POPSUGAR Must Have Box March 2017 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness,


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

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Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.


Now, onto the items!


Kate Spade New York Photo Album – Value $20


My first thought when I saw the card in this box: Kate Spade!


This photo album is wrapped in a linen polka dot fabric with a green interior lining:


This is a classic Kate Spade look, and the white and black polka dot pattern should work with almost any decor.


It holds 80 4″ by 6″ photos. (I have a feeling this photo album will be about 95% pictures of Buckles.)


Stephanie Johnson Camera Crossbody Bag – Value $45


This red bag measures about 8 inches across, 6 inches wide, with a 3 inch depth.


It’s see through and the vinyl material is waterproof, too.


At first, when I saw this, I have to admit I wasn’t sure how/if I’d use it. It’s pretty bold for my purse comfort zone, and I wasn’t sure about the see-through part either. Then I realized that this is the perfect bag for me for summer activities like going to amusement parks, sports events, concerts, etc.


The bag is super easy for security checks, you don’t have to worry about spills, and the crossbody part means I don’t have to even think about it. (And the front zipper is a perfect place to hold tickets.)

Plus, it holds a good amount! Here is a waterbottle and my phone in the purse:


There’s still room for a lot more! (Now I’m ready for another Disney trip!)


Sunny Life Eco Lunch Box in Watermelon – Value $18


Adorable! This lunch container is dishwasher safe, and officially the cutest lunch box I’ve ever seen!



Thrive Cosmetics Brilliant Eye Brightener in Stella – Value $24


I’ve sampled this line before, and I’m so impressed with their formulas. This creamy eye crayon is vegan + cruelty-free; paraben, sulfate, + latex + petrochemical-free.

And good to know, the bottom part is a built-in sharpener:


Here it is swatched:


It’s a subtle highlighter on my skin tone, which is great for me because I can use it for every day, less-makeup looks. The formula has almost a powdery finish, but it’s still really easy to blend.

You can use this as an upper or lower eyeliner, applied to the brow bone, lids and even the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear larger.


Smashmallows in Cinnamon Churro – Value $4

These are hands down one of my favorite POPSUGAR treats of all time! These marshmallows are coated in a cinnamon sugar crunch:


They are SO good! And the churro inspired marshmallow has only added to my Disney World vacation need!


And the box came with a coupon for 20% off your order at Smashmallow! (I think we’re going to try all the flavors!)


Velvet Eyewear $25 Card

This item is listed as a special extra in the box. Expires 6/30/2017. (FYI – the sunglasses available at Velvet Eyewear are around $175, so I’m not counting this toward the value of the box.)

UPDATE: Thanks, Joy, for letting us know that there are sunglasses starting at $45 in their Trends section!

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $111. I ended up liking every item in this box, but I do have a few issues with it. One, this feels like a summery box, which seems a little out of place for March. (That being said, it’s better to get summer items before summer starts, instead of after!)

Secondly, I feel like this box is missing an item. I would have loved to see one more small item in the box so that there were 6 items + the special extra instead of 5.

All those things being said, I’ll use everything, I’m already daydreaming of a 2017 Disney trip, and I’m thrilled to see Kate Spade in the box!

What do you think of the March POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Oh no! I didn’t realize that the Black Friday deal auto renews. I was so relieved that my sub was over when I saw this box then I saw my card was charged for March. Looks like I’m paying full price for a super disappointing box. 🙁

    • Were you able to cancel?!?! I’ve been trying and no one is answering ):

      • I canceled online. I also requested a refund for March since my box hasn’t shipped out yet but they said no and hoped that I would enjoy my March box.

    • I will buy this box from you willing. My birthday is March 15th and this box is perfect in every way,

      • CB, if you don’t mind paying for some shipping too I’ll sell it to you! This box was a complete miss for me.

    • Well that stinks! It looks like I’ll be paying $40 for marshmallows. (Sadly, the only part I’m excited for). 😟

      • That’s me, too. My card was expired so I figured I’d update it if I liked the spoilers and was relieved when I didn’t like anything but the marshmallows. Buuuut then I get a ship notice and the charge apparently went through!! What the heck??

        • OMG, the same thing happened to me with an online math site my son joined last year. This year they put the charge through on an expired card! How do they do that? I wonder if you could somehow dispute the charge? I never did, but maybe I should have.

        • Me too! And my Sephora Play didn’t go through and they didn’t give me a chance to update it- just said I wouldn’t be getting a March box. This PS box has to be the worst thing I’ve ever received. Like it was curated for a tween- literally going to give the purse and the lunchbox to an 11 year old! The only item that is worth anything is the eye crayon and I already have one from Boxycharm. What a bust!

