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POPSUGAR Must Have Box December 2016 Review + Coupon


POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, home, etc.

FYI – as of today (12/5), this box is still available! If you sign up now – it will be your first box! (It will likely sell out quickly, though, so I recommend subscribing asap if you are interested!)


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.




Now, onto the items!


Odeme Catchall + Ring Dish Set – Retail Value $67


Each piece comes in its own pink box with gold foil embossed text – I love it! (Perfect for gifting or keeping!)


Odeme Ring Dish – Value $23



The dish measures 4” x 4” x 2″


The dishes are porcelain and have a minimalist black line design on the edges.


Odeme Catchall – Value $44


This tray measures 8.5” x 5.5” x 1″


POPSUGAR recommends using these on your vanity or bar. I think I’m going to use mine on my desk to keep all the products I’m sampling in order!


Here are the trays with items so you can get a better sense of scale:



These are one of my favorite POPSUGAR items ever! (I have a thing for practical yet special home items!)


Bauble Bar Snowfall Pendant – Value $28

I appreciate that this necklace comes in a bag ready for gifting in case you don’t want to keep it!


This is a POPSUGAR Must Have exclusive design!


The necklace chain measures about 28 inches long, and the pendant measures about 1 inch across:


While I normally prefer gold jewelry, I appreciate that POPSUGAR sends silver jewelry sometimes, too! (I know from reading comments on MSA that a lot of subscribers want more silver jewelry!)


Here it is paired with a sweater:


And this necklace also came with a 20% off coupon for your next Bauble Bar purchase:


(Expires 2/28/17)


Mane Message Date Night Bobby Pins – Value $10

I’m in holiday mode, so as soon as I saw these I thought, “Stocking Stuffer!”


This set includes:

  • Antique Gold Glitter Bobby Pin
  • Peach Enamel Bobby Pin
  • Coal Glitter Bobby Pin


I’m not much of a bobby pin wearer, but these were so cute that I had to try them out.


Mane Message has some great styling photos, too. And this set also comes with a coupon for 20% off your next Mane Message order:


(Expires February 1st, 2017.)


Winky Lux Lip Pill in Bunny – Value $14


How cute is this packaging?


The lipstick formula is a matte, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and made in the USA!

Here it is swatched:


I love the pigment and the cranberry color – perfect for the holidays! (And this formula is surprisingly moisturizing for a matte lip color!)


Sisters’ Gourmet Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix – Value $7


This jar includes everything you need to make 13 cookies – just add 5 tablespoons of butter, 1 egg, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.


I think this would make a great hostess gift, and it’s also perfect to have on hand for baking a quick treat. (It’s a good pantry staple too – this jar is good through December 2017.)

Of course, we had to bake them immediately! (Good news, they were super easy to make and only took 8-10 minutes in the oven.)


My husband described these as some the best chocolate chip cookies he’s ever had!


And Sisters Gourmet included a coupon for 20% off your next order.


(Expires January 30th, 2017.)


Dessange Top Coat Serum – Value $12


This is a very lightweight serum (almost watery) designed to add shine to your hair. I tried this on both damp and dry hair and I was pleased with the results. The scent is fruity and not too strong, and it added shine to my hair without any greasiness or wearing my hair down. (And I only needed one pump of product per application, so this bottle should last months!)

And it is safe for color-treated hair!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $138! I think that’s great for a $39.95 box (and hopefully you grabbed a Black Friday deal and got this box at an even better price!) My favorite item in this box is the tray set, and that alone is worth more than the cost of the box!

I bought gift subscriptions for all the women on my holiday list this past week, and I’m really excited that this will be their first box. A home item that can be used for entertaining, a holiday treat, plus beauty and jewelry/accessory items seem like the perfect mix for a December box. (And while the necklace isn’t something I would have picked out for myself, it’s growing on me!)

