressing up your dog with cute outfits

Starting at $50.00
Try BoxDog
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10. RescueBox

Best for pups who found a forever home

Dog sniffing a RescueBox for dogs.

Image via RescueBox.

RescueBox delivers 5 premium pet products each month, including premium toys, treats, and chews. It is partnered with the nonprofit The Animal Rescue Site, and each subscription purchase helps provide food and vaccines to shelter pets. By the way, RescueBox also has a cat option for those with feline friends.

Key Features

  • Delivers a wide variety of pet products
  • Donates to shelters all over the country

Starting at $29.95
Try RescueBox
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11. Chewy Goody Box

Best for special occasions

Image via Chewy Goody Box.

Pick a theme that fits your dog's needs, and you'll get a one-time shipment of toys, treats, or a mix of both! Chewy will show you what is inside each box before you buy, and they typically have options for dogs of all sizes.

This box is mainly for people who want to treat their pets to good times and snacks. And honestly, you can't beat it for the variety of products and fun themes.

Key Features

  • Includes a wide variety of products for your pets
  • You know exactly what's coming in each box

Starting at $27.99
Try Chewy Goody Box
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12. Pawp

Best for pet healthcare

Image via Pawp.

For just $19 a month, Pawp subscribers receive unlimited telehealth service for up to 6 cats and/or dogs—which includes access not only to top-flight vets but also to pet experts who can help with social, emotional, and behavioral issues—plus an annual $3,000 safety net should any pet emergencies arise.

Key Features

  • Economic relief for your pets when they have a health issue
  • Add up to 6 pets to the plan

Starting at $19.00
Try Pawp
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13. Chewy Dog Food Autoship

Best for auto-ship food

Image via Chewy.

Chewy's auto-ship program lets you order dog food according to your schedule and helps you save money over time. Simply add the products you need to your cart and choose the auto-ship option in checkout to have those items sent out on the recurring schedule you choose. You can also subscribe to other items, like treats, on a recurring basis.

Key Features

  • Auto-shipment of the food your dog loves
  • Wide variety of products

Starting at $0.01
Try Chewy Autoship
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14. PupJoy

Best for cashback

PupJoy is a membership-based dog subscription box that offers some awesome perks: free shipping, exclusive members-only deals, 10% cashback with every purchase, and double the referral rewards. That makes arranging auto-ship for their healthy treats, quality toys, and dog accessories—packaged with eco-friendly shipping materials—feel extra worth it! Want to combine your auto-ship orders into one customized box? Head to the PupJoy Build Your Own Delivery page to get started.

Key Features

  • Cashback for every purchase
  • Wide range of products such as toys, accessories, and treats

Starting at $29.99
Try PupJoy
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15. Pooch Perks

Best for customizable boxes

Image via Pooch Perks.

Pooch Perks features toys and USA-sourced, primarily grain-free treats. Each box is customized to your dog's size and food allergies, and you can even opt to receive an extra toy! Pooch Perks also offers customizable gifting options if you'd like to nab a treat for another dog in your life!

Key Features

  • You can pick between various memberships
  • Discounts for longer subscriptions

Starting at $21.00
Try Pooch Perks
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16. Spot & Tango

Best for gluten-free food

Spot & Tango offers fresh, human-grade dog food in small batches made from wholesome ingredients (including fruits!s. They only use the highest-quality ingredients and never use feed-grade ingredients, meat meals, anything artificial, preservatives, additives, or fillers. All recipes exclude wheat, soy, and gluten, typically in commercial kibble. Their recipes were developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists and are complete and balanced for puppies and adult dogs.

Spot & Tango has two options: UnKibble made with only fresh ingredients and then dried. Fresh food is cooked in small batches to retain nutrients for your pup. It arrives portioned for your do; just defrost, snip the package open, and serve.

Key Features

  • Provides food free of wheat, soy, and gluten
  • They offer two subscriptions offers depending on your dog's needs
  • More affordable options

Starting at $7.00
Try Spot & Tango
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17. Ollie

Best for those who want a tried and true option

Ollie is a fresh dog food subscription that offers customized meal delivery specific to your pup's needs! You'll start by sharing your dog's information (age, weight, breed, and food allergies), let Ollie design your plan, and choose your schedule for shipments. Each subscription comes with a feeding guide to take the guesswork out of nourishing your pooch with healthy, human-grade food.

Key Features

  • Every batch is tested to ensure its quality before shipment
  • High-quality foods made with human-grade ingredients

Starting at $35.52
Try Ollie
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18. Nom Nom

Best for fresh food

Nom Nom delivers pet meals made with the freshest, restaurant-quality ingredients—all with the convenience of automatic reordering and free shipping. Their meals are cooked weekly in the company's local kitchen, individually proportioned, tailored to meet the specific nutrition needs of each dog or cat, and ready to serve with no prep. Today, Nom Nom serves pets across 48 contiguous states.

Key Features

  • Creates fresh food for your pet
  • Can ship it weekly or monthly

Starting at $33.00
Try Nom Nom
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What Do You Think Of The Best Dog Subscription Boxes?

That's it for our list of the best dog subscription boxes! Have you tried any of these dog subscription boxes? If so, what do you think? Comment below to share your thoughts on the best dog subscription box, or leave an honest review of the monthly box you tried.

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