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Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review

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Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review Box

The Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Premier subscription comes with perks including a luxury beauty box, a surprise gift, and the opportunity to try and keep products, so I had to sign up.

Here’s a breakdown of the subscription perk options:

Circle of Friends Membership

The first perk I’ve received was the Luxury Beauty Box, the second was the O-list surprise item,  the third was my first of two test and keep items, and the most recent was a bonus item.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review First Look

I was surprised to see a GlossyBox at my door, and even more surprised to see a Test and Keep sticker on it – I guess this box counts as my second and last test and keep product.

Here is the quote from the Oprah site on what you should expect from the Test and Keep products:

Help O editors decide which products are worth being featured in our pages. We ship them. You test them. Best of all, you keep them. And who knows — your review might just make headlines!

My impression of that statement was that I would be helping to test out new products Oprah magazine editors might be considering for future publication. I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review Items

I opened the box to find samples from previous Glossyboxes.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review Info

The box comes with a card listing the items included, and asking you to give your feedback on the products at

FYI – I’m not going to do a regular review of each one of these products since they are all repeats for me from previous Glossyboxes, but I’ll link to the original review for each item.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review 12

AERIN Rose Hand & Body Cream – .5 oz Value $4.75

I already received this hand cream from the original Oprah and GlossyBox beauty box as part of my subscription. I was frustrated at first thinking they sent me inventory from previous GlossyBoxes, but sending me a beauty product they already sent me in this subscription is a little ridiculous.

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment – 1.5 oz Value $5

Both this product and the Herbal Bath are from the November 2014 GlossyBox.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review Serum

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Multi Vitamin Day Moisturizer – Value $20?

The Orogold is from the March 2015 Glossybox.

Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum – 5 ml Value $12.50

This Truffle Therapy Serum is from the January 2015 GlossyBox.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Box Review Keep Bath

Kneipp Herbal Bath Balancing Lavender – 20 ml Value $4

(From the November 2014 GlossyBox).

Verdict: I like to think I’m a pretty optimistic person when it comes to reviews, and I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I’m upset with this subscription. I do not believe that these are the items that Oprah Magazine editors want to get our feedback on – I believe these items are the extra inventory GlossyBox had to offer.

I signed up for this subscription thinking it would be a great experience with exclusive perks and opportunities. I think the marketing for this box has been very misleading, and I don’t think subscribers are being sent items editors want feedback on. Now that my subscription is complete I won’t be continuing it, and I don’t recommend it.

OK – rant over! Let me know what you think of the Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I signed up for the Oprah circle of friends without reading reviews for it. Since its put on by Oprah, I just assumed it would be great. I signed up and within a week stumbled onto your reviews and I’ve been nervous ever since! I did receive one of the beauty boxes today and I was pleasantly surprised at the value. I received a few full size products, a really juicy size of OroGold face cream (somewhere between .33 oz and .5oz) with a 1oz valued at $200. And a few other deluxe sized items. The value would be at least $120 with the face cream being in the $66-$100 value range depending on actual size. I was nervous about chintzy sizes but I think the people at O listened to the feedback their received and responded well!

  2. I would be very disappointed in this also. For everyone wanting to unsubscribe, a word of warning: I signed up for a 3 month set of boxes. Went to the website to make sure that was all I would get, then I was surprised when they reupped my sub without my knowledge. It’s in the fine print, apparently. The problem is that the website makes it look like you aren’t getting anything other than the ones you already paid for, so it’s very misleading. After I got a really snarky email back from their CS, I decided to never give Glossybox another try. Their CS is horrible.

  3. I do not subscribe to this (thankful that I don’t). I would however assume that she would not be likely to feature the individual items in Glossy Box but Glossy Box itself. I don’t think that Glossy Box was likely to impress with this particular box though…..

  4. I received my 2nd “test and keep” item last night .. a Glossybox with 5 tiny samples that came up to $30. And the Orogold was $20 of that $30. All that I had received before from Glossybox. About 5 months ago, I hand wrote a letter to Oprah and told her how disappointed I was in the cheap items that I have received: earring worth $29 for first test and keep and berts bees set. She or one of her people NEVER replied. A total ripoff!!!!