What do you think of the December POPSUGAR Must Have Box? What is your favorite item?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (193)

  1. I just made the cookies, and they’re already gone! There are three of us in the house, trying to be healthy, but sometimes we need a little sugar fix. A batch of 13 cookies works great for that, and these are delicious! I used a regular metal cookie sheet instead of my go-to stone tray. They browned nicely, had a nice crispy and a little chewy bottom, but stayed soft and a bit goey inside (I baked them a minute less than the instructions intentionally). I would definitely buy these again or as gifts at their listed price of $7, and I like that with the Black Friday deal, that makes this about a third of the cost of the box. That makes me more okay with some of the items I’m not as excited about (necklace and the hair stuff).

    • So wanting a spoiler for the January 2017 PopSugar Must Have box. Two spoilers would be even better!

    • I gave my 90 year old father the cookie mix for Christmas. He likes to have a little something sweet but he never has all the things on hand to make a batch of cookies so this mix was perfect. And a small enough batch that they won’t go bad before he can eat them all. I ordered two more from the boutique sale and now think I should have ordered more.

  2. I was wondering if someone got the purse from The Cambridge satchel company, I did´t see any comment about, I did´t receive the box yet and still hope that maybe…

  3. At first i thought the only thing i wouldnt like was the necklace and was hoping to like it better in person, but i just got my box and turns out i dont like anything but the cookie mix.
    I havent tried the hair serum, but have a million.
    Super disappointed in the “sample size” of the lipstick. I was expecting a real full size product…but its not like i need more lipsticks anyway. However, i did like the vanilla sent and color, but because its so tiny, it looks like something i got for free.
    The trays i thought i would love…but they are MADE IN CHINA and the best part is the packaging really. Otherwise they look just like any dollar store product.
    Hairpins cute, but dollar store

    So i guess its not that i hate the box, its more like i hate having paid more than $5 for it bc even if i did see the hair pins or trays at dollar general, i wouldnt have picked them up. I would have saved my $3 for something nicer…. but instead I paied $20 😝 foolishy thinking popsugar would curate a box of nice quality pieces like they have done before (occasionally) 😕

    • I’m confused by your post because the lipstick is full size and would normally cost $14 if you bought it by itself. The packaging is unique and pill-shaped, but this isn’t a sample size. If you like only the cookie mix and lipstick, the value is about $21, so at least you’re not at a loss if you hate everything else since you paid $20 for it.

      While the ring dish and catchall are simple, I don’t think they look cheap. I’m not sure they look like they are worth $67, but they look like they are worth more than something from the dollar store. I do agree that the hairpins look like something you could pick up at Target or Ulta for $3. Maybe you have a fancier dollar store near you than I do, lol. While the necklace doesn’t look like anything special, it is actually pretty cute with an oversized sweater with a crew or rounded neckline, skinny jeans, and boots. I wear pearl drop earrings that go well enough with the complete outfit. Hope that helps.

  4. Ugh! I only recieved cookie mix, trays, and hair serum – no necklace or lipstick or hair pins!!! disappointed!

    • I hope you contacted customer service! I love the lipstick and you should not miss out!

  5. FYI the cookie mix is the bomb!!


    I ordered various cookies and brownies for myself and my family 😏

  6. Has anyone gotten there box yet the must have and the mini one ??? I have not even received an e-mail about it being sent out ??? also what about the special deal one for 25.00 dollars the home one

  7. This month was my first In a 6 month sub and my box arrived missing both the hairpins and lipstick. Super bummed. Contacted CS and hoping they can make it right.

  8. I love this box! I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve been looking for a longer chunkier yet classy silver pendant and this one looks perfect! I wish I disliked something in here for regifting but I love all of it.

  9. My box arrived on Friday but someone stole it, along with two other boxes. I’m so livid and disappointed. I hate this time of year. And yeah, I had someone at home waiting for the packages and no, I can’t have items held at the post office.
    I emailed to see if I can get a replacement and just realized the juara mask would have been in this box too. My Beautyfix box (replacement for mystery box with expired item) was one of the other things stolen.
    :’-( My BF didn’t understand why I was so upset – “I’ll just buy you another one,” me – “you dont understand, you can’t just buy another one!” Aaaaagh.

