POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box 2016 Review

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Every holiday season, POPSUGAR and Neiman Marcus do a collaboration box that’s designed to be perfect for gifting. This is the review of the 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box!


This box was sent to us for review purposes.  (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The box itself is beautiful. It has a magnetic flap closure, and it’s definitely a box you’ll want to keep for storage or regifting.


And I love the inner wrapping paper – such a beautiful contrast to the white box!


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $250

The Products:“We’ve created the ultimate box just in time for the holidays. Co-curated by Lisa Sugar and Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing, they’ve chosen the perfect mix of luxe surprises ready to gift to loved ones or to yourself — you deserve it!”

UPDATE: This box is valued at over $740!

(Check out my review of the 20152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).


Alice + Olivia Stace Face Zip Wallet – Retail Value $198


I think this design is fun, mod, and has a Kate Spade vibe!


It’s well-crafted, made from leather and patent leather, and the sunglasses and lips add a fun dimension to the wallet as well:


FYI – This wallet is modeled after the Alice + Olivia’s CEO, Stacey Bendet Eisner, and her chic signature sunglass look.


Inside, there are two pockets for cash, 8 spaces for cards, and a zipper wallet in the middle.


Personally, I love that this wallet zips completely closed. (If you’ve ever found all your credit cards/gift cards/reward cards in a pile at the bottom of your purse, I’m sure you understand!)


Alexis Bittar Gold Crystal Studded Spur Lace Cuff – Retail Value $195


This bracelet comes in a textured gift box with an embossed logo.


And a lovely little cloth bag, too.



Take your holiday party look a notch higher with this Swarovski-crystal-studded cuff, which features both gold and silver tones in order to match any outfit. Lightweight and eye-catching, this elegant Alexis Bittar creation will solve your accessorizing woes for any special gathering.


This cuff manages to both be delicate and a statement piece at the same time – it’s perfect for me!


This cuff measures approximately 5.5 inches and it’s adjustable so you can customize the fit.

Here it is on:


I really love the lace filigree detail, and it has just the right amount of holiday sparkle for me!


I rarely say this in a review, but this next item should be a hit with EVERYONE:


Neiman Marcus Gift Card – Value $50


This gift card and the decorative sleeve have an embossed silver crocodile pattern.


And there is no mention of the POPSUGAR X Neiman Marcus box on the card – if you end up gifting this, it will be just like you bought the gift card in the store.


Nima Oberoi Lunares Wishbone Bookends – Value $129

(Another item boxed and ready to gift!)


These bookends are stunning! (And so unique!) I love this inclusion in the box!


The mixed metal design should work with most decor, too.


These have a silver and gold plate finish, and the Nima Oberoi Lunares logo is faintly present on the ends:


These are solid enough to hold books up, but not overly heavy thanks to the design:


These bookends are about 10 inches tall. Here they are with books to give you a better sense of scale:


And this set also comes with a card providing care instruction:


And more info on the meaning of the wishbone design:


They describe the wishbone as a symbol of hope, and it seems like a perfect fit for gift giving this time of the year.


Ready for another home item?


Antica Farmacista Prosecco Scented Candle – Value $44


This scent is described as:

Prosecco, tart satsuma citrus, and subtle floral notes of muguet balance notes of sugared black currant. A crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of prosecco and champagne.

To me, the scent reads as fresh and citrusy, and it should work all year round, too!


This candle has a burn time of approximately 60 hours.


I always like inclusions of candles in subscription boxes, so I was thrilled to see this in the box. Plus the design is classic and simple!


Le Metier de Beaute Lip Kaleidoscope in Lip L’Amour – Value $95

POPSUGAR included an eyeshadow Kaleidoscope in the original Neiman Marcus box (2013), so this is a bit of a throwback!