  5. i was so excited to sign up when i was at her special weekend. it was soon expensive, but i figured it was ‘OPRAH’ it had to be good. I have been so disappointed. I think if you get glossy box, which i already did there was nothing special. the whole thing was a sale money marketing bust. VERY DISAPPOINTING AND NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

  6. Ooh, sorry you had to deal with such shoddy service and business practices! Glad to know to never put any money into oprah’s circle of friends. What a dissappointment

  7. I’m just curious how glossybox can have extra ‘ s of items with so many complains of late boxes due to shortages… this just seems like another way for them to make money. Sad.

  8. Looks like I dodged a bullet with passing on this subscription. I feel bad for everyone who spend their hard earned money on this. Oprah should feel ashamed for this subscription.

  9. Hey, I did get a book. “O’s little book of happiness,” before this sample box came in. I AM SO VERY DISAPPOINTED. Fooled me once….

  10. Considering the total price and what you got for it, along with the very (deliberately) misleading advertising, there is a basis to seek a chargeback with your original method of payment. That’s not to say it’s a sure thing but it’s certainly something I’d try. I’m considering doing that with my Oui Please box since my value was about half what they advertised. “Product not as described/advertised” is the technical basis to cite in such cases. Terms and conditions of credit cards differ from one company to the next so I recommend checking your issuing company website for specifics.

    • Hey, Beth– I left you a message on your website…

  11. I had seriously considered this subscription. Two things stopped me: I didn’t think the magazine subscriptions were worth the value AND I was too late signing up to go to one of the tour events. I guess it was a blessing in disguise (as are so many missed opportunities).

  12. Wow, that’s a bad subscription! I can’t believe it!
    Thank you Liz for reviewing it.

    • Hopefully I can save a few people from signing up for this one. 🙁

      • Hi Liz,

        Thanks for all you do – could you possibly consider adding LIKE or Dislike for the comments posted? I find the information and comments very useful, but there are times I don’t have much to say, but for those people who take time to share their experiences, I think they deserve some kind of feedback!?

        • I like that idea – thanks for the suggestion! We’ll see what we can do! 🙂

        • like!

  13. Remember when someone from Oprah’s Circle of Friends asked for feedback? Well, I gave it to them and I never heard back. I really don’t think they care. When I called to cancel, they told me they couldn’t give me my refund amount over the phone because it’s another department. I found out from my credit card statement it was $30. They cancelled my magazine subscription (which I didn’t really care since it was a reminder how much I was suckered) and my friends and they never had to give my mom one because she already had it. Didn’t think they act like this subscription was more valuable until they had to credit us? So I sent them an email about how disappointing their subscription service was & they never replied back. I wish someone would complain to the BBB because this subscription is the worst. People complain about popsugar but at least you have something you can trade, and I am willing to give them a second chance. This subscription? Never.

  14. I began subscribing to subs back in Nov of last year and I read all the reviews and it seemed like a lot of boxes were worth it. Now I’m seeing in thread after thread that quality has fallen anda lit of these companies seem to be getting rid of old stick and not much else. Why is this? Are so many more of us subscribing that this is more profitable way to go? This box, the latest Allure box, the PSMH, maybe even the OuiPlease all seem to be composed of “leftovers” not cutting edge products!

    • I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, I think so many companies were trying to get subs out, trying to find companies willing to do this ran thin. I just cancelled my last subscription box but I come to this site in hopes to see a company turn around because I really love the concept. With the money I have saved, I can get anything I want at Sephora, pick the color and test it. I’m not a hate of subs, just at the moment, there is not one box that is (to me) worth it. I’m hoping PS is the turnaround one because I love the beauty/home mix.

      • I totally agree. MizzFit (even though I loath Quarterly) and PS are my only sub boxes now. Nothing else is worth it. I think the market is just too saturated now and as a result the boxes being sent out are subpar.

        • LIKE!!! I agree 100% with everything you said!

  15. Absolutely no way that subscription had the $597 value that was advertised – I think subscribers would have a good shot at disputing the payment.

