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My Subscription Addiction
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The 21 Best Subscription Boxes for Men – 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards

Featuring the best subscription boxes for men in the 2021 Readers' Choice awards, including Bespoke Post, Dollar Shave Club, and the GQ Best Stuff Box.

Shop subscription boxes for men easier than ever with the most popular recommended subscriptions according to our 2021 Readers' Choice awards.

Guys love stuff — provided that it’s the right kind of stuff. Men’s subscription boxes can make excellent gifts, and they’re a great way to treat yourself; some subscriptions focus on building out your daily carry, while others give you the personal hygiene products you desperately need (even if you don’t know you need them).

With that said, shopping for men’s subscription services can be overwhelming. The market is filled with subscription services, and some of them offer a much better value than others. Our readers have helped us cut through the mediocre boxes — and below, we’ll present our 2021 Readers’ Choice awards for the best men’s subscription boxes around. 

Whether you love tech or you’re an avid outdoorsman, you’ll find plenty of options. However, we’re aware that no two men are the same, and before you buy, you’ll want to check out our analysis of each service’s advantages and disadvantages. Wherever possible, we’ve also included promo links and discount codes to keep costs as low as possible.

The Most Popular Men's Subscription Boxes

Read on for our reader’s recommendations for the best subscription boxes for men currently available. If we missed anything, drop us a comment. If you’ve tried one of these services, be sure to leave a quick review (even if you had a poor experience — your review can help other readers avoid subscription remorse).

1. Bespoke Post - Best Subscription Box for Men Overall

Image via our review.

The Cost: $45.00 per month for members, $55.00 if purchased without a membership. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"We are new to this box but so far hubby loves it! I like how many different options there are each month." - Kelsey H.

"The two things I love most about this subscription is the ability to skip a month (every month) and the quality of the products. I have yet to be disappointed by any of the products I've purchased through this box." - Kat S.

"This box has been a lifesaver when it comes to buying gifts for the favorite men in my life – dad, brother, and son." - Michelle from El Paso

About This Men's Subscription Box: Curate your lifestyle with Bespoke Post. This subscription box for men tops the list as a reader favorite thanks to its no-nonsense approach to high-quality gear.

Each month, subscribers choose a themed box filled, each of which contains unique hand-curated pieces. By paying for this subscription, you’re investing in personal luxury: The box might include lifestyle items, gadgets, home decor, or just about everything else, but every item is made from high-quality materials, with few of the “trinket"-type pieces you’d get from less expensive men’s subscription boxes. The goal is to introduce you to something new, which might mean a better way to shave, a trend-conscious take on barware, or a new hobby.

Members can easily skip or swap any box without charge, and new boxes are added regularly.

Bespoke Post is an excellent subscription box for men interested in endless creativity and style, and it’s a fan favorite for a reason. The only downside is the slightly high price tag, but again, this is luxury stuff — if you’re shopping for cheap electronics and novelty items, look elsewhere.

ACTIVE DEAL: 25% OFF First Box

Check out our Bespoke Post reviews to learn more. Ships to the lower 48 U.S. states for $3.95, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for $10. All orders over $75 qualify for free shipping.


2. Dollar Shave Club - Best Shaving Subscription Box for Men

Dollar Shave Club box with razor, refill blades, and shave butter on display.

Image from our review.

The Cost: Starts at $5.00 for the starter kit. Refills are priced depending on your specific blade and product choices. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"The products make men's skin so soft, and the products and razor work amazing." - Tricia Limestall

"Never worry about having a dull blade." - Christine

About This Men's Subscription Box: Nothing ruins your day like razor burn, and if you’re still shaving with cheap drugstore blades, it’s time to step your game up. Dollar Shave Club continues to top the charts in the Reader’s Choice category, and chances are, you’ve heard about this one — it’s one of the top subscription boxes for men, and the company has built a strong reputation.

You’ll get access to excellent razors, flexible scheduling options, and affordable prices. Subscribers build their own custom kit containing shaving products and self-care necessities.

Shop for the perfect 4 or 6-blade razor (multiple handle styles are available). Add in shaving cream, aftershave, skin serum, shampoos, and just about anything else you’ll use in the bathroom — the shave butter is an especially popular add-on, and it’s the best way to get rid of that aforementioned razor burn. Seriously, we can’t say enough about the shave butter.