      • I just received my box and had the same reaction — those are some expensive marshmallows! I was disappointed in everything else.

      • Wow, yeah I’m bummed as well and laughing because I also thought those were some expensive marshmallows! I have SO much highlighter and the rest of the items just were not things I’d use.

      • That’s exactly how I feel! $40 for marshmallows! I’m cancelling.

    • I somehow remembered to cx last week some time when I was thinking about how we hadn’t seen any March spoilers… SO GLAD I DID…

    • Me too- I didn’t read the fine print I guess.

    • The same thing happened to me. I loved the 3 boxes from Black Friday deal. When I saw March box I was glad my sub ended. THEN the box showed up and I was charged 39.95. I think it was sneaky to auto renewal.

  2. I am so glad I canceled and only got the 3 month black Friday deal. This box is complete miss for me, there is not one item included in this box I would want to swap for. I truly think Popsugar can do better than that.

    • I love everything in this box sans the marshmallows. would love to buy from anyone willing to sell.

      • You can buy my box!

      • I will! maryrshanks at gmail dot com

        • Just listed mine on eBay if you want to purchase an unopened box.

      • I’ve destroyed the box but willing to sell the lunch box clear bag the eye pencil etc

    • not thrilled with this box. the last box only liked the body crème. I think they are doing cheap boxes for all the people who paid 1/2 off.

  3. I like how Liz styled the crossbody – athletic clothes are super in but not me. The crossbody might be a good gift for my 4 year old niece…

    • My first thought was giving it to my 9 year old daughter! Something about it just screams kid bag!

      • You’re right! Goodness, I’m disappointed.

    • Funny thing is that in the Detroit Red Wing arena you have to have a tiny tiny purse or a clear one. I was actually thinking that this purse would be awesome for hockey games.

      • I just saw your post and I thought the same thing lol. Would be perfect at the Joe!

  4. Oy. Thumbs up to the lunch box and the eye brightener. Thumbs down everything else. This box feels so odd. Like they had a bunch of stuff they had to get rid of and figured they’d use March to do it. This box does feel very young. The photo book seems odd too. Most of my pictures are digital. I get them printed online and if I want them in a book I have them bound by whatever company I use to print them. How many people still develop film? Photographers? I love Kate Spade I just wish it was a more practical item. I can gift it I suppose. Very let down this month.

    • It seems many subscribers would call it the March Disappointment Box.

      • That sounds about accurate. Such a bummer. I would have liked to see something for St. Patrick’s Day. That red plastic purse is like something I would have picked out in the dollar store as a kid.

    • They seem to really struggle with spring/summer boxes. Even a higher end, wonderful smelling cleaning product would have been nice. (I need to clean and I’m desperate for motivation!)

      • A fancy cleaning product is a great idea for a spring box.

    • Not even photographers, at least not prints of this size! I am a part-time photographer and take tons of photos (digitally like most photographers these days). I only print individual photos in large enough sizes to sell or frame, and I think that’s true of most photographers. And I can’t believe they call that bright plastic bag a camera bag. Putting aside the fact that it looks like a children’s bag, there is no way I’d use a see-thru, non-padded camera bag for my “full-size” camera (even if it would fit), and it it is huge for the compact camera I take on vacation!

      • camera bag refers to the shape…it’s a category lots of handbag manufacturers use, like hobo, east/west, etc.

  5. Maybe it’s not the greatest box but I like everything. I think I’ll fill the photo album with pics of my kids and gift it to my mom for Mother’s Day. Older people still like to look at albums. The purse will be great for my walks around the lake and attending my son’s regattas(rain or shine). The lunch box is perfect for my kids. They will also enjoy the marshmallows. I just purchased an eye brightener that doesn’t work very well. Hopefully this one will be better.

    • Great idea to fill the photo album as a Mother’s Day gift!!

    • My thoughts exactly, TK. I can gift what I won’t use, for sure. I’m going to fill my photo album with the photo Christmas cards I receive every year from my numerous in-laws, then put the album in our guest room for everyone to thumb through when they visit. I’ve been keeping all the cards on the fridge for years and all the kids are grown. Ha! An added bonus is I will be able to see my fridge again. But now maybe I’ll have to clean it…

    • wow. thank you! i love your idea. I am a little more excited about this box now.