The packaging on these Kaleidoscopes is lovely. Here are all the shades opened:


And a closer look at each shade:


Moisture Matte Lip Creme in Taboo


Moisture Matte Lip Creme in Affinity


Lip Creme in Posh


Lip Creme in Breathe


This also comes with a card detailing the shades and application tips.

Here are all the shades swatched:


From the top: Breathe, Posh, Affinity, Taboo.

All shades have a lot of pigment and the matte Lip Cremes have good staying power, too. The two non-matte lip cremes, have more of a gloss consistency, so keep that in mind when you first go to apply – my lip brush hit the pan since I was expecting the same consistency of the matte lip cremes!


Studmuffin Desserts Bleeker Street Brittle – Value $30

This packaging is so cute!

It comes with a washer that you use to open the container:


This little bucket of brittle was a hit with everyone who tried it!


I couldn’t eat it because I avoid dairy, but it was described to me as, “buttery and salty like you expect a good brittle to be. Plus it is crunchy but not hard so it was easy to eat.”


And the brittle is all-natural and gluten-free!

Verdict: This box has a value of $741! I think that’s a great value for a $250 box, and when you factor in the $50 gift card, it’s really like paying $200 for 6 items. (That’s about $33 an item!)

I’m really impressed with this box! First, everything is good to gift on its own. And I like the product category balance, too. Two home items, two fashion items, one beauty item, one home item, and a gift card to get anything else you want! (Can you tell I’m still shocked and delighted that they included a gift card in this box?)

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

FYI – this box is currently still available for sale if you are interested!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. When are they giving spoilers for the regular box for December 2016?

  2. I think they bookends would have been much more stunning if they were turned out so you could actually see the wishbone.

  3. I am torn about purchasing this box.

    Likes: brittle, bracelet, book ends, gift card, candle
    Would sell: wallet, lipstick

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure it really makes sense to buy if I’d need to sell two of the higher priced items. I wish the wallet was a more neutral design, I would buy in a heartbeat if so.

  4. First of all, thank you Liz for the great description of the box! I am very happy with it! My husband loves peanut brittle so he will be happy with that. I simply adore the wallet and bracelet. The gift card was the icing on the cake!

  5. My wallet will be up for sale if anyone is interested…

    • I would be interested in the wallet, let me know how much!!

  6. Are there going to be any black friday discounts? I like the box but not for the price.

  7. Not impressed at all. Not my type of stuff. 🙁 Thank god I did not buy it.

  8. Makes me sad the could make a box from items on their website gift guide especially since they Neimans does a holiday book and everything. When you go to the website then click gifts then gifts for her literally non of these items are there. That just seems like a big disconnect to me.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing!! I always thought this box should include items from the NM gift guide. I find it so strange that some of the items are not even available at NM. But I guess I’m happy that I have zero FOMO for this box so that saves me some money.

  9. I love everything in this box!! Unfortunately it’s out of my price tange..:(

  10. First off, I love your reviews and spoilers. You, in my opinion, give fair critiques the majority of the time. Some are overly gracious but most are accurate. I’ve been coming to this site since I became obsessed with sub boxes in 2013. I especially love all the special edition luxury boxes from PSMH with the Neiman box being my favorite one since the inaugural box. However, I’m done with reading comments on anymore of your posts. People write the meanest, nastiest comments I’ve ever read. They drag your blog down and blow the joy for some of us who love what we get/are getting. They continue this behavior unchecked and I’m sick of it. If I were a sub box sending you all this nice, free merch to advertise I would seriously be re-thinking this strategy due to all the unnecessary, negative, and sometimes downright cruel things people say. Usually the worst things are said by people who don’t even buy the boxes in the first place! It’s your blog so do what you want but I’m not reading the comments anymore. It ruins my fun and excitement. No one should be censored but many need to re-think the reason why they’re on this site to begin with when most of their time is spent bashing the boxes, the companies, their curation departments, and finally the subscribers. 90% of sub boxes are mysteries until they are spoiled or you receive them. If you are chronically unhappy with the items included maybe sub boxes (especially the expensive ones) are not for you. Take your $250 and try to buy $700+ worth of luxury items on your own. True maybe some of the RVs are inflated or maybe you’d never spend $40+ on a candle but the purpose of these boxes are to bring high-end items to your door that you’d normally never pick out or be able to afford if you bought them as a single item at NM, etc. End rant.