The Dollar Shave Club subscription box for men covers all your grooming needs, and while we’ve found a number of other excellent shaving services, this company cuts through the clutter (pun intended) with simple, affordable, high-quality products. Your skin will thank you.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get your first Starter Set for $5 plus free shipping! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Check out our Dollar Shave Club reviews to learn more. Ships to the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia.


3. GQ Best Stuff Box - Best Quarterly Subscription Box for Men

Image via our review.

The Cost: Plans start at $50.00 per quarter. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"A splurge but great value." - Jane

About This Men's Subscription Box: GQ Best Stuff Box lives up to its name, and it’s relatively affordable given the quality (more on that in a moment). This quarterly subscription box for men is curated by the editors of GQ Magazine, and the items are certainly on-brand: You’ll find a mix of apparel, accessories, and grooming products with a total retail value of $200 or more.

You’ll also receive exclusive discounts from the featured brands and access to tutorials for many of the products. Like Bespoke Post, the GQ Best Stuff Box allows men to explore new lifestyle products, and the quarterly delivery model ensures that you’re never overwhelmed. 

If you’re looking for a subscription box for men that makes a great gift, look no further — and if you’re buying a subscription box for yourself, here’s an option that gives you time to explore the products while delivering plenty of value.

Check out our GQ Best Stuff Box reviews and our GQ Best Stuff Box spoilers to learn more. Ships to the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico).


4. BREO BOX - Best Men’s Subscription Box for Tech

Image via our review.

The Cost: Plans start at $159.00 per quarter.  Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"My fiance loves this box. There is always some high-end gadget or electronic that he absolutely loves, plus practical things he uses daily. It is a little pricey, but the box is still valued at well over the price you pay for the box." - Jackie

About This Men's Subscription Box: The BREO BOX is a quarterly subscription box for men that delivers the best up-and-coming tech and lifestyle products. The company curates an experience where fun meets practicality.

Shipments arrive with 5-8 tech, home-good, lifestyle, or fitness items matching a seasonal theme. Expect to receive brand-name curated products — they’ll arrive in a reusable wooden crate, which reduces waste (and gives you a cool way to display your stuff).

Past boxes have included items like Bluetooth earbuds, a portable LED projector, the PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer box, and a FujiFilm Instax camera. As a men’s subscription box, it’s a solid choice: Our readers love the quality of the selections, and while this is one of the more expensive boxes on this list, it’s worth the investment for serious tech-lovers.

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $30 off your first Fall box while stocks last!

Check out all of our BREO BOX reviews to learn more. Ships worldwide.


5. Gentleman's Box - Best Luxury Style Box for Men

Image via our review.

The Cost: $35.00 per month. Save more with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"I like their monthly theme and learning about a person of the month." - Jane

About This Men's Subscription Box: Every guy can benefit from a few lifestyle upgrades, and that’s what the Gentleman’s Box offers.

The Gentleman’s Box is a subscription box for men that offers stylish accessories that are classy, functional, and perfect for upgrading your lifestyle. You’ll find must-have fashion accessories for the modern man; that might mean premium skincare products, chic ties, or trend-conscious timepieces.

Purchase this box, and you’ll receive 4-6 top-quality, unique pieces each month. The Gentleman’s Box lets you quickly update your wardrobe without the hassle of shopping around for in-style accessories, and for the most part, they nail it — given the low price, you shouldn’t expect to receive Rolexes or other expensive gear, but for classy accessories, it’s right on brand.

This men’s subscription box also offers gifting options with set end dates. We think the low price is the best selling point: If you’re not sure whether subscription boxes are right for you, here’s a great place to start.

ACTIVE DEAL: Use code Pocket75 to get pocket squares 75% Off
CODE: Pocket75

Check out our Gentlemen's Box reviews to learn more. Ships to the U.S. for free and worldwide for an additional charge.


6. Shaker and Spoon - Best Men's Subscription for Aspiring Mixologists

Photo of October 2021 Box, contents and three drinks from Shaker & Spoon

The Cost: Prices start at $50 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“After striking out on Christmas this year...Shaker and Spoon was the perfect Valentine's present for my husband. (Thank you MySubscriptionAddiction!) The first box we received was the gin box, and the three drinks created by S&S were amazing! I am looking forward to seeing what creations are in the next two boxes, and most likely will be extending our subscription. He has bragged about his gift of Shaker & Spoon to his friends, and I have shared the gift idea to my friends as well.” - Lynnette

About This Subscription Box: Shaker & Spoon is the ultimate subscription box for aspiring mixologists.

