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Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Item Review

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Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Item Review Box

The Oprah Magazine Circle of Friends Premier subscription comes with perks including a luxury beauty box, a surprise gift, and the opportunity to try and keep products, so I had to sign up!

Here’s a breakdown of the subscription perk options:

Circle of Friends Membership

The first perk I’ve received was the Luxury Beauty Box, the second was the O-list surprise item. And now I’m reviewing the first of two Test & Keep products.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Item Review Info

The test and keep item comes with a card asking you to enter your feedback on the Circle of Friends site.

Here is my test and keep product:

Oprah Circle of Friends Subscription Try & Keep Item Review Burts Bees

Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit – Value $13

This set includes:

  • Almond Milk Hand Creme (0.25 oz)
  • Hand Salve (0.3 oz)
  • Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Hand Creme (0.75 oz)
  • Coconut Foot Creme (0.75 oz)
  • Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (0.3 oz)
  • Replenishing Lip Balm (0.15 oz)

The good news – I love Burt’s Bees and I will use all these items. The bad news – this wasn’t what I was expecting as a test and keep item. Here are screen shots of the products they use as examples for test and keep:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.22.48 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.23.13 PM

To be fair, they do make a point of stating “images are illustrative only, actual items may vary.”

I love getting quality drugstore brands in subscription boxes, but the pictures shown for this program led me to believe I’d be getting higher end, more expensive test and keep products.

Looking at the #omagcircle on Instagram, it looks like everyone either received this Burt’s Bees set, or an OXO Good Grips Chef’s Digital Leave-In Thermometer. (Everyone on Instagram seems to be very happy with the items they received though – maybe my expectations are way off).

Verdict: At this point I can’t recommend this subscription. I was expecting higher value luxe items based on the advertisement of this box (and the fact that this is Oprah’s subscription). If I knew what I would be actually getting, I wouldn’t have paid $200 for it. (I still have one more test and keep item coming to me this year, so I know I’m jumping the gun a bit on this verdict, but after this item and the planner that arrived in February I’m OK with making the call).

From what I can tell from comments on past Circle of Friends reviews, it sounds like this subscription was a lot more valuable in terms of items and perks last year – I guess I missed the good year!

What do you think of the Oprah Circle of Friends subscription?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. signed in February or March of 15. Had such a hard time getting started. For months I received notices to send payment which was sent when I signed. friend never received magazines. Filled out form sometime June or July asking about receipt of articles and if I wanted to cancel. Said not before my Birthday in August. Promised gift for completing form came in August. Or this might have been birthday gift. Called about Card, received one in Sept. Only use Lipstick, Nail polish and hand cream now. Enjoyed Test & Keep.

  2. Wow, I just called to cancel my membership too. (After getting no response from emailing) It was amazing how quickly the customer service rep changed her tone once I told her why I was calling. She became very short with me and rude. When I asked to make sure there would be no auto renewal she snapped at me “of course not.” Such a letdown…hope the refund comes through.

  3. Hi!
    I work at O’s Circle of Friends and just came across this site and have gone through all of your comments. I want to make you all aware that I am here, listening to you, and most importantly, ready to help you all.

    If you have specific questions please send them to me directly at [email protected] and I will do everything I can to answer them and, most importantly, make your membership what it’s supposed to be…wonderful.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I just called the number (866-399-6820) and asked that my subscription be canceled and to ensure I would not be charged another $199 dollars with an automatic renewal. I was told the system is not set up to do this and I will be contacted before an auto-renewal takes place via email. How can others get refunds, but I cannot?

    • Wow… that sounds like total BS if you ask me. I’d call back & demand to speak to a supervisor.

    • Just try again, I cancelled mine on a Monday and got my refund on a Wednesday. They gave me back 119 so I guess it costs 90 for the glossybox, popcorn and 3 magazines. Definitely not worth it.

  5. I had a good laugh after all the hype and you scroll down and see the Burts Bees package. Lol

  6. Hi everyone, I just called and cancelled and they are going to issue me a prorated refund. They are not sure what that is going to be but I wanted to let you know because I think it would be better for people to do that then to let them keep all of your money. If you want me to give you an update of how much I end up getting I can do that too. They asked why I was canceling and I basically told the customer representative what we have all been saying…. but they should be able to figure it out on their own.