  6. First thought when I saw the top picture was OMG how horrible BUT as always Liz is soooo great at reviews and suggestions that by the time I was done looking I had already decided this is the perfect SeaWorld prep box for me!

    The bag will come in handy both in function and size and the color just makes it fun. The lunch box I can use for a snack during the road trip. The eye brightener is small enough to pack easily and I can always use a little extra help to look more awake/fresh during vacay PLUS I won’t be distraught if it gets lost in transit. I’ll use the photo album for that particular trip and even check into using the gift card for a new pair of sunnies cuz those will come in handy too 🙂 If I’m lucky it will all be here just in time for Spring Break

  7. Do not understand the fascination with this $40 a month box. Think I have seen maybe 2 boxes in the past year I would have been happy with. Do not have problem getting a one time $25 mystery box every now and again. But monthly…nope.

    • Agreed!

    • Totally agree — I don’t get it.

      • Me neither.

    • I used to get it but cancelled last Summer as they weren’t too good and as you say, a lot for what you get! Wished I’d gotten on a deal, but maybe I will this year or a few special ones yet this year!

  8. Ok, I would be disappointed if I paid full price, but since I did the 6m deal, at just over $20/box, it’s fine.

    • Exactly how I feel.

  9. I think this is actually a pretty cute box and I would be happy with it if I had gotten it.

    I quit PopSugar some time back because I was frustrated with shipping drama and having to babysit my box every month and honestly I don’t miss it but I like this one.

    • I’d be happy to sell it to you if you’re interested! Let me know! 🙂

  10. I’m in my early 40s, and can’t see myself rocking a plastic vinyl bag or toting a cutesy lunch box that looks like it’s for kids. (Felt the same about the face wallet from a few boxes back.) I know they can’t please everyone all the time, but I’m guessing their demographic is adults…

    Well I guess we know what the next round of mystery boxes will be full of… lol

    • Right! I must be getting too old . . .

      • Oh gosh. . . you know, I try and be positive and generally the Popsugar boxes have always made me happy. This one is not doing it for me at all, and perhaps it is because I’m 42 and the plastic bag looks more suitable for a 13 year old. Stephanie Johnson is a good brand though and I have a few things from the line, all are good quality. Though that bag could be great for carrying toiletries to the shower when I go camping. I’ll find a use for it, I’m sure. 🙂

        Kate Spade = lovely, though I’ll probably use it as a gift for someone.
        Thrive = I have another highlighter from this brand, it’s pretty nice.
        Marshmallows = someone will enjoy them, though probably not me if they have gelatin
        Lunchbox = cute, but I’ll probably regift.

        I’m not thrilled, but I got the black Friday deal so it’s all good. Hopefully this isn’t a bad sign for the Resort box (usually they include a similar item or same brand the same month LE boxes come out). Maybe a nicer Stephanie Johnson piece will be included.

        • ooh, that’s a great idea! Definitely putting that in the camping pile

    • I let my sub to Popsugar lapse after the 3-month Black Friday deal. I think my age is the reason. Between knowing (and already having) what I like, not having enough time to do the swap thing, and finding many of the items skewing too young for me, half the time opening a box felt like taking on responsibilities (where can I store that? who can I give that to?) rather than gifts. There were some real hits here and there, but also a lot of WTF for this child-less Gen Xer.

  11. Worst box ever. I will gift to my 13 year old neighbor, but I’m not even sure she will like it.

  12. Really disappointed in this box! I’ll give it one more month, but if the April box is as disappointing as this March box, I’m out. I can’t see how I’d actually use any of these items. I do love the Kate Spade brand, but I haven’t printed a photo in the last 10 years.

  13. If PopSugar is going to include highlighters, we need, no…we DESERVE the Pat McGrath Labs “Skin Fetish 003” Kit (and a 100% Bristle Mason Pearson brush). Grrrr!

    • It’s going back on sale on PatMcGrath.com today, but I think it would be hard to work into a $40 box given the price point of $72. Maybe one of the $100 boxes?

      • What’s the difference between the nude and gold? Pat McGraff, not PS

  14. Now seeing the items I am ok with it! I will get rid of the gift card, but overall it’s ok. I too can use the bag for vacation things. Not bad.

  15. Hmm… I don’t think this box is for me. If anyone’s interested in purchasing mine, email me: lily.abolghasemi(at)gmail.com.

  16. I am very disappointed. This is a crazy bunch of items for the March box. I don’t think I will be able to even give this stuff away, maybe to a 6 year old. I did like last month’s box though and wish they could remain consistent in quality.