    • I am so sorry to hear that! I used to live in an apartment complex where some jerk stole packages all the time. While it’s out of character for me, I wrote a slightly passive aggressive note and posted it by the mailboxes and said, “I think someone mistakenly took my packages, which included clothing for a 7-year old for Christmas gifts. Please kindly return them since I paid for them, and this is the second time I have had to ask Target to send the box since the first one went missing.” Someone else wrote a follow-up note on mine saying something like, “Some a**hole keeps stealing everyone’s packages and it was no mistake. Stop stealing our packages!” Anyway, my Target box, which had obviously been opened, magically appeared in front of my doorstep on the 4th floor, when the delivery guy only dropped packages off in the building’s 1st floor entryway, so it was evident that it was an insider job. Are you able to have packages delivered to your workplace or a friend’s address? While I don’t live in that apartment anymore, I live in an apartment that doesn’t even have an area where deliveries can be left if no one’s home, so I have everything delivered to work or my boyfriend’s place. It’s awful that this is such a common occurrence, but it’s even worse that these jerks steal packages delivered right before the holidays! Sending you warm thoughts.

      • I am so sorry to hear this. UPS left a whole bunch of Amazon boxes at the start of our drive-way once (just before Xmas) because they were in a hurry. Of course they were stolen, even though it didn’t seem like we had much traffic going up and down our road (a little later there were repeated home burglaries that were hitting the neighbors…luckily we moved before the thieves got to our place).
        Even though we have moved, there are still douche bags who steal packages that are left unattended at the front gate here (why UPS and Fedex dump packages on a public road is totally unknown to me…there is just no reason to do that).
        If I can have stuff sent to my PO box, I do. I’m sorry that you don’t have this option. I have had a PO box ever since one of our landlord’s kids stole the check I sent to pay for my rent, and then counterfeited checks and forged my signature (the landlord did not have a secure PO box).
        There are people out there who are plain rotten.

      • Also, I know it’s not a perfect solution, but there are a bunch of the Juara masks on the swap site in case you want to get it through that route. It came in a Must Have Mini box previously, so they are mostly linked to that I think.

      • I can’t have things delivered to work b/c I am a government employee and using our mail system (which is, to have our mail person walk my mail the 300 ft from her desk to mine) is considered using taxpayer resources. lol I have someone home all day, and a neighbor in the unit next door works from home, but there’s really not much you can do this time of year when jerkholes are stalking mail carriers. I could have everything held at the post office, but the p.o. where they hold packages isn’t one I can get to easily and they are never open when I’m off work. We talked to the mail carrier on Saturday and told him he needs to always ring the bell – ALWAYS. I’m going to put a note on the mailbox that says that too. :-/ I know it’s not the end of the world, but it seems like the few times I do get things stolen it’s things that aren’t easy to replace and that’s the really frustrating part. Filling out a police report with a myriad of subscription box items listed is also very time consuming. I don’t even know what was in that “Best of Beautyfix II” box. aaah. I spend a lot of my day working with those in unfortunate circumstances but that just makes me all the more mad when I get home and see they’ve stolen from me. >.<

      • That’s so frustrating. I used to work for government too, but some people still had personal packages delivered from time to time (myself included, given I keep living in impractical delivery places!). Would it be an option to ask them to just call you when items are delivered or set them aside somewhere that you can pick them up once you receive delivery confirmations so it won’t be as much of an inconvenience for them? Technically, you are also a taxpayer, and it costs more taxpayer dollars when you have to file a police report for stolen boxes, lol. This is how I rationalize things. Otherwise, see if you have a friend that would be kind enough to let you have stuff delivered there as long as you promise to always pick stuff up within a few days. I feel kind of bad having stuff delivered to work, but not bad enough to not do it!

      • Yeah, I can’t get away with mail at work – it’s not worth the minimal risk. We talked to the carrier on Saturday and told him he HAS TO RING THE BELL. So hopefully that will be enough. If I had it delivered to a friend, there’s the same opportunity for theft there as there is at my house, if it’s this stalking the carrier who doesn’t ring the bell and grabbing the package immediately thing.