    • I only comment on the ones I am receiving. But, there are sub boxes who have changed for the better because they read dislike of the subscribers who have disliked the spoiler or contents of their box. It is not always a bad thing.

    • I think it is preferable to permit open comments because in many cases, boxes improve due to feedback, both positive and negative. You judging our judging is the same is it not? Your judging us who comment both positively and negatively is the same as our judging contents in a box. I enjoy the comments. Liz works hard to give descriptions and photos and I for one appreciate her hard work. She keeps her forums open to comments both good and bad. Most people dislike the wallet from the Neiman Marcus 2016 box. I disagree because I love it. However we all have the right to free speech.
      I for one can’t stand the beanie in the Rachel Zoe box. But others feel differently and that is fine by me. We need to keep freedom of speech here. My advice to you is to not read comments.
      End Response to Rant

      • My thoughts on the previous rant exactly!
        Well stated!
        Famously, no one like a particular spoiler “hero item” of a lux box. Tons of comments on how much we had strong dislike of the item!! The box changet it our for one that everyone fought over on the swap site and you still can’t get one!
        They are here for the positive and negative feedback! Just a captive, basically, control audience in which they do not have to fund!!

    • Jill, I am with you 100%. I love reading the reviews but not some of the mean spirited comments. When you buy a subscription box you are taking a chance on what is inside it. They can’t read your mind and they don’t know exactly what you’re going to like. They have to go with what they think the majority of people would want. I like almost everything in the box. The bracelet is lovely. And I was excited about the bookends. I am in my late 50s and the wallet is a little too young for me but it’s perfect for my 20-year-old niece who loves Alice + Olivia. I have lots of nieces and sisters and a lot of the things end up being gifts for them. It’s a nice way to give a gift that’s expensive that you normally may not have been able to afford. All of the items inside were of a nice quality. Part of the subscription box is the surprise of what you see inside. And yes the companies need the feedback but there are constructive ways to do it. I personally get an email every time I get a box and I tell them what I like and what I didn’t. I love reading the reviews and I will continue to do that but I won’t read the comments any longer. There are too many negative comments. It’s kind of like gambling, if you don’t want to take the chance, don’t do it! And as Jill said, “end rant”

  11. I absolutely loooove those bookends. They’re the kind of thing I buy myself. I haven’t bought this box yet – even though the candle and gift card are pretty desirable too.
    It’s that face wallet – it looks like a fly face. Or some kind of insect. lol

  12. I saw the reveal this morning and thought it was a great box. I still do. But I am so surprised at the comments here. I understand people are concerned about values being high. But it’s not like anyone pays the high value. If the 7 items are divided into the $270 (box with taxes), it comes to about $39/item (the $50 gift card and edibles balance each other out there). I’m not sure what people are expecting.

    • I totally agree! When broken down like that I want to get it even more. lol Too bad I splurged on half a dozen other boxes and addons for FFF.

  13. Anyone know if they will do a black Friday special or coupon for this box?

  14. First off, I am a total newbie to the subscription box world. But my comment is that I think there are some good items, but the box doesn’t flow. The November Box for example had a consistent flow about it. This just seems a little all over the map. But, I do like it when they put store gift cards in the box.

  15. I was totally liking the book end until I saw the comments about ob-gyn, that spoiled it for me 🙁 so sad 🙁

    • The bookends are beautiful! I just ignore silly comments. When they are stood up with books they are gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my box! 🙂

  16. Omg! I am so happy I didn’t get this box. What a joke. Much rather get the his and her LE box and keep the extra 50 bucks.?

