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My Subscription Addiction

The Best Vitamins Subscription Boxes in 2024

Discover and shop the best vitamins subscription boxes with The Directory. Explore reviews, news, and more to find what's right for you.

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  1. Care/of - Personalized Daily Vitamins

    Care/of is on a mission to remove all obstacles to living healthy. They’re here to make taking care of yourself easier, and even delightful. Care/of believes you shouldn’t have to go it alone and offers high-quality products, science-backed guidance, and digital tools to help you navigate your wellness routine across vitamins, supplements, protein powders, and more.

    Care/of earned a spot on our 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards list for the best vitamin and supplement subscription boxes.

  2. Persona

    Persona is a personalized vitamins & supplements subscription, delivering 28 days worth of vitamins to your door monthly. Take Persona's free, 5-minute assessment and get premium quality, doctor-approved daily vitamin packs that are right for you.

  3. GEM

    Forget what you know about traditional pills and powders–we believe in eating your vitamins in the way nature intended. Our delicious, real-food multivitamin Bites are designed to work with your daily nutrition and absorb properly into your body. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to eat than it is to take.

    Backed by a multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board and the ancient wisdom of synergistic whole foods, GEM is a daily bite to remind you to trust (and nourish) your gut.

  4. Athena Club Daily Probiotic

    Your body is a complex ecosystem comprised of billions of bacteria - some good, some bad. The good kind of bateria strains support your immunity, gut, vaginal health, and more. Essentially, they keep your microbiome in check. The Athena Club Daily Probiotic was formulated to incorporate four of the best, most clinically studied probiotic strains - 32 billion of them, to be exact. Sign-up for a subscription so you never run out of this essential gut health supplement. 

  5. Seed
    "Seed’s Daily Synbiotic combines 24 clinically-studied, naturally-occurring probiotics strains (not found in yogurt, most supplements, or fermented foods and beverages) with a new class of non-fermenting prebiotic compounds (built around a patented whole fruit extract) sourced from Indian pomegranate and Scandinavian chaga mushroom and pine bark. It’s the first to take a Microbe-Systems Approach with strain-specific benefits beyond digestive health, including skin health, heart health, gut immune function, gut barrier integrity, and micronutrient synthesis. It’s also the first formulation to include strains that synthesize folate and increase production within the body. Your monthly subscription includes a 30-day supply. Your first month’s shipment is your Welcome Kit. It includes a reusable glass jar holding your first month’s supply, some Seed reading materials, and a free travel vial that holds a week’s worth of your Daily Synbiotic."
  6. Nurish by Nature Made
    From science-backed recommendations, to an entirely customizable vitamin and supplement pack plan, each Nurish by Nature Made supplement pack is designed to meet your specific nutrient needs. From a trusted brand with 45 years of industry-leading experience and science-backed recommendations, daily vitamins and supplements are tailored to your daily needs, because good begins within.
  7. Proper Wild
    Proper Wild sells energy shots that are clean, healthy, and plant-based, targeting health enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone busy looking to better their focus and productivity. Proper Wild has the perfect ratio of caffeine and L-Theanine, a high-quality enzyme produced in plants, such as green tea, matcha, and mushrooms, which gives clean and long-lasting energy without jitters or crashes. In addition, there are no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, making it very healthy!
  8. Ritual

    "Ritual is a vitamin subscription that focuses on the 9 most essential nutrients for women’s health. (They don't include many of the nutrients in your typical multivitamin that most American women don't need. Their founder is vegan, and the vitamin is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, GMO-free, and manufactured in the USA. And for the capsule itself, they use beadlet-in-oil technology that allows them to keep nutrients in their original forms and closer to what’s found in food. "

  9. vitafive
    For around a $1 a day we offer personalized gummy vitamin packs sent directly to you every 4 weeks! No more going to the store to sift through the horse-sized vitamins, no more organizing your vitamins into your pill organizer, and no more cluttered vitamin jars filling up your kitchen counters. With vitafive, your vitamins are prepackaged into one convenient pack for each day of the week! Customize your pack or choose the following categories: Beauty, Immune, Sleep, Heart, Essential, Active or Brain.
  10. We Heart Nutrition

    We Heart Nutrition offers high-quality multivitamins for women at all stages of womanhood, including pregnancy, postpartum & beyond. As a small, family-owned, and patriotic business, they are Pro-Mama, Pro-Baby, Pro-Life, & proudly contributes 10% of our sales to pregnancy centers in the USA. All products undergo 3rd-Party testing to ensure safety & quality.

    They offer subscription boxes for each stage of life to help support optimal nutrition. If you aren’t sure what you need they have a 20-second quiz for you to take to help you know!

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