Each box includes three recipes for 12 special drinks (four drinks per recipe). Plus, it comes with everything you need to make the drink! (So you won’t need to worry about running to the store.) This includes bitters, syrups, citrus, garnishes, you name it!

And, as if that wasn’t cool enough, Shaker & Spoon provides one-of-a-kind recipes, each of which was crafted by a unique, world-class bartender. Subscribers can also skip any box, at any time without having to cancel their subscription.

ACTIVE DEAL: $10 off any length subscription

Check out our Shaker and Spoon reviews to learn more. Shipping is a flat rate of $8 per box for USPS Priority shipping.


7. Stitch Fix Men - Best Clothing Subscription Box for Men

Stitch Fix Mens December 2018 - Hawker Rye - Benson Stretch Flannel Shirt Front View

Image from our review.

The Cost: $20.00 styling fee, applies toward the price of any items you decide to keep. Sign up here!

About This Service: Ever wish you could afford a personal stylist and shopper? That’s where Stitch Fix comes in.

This clothing subscription box for men curates apparel for only $20 per month (that fee can be applied towards any items you decide to keep). Start by filling out an extensive survey, detailing your fit, style preferences, size, and price range. You’ll be matched with a personal stylist based on your feedback, then you’ll receive 5 hand-picked items to try on in the comfort of your own home. Keep anything you love and send everything else back. It’s really that simple.

The Stitch Fix subscription box for men offers a great alternative to the department store, and we love the simple, convenient approach. You can schedule regular deliveries,  shop for additional products, or pause your Fix at any time. If your wardrobe currently consists of old t-shirts from high school, you deserve better — Stitch Fix Men lets you improve your look without spending a ton of time or money.

Check out all of our Stitch Fix Men reviews to learn more. Ships to the U.S.


8. The Box by Fashionsta for Men - Best Men’s Subscription Box for Skincare

Image via our review.

The Cost: $29.99 per month. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"Yes! The Box by Fashionsta makes a mens box. What, you haven't heard of it? Well check them out. They have awesome products for men monthly. Your man will love you more if you get him one." - Rox

About This Men's Subscription Box: The Box By Fashionista For Men is a monthly men’s subscription box focused on skincare. Whether you’re shopping for a new regimen — or you don’t have a regimen — The Box For Men is exactly what you need for cleaner, healthier-looking skin.

Shipments include 5-7 full-size self-care and skincare products, lifestyle items, grooming products, or gadgets with a total retail value of $120 or more. Every box comes with a different assortment of curated products, but rest assured: You’ll get everything you need to build a routine that actually works. Along the way, you’ll also build a collection of utility items — combs, tweezers, and other essentials — so you’ll look your best without spending your time shopping for those must-haves. This subscription box for men is highly curated and simplifies skincare. Your skin will thank you.

Check out all of our The Box by Fashionsta for Men reviews to learn more. Ships worldwide.


9. Basic Man - Best Men’s Subscription Box for Essentials

Image via our review.

The Cost: $19.99 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"Great products for a very reasonable price." - Kimmy J.

"I love Basic Man, I purchase two subscriptions! The value is great and my sons love the soft feel and great fit of the basics!" - Shelly111

About This Men's Subscription Box: Let’s face it: You probably need some new underwear. To that end, Basic Man is one of the best subscription boxes for any man to keep them feeling fresh and clean. It delivers the essentials right when you need them without any unnecessary add-ons. With that said, these basics aren’t, uh, “basic.”

Each shipment includes a t-shirt, pair of underwear, and a pair of socks, all of which are made with high-quality sustainable materials. You’ll get a variety of colors, and every item is comfortable and long-lasting — but Basic Man also understands that underwear isn’t supposed to last forever, so each item includes a “destroy by” date. You’ll know when to retire each piece. Simple, right?

ACTIVE DEAL: Get 50% off your first box!

Check out our Basic Man reviews to learn more. Ships worldwide.


10. Scent Box - Best Men's Cologne Subscription

scent box tube spray exxample

Image from our review.