  17. UGH…..I am SO upset that I spent $250 on this. >:o :’o( I like the candle and gift card (it would have been MUCH better if the giftcard was $100 instead). Never again will I purchase the Neiman Marcus Box or any other Limited Edition box without FULL spoilers.

    • I would love to buy the wallet if you’re not using it.

      • I will be selling my wallet as well for $50
        M717young at gmail dot com

        • I would love to purchase the wallet from someone to give as a gift. Thank you so much!!

  18. Happy I passed on this box. I wouldn’t even trade for any of these items except the candle and the gift card. The bookends tempted me but do not go with my decor. But that’s literally it.

    I made the mistake of using the last Metier de Beaute quad I received in an LE box and the colors were just not good despite looking pretty in the compact.

  19. Nice items, but not my favorite. I didn’t buy this or last years box. The earlier boxes I purchased multiples of for gifts. So very happy I waited for spoilers, and purchased the Popsugar his and winter boxes along with my first Happy Rebel instead. I hope everyone who got this box loves it.

    • CS with Happy Rebel commented in their last spoiler post today that their box will have 6 items and RV of $218. I can’t wait to see what those other 4 items will be!

      I did the same as you did – Bought both PSMH Holiday LE boxes and the Happy Rebel. Feel like I made the right decision based on this reveal

      • I am pleased with the first two spoilers and anything else is a sweet bonus. Happy Rebel customer service had been outstanding and I love that I can skip if I need to. I also have a really good feeling about the PSMH LE’s this year. Hope we both made the right choice.

  20. Saw the review and said to myself I need this! Then I got to PS checkout and they want to add tax HA! They have no affiliations in Washington so I decided to pass. I am not going to spend almost $300 on a box with those bookends in it.

  21. You know what, I like it! this is a great, classy, different box. At first I was a little taken aback by the items but the more I think about everything, I LOVE it! I honestly wouldn’t pick out the wallet but it’s cute and I’ll use it. Everything else- LOVE. And a gift card!! Wow!!! 🙂

    I can see why some won’t like this box for sure. But I like it!

  22. Oh lord why did I buy this?!?!?? That’s it. Last Neiman Marcus box for me!

  23. It happens every single time. I’m sure I don’t want a box until I see Liz’s review. ?

    • Saaaaaame!!! LIz, you are way too good at this.

  24. love the book ends! Would love to swap for them sometime. 🙂

    • I loved the bookends so much that I ordered a second NM box just for the bookends, they’re worth over half the cost of the box. My brother will love the bookends, and since the candle holders from last years LE box for her and the bottle stopper from last years December box were both Lunares, I know that they’re good quality.

      • *the first box is 100% for me, haha. ?

  25. I am still a bit gobsmacked over the listed prices. They are usually a little overwrought, but I can’t see anyone selling the wallet, cuff, candle, or bookends for the listed prices? I think the curation is there with several unique items. If you can use or gift all those things the value is certainly worth the $$ cost and/or you like being surprised you may enjoy this particular box.

    • Yeah…and a 15oz pail of brittle for $30??! With the exception of the gift card, everything seems ridiculously overpriced in this box.

  26. I liked last year’s box.. soo wishing that I didn’t buy this one… After the huge disappointment with Luxor box, now this?????? Sorry everyone, I am not happy that I wasted my $$ on this! Now I am scared of the “Her” box I also ordered!!

  27. Happy that I didn’t go for this. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to spend $250 on one box though. It seems that the Limited Edition Holiday box is going to top this one this year.

  28. yikes… those bookends… yikes………………

    • They look like stirrups in the OB-GYN office =/

      • OMG, that’s so funny! ?

      • When I first saw them I thought they were of a slumped over character, like someone distraught or something so I found irony in that they are suppose to symbolize “Hope”. It wasn’t until I read the actual review that I realized they were wishbones.