  7. My O-list item were earrings worth $29.95 on the web. My test and keep was also the Burt’s Bees set worth $13.00. Then I called Oprah’s 800 number (866-399-6820) to ask about the 2nd promised test and keep item. (I made a copy from her website in October which showed 2 test and keep products.) I was told that they were only sending out ONE test and keep product and I was done. I expected more from anything with Oprahs name. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!

  8. she’s not rich for no reason peeps! >.<

  9. Does it strike anyone else as funny that Oprah is mass marketing her friendship as something you can purchase, and at three different price points, no less? lol

  10. You can cancel by calling Customer Service at 866-399-6820.

  11. Wow. Subscription boxes can risky and disappointing at times but this one is just awful. Sure, the picture says “for illustrative purposes only” but the text says members will get to “preview new products.” The Burt’s Bees set, in addition to being of very low value, is not a new product. This set has been on the shelves of Target and drug stores for at least the past year, maybe longer. The sub completely misrepresented the value and types of items that would be sent. I hope those of you requesting cancellation and/or refund are successful. O needs to make this right.

  12. So they are putting a $106 value on a birthday card, the O list planner and 2 test and keep items? The next item better be spectacular!

    Has anyone actually recieved the bday card? Is it actually signed by Oprah TO YOU, or just printed or a generic “Oprah signed 500 cards one day” thing?

  13. Never thought O would do the ole bait and switch. Thank you for letting us know. I love your reviews, I check here before I subscribe.

  14. I am glad I did not sign up for this box and am so sorry for everyone that did. I am shocked reading these comments and what has been received. Popcorn! I hope that there is a positive outcome from the complaints. Unfortunately it sounds like they do not care but I hope I am wrong.

  15. Wow this is truly awful! I would absolutely insist on being refunded. I can’t believe some of you got popcorn omg. They really ought to be ashamed.

  16. My experience has been much different than most of you. I am a Premier member and subscribed the very first day. Here is what I have received.
    2 VIP tickets to Oprah’s tour value $2000, a an O Circle member who attended the tour a free pair of LisetteL pants value $120, a photo and reception with Oprah at the tour Value Priceless, O List Gift a small bag value $29.00, Winner in OMag Circle of Friends Twitter Contest at Christmas time. value $499, and The Burt’s Bees kit value $13. So far I have received over $2600 in goods, services and joy for my $199.00
    Yes I was disappointed in the Burt’s Bees kit to test however, I think for me it was the best $199 that I ever spent!

    • Wow! Can you let us know when you subscribed?

      • I subscribed in July.

  17. That burts bees set is on clearance at my work for 6.99 thats such a joke sorry you guys got screwed 🙁 glad i never subscribed . so its pretty much 200$ for some magazines

  18. Oh no! I read the terms and conditions and we automatically get billed. If we cancel now, is our second “mystery” gift going to be worse than if we wait and cancel after? This is worse than the social bliss box. I never thought I would say that but I guess never say never.

    • I logged on and clicked on “cancel my subscription” and it says
      “We are sorry that you want to cancel your subscription.
      Your current order is not eligible for cancellation for any of the following reasons:
      * It was sold as part of a bundled order
      * It was sold as part of a gift order

      So as far as I can tell they don’t make it easy to cancel and we have to email customer service to do so.

      • I’ve done so twice so i will post it if I’m successful in getting it cancelled. 🙁

          • Just called customer service (no response from my emails) so I cancelled as of today and will not renew again (according to the rep). She said they would prorate any refund from the value of the items I already received and apparently they’ve been receiving lots of these same complaints and were forwarding them to wherever they go… That’s something I guess.

  19. I don’t want to crush the hearts of any who still happens to worship O as this unicorn of all beings predominately based on an enormously successful run as one of the most revered, beloved talk show hosts of all time. Especially at a time when the production powers that be discovered how hugely beneficial both financially and influentially it was/would become to use their programming as a indulgently sweet (albeit somewhat deceptive in cases) catalyst to cross market products (mostly perceived as higher end, luxury brands) to the masses, whether they were conscious of it or not. Hugely strategic win for brands (prouct placement), for their star (gains mega influential power and commission kickbacks for conveniently mentioning/gifting random products ever so coincidentally) and for ratings (you get a car, and you get a car, and… gosh, maybe if I tune in, I’ll get a car?). You couldn’t plan it better, it was magic and no one realized because O had become the new and improved Santa. Regardless of whether she truly used or believed in the product, sales