The Cost: Prices start at $10 per month (with promotion). Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I've been a subscriber for seven months. So far I have had only positive experiences with receiving my orders and with exchanges, which are very easy to do. I like their selection. Sometimes a perfume will vanish from my calendar (for future dates) because the popular ones do sell out. Have had no trouble finding a replacement though.” - Heather K.

“Loved the quick shipping and huge selection of fragrances.” - tootsmcgee

“One of my favorite subscription boxes, great selection of fragrances! Bought a subscription for my husband and he is enjoying it as well.” - tootyfruity

About This Men's Subscription Box: Scent Box is the ultimate subscription for CognoScentis (AKA people who are obsessed with cologne and/or perfume). 

Scent Box offers two subscription models: Standard and Premium. The only difference between the two subscriptions is that the Standard subscription includes one “designer” fragrance per month whereas the Premium subscription includes one “premium” fragrance per month. Yes, you get to choose which scent you’d like to try out! 

Examples of “premium” fragrances include Acqua Di Gio Profondo by Giorgio Armani and Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get 35% off your first month! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Check out our Scent Box reviews to learn more. Ships to the US for free!


11. Menlo Club – Most Affordable Men's Clothing Subscription

menlo club example clothes

Image from our review.

The Cost: $60.00 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I use Menlo Club to help my husband, sons, brother, and father with their gifts. Their products are of good quality.” – TeacherMom

“Everything is super comfortable. The discounts you get are amazing AND I love that I don’t have to pay a styling fee and possibly get nothing because I don’t like/can’t afford the clothes that are picked for me. It’s all included in your monthly subscription price!” – Keith P Miller

About This Men's Subscription Box: Upgrade your wardrobe with the Menlo Club. This clothing subscription box for men offers high-quality, personalized apparel delivered right to your door, and members receive significant discounts on items they keep. If you’re on a budget, Menlo Club will let you improve your fashion sense without overspending.

Similar to the other men’s clothing subscriptions we’ve covered, members fill out a brief quiz with their style preferences, but the box costs $60 per month for all of the items they receive. Sign up, and a stylist selects personalized apparel from three brands: Five Four contemporary wear, Grand AC athletic wear, and New Republic accessories. 

Shipments typically have 2 to 3 items. You can exchange anything you don’t like, and you’ll get discounts when shopping their store. Members also receive early access to new products. For $60 per month, Menlo Club is well worth the money.

ACTIVE DEAL: Gets you your first box for $20 -$193 value.

Check out our Menlo Club reviews and details to learn more. Ships to the contiguous US for free, Alaska and Hawaii for $7, Canada for $25, and the UK for $30.


12. SprezzaBox - Best Subscription Box for Men’s Accessories

Image via our review.

The Cost: $28.00 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"My husband always enjoyed getting his SprezzaBox, and adding new coordinated socks, ties, and accessories to his collection." - Aviedo

About This Men's Subscription Box: Is your business attire leaving you feeling (and looking) less than inspired? The SprezzaBox is a style subscription box for men that aims to change that.

Expertly curated by a team of stylists, the SprezzaBox is all about high-end accessories. Members choose between different themed boxes, so whether you’re looking to upgrade your business casual clothing or you’re planning a big event, you’ll find something to love. Each month, you’ll receive 4-6 everyday essentials, grooming products, or lifestyle items with a total retail value of $100 or more.

SprezzaBox’s curated goods can help you update your accessory game without all the work. With this subscription box for men, you can wake up and look good — while saving quite a bit of time and money.

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $10 on your first box!

Check out all of our SprezzaBox reviews to learn more. Ships to the U.S. for $2, Canada for $6, and worldwide for varying rates (customs may apply). 

13. BattlBox – Best Outdoor Subscription Box for Men with Survival and Tactical Gear

Battlbox Septmber 2018 review featuring pocket knives and other tools

Image of the Pro Plus box from our review.

The Cost: Starts at $29.99 per month for the Basic box, $59.99 per month for the Advanced box, $109.99 per month for the Pro box, and $159.99 for the Pro Plus box. Subscribe here!

About This Men's Subscription Box: Every guy wants to spend more time outdoors, and that’s why our readers love the BattlBox, a monthly subscription box for men packed with survival and tactical products. Each box has a monthly theme based around preparedness, camping, and survival.