      • Lol….yeah im not a fan of those book ends either. So glad I didnt get this box. I love the cuff , and thats it!!!

      • That’s so funny, I actually had the opposite thought – opposite gender even! From the side (the side that would likely been seen when the bookends are actually holding up books) I thought the bookends looked like a particular male body part. And worse, kind of crooked or wilting one. Or in this case two. Oh my….

        • #MahGoodnesss Karen!

        • I thought the same thing don’t worry wasn’t just you. They should have made them front facing

        • I thought the ob-gyn comment was hilarious, but your comment absolutely made my day. I love you, Karen.

          From an old hag with a naughty sense of humor. lol

      • Rofl *) I will never ever see them as bookends now!

  29. I’m new to all this – maybe 2 yrs now? So I am no expert.
    I can’t say what I personally would expect but I feel like this is not it.
    These are thimgs that I wouldnt mind getting under the tree but nothing I would go out and get for myself.
    Ya’ll know what I’m saying?

    • I’m with you, except that I don’t think I would want them for myself under the tree! (Except for the bracelet. ….
      I also like the comment about the bookends looking like “Stirrups in a ob/gyn office”!! LOL!! I worked on a birthing unit, I am never going to be able to look at these bookends the same!

      • #TeeHee
        That is hilarious!

        I wouldnt be upset is someone hot it for me – but I would go to any store looking to get any of this.

  30. I love the bracelet, bookends, and gift card. The wallet isn’t my taste. I don’t need more lip products, and the candle is ok but my husband is allergic to so many scents that it would be a risk.

  31. This is the first Neiman Marcus box that I don’t love. (Yes, I even loved 2014’s.) I’m really REALLY disappointed.

    I love the cuff, though, and I just hope it fits me.

    The wallet is just NOT my taste at all. BUT I talked with someone here (Leah? Are you still out there?) about swapping it for the the necklace in the upcoming Rachel Zoe box, so that will hopefully work out.

    When I first saw the bookends, I hated them. Thanks to Liz’s picture showing them from just one side, holding the books, I am reconsidering. They’ll probably wind up on the swap board, though.

    I don’t like the kaleidescope concept and feel like this is too much of a repeat. I also don’t like lippies in this format since it means you have to carry a brush with you if you want to reapply. I do like a couple of the shades, though.

    The candle looks nice but I am becoming overloaded with candles.

    I hate brittle.

    The box itself is super cool, though. And the NM gift card is a nice touch

    As I write this, I seem to be moving away from deep disappointment to tentative hope. Am I just trying to convince myself that I’ll like it so I since be so bummed. I guess I’ll find out when mine arrives in a week or two.

    • I’m here and still interested in that potentional swap! Just send me a message on the forum. My forum name is PlaidGirl.

      • Woohoo! 😀

  32. I love the idea of bookends, but I do *not* have the problem of needing to prop books up…my bookshelves are all way too full to fit bookends! Lol!

    • Right???

      Except I do actually use a set of bookends to hold up since books on my desk. But these wishbone ones editor take up say to much space there.

  33. Ugh, I hate this box. So glad I spent $250….

  34. I love the book ends ! I have a feeling they are gonna be hard to swap for though, considering the value and high shipping. This is a nice box, but i just could not afford it.

  35. Yup this box is not my taste. I find the bracelet & wallet ugly and the wishbone bookends are a little strange. Even the candle is just a candle. I prefer the ones with pretty containers that you can re-use and they add an element to the room even when not in use. The only item I like is the lippies, but I certainly don’t need anymore! I don’t think this box is worth the money. Haven’t liked any of the Neiman Marcus boxes lately. I only liked the first two! Glad I purchased the limited winter for her. The two spoilers for that box are already better than this one.

    • Agreed. Only half of the box emulate the sophistication of the Newman Marcus brand. The other half, to me, says spend your money on crap you don’t need.