    • (oops… continued, sorry…)
      As I was saying, sales soared merely by her mention. UGGS, philosophy, Kuhn rikon, etc, brands that perhaps weren’t considered mainstream or as commonplace as today saw profits and stocks go through the roof. It was a phenomenon that fascinated economists and was every ad execs, marketing and branding, publicists and CEOs to small business/indie/niche marketers dream. So while it maybe began as she innocently mentioned a prouduct, it blew up and created many millionaires and billionaires. It made people and products relevant. And it changed the face of how people buy. We’ve realized how we are influenced and that reviews and perceptions can unfortunately be deliberately designed and manipulated. That’s what I see with this box. O signed onto what is presently a very hot, successful money making band wagon and instead of ensuring integrity and honor when signing her brand to it, she dropped the ball hard and showed many her true nature. It’s all about the Benjamin’s with her too, unfortunately. It’s eye opening and hopefully a very clear revelation for many. I feel super sad for those who shelled out $$ that coulda gone to a better box, because I know how much it sucks to be let down like this and I hate to see any MSAers go through that, because even tho I am a random stranger to you all, I ‘ve been on/reading MSA for a long time, and through day habit, I find myself relating and truly caring about how we all go thru this Sub/Mystery Box experience, whether it’s a box I’m subbed to or not. So because of this box and the crummy experience O’s “Circle of People I Couldnt Care Less About So I’m Not Gonna Give Them the Cool, Luxury Swagtacular Stuff I’d Give Gayle, But I’ll Gladly Take Their $200 and Give Them Some Random Sponsored Condolence Freebs” err… I mean the more familiar edited name, O’s”Circle of Friends,” far as I’m concerned, she and Gayle can go cuddle with her Echart Tolle first edition lined in virgin dove feather parchment, gilded cashmere throw in her Uggs, smear on some LaMer diamond encrusted face mask while sipping some Aces from a Bvlgari flute and suck it. *pout* /end rant. Sorry for the lengthy rant but #notsorryshesucks #nowondershesbeenhavingsomanygaragesaleslately
      #sellout #obviouslyinevergotanOcar LOL

      • LOLOLOLOLOL well said

      • I think I love you a little. It sucks being one of the rare people who don’t buy into the Oprah hype.

        That being said. I can understand how people would expect good things from someone like Oprah. I feel bad for those who have spent so much money only to be given something you can pick up easily at your local drugstore. I like the brand, but it’s nothing new and something I couldn’t easily get myself in the next 10 minutes. I’d be highly disappointed (and quite angry) to have received this ‘gift.’

        I also think the complete differences in the gifts are very odd.

        • Lol, thanks Lisa… a little love goes a long way! 🙂 And yes, I agree… it can be hard and the hype is real for some, but I have a strong hope that more people are beginning to realize how deliberately orchestrated things have become. It’s pretty sad that the media cross marketing blitz of the last 25+ some years created such a monster, that it could influence so many well intentioned consumers to blindly trust the word of high paid product endorsers, who in most cases hasn’t or doesn’t even actually use the very products they’re promoting. It’s evolved in our current times to reality (pseudo)stars and You Tube (self proclaimed) gurus, but ultimately, it’s all the same smoke and mirrors. It’s created such a sense of distrust and disappointment, but I’m glad it’s opening people’s eyes, and that many are becoming smarter consumers and less willing to be taken advantage of. Thank goodness for blogs and sites like this, where we can share our own experiences with products and get more honest insight and feedback from real people, not people who benefit from swindling us!

  20. I’ve been fuming about O’s Circle of Friends since December. I signed up because Oprah normally doesn’t do anything that isn’t classy or first rate. I signed up in October 2014 and received my luxury box in December. My box was a used pink Glossy Box with three items in it. I called their customer service and told them I wanted to cancel because of the box that I received. I got my charge card bill and they charged me $56 for the two months that I was a member. I contacted them to find out what was worth $56 and they told me the box that they sent, use of the website for two months and the subscription to O Magazine that they stopped sending in January. I will never order anything that Oprah is attached to.