    • Feel free to give the items away to me! I can pay for shipping!

  17. It’s funny how tastes are so different. I really like this box though it definitely seems like it’s missing something to me as well.

  18. This is truly awful. I always feel people over expect from these boxes and can usually find something I like, but this?

    That bag is atrocious, like something they give away with a magazine. Plus who uses photo albums anymore….I don’t care if it’s Kate Spade or not. This is a low! About to cancel.

    • That bag looks like a freebie, that’s for sure. What a box!

      • Right?! I cancelled straight away, which I’m sad about but I’ll wait for spoilers in future.

      • I thought this bag looked familiar, and I just figured out why. I keep spare change in the car in a freebie cosmetic bag from Clinique from 10 or 15 years ago – it is a miniature version of this bag. Same color, shape, material, lol!

  19. Is this the best ever? No, but I will use the Thrive Cosmetics (excited to try them). I do have some photos already printed from ages ago that could use a good home and not linger in the envelope that I brought them home in. And, I really do like the idea of using that red bag at amusement parks/concerts. That’s great. I will be able to wipe it off it gets dirty & save my nicer purses for fancier events (like work & shopping). 🙂

    Overall, I will use the items. And I did get this box for $20 from the Black Friday sale, so, not bad.

  20. I’m actually really excited about this box! I think I’ll love 4 out of the 5 items and I may or may not use the $25 credit.

    Mashmallows I will eat up! Nom nom nom

    Photo Album, I may be one of the only people who still do old school Photo Albums. I do scrap-booking but I love the idea of dedicating this album to my Cat Leela since its classic looking and simple.
    I think it would also make a great gift for a new couple, anniversary, or wedding.

    Lunchbox ADORABLE i will definitely use it!

    Highlight Pencil I’ve been wanting one of these! Looks prefect for inner corner and brow bone!
    I don’t subscribe to a lot of beauty boxes or anything though but I’ve seen reviews so I can understand why others are getting on overload with highlighter products! Highlighters are just in right now i suppose.

    The Crossbag is functional but we will have to see how I take to the bold red color. I wish it came in a more spring color like a pastel. The plastic is an interesting material, but I do like the idea of bringing it to a game or outdoorsy and not have to worry about your purse getting dirty.

    The $25 credit, meh not sure I’d want to spend more money just to use it. Maybe there will be a sale on the site at some point.

    I do agree I would have loved 1 more item that tied everything in together or was more “spring” but overall I think I’ll really enjoy this box! Can’t wait!

    • All of this – yes! The lunchbox is the cutest thing ever! Otherwise, I’m not super over the moon about any of it, and kind of wary about the purse, but I’m hesitantly optimistic overall. (Wish our local teams were red, and I’d be on it for sporting events for sure.)
      I’m actually thrilled about the marshmallows. YES they are expensive marshmallows, but I’m allergic to corn – found out about 4 yrs ago. So I haven’t had a marshmallow in 4 years, because I haven’t been able to find any I can have, even at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc., and the ones that even come close are sooooo expensive. At least these aren’t plain for the price! 😊 I would definitely order these for a light treat, especially for 20% off. Good find. 😊

  21. I am going to fill my bag with indiscreetly packaged feminine hygiene products.

    • XD

    • This made my day LOL

    • Hahaha

    • HAHA! This is exactly what I thought of when I saw it. I remember the fashion of carrying see-through bags years ago, and I loved that I could carry embarrassing things and everyone knew it.

    • Yes! LOL. Thanks for that.

    • Too funny😂😆

    • It will be great for people who work retail and have to carry a clear bag so their managers can make sure they aren’t stealing! /s

  22. When I sub to PS I don’t like it, but when I don’t sub I love it. This box isn’t a good match for me. I give out points for originality with the Kate Spade photo album, which is probably the only thing I’ll keep besides the churro marshmallows. The lunch box thing I’ll never use, nor the bag or the eye brightener. I agree it looks like it’s missing something.

  23. Really glad I didn’t get this box. I got the last 3 months’ of Popsugar boxes from their Black Friday deal, and I liked most/all of them, but then cancelled going forward to wait and see if I’d be willing to pay full price for an ongoing subscription. This March box is not good. The red plastic bag is atrocious- but I had something similar when I was like 5 years old and loved it then so you never know! This whole box just feels very ‘elementary’. Perfect for someone in grade school.

    • I agree, I cancelled after my 3 month deal and I would have been disappointed if I paid $40 for this box no matter what the value is.