    • I totally agree. I think the bookends are cool, but I think I’d have to fight the urge to try and split the wishbones with my brother at Thanksgiving!! The wallet is um….that’s all I will say.

    • I am willing to swap for bracelet. I have a pop sugar box mini from November? Plus other random items on my swsp site .

  36. I’m in love with this box! I love almost everything and will give the few items I don’t away as gifts.

  37. Nope, not for me. Last year’s box w the tray and clock and palette was better for me. Glad I sat this one out. Bones creep me out, getting a candle in FFF, and the wallet looks too summery. Gift card is a nice touch though.

  38. Let’s see the PSMH LE Holiday Reviews! I bought both of those and am anxiously waiting ?

  39. Dodged a bullet with this box – thank goodness I waited for spoilers.

  40. What a box for unique items…. I love any box that adds a expensive candle that I would never buy on its own even though I really really want it. The bonus gift card is amazing and I wish every box did that or at least the more expensive boxes did that all the time.
    Side note! (This has nothing to do with Popsugar boxes) I pray that subscription boxes would STOP putting Hello Fresh 50% off coupons as a BONUS or somerhing. You know who you are! ?

    • YES!! Exactly! Because they add that as part of the “value” even though they ONLY work if you are a new customer and you can’t actually purchase even the smallest meal package with that coupon without still spending $40-50 more for just that week! It’s not a value if you can’t redeem it!

  41. I think the cuff and bookends are really pretty and cool. The rest is just ok to me. Glad I didn’t get the box, but I think it is a nice box.

  42. Love it all!! I’m very impressed. Mine shipped yesterday. Neiman Marcus is one of my favorite stores so the gift card is truly a delight.

  43. Crap! Just bought it! It’s basically $200 with that gift card! I love everything!

  44. So sorry I got this box. The wallet & bookends are such letdowns. UGH! Any takers???

    • The wallet and bookends are hideous.

    • I’ll take your bookends! Are you swapping?

    • I’d swap for bookends if you’re dividing things up.

    • I’m hoping to get the book ends on the swap page. Since they have such high RV I don’t think I can afford buying them for anything close to RV. Maybe I’ll get lucky on eBay…

    • Im interested in swapping for the wallet. What’s your swap profile?

      • New to all of this. Going to set up profile when I get box. Really would love the RabLabs Cele Clock from the 2015 box. Wallet or bookends up for grabs.

  45. I wanted to love this box but I don’t think it fits my personal tastes so I’m going to take the same amount of money and hit the stores to curate my own selection this year.

    I think the added Gift Card was incredible tho and I think I could’ve been swayed with any other design of bookends than the wishbone. Those seem odd to me

    • it is so fun to curate your own box. I did it too in lieu of buying this one, spent the same amount of $ and had a blast! If you do, there is a thread for this (curated my own box=fomo vanished) on forum thread and we would love to see what you curate!! 🙂

  46. Not for me… happy I passed on this and went with the LE Winter box instead…

  47. Liz, do you think the cuff would adjust well to a small wrist? Even the Halcyon Days bangles are large on me…

  48. Love it all! I can’t wait for mine! I have been on the hunt for cool bookends for months!

    • Yay! The bookends are so beautiful! 🙂

      • LOVE them 🙂

  49. Hmmmm oddly enough I have no FOMO

    • Neither do I. I’m so glad I held off. That bookends are cool, but the wallet is just hideous. The bracelet and brittle are pretty uninteresting to me too.

      • I am still wanting to purchase the wallet if the price is low enough?

    • Agreed.

      I’m glad someone likes those bookends. I don’t.

      • I don’t at all, I think they’re hideous lol. But everyone has different tastes. This box isn’t for me at all, thankfully I didn’t order it.

  50. Thank you Liz!!! What a surprise! Do you happen to know the availability on these?

    • As of right now, you can still buy this box. (Not sure when it will sell out.) Hope that helps! 🙂

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