There are four subscription plans to choose from, but even at the least expensive level, you’ll get plenty of emergency supplies, reading materials, and survival tools. Upgrade your plan at any time to receive even more products in every shipment. 

If you’re always shopping for outdoor-living gear, the Pro Plus option is worth the money: You’ll receive everything from sleeping bags to tents from brands like TOPS, Spyderco, Gerber, and Bastion. BattleBox is one of the best subscription boxes for men who are interested in exploring the outdoors — but need a little help building up their gear collection.

Check out our BattlBox reviews to learn more. Ships to the U.S. and Canada.

14. Society Socks - Best Sock Subscription Box for Men

Cost: $19.00 per month. Subscribe here!

About This Men's Subscription Box: If you’re shopping for more comfortable duds, Society Socks delivers the essentials you need to enjoy your leisure time. 

Granted, we usually don’t find socks to be that exciting, but this subscription box for men offers comfy office-appropriate apparel with stylish prints on a regular schedule, and that’s a big time saver.

All Society Socks are made from ultra-soft combed cotton and have a no-slip cuff, so you’ll never lose one below your heel. The designs are funky (but not too funky), so each shipment delivers a fun surprise.

Those are great reasons to give Society Socks a try, but here’s our favorite selling point: For every order, the company donates two pairs of socks to people in need.

ACTIVE DEAL: $10 off

Check out all of our Society Socks reviews to learn more. Ships worldwide.


15. Craft Beer Club - Best Beer Subscription Box for Men

Beer and coasters from the craft beer club.

Cost: Subscription starts at $44.75 per month. Subscribe here!

About This Men's Subscription Box: What list of men's subscriptions would be complete without including at least one beer box. The Craft Beer Club brings an exciting (and delicious) mix of premium craft beers right to your doorstep. The curators seek out the best microbreweries to deliver an ever-changing selection of high-end brews.

Shipments include 12 (or 24) beers in 4 different styles, along with the Monthly Beer Newsletter, which details the origins of every bottle. There is no membership fee, and the site offers gift options (we think that this is an ideal box for Father’s Day). Whether you’re a connoisseur or you’re just looking to try some new brews, The Craft Beer Club will keep your refrigerator well-stocked with exceptional beers.

ACTIVE DEAL: Receive 3 bonus gifts with your first shipment! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Check out all of our Craft Beer Club reviews to learn more. Free shipping to the contiguous U.S.


16. Grill Masters Club - Best Grilling Subscription for Men:

Grill masters club box

Cost: Plans start at $29.99 per month. Save more with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I have this box for myself and I have purchased it twice as a gift. I cant get enough of these sauces and rubs!”  – Alex

About This Men's Subscription Box: Master outdoor cooking with the Grill Masters Club. This subscription box for men contains a selection of award-winning products hand-picked by the world’s best pitmasters.

Each delivery includes a mix of premium sauces, rubs, marinades, woodchips, and grill accessories, along with a healthy supply of recipes and cooking tips. Members also gain access to the Grill Masters online community, where you’ll find how-to videos, giveaways, product discounts, and plenty of BBQ-related discussion.

Non-renewing gift orders are available, so this is another great option if you’re shopping for Father’s Day and birthdays.

ACTIVE DEAL: Use the coupon code HOLIDAY12 to get 75% OFF your first box when purchasing a 12-month subscription

Check out all of our Grill Masters Club reviews to learn more.


17. Mystery Tackle Box - Best Men’s Subscription Box for Fishing

Image via our review.

The Cost: $19.99 per month for the Regular box, $29.99 for the Pro box, and $39.99 per month for the Elite box. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

"Actually I get mystery tackle box for both my boyfriend and myself- we love it!" - Shaunna

About This Men's Subscription Box: Mystery Tackle Box lets you tackle your tacklebox with pride. With this subscription box for men, you’ll receive a steady supply of high-quality lures from hundreds of different brands — they ship out more than 2 million baits each year, so whether you’re an avid fisherman or you’re trying to get into a new hobby, this service is well worth a look.

Expect to receive a variety of lures and other fishing products, all of which are curated for a specific species. You can change the species at any time to get a different range of products, so you’ll have plenty of room to explore. The Mystery Tackle Box also includes helpful information for using the new lures effectively.

Check out our Mystery Tackle Box reviews for more info. Ships to the U.S. and Canada.