  16. Liz, I agree with you on all counts: you are a very optimistic person in your reviews; and this sub seems like a rip-off.

    I can’t believe Oprah would let her name be used on this. Knowing Oprah’s history of “favorite things” and her knack for introducing great new products, this just seems pathetic.

  17. I agree. This subscription has been a big disappointment.

  18. Oprah COF sending a box of left-over Glossybox to subscribers is laughable, although I’m certainly not laughing at any of you who wasted your hard earned money on it! The thing I find funny is that two of the most disappointing subs lately actually joined forced to send out…wait for it… yet another disappointing box. After seeing the reviews of the disappointing Oprah box on here I would never consider subscribing to it in the future and GB’s association with them definitely lessens my dwindling opinion of them.

  19. Irritating. – Out of all the subscriptions that is the one I thought would be the very best. – The glossybox products are from many months ago. – They need to call the box, circle of old friends, because of older products and “friends/customers” they will no longer have because of boxes like these. – Is there any way to get a refund on this box, Liz? – The box is completely misrepresented. – When I look at the products, you received, I wonder if they are expired or will be expiring soon.

  20. Since I’ve been around the subscription block for a few years, this whole sub was incredibly disappointing. I would think they are maybe aiming it at an older generation that doesn’t get other subs regularly if ever. If I’d never been exposed to the sub box world, say like my mom, this sub might have been really fun. But from whee in standing i

    • From where I’m standing I give Oprah a big thumbs down and a BOO. Somehow my comment posted before I was done lol

  21. So happy to see your honest and straightforward review, Liz. I know you really attempt to be positive in your reviews about what’s included in a box (any box), as we all know with sub boxes that we’re signing up for a surprise. Sometimes, however, you just have to admit this was a clear miss and didn’t come close to meeting your expectations.

  22. Wow…this is really disappointing. I think your first box was the only one that had decent products. Every follow-up box has been pretty bad. 🙁

  23. They should be ashamed of themselves. This subscription description was completely misleading! This is taking advantage of the dwindling fan base that Oprah has left.

  24. Has ANYONE ever received the higher end product samples that were advertised like jeans? What they alluded they would send you and what people actually got are drastically different.

  25. I’m glad that I did not order this. I guess the only good thing about the items in the Glossybox is that the items are from fairly recent boxes and not old, expired products.

    • One item was from Nov 14. I consider that fairly old stock all things considered. Not necessarily expired but not recent/new by any means since it’s almost June.

  26. This seems to be taking advantage of Oprah’s high profile in the worst way. Such a swizz!
    I notice that the premier subscription includes discounts on the Circle of Friends site. If they’re hefty discounts, there may be some value in that.

  27. I would complain, The box has been a total ripoff. I’ll bet she has a ton of complaints. I don’t know if this is true but I have heard that she has zero involvement in this
    I am so lucky my intuition told me to never subscribe to anything Oprah is involved in

  28. Thank god I didn’t subscribe to this service, I feel bad for those who did! I’d be soooo angry if I got old Glossybox products. I already received leftover products in the “best of Glossybox” boxes.

  29. I don’t subscribe to this and so glad I don’t! This is a total rip off! With $200 you can get a better sub than this.

  30. I think what’s worse is that I imagine there’s a pretty decent overlap in the people who subscribe to GlossyBox and who subscribed to this O Circle of Friends thing.

  31. I have to agree with you Liz! This box is a disappointment.

  32. I have been so disappointed at the OPRAH box. I am really beside myself – I’ve received 2 glossy boxes (of samples already received in past boxes), 2 notebooks, a book by Oprah, 2 gift subscriptions plus one for me, and a Burt’s Bees gift pack of samples – for $199.00.
    Awful value – I am really so disappointed – You would expect the value to be way more – and instead it’s been a collection of products that would find in a $50 box spread across a year.
    I really don’t know what to say – but it is the worst value box on the market and a HUGE disappointment. They need to fix this – surprise us all with a hello of a value item for $199 a year. Shame on them.

  33. How frustrating! Especially for the price. I don’t blame you for being disappointed one bit!

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