Galentine’s POPSUGAR Must Have Mystery Boxes FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have Galentine’s Day Mystery Boxes!

FYI – the Girls Night In Box has sold out, but there still are a few Girls Night Out boxes available.

The Box: Girls Night In Box

The Cost: $45

The Products: A cozy night in with your besties can be the perfect cure for the cold-weather blues. Luxuriate in self-care at home with our Girls’ Night In Box, which features previous products from recent and past Must Have boxes.

Full Spoilers:

Total Retail Value: $345.94

The Box: Girls Night Out Box

The Cost: $95

The Products: The Girls’ Night Out box is the kit you need to sparkle from head to toe. It features previous favorites from recent and past Must Have and Limited Edition boxes, so you can look your best all night long.


This box has two variations.

Variation 1:

Total Retail Value: $633

Variation 2:

Total Retail Value: $664

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hi! I received my GNO box yesterday and got the first version. I already have the necklace and was really hoping for the cuff from the second variation. If anybody wants to swap the necklace I have for the cuff, please let me know!

  2. Mine is also 5.1 lbs. Fingers crossed for GNO 2.
    If it’s 1, I am open to selling some things in it.

    • My GNO 1 was 5.3 lbs so you should have variation 2. 🙂

      • That would make me so happy! I think I’ll have to wait until Monday to know for sure. Hopefully more people will post information while I wait and wait

    • I got GNO 2, but it weighed 4.5 lbs. I am missing the smith and cult pallet though.

      • Definitely email them so they can send you one.

      • Mine was missing the pallet as well 😞….I emailed, hope to hear something from then this week

        • Any response about the palette? I just received mine today and was also missing that item. I emailed them so hoping to hear back from them.

      • Me too :(. They always forget to include a thing or 2 in mine. Sigh.

    • Well, I wanted version 2 of GNO but got version 1. I already have both the necklace and the poncho. I’m certainly open to trade.

    • Well, I wanted version 2 of GNO but got version 1. I already have both the necklace and the poncho.

  3. Just got my GNI & GNO boxes! ❤️ I was hoping for GNO 1 and got it. Haven’t subscribed to PS before so the items are all new for me, no dupes. 😍

    • Hi Val,

      Can you please tell me what your GNO box weighed?

      • 5.3 lbs

  4. If anyone does not want their Girl’s Night In box, I will buy it and pay shipping (darn it but work gets in the way sometimes). I’m at swasilow at gmail dot com. Thank you!

  5. I really like my GNI box, but because I’m a college student living in a tiny apartment, I doubt I’ll use a lot of it. If anyone wants it for the $45 and cost of shipping it to you, let me know.

    tayb76 at gmail dot com

    • Yeah, mine’s going up for sale for the price I paid(tax included) and shipping.

      • still available, Ann?
        email me melissaanddanny at gmail dot com

        • Hi Ann,
          If you have more than one, I am interested in buying it too. swasilow at gmail dot com.

      • Hey, Ann, l’m also interested in the box, let me know if you still have it.

  6. My tracking came through too and maybe the placemats and runner are pushing the gni theme, but I’m glad there is no Faris book and no candles.

  7. Just got tracking for GNI box! Coming from CA and 9.2 lbs. Way to be on top of it popsugar!

    • Just got my tracking info too! Yay! That was quick. 😊

  8. Hmmmm…I think they took some liberties on the theme with the GNI with the placemats, table runner and notepad, but overall it’s a good box and I’m not sorry I went for it. The GNO boxes look pretty great; especially for people who weren’t regular subscribers the last few years.

    • I use those placemats and white pencils to draw – randomly each month. Then at the end of the year, it may (or may not) be fun to look back at the events of my year and the drawings that I did… Kinda like monthly black and white mandalas. I put a new one on my frig each month, with magnets to hold them in place. Call me crazy!!!

  9. I had the items in my cart but based on past boxes history, I decided I’d better not. I am so glad I backed out at the last minute, I have multiples of so many of these items already.

  10. Nothing says girls night in to me like a table runner. The bubble bath is nearing the end of its shelf life since it came in a box in December 2015.

    • Lmao and chalkboard placemats! Lots of body products but was expecting a face mask or something for a GNI.

    • And 2016 make up?

  11. Hoping for GNO variation 1. If I get 2 and you want to swap 1 for 2 let me know. Valerieodonnell22 at gmail 🙂

    • I really want 2. Love the cuff. Already have the necklace and poncho.