18. Trade Coffee - Best Men’s Subscription for Coffee Drinkers

What's inside a trade coffee subscription box: a guidebook and a bag of beans as requested.

Cost: Costs range from $15-$22. Free shipping. Subscribe here!

About This Subscription Box: Upgrade your coffee game with a Trade Coffee subscription box for men. With Trade, you can explore some of the best coffee from the country’s top roasters, and you’ll always get a cup that matches your preferences.

Subscribers start by filling out a quick survey; the questions are easy to answer, even if you’re not sure how to describe your favorite roast. Trade then curates the best coffee matches based on your preferred roast, brewing style, and grind. You choose the frequency of deliveries, but you can change your schedule (and coffee styles) at any time.

Trade Coffee offers a selection from over 400,ethically sourced roasts and ships every order in compostable packaging. Subscribers also receive free shipping on individual orders, so if you find a cup you love, you can stock up and save.

ACTIVE DEAL: First bag free. No coupon needed - just use this link.

Check out all of our Trade Coffee reviews to learn more. Free shipping to the United States; does not ship internationally.


19. Southern Cigar Co. - Best Men’s Subscription Service for Cigar Aficionados

Cost: Plans start at $37.95 per month, plus free shipping in the U.S. Subscribe here!

About This Men's Subscription Box: What’s more stylish than a cigar? The Southern Cigar Co. monthly subscription box for men is ideal for smokers (though it’s obviously one of the more niche selections on this list).

The club sources the very best cigars from around the world and delivers them right to your doorstep. All products are hand-selected, and you’ll never receive the same cigar twice. If you’re looking for a way to discover new, premium cigar brands, this is the subscription you want.

Subscribers receive 4 unique cigars each month, shipped with a Boveda humidity pack. There’s also an info card detailing each item. Members’ first box will also include a triple torch lighter for getting that perfect cherry and a double guillotine cutter.

Learning about cigars can be daunting, and Southern Cigar Co. makes the process easier.

Check out all of our Southern Cigar Co reviews to learn more. Free shipping to the contiguous U.S. Ships to the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia


20. Marvel Collector Corps - Best Subscription Box for Men Who Are Marvel Fans

Marvel collector corps eternals box example

Example recent box.


The Cost: Prices start at $29.99 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I was super excited to get this box and it didn't disappoint me at all. As a Marvel fan in general and an Avengers fan, first and foremost, every single item was amazing and well worth the price of the box. The exclusive Hulkbuster from Funko POP! is one of the best bobble heads that I've gotten and the t-shirt was much softer than I would have expected. The pin will make a nice addition to my collection and so will the variant cover comic. The patch is really the only thing that I don't have a specific place in my collection for, but I still liked it. I suppose now I need to start a patch collection as well!” - J. ReNee

“We've tried a few different boxes and this one was the only one that made my husband smile. It IS more expensive, but in my opinion is totally worth the price. The items he received were FAR superior to the other boxes and the packaging is amazing. You pay a little extra for the "experience" which includes exclusive items and awesome packaging. The other boxes may be $10-$15 less but I would always rather spend a little more for one box than spend less for 2 boxes and be disappointed.” - sarah

About This Subscription Box: Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription box for (you guessed it!) Marvel fans.  Each Marvel Collector Corps box includes four to five exclusive collectible products created by Marvel & Funko. Potential items include apparel, collectibles, and accessories. 

The Marvel Collector Corps box ships every two months and features a new theme with each box.

Check out our Marvel Collector Corps reviews to learn more.


21. Succulent Studios - Best Subscription Box for Plantsmen

Succulent Studios plant subscription review plant pair

Image from our review.

The Cost: Prices start at $10 per month. Subscribe here!

What Our Readers Say:

“I just received my second box of this subscription, and I love it! The plants are packaged very well and arrive healthy and happy. They are a great size for starter plants. They are perfect for a spot of color in my kitchen, and I'm sure I'll find other places around the house for future plants. I'm really impressed so far with the nice quality succulents and I love the little card with the information about each one.” - Victoria 

“My husband loved succulents, cacti, jade plants, etc. so I thought this was a perfect Christmas surprise! Tiny baby plants that come packaged lovely; care instructions. They will grow and need repotting one day but for a plant lover or unique gift idea, I’d recommend them 100%!!” - Heather

About This Subscription Box: Succulent Studios sends subscribers two eight-week-old, organically-grown, sustainably-raised succulents each month for just $10 (plus shipping). 

