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My Subscription Addiction

The Best Candy Subscription Boxes in 2024

Discover and shop the best candy subscription boxes with The Directory. Explore reviews, news, and more to find what's right for you.

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  1. "TokyoTreat is the ultimate Japanese snack and candy monthly subscription box! Every month, experience 17 new Japan-exclusive treats, from Japanese KitKats and Pocky to awesome Japanese soda like Fanta or Coca-Cola Japan - all in Japanese flavors, like the must try spring sakura cherry blossom! Hand-picked by our team of snack experts, enjoy the best Japanese treats and take a look into modern life and snacking in Japan!"

  2. Universal Yums is a monthly snack subscription box that delivers a variety of international snacks from all around the world. Each delivery brings an unforgettable experience that mixes the fun of food, travel, and learning in one tasty box!

    You won’t have to worry about forgetting your passport with Universal Yums. You’ll receive a delivery of snacks and candy from a different country, paired with plenty of information about what’s in your box. You’ll snack like a local, enjoying offerings from all over the globe.

    Universal Yums is a reader favorite and was voted as one of the top snack subscription box picks in the 2023 readers’ choice awards.

  3. Candy Club is a candy subscription box that sends up to 2+ pounds of candy to you: a mix of classic favorites to new, trendy treats.

  4. Munch Addict is a delicious snack crate subscription box that contains international snacks & candy. This yummy munch pack is full of foreign and exotic snacks that will put you in the most high profile club. We pride ourselves on a snack delivery service that will have you saying yum! Each month will be packed with the best snacks that will keep your taste buds guessing.
  5. Bokksu delivers authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and teas each month that are sourced directly from centuries-old small family businesses. Each month you’ll receive 20-24 snacks and teas along with a snack booklet that follow new curated themes around festivals, prefectures, and holidays.

    Bokksu earned a spot on our Readers’ Choice Awards list for the best snack subscription boxes.

  6. Japan Crate is a monthly candy and snack subscription box! The company’s HQ is based in Tokyo, where they handpick unique candy, snacks, drinks, DIY kits, and more. Each box contains between 5-20 full-size candies and snacks that are difficult or impossible to find outside of Japan for as low as $12/month.

    Japan Crate comes in three sizes. The Mini ($12 per month) contains 5 items, the Original ($25 per month) contains 10 items and a DIY kit, and the Premium ($35 per month) contains 18-20 items and includes a drink, DIY kit, and LE bonus item.

    The Japan Crate family of subscription boxes includes Japan Crate (candies and snacks from Japan), Doki Doki Crate (kawaii lifestyle items from Japan), Kira Kira Crate (beauty items from Japan), Umai Crate (noodles from Japan) and Gacha Gacha Crate (capsule toys from Japan).

  7. Treats is a subscription box that helps you explore the world through tasty treats. Expect candy, crackers, cookies, chips, and everything in between.

    Treats offers two subscription levels to pick from. The Standard Pack ($13.95 per month) includes 5+ typical snacks from a new country each month. If you've got a bigger appetite, try the Premium Pack ($25.95), which has 10+ snacks inside.

  8. Korean Snack Box is a Monthly subscription box with the best of Korean snacks and candy every month! Try the most delicious, most popular high-quality snacks from Korea including candy, jellies, chocolate, cookies, caramels and chips!
  9. "Get an assortment of delicious, brand name snacks and food delivered straight to your doorstep every month for one low price! Almost everything you receive will be full sized items with well know brand names. Includes a variety of snacks from granola bars, chips, cereals, etc. A lot will even be organic! Please note, this box is an insanely good deal, so some best by dates could be just passed or about to pass or they could even have a year left on them. If you are a frugal shopper you understand that best by dates are arbitrary and the packaged foods we will be sending are perfectly fine after the best by dates. Items that could potentially melt will only be included in the cooler months. You may receive multiples of some items, but we will always send a good variety each month."
  10. A limited-edition box that lets you experiment with pantry foods and see how they impact your body. This box comes with: Curated assortments of good-for-you snacks, easy meals, and drinks designed for low glycemic impact. Glucose experiment guides. Compare products and learn fun hacks to slow your sugar rush or bust nutrition myths. Download our free iPhone app to sync your CGM data and compare between experiments. Log food on our App and start experimenting! Which foods are best for your waistline?? We encourage you to get a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) if you haven't been wearing one already. Check the add-on if you need a prescription. * All products have been carefully selected based on the strictest possible health and safety standards.

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