        Beautyfix already has a replacement box on the way. 🙂 Popsugar wants me to wait a few days to make sure it doesn’t show up because “sometimes the post office says they delivered something when they haven’t.” er… yeah…. I just hope the Dec box doesn’t sell out. :-/

      • I hope you get everything! And if it makes you feel better, the “Best of Beautyfix II” was actually just their July 2015 box with the hair clips replaced by a mirror and toner spray. The box is actually mostly disappointing, and oddly, I liked the mirror more than anything cause I’ve been wanting a small one to keep at work. Did they send you the same thing or a December box? I hope they send the December box as a replacement!

  10. I received my December box yesterday, Saturday. I also received my Limited Addition Woman’s box and I loved both!

    I needed a tray and ring holder and I love the style. I just purchased a merlot bedroom set with silver handles and the contemporary style meshes well together. I did like the necklace and when I paired it with a pale blue sweater, I felt it looked smashing. I even got a compliment while I was about. I love the lipstick! What a perfect Christmas color and I love the feel of it on my lips. I do have colored hair and I look forward to using the hair serum. Now I did give my young teen daughter the hair accessories. I am not really one for hair accessories but she loved them. I am super excited to try the cookie mix. I even took a leap of faith and ordered two of their cookie mixes and two of their brownie mixes. Going to get together with friends and bake our hearts out. Also going to make ornaments, paper rings and popcorn strings. I felt this was a wonderful Christmas box and am very pleased.

    • Edition 🙂

  11. Got it with the Juara Face mask. First time ever but this box totally beat out the FabFitFun box. The cookie mix felt like winter and the necklace while not my fave is pretty cute.

  12. Received my box a few days ago and I’m very happy with it. For those who aren’t crazy about the necklace, the back of it is patterned so you could flip it over and wear it that way. The only item I probably won’t use is the hair serum. Even though I have very curly hair, I’ve stopped using silicone products and have found my hair is in better condition.

  13. I can’t justify spending the money on the whole box, but I’m thinking that I know just the person who would love that cookie mix! Glad to find an affordable Christmas gift idea!

  14. Did anyone else get a Juara tumeric antioxidant radiance mask in their Dec box too? I got everything else and that too…not sure why but yay!

    • I did! I wonder why. I got one in another box, as well. Can’t remember which now. Hmmm.

    • Ah! The November Popsugar MINI! WEIRD.

    • I feel like there was some kind of deal where you got the mask if December was your first box? I’m not sure but it probably counts as your first box if you did the Black Friday deal. I saw that a couple other people got it too!

    • The Juara Mask was an extra bonus with the better than Black Friday deals!

  15. I’m so happy with my first PopSugar box, and with the 3-month BTBF deal, this was a steal! I love the catchall and ring dish, and the spoiler made me feel like spending around $60 for 3 months was totally worth it because those two items alone are worth $67. I LOVE the lipstick’s case and color, though I think it’s lighter in person vs. how the photos appear here, but still a beautiful berry shade that I didn’t have in my makeup arsenal yet. I think the pill-shaped case is so cute, though I imagine it will be rolling all over the place cause I’m a klutz. I’m also super excited about the cookie mix! The cookies look delicious in Liz’s photos and I love the presentation in the jar. I also look forward to trying the Juara radiance mask.

    I have mixed feelings about the necklace; it kind of reminds me of a mini globe, but with an extremely minimal design. I think I’ll occasionally wear it, but I’m not head over heals for it. I like it enough to keep it. I’m not sure if I can manage to wear these bobby pins without looking like I’m 13-years old, nonetheless pull them off on a date night, given the name. I’m sure I’ll find uses for them though. Not thrilled about the top coat serum and feel like it doesn’t fit as well with the other contents, and it seems like most of the reviews on Target are from people that received it as a free sample for an “honest review,” which often makes me wary. I don’t dye my hair but I might still try it or donate it, but this caution on the box makes me nervous: “Avoid fire, flame, and heat (except for styling appliances) during application and until hair is fully dry.” It makes me paranoid that my head will catch fire while I use a flat iron, lol. Stay away from HEAT?!

    • I wore the necklace yesterday with an off white sweater and today with an oversized green sweater. I initially didn’t like it much, but I think it pairs well with slightly oversized sweaters with a crew or rounded neckline.