These little succulents are ideal for aspiring plant dads or anyone who’s living in a small space, like an apartment or dorm room. Succulents are also a great way to spruce up the office! 

In addition to being organically-grown and sustainably-raised, these cuties are shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging with biodegradable pots. Subscribers can skip any month or gift a month to someone else.

Check out our Succulent Studios reviews to learn more. Shipping is a flat rate of $6.50 anywhere in the U.S.

Factors We Considered When Reviewing These Men's Subscription Boxes

As we noted earlier, men love “stuff,” but if a certain subscription box doesn’t deliver on its promise, we don’t want to include it in our list. To create this list, we sourced recommendations from our readers, but we also researched and vetted every entry.

Some factors we considered:

  • QUALITY – Our readers care about the quality of products — and so do we. We looked for men’s subscription boxes that listed detailed information about how they select their products. That’s especially important with clothing subscriptions, and we included a few in this list — buy any of those subscriptions, and you’ll get long-lasting threads.
  • VALUE – Subscription boxes can be expensive, and that cost should be reflected in the items received. We found that these boxes offer great overall value when compared to retail prices. Our editors also considered shipping cost when establishing the value of each box; most of our entries offer free or low-cost shipping.
  • PERKS – In some cases, discounts and other perks can add significantly to the overall value of a men’s subscription box. We gave extra points to services with active online communities, discount programs, and exclusive access opportunities.

Remember when shopping: Many of these boxes offer discounted rates to new subscribers, and coupon codes can cut your costs significantly. The coupons and promo links above should help you get the best possible deal.

If we’ve missed a men’s subscription box that you’ve tried, let us know in the comments below. You can also visit the brand page for any of the boxes above (and hundreds of other boxes in dozens of categories) to leave a review.

That wraps up the list of 2021 Subscription Box Award Winners for Best Subscription Boxes for Men! Did your favorite monthly and quarterly boxes make the list?

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Samantha Sendor
Samantha is a two-time zone editor based out of London and NYC, working behind the scenes with the MSA team since 2020. She enjoys making discoveries, whether through her travels to remote parts of the globe, or diving into the latest subscription boxes right from home. When she's not editing or creating content about all the things that make her happy, she can usually be found cooking, painting, fanatically organizing, or simply cuddling up with her daughter Penny.

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I love hearing more detail about subs. It helps me decide what I would be happy with.

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I have been receiving quarterly Gentlemen’s Box for almost a year now and it is by far my preferred subscription service. It’s on another level than most offering a bespoke selection of things I knew I had to have until they sent it to me and realized I would never be without whatever it was again. True quality and a class act service. (Find me @iambryanjon on TikTok, IG, Twitter and YouTube.)

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Do not order from Trunk Club! They overcharge for the items they send you! You can get the same items for way less of the manufacture’s own website. I want to warn others of the integrity of this operation! Huge Rip off!!!! Be warned!

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Frankie Rodriguez

There were a lot of areas let out for men in my opinion. Luxury Cigar Club and a whiskey or beer of the month box would have been a great replacement for one of the clothing options.

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I really like Nomadik so far, the first box was great. Get basic sounds awesome but they only have boxer briefs and no other options for underwear. Battlebox sounds cool, but I hope they aren’t militant political fanatics. Does anyone know about them as people behind the company?

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I cant comment on their political side, but the first box they sent me was absolute garbage, and i had to jump through hoops to cancel the subscription. Box had a small book from the 80s about foliage you can eat, some dry tree bark, a small pointless piece of cloth with birds on it, and some candied grasshoppers. Like candied grasshoppers that cost $0.02 cents a pack back in 1995. Absolutely, by far, the worst sub box i have ever opened, i couldnt believe it was true.

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I like bespoke post for me and my hubby!

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Jorge Salgado

Is there any kind of item people are looking for that wasn’t mentioned or doesn’t necessarily make a box for yet?
Just out of curiosity.

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A fishing box. My husband loves to go fishing. I was looking for something like that.

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Shellie Mystery Tackle Box is a good one. I got it for my son for Christmas and he really likes it. They have three box sizes to choose from and you can customize which type of fish as well. We have been very happy with it.