  21. I’m very bummed about this subscription too. It was a total leap of faith as I’ve never considered spending that kind of money on a subscription before. I really thought there would be a lot of value in it with Oprah’s name on it. My special gift months ago was Footnanny Foot Cream (which granted is better than the notebooks many people got). When I got my Burt’s Bees kit I knew for sure I had made a mistake signing up for this subscription.

    I didn’t think this subscription renewed on it’s own – if that’s the case I need to cancel it before another $200 gets wasted.

  22. I received ROC Deep Wrinkle Serum (1 oz.) $16.18 on Amazon

    • Omg. That’s awful. If you were a member of the Home Tester Club right now, you’d be be getting this product for free, no strings attached. Okay, one string. You have to write an honest review about your experience. I’m so sorry ladies. Their customer service and the self thought “Queen Bee” really need to rethink what a sub box is. Little companies like Little Lace Box are slamming it out of the park. I still dream at night anout when they will reopen for subscriptions. I guess she was too good to sit down w/ people at successful companies like Popsugar, Birchbox, FFF, to see what WORKS, and then expand from there. I’m not surprised though.

  23. Yikes, what a rip off, I hope you all get refunds!

  24. Not cool. I’m kind of speechless by how wrong this subscription is on so many levels.

    • Barbie…
      A) totally agree… on so many levels.
      and B) You are an icon. I truly adored your “action figures” growing up, even though I also secretly had a Jem doll who was far too large to share clothes or accessories.
      oh, and to clarify, C) For some reason I just get inexplicably happy whenever I see the name Barbie. XD (and I subconsciously start looking for missing tiny shoes.)

  25. When a company puts pictures of jeans, a swimsuit, and other items known to be in the $50-100 range and says they are for illustrative purposes only, still sounds like bait and switch to me when they send out a $10-13 product. (A little harder to make this case with the $40 thermometer.) Notice they didn’t happen to put any “illustrative” pictures of items in the $10-13 range. Why not? Hmmm… maybe because people would not opt for the Premier level of this subscription which is twice the cost of one level down. Of course this is not an accident. They can’t possibly believe someone would be happy with this.

    • Agree… it seems like a very deliberate attempt to sell a product by evoking emotion. It just doesn’t feel honest at all. It would be like somebody like Scott Disick or Diddy announcing you won their Swag Life Grand Prize and when you showed up to pick it up, it wasn’t the Rolex and RR Phantom depicted in the email, but a plastic Dora the Explorer Timex and a years rental of a used Ford Focus. (No offence to Timex, Dora fans, or Ford Focuses… just needed the contrast for illustrative comparison.) LOL
      Somehow I have a hard time believing this was an unintended overlooked occurrence when their Board met to discuss this venture. It feels like we got MacGrubered. By Oprah. That’s just sad.

      • I think some people have said this subscription was better in the past. I think it’s very likely that Oprah or someone close to her was involved in the beginning and then just walked away and handed this off to someone else to manage going forward. Whoever is in charge of it now probably thought “hey if we gave less valuable items we could make more money….” Maybe a good short-term strategy – makes the product more profitable initially on paper – but not a good long-term strategy if you want loyal customers over time.

        • Yeah… but… well based on loss/gain volatility that players like she has to deal with in business, that I commented on further below, it’s just ignorant, complacent and straight disrespectful to her fan base and followers. If she couldn’t ensure O level quality through out the duration of the project, even if she stepped aside and gave someone else wielding authority, it’s just weak sauce to be so blatantly disconnected and chintzy so early in the game. By design, many will refuse to believe she would personally ever intentionally do this, so to some, that alleviates her responsibility and accountability… but I tend to feel if you endorse a product, then you’re stamping your approval on it for those millions of dollars. Many people, more than would admit, are out for themselves. What’s in it for them, what do they gain from shilling said product. We see it every day. It’s sad but too common from what I’ve seen. Easy, common everyday example- when you go to a cosmetics counter at a dept store, are they selling you what’s good for you or what’s good for their commission and sales goal quotas? Same in the self help cosmetics stores… is it what’s in your best interest or the manager/vendor/associates?
          Ultimately, yes, it’s a business… but I don’t think that affords a person who has so much public responsibility weight off the hook. It’s all part of the responsibility tied to ginormasaurus amounts of money and fame. When you project an image and do things to get the masses to adore you and indoctrinate you to such esteemed levels of near deity (to many), then you should at the very least be humbled by your own greatness and not allow them to be taken advantage of by your very name. The kool aid can’t just turn back to water one day, can it? Or… maybe it wasn’t as sweet and yummy as we initially thought it was but we just weren’t conscious of it. Media/consumer smoke and mirrors are only powered by those who choose to be. Imbibe all we want, that’s fine… but caveat emptor. I just think Oprah owes her subbies more than to be viewed as a quick buck. I wish I could give all of those who got screwed by her cars (so i could do the whole “you get a car, and you get a car” speech) because I feel they’ve been treated so not cool… but… well, at the moment, my budget is basically Hot Wheels. :/