      I also volunteered at an event for kids today and needed a small bag to carry just essentials, and the satchel from the LE box got its first use! It’s not convenient to open and close that bag, but overall, it did its job.

  16. I am really confused. I did the BTBF deal and also ordered the LE box. I received notification that my LE box had shipped, but I received my December box today. ??? Is there anyone else who received the December box, but has yet to receive the LE box?

    • Never mind! Got it!

  17. Got my box today. I have mixed reaction to the box:

    The catchall/ring dish- love!!! Not sure where I will put them, but wherever I put them will be great. I love little beautiful things. I would never spend $67 on something like this, so glad I got it in the box.

    Baublebar necklace- not a huge fan of the necklace. I’m not a huge fan of jewelry with “things” on it, and this one is just strange to me. I will probably keep it in my jewelry box for when my 3 year old wants a necklace.

    Bobby pins- So I cover my hair with hats, scarves and a wig. I will try the bobby pins with my wig but not too thrilled by them.

    Winky Lux Lip Pill- Love the packaging. I mostly wear light colors, so not sure if I will wear this. Might gift it to my mom.

    Cookie mix- I keep kosher, so can’t use the food item this month. Will gift it to someone at my husband’s work.

    Hair serum- Since I cover my hair, I don’t really do much with it. Not sure if I will ever use this. Might gift it.

    So, of the 6 items, I will definitely use the trays. I might use the necklace, bobby pins and lip stick. I probably won’t use the serum and definitely won’t use the cookie mix.

    Not my favorite box, but nothing that made me scream.

    • The necklace looks so nice with an initial charm in front of it. It makes all the difference and can be personalized so easily and inexpensively. Now I love a necklace I had little use for when I first saw and then received

      • Monah,

        How did you do this? Did you get a second necklace and layer it?


      • I just attached the ring on the charm to the ring on the necklace. It has a bit of a layered effect. There were so many charms and ways to personalize the pendant. Crosses, hearts, pets. While I was at hobby lobby I saw “blank slates” necklaces. They are very similar. The chain was thinner and shorter but there were several solid color choices like black, teal, and in a few different shapes. I don’t remember the price but hobby lobby always jewelry on sale. One brand, one week, another brand the next. I love wandering the jewelry aisle. I come up with all kinds of ideas and cheaply too.

  18. FYI-You can wear the necklace backwards and it looks better than wearing it forward IMO. It is just plain silver and has a diamond pattern. It looks really pretty. I like now.

    • I wouldn’t have even thought to wear it backwards, lol. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I might get occasional use of it either way.

      • I bought an initial charm to go in front of the circle. It looks so nice. And now it’s even easier to use or gift since it can be so personalized.

      • That is a great idea.This is off topic,but does anyone have the Phone # for Popsugar.I just received 3 boxes and they are all from October and one of them is missing some items that were supposed to be in the box.Thanks

  19. When do boxes normally ship? I am so confused! This isn’t my first month (I started my sub in November), but my December box still says “Processing”. Yet, my Gilt City purchase has already shipped and I see other people have already received theirs. What is the deal?

    • Mine still says processing, too. 🙁

    • I think they ship out in waves. I would have thought that people who are already subscribed would get their box first but I just subbed during BTBF so this is my first box and I already got it. It was shipped out over a week ago. I haven’t heard anything bought when the mystery boxes will ship. I am hoping to get them before Christmas but I’m not ure that’s gonna happen.

  20. This was an ok box but I wish I had gotten the November box now. It had better items to gift. I love the catchall and ring dish. The cookies are nice but the rest isn’t very thrilling. The necklace isn’t as good a quality as I thought it would be. I like the lipstick and hair serum but they are a little boring. I wish there was a candle and gloves or hat or something. I also got the Juara face mask for the BTBF deal. It definitely isn’t as good a box as December and I’m bummed I didn’t get it.

    • *as good a box as November*

      • I think Gilt city might be selling the November box, just read that in another post.

