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My Subscription Addiction

KONG Club vs BarkBox: Which is Best For Your Pup

Susannah Boyar
BySusannah BoyarAug 10, 2022In Partnership With KONG Club

My parents consider our dog, Teddy, to be their third child. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard my mom ask my sister or me “Can you please walk your brother?” I’d be rich. Teddy gets birthday gifts and wears his little doggy rain boots when it rains, and even gets his own little hamburger when we make them for dinner.

Teddy isn’t just my dog, he’s my little brother too, and he deserves to be treated that way. When surveying our options of ways to boost Teddy’s health and happiness, I came across two subscription boxes – KONG Club and BarkBox. If you love your dog like I do, keep reading to find out which subscription box is right for your pup.

If you want access to one-on-one guidance from pet coaches, trainers, and veterinarians from your phone… KONG Club

KONG Club isn’t just a box, it’s an app too! Together the box and the app combine to serve as the ultimate pet parent tool to help you and your dog thrive. In the app, I can schedule one-on-one behavior training, pet coaching, and goal-setting with a Certified Pet LifestyleCoach as often as I want. Even more, there is a 24/7 live chat with a veterinarian if I have any late-night questions or concerns.

As soon as I signed up, I was able to make a Zoom appointment with a Certified Pet Lifestyle Coach and work with them to tailor a plan to Teddy’s needs. I was so excited to find that there is also the AskVet Clubhouse, where I can chat in real-time with other pet parents and siblings. KONG Club gave me an amazing community and support system right at my fingertips.

On the other hand, BarkBox is, well, only a box and doesn’t include this type of support and guidance. So it’s an easy win for KONG Club here.

If you feel in touch with your role as a pet parent or sibling… KONG Club

KONG Club makes an effort to provide tools to pet parents through all of their boxes and app offerings. With KONG Club, I feel encouraged to be an active participant in my dog’s wellness. The guidance from the app combined with the toys from the monthly box work together to help pet parents solve problems and create a happy and healthy lifestyle for Teddy.

If you want boxes with new themes every month… It’s a tie!

Themes of the month are in both KONG Club and BarkBox’s playbook. Every month, BarkBox centers their boxes around funny themes like “Pool Party Animals” or “Playcation: Italy,” and fills them with toys and treats that follow the theme.

KONG Club’s monthly themes focus on specific pet wellness: for August, the theme is summer road trips and how KONG Club can help with any behavioral needs or issues. When my family piles into the car to drive to my grandma’s house upstate, we will definitely be bringing the bear chew toy to keep Teddy occupied and the KONG Vitamin Chews will make a great daily treat and provide a little vitamin boost!

If you want healthy treats for your pup… KONG Club

Between my Welcome box and my August box, KONG Club sent us their sustainably-produced and simple ingredient-packed “Farmer’s Omelette” crunchy biscuits made with real bacon, egg, cheese, and parsley, as well as their Vitamin Chews that help with physical and mental wellness.

I’m not really sure what’s in the BarkBox treats…which poses a problem for Teddy’s sensitive stomach and my desire to keep him on a healthy diet.

If you want a variety of toys and treats…KONG Club

Comparing my KONG Club August box to BarkBox’s August offerings, I couldn’t help but notice the diversity of options in my KONG Club box compared to BarkBox. There are four box options to pick from: puppy, adult, senior, or extreme chewer.  Not only did my KONG box come with traditional chew toys, but it also came with KONG’s signature rubber KONG, KONG add-ons to extend playtime, and three different types of treats. All of these options keep Teddy excited and engaged.

What's more, KONG Club also has subscription boxes available for cats!

Overall, KONG Club does more than send you toys and treats – KONG Club understands that your pet is more than just your pet, they’re a member of your family, all for a cost starting at only $34.99 per month.