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Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review

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Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Box

The Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Premier subscription comes with perks including a luxury beauty box, a surprise gift, and the opportunity to try and keep products, so I had to sign up!

Here’s a breakdown of the subscription perk options:

Circle of Friends Membership

So far the first perk I’ve received is this Luxury Beauty Box. (I’ll post about the surprise gift from the O list and the product testing whenever that happens!)

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review First Look

This box is packed and fulfilled by GlossyBox, so it will arrive in the outer regular GlossyBox shipping box, but the actual box is customized for Circle of Friends.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Items

The Subscription: The Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Premier Membership

The Cost: $199 a year for the entire program – not just this box

The Products:ย In addition to a physical + digital magazine subscription, plus a gift subscription to share, if you go with the Premier membership, you also get a luxury beauty box, a surprise gift from the O list, a birthday card from Oprah, and the opportunity to try and keep products.

Ships to: US

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Info

The box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Jouer

AERIN Rose Hand & Body Cream – .5 oz Value $4.75

Jouer Cheek Tint in Whisper – FULL SIZE! Value $22

Sometimes rose scented products can be a little overwhelming for me, but this hand and body cream is a pretty light scent. The formula is very moisturizing too – and it absorbs quickly.

The Jouer Tint in whisper is gorgeous. This shade is a beautiful shimmery peach. It’s well-pigmented, but also pretty difficult to over apply since it isn’t a deep color. The amount of shimmer is just right for adding a little glow without making it look like you are wearing shimmer! I think this is my favorite discovery in the box.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Vichy

VICHY Neovadiol Lumiere BB Cream – FULL SIZE! Value $42

I’m always a little skeptical when a product comes in a “universal shade” for all skin tones. ย I was expecting the general beige color that these universal skin tone products typically come in, but the cream is actually a pink/slightly peach shade. It goes on sheer, and while I didn’t notice any of the promised sculpting effects, it did give me an overall more even skin tone, and it feels weightless.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Polish

Bodyography Nail Lacquer in #GLOSSYBOX – FULL SIZE! Value $8.50

Doll 10 Defining Mascara 360 – FULL SIZE! Value $12

This barbie-pink nail polish has a subtle purple micro-shimmer in the formula – it looks like a great summer pedicure color to me. (I know we just started January, but I’m already thinking of the next seasons!)

This mascara looks like a sample size, but it is actually designed for lower lashes, which is explains the small size of the brush and tube. I don’t usually wear mascara on my lower lashes, but the tiny brush was great for getting corner lashes too. The formula is pretty good, but not one of the best mascaras I’ve tried.

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Bvlgari

Bvlgari Eau Parumfee au the vert Eau de Cologne & Perfumable Ceramic – Value $35

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Beauty Box Review Perfume

This set is probably the best way I’ve seen perfume included in a beauty box. I love that you can spray the ceramic ornament to keep in your closet, clothing drawer, etc. And the au The Vert scent is nice too.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $122. I think it is a fabulous box, and I’ll use everything, so I’m very happy with the curation. It’s difficult to analyze the value just yet though since I paid $199 upfront for all the perks of this subscription, and I’ve only received the beauty box so far. Right now I can just say so far – so good! I’ll make sure to do new posts when I get my O-List gift item and my item(s) to try and keep!

What do you think of the Oprah Circle of Friends Beauty Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I bought into O’s Circle of Friends Club in July this year (2017). I waited 7 weeks, no package so I called. Customer Service said they were a bit backlogged and I should get the welcome box in 4 to six weeks. waited 7 weeks again but no package. I emailed them , they apologized , said the would RE ship!! my box and that would take another send out and that would arrive soon, I emailed back and asked about when they would be shipping the box and if it was coming regular mail or by UPS and did I have to sign for it. They replied that my package will take about (another!) 4 to six weeks! No mention of a speedier delivery since it apparently had already been sent out before and this was a reshipment or any particular date or mailing method, it felt like a form letter, although it was signed by “Karla”. So I have yet to get even the first package and as we are entitled (for my $129.00) for two boxes a year I wonder if I will get the second one in 2018? I have been waiting at least 16 weeks for one package. But I am going to keep my cool and consider it a post holiday gift when it comes. I never expected to have this problem with O magazine, have been a subscriber for years, but this is just crazy! They have my birth date, asked for and given twice, maybe I will get a package before my April birthday card from Oprah!

  2. Tried this for two year. First year was great but this past year, not so great. Will cancel soon since I am getting items I wouldn’t use and some are not worth it. I am a value person since I retired.

  3. Did any thing else come in?

    • I was on backorder with to receive my last gift from the old magazine friends and circle and I have not received my last gift yet

  4. I assigned up for the premier membership and I didn’t receive any of the items mentioned above. I received 24k bionic complex cream which retails for $198, a retexturizing gel which retails for $79.99, lipstick, lotion, and lip gloss. My box made up for the price of the membership. I loved my box!