      Other than that I am willing to swap for the bag, snack, lunch box, and photo album. My youngest teen would love these things! Anyone can check out what I have. I have some items unlisted also.

  24. I think I’ll only keep the lunch box in this March box. Glad that I see the spoiler before 3/4 so I can remove the lunch box from my FFF add-on… Other than that, I have nothing to say about this box.

    • Agreed! When I saw something about sunglasses i was like oh man but I did a Sunglasses Add-on for FFF. But i’ve decided I’m keeping the Add-on. None on the site from the Popsugar credit really interest me as much. but its good to know ahead of time!

  25. If you’re thinking of taking this bag to sporting events and other places with a clear bag policy, make sure you check the fine print because a lot of them say that the bag cannot be tinted. That’s the NFL policy I know. It would definitely still be handy for places with a more relaxed policy though!

    • It is too big for NFL games! They are very strict. Go Hawks! 😉

  26. So so SO glad I canceled… the marshmallows are the only thing that excite me in the least lol

  27. So sad. My February popsugar box was lost in the mail and popsugar credited me for thr March box, which was good of them. But I really liked the tribe alive clutch from last month and was hoping for something I liked as much, or at least something good to trade for it. Oh well, first world problems.

    • Sorry for that. There are over 200 Tribe Alive clutches over in the swap section. I just swapped for one. You could probably get a decent deal since the market is flooded. Good luck and happy swapping.

    • Hey Michelle, I don’t think I’ll use my Tribe Alive clutch, email me lily.abolghasemi(at)gmail.com

    • My friend really wanted one so I bought one online for $19. In my opinion, better than swapping for $100 worth of items…

      • Where online did you buy one for $19? Thanks!

        • They are all over ebay

          • Thanks i think I’ll get myself one!

    • You can also get a slightly different but similar clutch from the same company (TribeAlive) in navy/white from GlobeIn https://shop.globein.com/collections/frontpage/products/foldover-clutch?variant=26855201414 for $40 full price or cheaper if you catch one of their sales. They also have it available as a $25 add-on with a monthly subscription, the cheapest of which is only $10/month (and includes one item). Here is Liz’s review with this clutch: https://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/2016/09/globein-artisan-subscription-box-review-coupon-september-2016.html

  28. Oh. My. God. This box is horrible! don’t like anything at all. I thought the last 3 were bad but this one is much worse.

  29. Im so sad I paid full price for this. I won’t use a single thing. Time to cancel.

    • Same

    • Jen – Could I buy the watermelon lunch box from you? And if you won’t use the SmashMallow coupon, I’d gladly use it! Wanting to send some smiles to a friend that’s had some rough times lately. 🙂

  30. I don’t really count snacks or gift cards as items, so basically there are 4 items here.. pretty disappointing. I’ll still use everything besides the purse, but to me this does not have the special, exciting, luxe vibe that I expect from Popsugar. I got this for $20 as part of the Black Friday deal so I can’t really complain too much but really am not sure if I will continue to sub every month once my deal runs out.

  31. So happy that I canceled the box. Even RV$111, the bag looks incredibly cheap. The photo album is cute, but I do my photo albums through shutterfly. Kind of surprise that this kind of photo albums still exist these days. Lunch box does not look that big and not sure how it can fit entire lunch if on the picture only grapes can fit there. Better off to buy bentgo stuckable lunch boxes for much cheaper, but better quality. Liz is right, the gift card should not be counting part of the box, because it asking you to spend more money. Kind of lame.

  32. I’m also in agreement that it feels like there should be another item but love your idea of using the cross body bag for concerts, etc. I’ll often go to ballgames and I really don’t like putting a purse down on the ground where who knows what has been spilled – I really like the idea of having a bag I can just wipe off!

    I’ve learned with PS to wait to see the actual box before getting too worried – there’s been more than one where I wasn’t thrilled with the spoilers but felt completely different about it when I actually had it in hand.

    Wasn’t there a velvet eyewear coupon in Mizzfit a few years ago? I remember people complaining about the glasses when they bought them.

    • Good point about putting your purse on the ground. I forgot about that – but I hate it! I end up holding my purse in my lap for the whole game. This will be much better!

  33. Hmm, I’m certainly not thrilled with any of this. But, I will try to remain open minded until I actually see each item.

  34. It’s not the “worst” PopSugar box that I’ve seen but it’s pretty damn close.

    It would have felt better to me if they would have put maybe a bottle of lotion, or a nice lipstick instead of the 25 dollar gift card I’ll never use. I also hope for a different bag color. I do like the Kate Spade item, but I would have liked it better if it were say a wallet.