  21. I am very disappointed in this box. The only thing I would care to use is the Cookie mix, and from the photos, those do not even look that appetizing. :/ I am bummed out. As for the regifting, I am done with my shopping and everybody has received their gifts. My friends would not be into this box either. Waste of money. If anybody wants to swap, let me know. I also bought the Women’s Winter Limited box and do not care for The Cambridge Satchel co Leather purse. It is still in the plastic. Feel free to trade me for that. It is real Leather and Black and White. Nobody could smell the oil reed sticks either. Unless you stuck your nose right next to the bottle, you could not smell it. 🙁

  22. I received my box today and it also had a Juara radiance face mask from the November mini box! I’m not sure if it was an accident, or if it’s something extra for the holidays, but I was thrilled! Did anyone else get something extra on their December box?

    • The Juara was for people who got the BTBF deal. I got one too.

  23. I got my box today, and as I expected I was underwhelmed. My 90 year old father will love getting the cookie mix, he always likes a little something sweet after dinner. I made some suggestions a few days ago on what to do with the necklace but will repeat it now that everyone is getting their boxes. I don’t care for the necklace, but I think that with a charm or two added it will look really cute. And I think it can be customized for holidays or with an initial charm. Doing that will make the necklace so much more giftable (or keepable!) Now, for the tray and bowl. They won’t look good in any room in my house, BUT if I used the tray for greenery, berries, a candle and the bowl with Christmas potpourri I think it would look nice set out on a table. There are many ways to dress the tray up with seasonal flowers, and such. Add a piece of the green florist foam to the bowl and make a mini flower arrangement. Since I have to think of ways to make these items work, I don’t consider them as giftable. I don’t want a recipient to look at these items and think, “I wonder what I’m going to use this for?” And honestly I can’t even gift them to someone I don’t know either. It’s just too generic. Even as a hostess gift. Wine/Liquor and/or seasonal flowers always work since they can be so easily picked based on the recipient or occasion. The tray and bowl isn’t that great as teacher gifts because they always get things like this. I don’t teach, but have a friend who is a teacher. The cookie mix though is always a good idea. I know some people out there love the tray and bowl set, I’m simply making suggestions for others who feel as I do. Ok, so now you have my two cents worth of holiday and gift giving ideas.

  24. I am so happy with this box. It is way better than last year’s December box that left me disappointed. A couple of gifts and some nice things for me too!

  25. When are the mystery boxes shipping?

    • Wondering the same! I bought 1 of each and plan to split them up for presents so I’d love to know what’s in them for planning surprises 😉

  26. As a nurse I’m totally loving that pill lipstick. Loving the trays, I think they’ll be perfect on my black, silver, and blue nightstand. Hair serum is always great for all the loose waves and curls in my hair that turn to frizz in a heartbeat.

    I know a 10 year old who will love the bobby pins and cookie mix.

    Not sure about the necklace. The pendant looks upside down to me, like the arched piece should be on top and it should spin? I might like it better in person though.

  27. Excited for:
    Tray and dish set

    I will use:
    Bobby pins
    Hair serum


    Cookie mix (mainly because I love to bake from scratch)

    Overall, I am not thrilled about the box but am not unhappy either. For Christmas every year my family does a dice game gift exchange so I may repurpose some of these items along with my other sub box rejects for that.

  28. I’m not liking the cookie, cake and cupcake mixes in all the boxes lately. I don’t like the design of the necklace either.

    • I’m not a fan of the necklace either, but hoping I like it more in person.

  29. Should we try to figure out if anyone is getting one of the satchels here?

    The cloud bag weighs 1.3 lbs.

    My shipping details says my box weighs 4.3 lbs.

    I don’t believe it would contain the bag at that weight, so maybe if any of you have a heavier box that’s an indication???

  30. I have a suggestion for finding someone in the swaps…have them tell you one item that they have that is kind of unusual (like at total of 5 of the item being listed – not 267 listings of the same item). You can easily find someone this way.

  31. I’m seeing a lot of comments about how people cant use the hair product because they don’t color their hair. It’s safe for color treated hair but it’s not made for color treated hair. Anyone can use this product. They only list tgat because if you color your hair some products will strip the color out so you need to look out for the products that don’t state that it’s “color safe.”
    Hope this helps.