          • Yes, I completely agree.

  26. I was livid. Illustrations my ***. If you can’t send what you show, don’t show it. Like another commentor I left a very long review, not for the item itself, but for the “Circle,” If I want Burts Bees, I can get that anywhere. So far none of the items on the advert or in her magazine have shipped. I’m sorry, but it’s very hard for me to believe, these items are some of her favorite things. Getting off of and kicking my soapbox…

    • Totally Agree, Mia. I mean seriously, I wonder of Gayle King and Goop is in Oprahs Circle of Friends and if so, I wonder if she sent them the same stuff?!? By the very design and name bestowed on her “Club,” you’re led to believe this is the stuff she loves and gifts to friends, but… I think Gayle would disown her and Goop would totally consciously uncouple from her if she did. Lol.
      I predict now, with all the disappointed legions of fans and people who supported the venture voicing their let downs, they’re probably/potentially going to do some damage control by sending something at least a step or two above the current items to try and redeem themselves so they can continue the concept into another years worth and so on. They better have something good up their sleeve because this was just a low brow low blow. Seriously not cool.

  27. Oh boy! This is insane and so not worth the price! I’m usually more excited to try the pricier boxes, but when I saw what was inside the box, I definitely had a hunch that it was a total rip off, but Burts Bees though?! Beyond unacceptable in my book! I am never ok to get drugstore brands in my boxes! I really feel for those of you that DID subscribe to this. I feel your pain lol especially with Oprah’s name, I’d had much higher expectations. This is just ridiculous. …I mean Popsugar has better items than this in their regular boxes! For $200 I’d Def go to Rachel Zoe’s box lol

  28. I would like to cancel before I am automatically billed another $200. Can anyone give directions how to do this? I recall attempting to contact this subscription box site last fall when I did not receive a signed birthday card and I believe I ended up asking Hearst magazine to forward my emails and it took forever. There has to be a more direct way.

    • I would love to know how to cancel before the renewal period too. I certainly won’t make this $200 mistake again!

      • Same here, if anyone has luck cancelling, please share.

  29. Wow. I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for this.

  30. wow i wanted to get this box glad i did not .Oprah i do not belive knows at all . you almost get to the point you want the box reviewed before you get it . to me any box over 100 should have produts that are high end other wise i can get a box go to the store pick up a bunch of new produts every month and try new high end things all the time sorry to hear about this box xoxoxo dorothy

  31. Wow, I can’t believe Oprah would put her name on this. The advertisements are totally misleading and I would never have expected Oprah to send out items I could get in any grocery store. Honestly, would Oprah ever consider using a drug store brand? Probably not. So sorry to those of you who spent so much money for so little in return.

  32. Well, it’s clear how Oprah keeps getting wealthier….

  33. Can’t stand Oprah so I wouldn’t have signed up, but I feel you guys were swindled. Nothing that I have seen comes anywhere near the $199 (or even $99) cost, much less the value stated. I think anyone would think that, as extravagant as the old show giveaways were, this subscription would at least be a little special, but this is just plain chintzy. You all deserve a refund. And an apology!

    • I sent a lengthy email directly to them complaining about all these issues (value, items sent, misleading advertising, how I felt cheated out of my $200 etc) and never got a reply. Guess they had better things to do then deal with customer service.