    I do agree with the comments stating that it’s too summery or would have been perfect for a 13 year old girl. Please do better next month Popsugar Musthave!!! I think my subsciption runs out in May. If this keeps up I wont be re-subbing.

  35. I really dislike this month. Will not use a single item. Why would I want a see thru purse. It would let thieves know what I have in my purse to steal. Explains why we did not get any spoilers. I forgot to cancel my sub after my $20 sub was up. Paid $40 this month. Oh well reminded me to cancel Aprils.

  36. Cute but no “WOW” in this one. Kind of reminds me of that July’s box with the skinny scarf and inflatable swan. Definitely feels like it’s missing something.

    • Right on! That was one of my favorite boxes 😎 (bought n sale and used every item!!) .. cant wait to bring my swan back out in a few weeks !!
      Reminds me to pick up my skinny scarf ext time i go home 😃

  37. I am so glad I resubscribed to Popsugar. I love everything in it. It may be underwhelming in terms of the number of items in the box, however – given they’re all of great quality, I am not complaining. Looking forward to my box.

    Also, that’s a beautiful Adidas Jacket – did you get it from Adidas Avenue A?
    Thank you for the review!

  38. This is a disappointing box for me, it feels light. The value isn’t there for me brand name or not a plastic bag and a photo album aren’t doing it for me.

  39. I’m with you, Liz. Would’ve loved to see something like a light head scarf or maybe a linen spray. And then the discount card as a bonus. But I still love popsugar. They are one of my favorite.

  40. Actually only excited about about thrive causemetics eye brightener just because I was thinking of buying one myself just to try!!

  41. Not loving a single thing. Uggh. Wish I had cancelled!

  42. Ug. This is the first box that I don’t like anything. Well, I do like the highlighter pencil that I already have that. It seems like there was a bunch of Overstock and they bought it up and put it in this box. I got excited when they were the bag and there was the word Kate Spade. But alas they are not the same product. major miss for me on this one.

    • My feel as well.

  43. Now that I see it, I’m liking it better….I too was thinking the bag will be handy for my Disney trip in Sept!. The photo album is cute but I don’t normally print pictures…I keep them online. And I agree…it just feels like it’s missing just one more small item but overall I’m ok with this box
    PS…the gift card is not something I would use..so that is a complete miss for me

  44. This is bad….really bad 🙁

    • Totally agree!!! Not even worth my $20.

  45. Is it a real gift card? So you can stack them?

    • I just double checked, the code gets entered in the coupon field, so no you won’t be able to stack. Sorry!

      • Thanks so much for letting me know!

  46. This box would’ve been the perfect gift for a 13 year old in 1985.

    • Hi stfne! As always, your words are full of wisdom.
      Thankfully, though, I have the refinement of a twelve year old, so I am actually pretty happy with this box. I just wish I still had a pair of those plastic shoe-soles that had really long laces (with glitter) that you strapped to your feet and a pair of peddle-pushers (if you don’t know what I am talking about, it may either be because I grew up in Australia, or you are too young and missed out on the awesome 80s).

    • LOL! My thoughts exactly!

    • Omg i would be so excited to get jellies in a box. The first thing i remember coveting in pre- school…

  47. The photo album and lunchbox are so so CUTE!! This review makes me regret not subscribing to this box!

  48. Between Allure/Boxycharm and now Popsugar, I feel like I have enough “eye brighteners” to last me my entire life!

    That being said, I totally agree with you on the box as a whole. I feel like the value is a little lower than in past months, but I’ll actually be able to use most if not every item so I’m really excited!

  49. Oh no :'( I had such high hopes this month. Gelatin, red plastic and a photo album??? Even if they are brand name. The only thing I’m excited for is a dishwasher safe lunchbox. Where’s the jewelry?!?!

    • My thoughts EXACTLY. That red bag is heinous! Sigh.

  50. There are actually $45-$55 sunglasses available as part of their “Trends” line.

    • Oh I missed that! Thank you so much! I’ll add that now!

      • Liz, this is an awkward request…do you know how much the March box weighs? Need to enter weight to ship to a friend that will enjoy this box. Thank you!!

    • By the time I get my box – which is always super late – I’m sure those will all be gone. That’s the problem when popular boxes give a coupon like this.

    • Yes! And having got this box on sale, i wont fel guilty about dishing out the extra $20 for new personally picked shades!! Then my box will feel like it had the 6 great iems ($160 value for $40=yes please) #addictlogic

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