    • Mine weighs 5.1 pounds… I am guessing I am getting box number 2

      • Did you see somewhere what the 2 versions weigh? Please share! I really want version 2 because I have the necklace and poncho already. I don’t need another, in fact my poncho is up for swaps. I must have that bracelet ❤️

        • No I am just assuming that box 1 weighs more than box 2 because of the necklace. I have a crystal bracelet and it is heavy. I have not seen anyone else put the weight of their GNO boxes…

          • I assumed the same- that the necklace and poncho weigh more. I have not seen anyone mention a GNO box with a different weight. I have seen confirmation that someone got the necklace in a box weighing 5.1. So I’m discouraged.

          • Yes I received both of mine today and mine was box 1…

  12. No fomo here… nice enough boxes, though

  13. I think these are great boxes….I got both. I don’t know which version of the GNO yet but I will be willing to take items from both boxes that I don’t need and sell?

    If anyone is interested….kelli2703 at gmail dot com

  14. Was kinda hoping for some of the more recent items in the GNI but definitely worth the money either way!

    • It makes me think they’ll have a close out sale or another mystery box in the future 🙂

      • I hope I don’t miss it this time! That was an amazing sale last time!

      • I’m hoping for the same. I mean they have to run out of runners someday right?!

        • Apparently they have an infinite supply!!

          • Infinite supply of runners is better than an infinite supply of swans and bingo sets! They may have actually gotten rid of all of those!

  15. Wow! Great boxes! I’ve never subscribed to PS before. I got both GNI and GNO. Hoping for GNO 1 but ❤️ them both. 😍

  16. I’m hoping I receive variation 1 of GNO. I’ve been trying to swap for that poncho.

    • i love the poncho! i bought the box when it went on sale via Gilt and the poncho made the box worth it. i would only buy GNO if i was guaranteed the first variation.

  17. GNO 😍

  18. Not that it personally matters to me, as I couldn’t afford either at the time, but is it confirmed that these are the only variations of the two mystery boxes? If I remember right, when they have a theme, like “Girls night in”, they tend to have no variations or minimal versus when it is just a mystery box. I think I remember 8 or 9 variations of a $25 box.

    • Confirmed – these are the only variations. Hope that helps!

  19. I’m so glad I got both! I’m in love with the GNI box and so glad I get the glasses and smartphone wallet in either version of the GNO!

  20. I am happy with the girls night in.

  21. I LOVE spoilers – thank you so much for posting them!!!! Very happy I capitulated and bought GNI (although I was hoping they would unload some excess chocolate in the box, or snacks, a very minor disappointment though), even the duplicates are ones I am happy to have.

  22. I hope those glasses are awesome, because that’s about all I am excited about beyond the original spoilers. Maybe the matches. I do love long matches.

  23. The GNI box seems more appealing to me. From just appearances it looks like more for the money. Too bad it’s sold out.

  24. This has nothing to do with the mystery boxes, but I love whoever did the graphic drawings for Galentine’s Day. Liz, I absolutely love what you and your talented team do each day. Brings me a lot of happiness 😊

  25. GNO is sold out 🙁
    If anyone get variation 2 and doesnt want it I would love to buy it!

  26. I’m getting GNI. I got it for the blanket and pillow for an upcoming trip. I’m glad they’re including the mask. Now it just has to get here in time…

    Anyway, not that enthused about the rest. If anyone is getting variation #2 of GNO and wants some home/body goods instead of makeup/jewelry, I’m ready to swap. I won’t use the eye patches, Lalicious shower oil (though I like it, I already have a back up), Clean Cool lotion, Pehr runner, Odeme ring dish, or Barr-Co bubble elixir. Let me know if you’re interested in all or some combination for a swap. Rachelnanny at hotmail. I’m particularly interested in the scarf, Lipstick Queen, Alexis Bittar and/or Le Metier lippie.

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    • So gald that I backed out from purchasing the girls night out box! Thanks goodness that I miss that! On another not, I so wanted the GNI box would have loved to get my hands on that one! The GNO box would have been a flop for me because I don’t need any of those items! Got too much makeup and don’t need any more wraps or scarfs

    • Oh, I’d love to trade you my scarf for the Odeme and the runner. I’ll email you!

  27. I am really happy I got the GNI box. It is a great box.

  28. So excited i got the GNI box!!!! I stopped subbing last May, but love these mystery and special boxes!

  29. Got the GNI only, glad I didn’t pull the trigger on GNO. The only dupe for me on GNI is the Lalicious- which I got in the last GNI lol. I liked the blanket and pillow set, so everything else is a bonus for me.

  30. So happy I got the GNI! Will be using everything in this box! I really want the GNO too but the variations is making me hesitant. I already have everything from the 1st variation from past boxes. Hmm…decisions decisions.

    Thanks MSA for the Galentine’s celebrations!

  31. I would have LOVED the GNI if I didn’t already have the October PS box. It’s a great deal for people who haven’t gotten a box in a while!