    • Comment

    • So you got different Glossybox leftovers such as the considerably marked up Oro Gold SAMPLES? Nah you didn’t get any better of a deal than the next person. In fact, I got those same items you paid $198 for, for fifteen bucks through Glossybox.

      • Exactly! Just got a shipment of old glossy box products that, yes, glossy box subscribers only pay $15 for! And I had to ask for my birthday card that Oprah apparently sends out to you. I think my instincts were right! She doesn’t personally sign them, otherwise she would include your name in the card to make it personal. Not worth it!

  5. I was all excited about the Oprah Circle of friends because I love her magazine. So I took the jump and paid $199. I learned later that some people were getting the magazine for $6 each subscription. I enjoyed the Glossybox and found that if you bought a years subscription, it was worth $18.33 a box. Then I received some earrings from the O List that were $29.95 when I looked them up on line. Lastly I received some hand and foot cream to test and keep that was probably worth $20 at the most. When I called the Oprah number, I was told that I was not going to get a second test and keep product even though when I subscribed, it said we were suppose to get 2. (I printed a copy of that promise.) That was it. So for my $199, I got $86.28 worth of stuff and I am allergic to the cream. The site on-line to get coupons for restaurants, etc. does me no good since I am in a small town and don’t wish to travel 40 miles to use a coupon. I am extremely disappointed in Oprahs Circle of Friends. It’s a rip-off.

  6. Oprah’s magazine circulation numbers are way down so this is a way to hopefully get more subs
    You actually have to ask to get the birthday card sent. It is not automatic
    There will be review products sent twice a year…..interesting to see what they are…if it’s a $10 bottle of shampoo it won’t be worth it
    Big question is what will be the gift…..I believe Liz should get that in 3-4 months.
    I’ve really lost all interest in things Oprah– last straw was an article in her magazine that said if you find kale bitter to try massaging it with olive oil. I kid you not!

    • I always massage raw kale with olive oil before making raw kale salads. It softens the kale. I have for years.

    • Yup, had to call in and ask for my birthday card too! And I really don’t think it’s from her. If it was, wouldn’t she include your name in the card since she was already writing the card anyway?

  7. As a new premier member, (and tried and true fan of Oprah) I too, look forward to what this subscription brings. I didn’t like the nail color. I never wear pink and will gift this. Overall the box was presented nicely with product information and I loved the Bvlgari gift. This is a very pricey subscription and await the test and keep products. In my opinion, the beauty box should be received quarterly or monthly. I subscribe to PopSugar Must Have monthly box and sometimes pay extra for the seasonal box and this subscription never disappoints. Worth the monthly $34 and then some. Oprah, in lieu of advance notice to ticket sales, consider an event you would include with the subscription for the committed Circle of Friends. Looking forward to the New Year!

  8. *Spoiler alert! My “new car!” comment was a joke. Please disregard. No one is getting a car. Or a trip. (Ppl extrapolated that one on their own, btw). Wow. It is a sub box guys. Let’s keep some perspective and just watch, and wait, to see what goodies Liz receives. Carry on.

  9. For me it wasn’t so much how much the sub costs or what will be sent in it but rather that it seems more like a thinly veiled way for Oprah to generate more income for herself by driving traffic to her own ventures and the things and companies she promotes. I could be biased though. I used to love love love Oprah and trusted her and I feel like she has gone in a direction in many ways I don’t agree with so maybe it’s just me. Anyway I’m definitely interested to see how it turns out!

    • That was sort of my orig. – “huh?” vibe too. Like these exclusive offers are not some thing I would want anyway. It’s like a big revenue generator that seemingly exploits her gigantic fan base. I love her too! Don’t get me wrong. Just not $199 love. Then again, I always have reservations about any new sub. Blessings to Liz for being our “early adopter”! Having said all of that, I can completely recognize that this could be just what someone out there was hoping O would do. I don’t know. There’s still something off for me about the whole thing. Only time will tell and I might winding up eating a whole lot of crow!

  10. These products look good to me. I agree with the previous poster about universal shades being non-universal, but that’s my only complaint about the curation.

    If this sub were done by anyone else, I’d be skeptical about getting my money’s worth. But it’s Oprah. Oprah! She has got enormous credibility, plus she has no reason to acquire more wealth, hence she is probably only doing this sub in the first place because she really believes in it. I tend to want to just trust her and give this sub a chance. In conclusion, it’s Oprah!!

  11. Thank you for reviewing this! It’s been on my list of subs i might want to try when my no-buy ends. That perfume/ceramic looks really neat

  12. You would also get the beauty box if you did the $99 subscription, which is a much better deal. The difference in value between the $199 and $99 subscription is roughly $100 ($491 value versus $597 value). This is also the difference in amount that you pay. You aren’t getting anything extra for the $199 box since you are paying out of pocket her exact amount that the value of the box increases. Seems really silly.

  13. I find it interesting that an Oprah box would send a bb cream that is useless for women of color. Maybe it would work as a primer? Not sure… but “universal shade” is bull.