    • Major agree, Kathy! She set a very specific expectation and precedence with her many years of the show and in ventures following (OWN, Oxygen, etc) that she enjoys, promotes and self associates with indulgence, extravagance and luxury. I don’t think it is unreasonable at all for anyone who subbed to feel swindled or in any way misled because even though the items are reputable, identifiable, mainstream everyday common goods, no one invests their money in anything Oprah to settle for humble, modest, practical and in any way even slightly frugal, everyday lifestyle commodities. I think that’s actually around the demographic Ellen has locked down in comparison, which is far more appealing, realistic, relatable and way less presumptuously bourgeoisie.
      Ruh roh… that has me thinking… when (notice I’m not saying if here) Ellen launches an ED Lifestyle Box Sub, because obviously she’s going to read this rant and steal my idea (Ugh!) I call dibs on royalties and commission (in the form of free lifetime subs to all of us MSA members!! Target gift cards, candles, PlayStations, Ellen underpants and tv’s for us all, baggy!!! lol) *calling my copyright and patent atty now. ;p

      • *Whoops… I don’t know why it says ‘baggy’ but I actually typed in ‘yayyy!’
        (clearly the auto-correct on my not-so-smart phone is on the sauce. No offense to those who were momentarily excited about baggys (whatever that means??) being thrown in my random generic Ellen prize mix. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will have the name Ellen sewn on tho.)

  34. I did not subscribe to this box, and I’m so glad I didn’t. If I were all you guys I would start flooding Oprah’s Twitter and Facebook with complaints about what a rip off this box has been. $200 for a glossy box, microwave popcorn, or Burts bees is ridiculous. She may not even know about this, so again I would absolutely complain directly to Oprah on her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Can’t hurt right? This Circle of Friends thing is really sullying her good name.

    • I would not tell anyone to do that, some people are ignorant and may result to name calling and why harass someone on social media?. I doubt Oprah has anything to do with it I blame the product manger from her company.

      • I’m not telling anyone to “harrass” or “name call” anyone else. However, I certainly don’t think there is a darn thing wrong with contacting Oprah (a public figure) through her public social media accounts to let her (or her social media team) know how dissatisfied they are with the bait and switch of the Circle of Friends program. Why do you think they have PUBLIC social media sites? Just to post status updates and selfies?? That’s kind of the whole point of social media – to engage with their followers, etc.

        If you read my comment, I also mentioned that Oprah may not even know about this. There is nothing wrong with letting her know. It’s got her name on it and her company took these peoples’ hard-earned money. If that was me and my company did that, I sure as heck would want to know about it. Contacting the CEO of a company when you’ve been basically swindled is not harrassment. It’s a consumer’s right.

        • I’ve already emailed twice and received no response either time. They don’t seem to care. Whether Oprah knows or not she should check in on companies/projects who promote/carry her name –if for no other reason than to quality control. I’m not buying that she doesn’t know. It’s nice you’re trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but she’s seems pretty hands on in all her projects… That’s my feeling on this whole fiasco.

  35. Why would O sell this?

  36. me too – awful!!! I cannot express to anyone enough how terribly cheated I feel with this subscription. Oprah? Total fail!

  37. I cannot express to anyone enough how terribly cheated I feel with this subscription. Oprah? Total fail! I could have used the $200 towards other annual subscriptions of much more exciting boxes!!! Unless the next item is a huge value item I will NEVER sign up for this subscription again. What a total let down. I completely agree with you Liz so don’t feel bad about assessing this box as a bust so far. Her track record thus far does not lead me to believe we will be happy with the end result. Oh well, it is a gamble we take with these boxes right? So I guess in this case the house totally won.

    • Oh and I got the same Burt’s Bees kit as you did.

  38. Well, I just received my test and keep, too, and I got…wait for it……two boxes of microwave popcorn!! Now, this is fancy, non- GMO, organic, flavored microwave popcorn that comes in bags that aren’t lined with plastic that leaks toxic stuff when you heat them (like 99% of other popcorn brands), but still. These sell for $5 at places like Whole Foods, so it’s a $10 value. I’m sure my kids will love them, but, like everyone else, I saw the jeans and other items in the “test and keep” and thought the items would be more exciting. This subscription is a total fail in my opinion.

    • I know – the pictures of jeans and a swimsuit made me think we’d be getting test and keep products in the $50-100 range. Sorry about your popcorn 🙁

    • The “test and keep” sure makes you think it would be high end. Not like you could test and send back microwave popcorn! Made me giggle but a disappointment for the cost!

  39. This is way better than what I got! I got my first test and review box and it had two boxes of microwave popcorn. Microwave popcorn! I sure hope the next one is way better…:(

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