  32. All are really great boxes, especially if you have not subbed to them. I have (or swapped away) every single item in the boxes so I did not order. No albatrosses so that’s good.

  33. I’m so sad I missed the GNI box!!!! It’s such a good deal! Oh well; money saved and less crap in my house that I don’t really need lol.

  34. So sad I forgot about this until it was to late to order 🙁 The GNI is a dream box! And that bubble bath is my dream bubble bath!!! It’s like Christmas in a bath. I’m so bummed. Enjoy ladies- it’s a great box!

  35. Wow, the one time I don’t buy a PSMH mystery box and they’re GREAT! Just my luck. Lol! Congrats to everyone that got in!

    • same here! I’m happy for everyone else but me _I should have caved. Great boxes, enjoy ladies!

  36. These seem like pretty decent boxes, but I’d be gifting at least half of it away and anyway, I still have my eyes on a subscription with Art of Organics. <3

  37. Nice boxes! I’d get the GNO if I could be guaranteed the first box. The second one is also nice but the only thing I really want that I don’t have is the cuff (and would I really wear it?).

    • I am just the opposite. I would buy if I knew I would get the 2nd box.

  38. Loving girls night in! All items i will use!

  39. I think PS did a good job with these! Way to go out on a high-note! Still debating on getting the first seasonal box. It’s a lot of money, but with it being the first one, I think it will be an amazing box. Ugh, decisions, decisions!

    • I still have one credit left, so I’m going to pay the extra $35 for the first box. Otherwise, I would have a tough time deciding too.

  40. All great boxes! I got a GNI and can’t wait, but love the jewelry and items in the GNO.

  41. Love GNI. The wine glasses and lined paper are new for me. I’m always excited about Lalicious!

    As for GNO: For version 1, I felt lucky to get rid of 7 of those items the first time I got them, and I don’t need dupes of 2 more. I would be much happier to receive version 2 for that cuff. And I’ve never had the lip kaleidoscope.

    Really kicking myself for thinking they wouldn’t charge twice as much for a less desirable box.

  42. In pretty happy about gni. There are a couple things I have not gotten before. I definitely don’t want another pehr runner, I have five. How many of those did they get, two million?!

  43. Wow! Great boxes! I’m sorry I missed ordering the night in one.

  44. Solid boxes! Box 1 is great because its packed with items (though not all are very practical) and you get good bang for your buck if they arent all repeats…i have 3 of those shower gels and i think im the only person that HATES THEM though 😣 and 3 sets of odem dishes, and 2 runners. Other items (matches, notebook, socks….i have plenty of). GNO box is amazing! I totally want it because both of those jewelry items are gorgeous…but at almost $12 per item….yikes!

    • Lin, I’ll take some of those shower gels off your hands!

    • Ha, *almost $10/item….well closer to 8…now im tempting myself.. shoot

    • Lin, I’d LOVE your shower gels!!! Daisydoodle2u at hotmail dot com

    • I’d love a shower gel if you have one to spare and have lots to swap :). Llopez1121 at gmail

  45. In general I think these boxes are great! I’m glad I got the GNI and would be tempted for the GNO if I could guarantee variation 2 (I already have everything in 1). Plus, I’m trying to be good and save for all my FFF add-ons. Lol. Thanks for helping coordinate this Liz and MSA team!!

  46. I’m pretty happy with Girls Night In!! 🙂 …….. anytime there’s a Lalicious product in a box, it’s a WIN!!!

  47. Oh man, I wish I had gotten the Girls Night in! If anyone wants to sell, let me know-I’m not on the swap board.

    • I will totally sell mine. I was torn between this and the Margot Elena box, and got this one. 😕 It IS a great box, but I already have multiples of all of these items that I wanted. I just worry about shipping charges to get it to you. I sent someone my excess pillow and blanket set I already have, and it was $10! This could get pricey.

      • When you get it, let’s talk. My email is teisharae at

      • Have they shipped yet? I wonder if you could change it?

        • Yeah they have it in “label created” status right now.

          • But i did send a message to check, just in case! I only got the notification 30 min ago.

  48. So bummed I missed the Girls Night In box. I was going to order it after the second spoiler and then had to pick my kid up from school and it was sold out by the time I was done. 🙁

  49. So bummed I missed out on GNI!! But glad I didn’t buy the GNO.

    Btw, your list is missing the black item on the left for the GNO box… is it a power bank?

    • Whoops – thanks for pointing that out. I’ll add that now.

      • You posted the power bank in the GNI box, instead of the first GNO box

  50. Sooooo glad I got the GNI box! I’m stoked 🙂

    • YAY!!

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