    • This is truly a MASSIVE oversight on the part of her team. Quite surprising for lack of a better word. “Bull” was already taken.

  14. I can’t wait to see what else is coming. Looks like they space things out throughout the year. When did the box arrive in relationship to the first issue received? It seems like it takes awhile for magazine subs to start so maybe now there will be more surprises.

  15. Yeah, I have to say…am I missing something? What exactly does “access to” whatever O item or event sponsored thing it is actually do? From what I’m reading, it gives me “access” to spend even more money? …wha? And one beauty box a yr? Including yet another nail polish and little else with a luxe feel to it. Please do correct me if I’m wrong here and I just read it all wrong. BUT, O seems to be the biggest beneficiary of this sub! Whatever happened to “you get a car! and you get a car! and you, and you, and you!? Lol
    PS sry Liz if I am missing something about this and/or you are very stoked about the whole thing. : )

    • No, actually I feel and thought the exact same thing! Like seriously, I don’t see the benefit of me paying to receive an O magazine print sub, digital sub, and a gift sub! To start,I must say that I rarely pay for mag subs since there are way too many ways to receive them for free, and ironically when I do, I’ve NEVER spent over $5 for a year sub. …which is what I recently paid to get a 1yr sub to the O mag last month! So outside of the subscriptions, what am I really paying $200 for??

    • I agree with you in that I don’t consider the access or newsletter to be perks I’d pay for. What I’m hoping to see is that the magazine subscription + beauty box + O-List Surprise Gift + the item(s) I get to try and keep = much more than a $200 value to me.

      I will definitely post again when I get more items to share from this subscription. I can’t say I recommend it yet until I get all the things promised, and from what I understand they have the full subscription year to send everything, so it may be a while! ๐Ÿ™

      Hope that helps explain my thinking a little better though!

      • Yes that totally makes sense, thanks for that! And honestly I’d consider purchasing because I have a gut feeling that I should be banking on the O-list surprise gift! I can’t wait to see the updates on what you get

        • Yes fingers crossed for an amazing o-list gift! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Liz, I sincerely hope this works out exactly how you are hoping it to! The wording – “access to” was throwing me, I guess. I bet u r exactly right – the “try and keep” items will probably make me green! Definitely keep us posted on all new developments bc this sub has def got my curiousity now! : )

  16. I love your descriptions!!!

  17. This is a nicely curated box, but I’m not sure I understand: for $199 you get ONE box a year??? One? And all the other “perks” are : 4 different versions of subscriptions to O magazine, getting a newsletter, getting a birthday card from oprah, getting “easy entry” to contests… Stuff like that???? Plus one mystery gift at one point during the year? I don’t really see the value……

    • My thoughts exactly but don’t forget you also get access to several outlets for discounts to make Queen Oprah more money!

    • The testing products sounds interesting & getting to keep it. Wonder if they actually follow throw with it?

      • You can sign up to be a BzzAgent and receive things for free for your honest opinion (don’t have to be a blogger or anything). I do it and have received things from teeth whitening kits to Benjamin Moore paint to organic produce and dairy items. It’s free. P.S. there isn’t any sort of referral program or benefit.

        • I did not know BzzAgent is still around. I remember receiving toys when my older son was little and a free sonicare toothbrush. I bzzed about the toothbrush a lot. I haven’t participated since we moved.

          • How fun Anna! I also quit doing it for a while. Sometimes life is too busy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just started again and am having fun with it.
            What I hope I got across is that we can find things for free without paying Oprah (no offense, O). I’m guessing the companies she chooses are going to want reviews too, but we’ll see. It’ll be interesting to see what the surprise gift is!

    • There is also an unspecified value mystery gift, which could be where the real value lies. And with the premium membership they send you products to test and then keep. Depending on what they send and how often they send things, that could add up quickly. I hope people weren’t expecting free trips to Australia or new cars for $199, lol (though I think some were thinking along those lines however mistakenly). I don’t think I can judge the value of the annual sub on the basis of a single beauty box. I’m reserving judgment until I see what else is to come. I can’t see Oprah attaching her name to a less than break even annual membership.

      • I know I mentioned the new cars as a tongue-in-cheek way to point out how generous O used to be “back in the day”, compared with how lacking this sub seems in retrospect! Perhaps that was too broad of a parallel. I for one, nor would I think anyone, expects that level for a $199 sub. I guess humor is subjective and does not translate well via impersonal messages boards. Whoops!

    • The other two $$ perks that I haven’t received yet will be a surprise gift from the O-List and item(s) to try and keep. I’m hoping that those items plus the beauty box make the value worth at least $200 to me – I will post reviews of them as soon as I get them! Hope that helps explain it a little better! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I am hoping the same thing Liz!

      • That’s what I’m interest in finding out more about (test & keep products). While I don’t expect big ticket items like a free car or trip, it might be small electronics or home appliances, full-size prestige beauty products/treatments, etc. I’m waiting to see what you get as the surprise gift before trying out the $199 subscription.

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