    • I noticed that too and wondered why so many people thought they couldn’t use the oil because it says colored treated hair on the bottle. It makes me curious as to what they think might happen if they don’t have colored treated hair and used it.

      • LOL

  32. I’m so excited for this box, I’ll use everything in it 🙂

    My only downside is that I already bought the lipstick color Bunny (received yesterday). I’m in love Winky Lux, their lipsticks are great. Super moisturizing, creamy, great pigment, and long lasting. I think the color is flattering, so not sure if I’ll keep it for when I run out or gift it. Also kinda bummed there is no coupon code because I order from them every few months so it would have been nice, but overall I’d say this is box is a hit for me 🙂

  33. This box is REALLY good. Even if something isn’t your style all these items are incredibly giftable. I grabbed the Black Friday 6 mo deal, so for $20 I am very pleased. I’ve gotten ticked off at PS in the past, but for $20 a box I can’t get too mad. Even if this one is being given away for free with an LE purchase. 😉

  34. Minus the hair serum, I am loving this box! I got my shipping notice a few days ago and can’t wait to get my hands on this box.

  35. I got an email yesterday saying it’s in on the way, my Sept. box from Gilt City is on the way too, so I’m excited for my first PS boxes! Those catch alls look amazing, I like the hair stuff, and I’ll probably swap the necklace, it’s really not my style and I already bought myself some jewelry last week.

  36. I’m so excited about this box and the family members I purchased three month subscriptions will love them. I am bummed that I did not receive it free of charge with my full price purchase of both the LE boxes. But…. I’m stopping there, I did get a fantastic Black Friday deal. Still it would be nice to gift this to mom along with the November box I purchased for her through Gilt City. Who knows? Could have made her a month to month customer to see how great the boxes have been in November and December.

  37. This is my first PSMH box!! Always admired the boxes but couldn’t afford so I was really excited when I saw the BF deal (& helped my clueless boyfriend by telling him the 3 month sub could be one of my Christmas gifts:) )

    Side note: Got a little sad when the CM deal came out and realized I wouldn’t have the option of adding on to the 3 month sub since it was a gift. Anyone have this problem and contact CS? I would have loved to extend the 3 month.

    Anyways I’m a little underwhelmed by this box compared to others I’ve seen in the past but I’m still pretty excited. Hoping I like the next 2 months better and that they’ll include some kind of skincare because that’s what I’m really interested in right now!

    Ring dish & catchall- For some reason I was thinking these were gold trimmed and was excited they would match the rim on my bedside table but hopefully they will still look good on it because I would totally use these!

    Bobby pins- I don’t wear bobby pins or hair accessories and neither does anyone I know; Going on swap.

    Winky Lux lipstick- My first reaction to seeing this was that I was going to put it up for swap but I think I might actually keep it! I’m super duper new to wearing any kind of make-up that isn’t gel eyeliner and mascara…so a lipstick like this or of any kind is kinda scary to me, though I think I might keep it around for when I’m comfortable with make-up because the color is so pretty!

    Cookie Kit- Don’t care too much for food items in boxes but I’d much rather this than a small bag of chips or something so yass I will totally eat these cookies up (if I get the chance before my boyfriend does)

    Dessange Serum Treatment- I have been looking into different hair products to make my hair more healthier so I guess I’m okay with this BUT I would have definitely liked something that wasn’t geared towards colored hair.

    Necklace- It’s nice to receive jewelry in a box but unfortunately this isn’t my style and will be going up on swap. Wish I could have received the Kendra Scott bracelet in last month’s box because I totally would have worn that.

    • I thought the ring dish and tray were gold trimmed too, disappointed to see it’s a brown trim in person. But that was the fastest I’ve ever received my PS box.

      • I know, the description said the trim was black, but it’s more like brownish black. It’s the exact color of mascara I like to use. Boxes always send out black. Finally something that’s brownish black and its a tray and bowl!

  38. I love the color of that lipstick. Hope if works for me like it appears to do.

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