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My Subscription Addiction

The Best Shaving Subscription Boxes in 2024

Discover and shop the best shaving subscription boxes with The Directory. Explore reviews, news, and more to find what's right for you.

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  1. Dollar Shave Club provides a unique variety of shaving and grooming products right to members doors, when they want them. Members receive a subscription box of products delivered based on the products and shipping frequency they choose. Members also have the option to add or remove products at any time. Our customers can customize a box of products. Our high quality grooming products include the finest ingredients and are made to help men and women look, smell and feel their best. There are no long term commitments, and canceling is just a click away. We offer our customers a 30-day money back guarantee.

  2. Birchbox Grooming (formerly Birchbox Man) is a grooming and lifestyle subscription box service. Each box includes a mix of grooming product samples for you to experiment with and figure out if they might work for you. If you do end up liking something, you can resupply with full-size items in the Birchbox store.
  3. Billie is all about creating feel-good body products without the feel-bad body pressures they usually come with. That means they offer an award-winning shave for when or if you feel like going smooth, and ultra-satisfying bodycare that gives your skin what it’s asking for. Less fuss, more fun!

  4. Harry’s is a men’s grooming brand focused on offering quality products with honest pricing and a philanthropic focus. Originally specializing in shaving products, Harry’s simplistic but stylish products are now also offered for hair, shower and face care. With its German factory and vertical business, Harry’s boasts durable items without the upcharging. Customers can purchase Harry’s various starter sets - like razor blades and razor handles, shave gel, and shaving cream - or select individual items based on need. Even greater savings are available through Harry’s annual Core membership - offering 10% discounts on all purchases and other membership benefits for just $15/year. In addition to its high-quality, thoughtful formulas, Harry’s uses its platform to benefit organizations promoting men’s mental health by donating 1% of its annual sales to charity.

  5. All Girl Shave Club is the easiest (and most beautiful) way to shave! Get the closest shave ever with a stunning rose gold razor that works as great as it looks in your shower. Ditch the plastic add a little luxury with a gorgeous weighted razor handle and diamond-coated six blade razor refills delivered exactly when you need them! Add on the luscious Whipped Shave Butter that everyone’s talking about for the smoothest. shave. ever!

  6. "Angel Shave Club provides a monthly subscription for women’s razors with the goal of proving a luxurious shaving experience for women everywhere at delightfully low prices. Their blades are made with high quality U.S. steel, mounted on a flexible head, and paired with Vitamin E and Aloe strips to prevent irritation. Their three and five blade razors are engineered and manufactured to preserve the soft, silky feel of feminine skin, protecting against razor burn and deep cuts that are common with store bought razors. Angel Shave Club is a company made for women by women. Everything about the experience has been tailor made for women, from the specifically engineered blades, to the branding, design, and communications."
  7. "Other razors are one-size-fit-all. But at Venus, we know that everybody is different. That's why with Venus Direct you can choose a custom handle, and razor heads that are uniquely designed for wherever you shave. With a Venus Direct shave plan we deliver high quality razors to your door when you want them. That means your legs, armpits, big toe, sideburns, and knees (or whatever combination suits you) can be hair-free on your schedule."
  8. "OUI the People makes body care with a skincare approach. Using ingredients normally reserved for the face, "we take great care from the neck down". Our products encourage cell turnover, targeting skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, rough/bumpy skin (keratosis pilaris), and dehydration. With just one single blade, this razor provides a close shave without all the hair-pulling and razor burn that follows. Built so that it applies just the right amount of pressure, there's no pressing down or re-shaving involved either-- just a future free from pesky ingrown hairs and irritation..”
  9. Bevel is the only shaving subscription designed specifically for men with coarse, curly hair. Their system includes: a priming oil to soften and soothe skin to prepare it for shaving, a lathering and moisturizing shaving cream, a shaving brush designed to lift hair and exfoliate skin, a safety razor with blades designed to cut close, and an alcohol-free restoring balm for after shave application. Their solution is designed end-to-end to prevent razor bumps and reduce irritation. Products are also available to purchase individually without subscription.
  10. "The WSC provides a monthly subscription for women’s razors starting at $6.99 + free shipping. We take the extra trip to the store out of the equation and deliver the razors to your door every month! Did we mention the razors are made from high-quality Swedish steel, have Aloe Vera + Vitamin E moisture strips, with flexibility? Yup. Our staff takes great pride in making sure the customer service is just as great as our product. We're here anytime you need us & are always willing to hear you out.

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