Looking for a male version similar to fab fit fun where the subscriber can log in before the box is shipped and pick from an assortment of goodies based on their own preferences. Looks like the birch box plus has an option to pick one item, but looking for something with even more customization.

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Did you find something? I love my Fab Fit Fun box and wanted something like that for my husband.


Bespoke Post lets you select from about 9-12 boxes a month. They assign you a box based upon your questionnaire and then you have 5 days to accept it or choose a different box. I have been with them for a year now.


Hi Jorge! Yes, and I’m actually scouting for them right now. Do you have any info? Ty

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Not one of them was eco-friendly or fair trade only. That’s what I’m looking for. Like a Causebox for men and not just clothing.

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Christina P

After looking through the options it seems like the boxes for women try harder. All of them were pretty underwhelming or crazy expensive (and underwhelming).

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I get Basic Man and Wohven (which isn’t on here) for my son every month. He’s 12 (average size for his age) and Basic Man offers down to XS and you can choose different shirt/boxer sizes, while Wohven has a youth XL. It’s a super-easy way for me to ensure he always has fresh basics. Perfect for a busy mom! He’s happy with what he gets every month and BM items are super soft. He actually wears what he gets so I know it’s worth the $
I have been getting Dollar Shave for myself for years. I have it set to only deliver every 3 months (yeah, I know, I don’t swap razors as often as I should). I have always preferred men’s razors because women’s styles are always so large and roundish (bulky) around the razor. I like the slim design of men’s razors. Quality and price can’t be beaten for DSC.

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Jeez… sorry to state the obvious, but it looks like everyone hates Robb Vices these days. It used to be one of the best boxes out there.

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I have subscribed a couple of different times to Robb Vices boxes and found the contents toeach have been thematically on point as well as of very high quality. I have RV boxes in my office that I am saving for gifts for friends and those who have received boxes from me have been delighted.

I contend that it continues to be the best luxury box service by far.

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Lacey Volk

Hi Rosemary – That box actually didn’t make the cut for 2020!

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I’ve subscribed my husband to The Mr. Collection and I’ve never seen him dress better! He’s been a member now for a few months and we’re both very pleased. The coolest thing about it is that it is a rental service so he gets to try different items, at different price points that we could never afford at retail prices. Then we just send it back and get more! He buys from time to time but tries to restrain ourselves. It’s so hard to do!

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This article was very helpful in giving me options of boxes to order for my fiance! I decided to go with the Basic box and the WatchGang box. The only thing is there is misinformation in the article about the Watchgang box. The price of the cheapest box is $49 not $29. But thank you for the code!!

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You should try The Mr. Collection! It’s so good!

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I kind of find it weird that most of the subscription boxes for clothing, there’s a styling fee with an additional pricing to whatever you keep.

fashion stork was the best.

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I think The Watch Gang would be perfect for my son. I know that the OuiPlease men’s box is rather new but I purchased an annual for my son and it has been really impressive. So much so that I have already renewed his annual.

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Do NOT get Loot Crate. I ordered it for my husband for father’s day. After two months we still hadn’t received the first box. One was delayed from June until October!! I finally had to have it refunded. It’s a complete scam!

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seems alot of people have issues with them, my cousin works in there warehouse he says they have alot of issues they entered bankruptcy and someone bought them and kept the name he also says they never hire anyone so there super slow, i paid for 6 months but only recieved one

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My wife got me Loot Crate as an anniversary gift about two years ago and it started out great, but the last few months their shipments have been late, by almost two months in some cases, and the quality has gone down. Sad to say I might be looking elsewhere.

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Shannon D Citrino

Ive tried birchbox for women,but not for men

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I haven’t tried any of these, but I did have Birch Box for women. I would love to try the Fanchest box.

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yes, the gentleman’s box

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I don’t understand why BattlBox is dead last. It’s clearly the best Man Box. (for MY man lol)

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BeSpoke, Brie, or Battle. Something with gadgets.

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Whoops, meant Breo.

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Michael Bratek

I think i would like Loot Crate the most, but have not tried any of them.

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Tiffany Kimmel

The Watch Gang subscription box sounds pretty good!!

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Amy Polk

Id like to try all of them but Robbs vices, breo box, bespoke post, birchbox, shave club and battlbox would be great for my sons.

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I haven’t gotten my husband a box but I am going to get him the basic one since he is pretty basic but this will be fun

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