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POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2020 Box Full Spoilers!

We have the full spoilers for the Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

FYI – This will be the final box from POPSUGAR Must Have. Read the full announcement here.

The Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box will include:

Source: doranpoma

  • Subtle Luxury Pool to Party Birds of Prey Pareo – $68
  • Mar Y Sol “Tanya” Raffia Crossbody $59
  • Roxanne Assoulin Patchwork Brite Set of 10 Bracelets $62.50
  • Antica Farmacista 9oz Lush Palm Candle $46
  • Farmacy Very Cherry Bright 15% Clean Vitamin C Serum with Acerola Cherry, 1 oz $62
  • C’est Moi Gentle Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes $10
  • R.E.D.D. Oatmeal Plant-based Protein Bar $2.99
  • Daily Crunch Cherry Berry Nut Medley $3.49

Bonus items:

  • Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water – 4 samples
  • Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Supplement
  • Batiste Waterless Cleaning Foam

Here’s a closer look at a few of the items:

Subtle Luxury Pool to Party Birds of Prey Pareo – $68

Wear this colorful design as a sarong, wrap, dress, or scarf! Its silky texture and sheer, soft fabric will make it your new warm-weather favorite.


Mar Y Sol “Tanya” Raffia Crossbody $59

Go hands-free with this perfect summer purse, handmade in Madagascar. The versatile bag is crafted with sustainable raffia, and the intricate craftsmanship is instantly eye-catching. We chose this neutral shade because it goes with everything, so you can sling it over your shoulder 24/7.

Roxanne Assoulin Patchwork Brite Set of 10 Bracelets $62.50

This bright and cheerful handmade set is inspired by friendship bracelets! They’re meant to wear and share, so spread the love. You’ll get a selection of 10 colorful beaded bracelets that you can easily dress up with a sundress or down with jeans and a tee. Our editors love to stack these fun accessories from Roxanne, who is one of their favorite designers with a cult following. Join the club today!


Antica Farmacista 9oz Lush Palm Candle $46

The lush green floral fragrance of this candle is intended to remind you of a tropical getaway. It includes notes of Tahitian gardenia, dewy banana leaf, and windswept palms. The candle is contained in the brand’s signature soft white glass and will give you around 60 hours of burn time. Prepare to be obsessed.


Farmacy Very Cherry Bright 15% Clean Vitamin C Serum with Acerola Cherry, 1 oz $62

This serum is packed with four forms of vitamin C, including Acerola Cherry. Apply the game-changing serum to your face every day to promote a firmer, youthful looking appearance with natural peptides. The product delivers long-lasting hydration, and is a non-sticky, non-irritating formula — it’s a total winner. Our editors love it, and you will too.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!


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Comments (118)

  1. Anyone get refunds yet from company? I have 4 credits ?

  2. I stopped doing pop sugar boxes when they went to quarterly. In 2016 the items were amazing, in 2017 and tapered off and got worse. I would watch online for the items in the upcoming boxes and I was never impressed after they went quarterly. They should have never stopped the monthly.

  3. I just received my box and it was missing an add-on (the Apotheke Bamboo Votive). Anyone else have that problem? I was charged for it but it isn’t in my box & I am a bit worried given I emailed Popsugar about 2 weeks ago regarding when my box would ship/when I would get refunded for my credits and never heard back :/

  4. I just got the box and am loving it. The bracelets are super cute and the candle smells amazing. I actually like the bag a lot more than I thought I would. This was one of my favorite subs- definitely will be missed. 😢

  5. Hmmmmm. My post hasn’t posted!!

  6. I got my box-love almost everything and THAT CANDLE!! It smells so good and is so pretty. I know some are not digging the straw bag, but I love it. It’s different and a little funky. I got the FFF Draper Janes bag, too and they have totally different vibes. I’m so loving my summer sub boxes this year!

  7. I don’t understand the sense of entitlement people have because a review is not up. Go find another site then. I sub to many many boxes and believe me none are like MSA. None.

    • Agreed!

  8. I got the box because it is their last but that purse is atrocious. Happy for everyone that enjoys theirs but I would never use it. Christmas gift perhaps.

    • I only saw the pursue on this website and on an unboxing video. Not my style, but do you think that would be possible to trim the fringes and make it more of an uniform, perhaps bland, style? I haven’t ordered this box yet and I’m trying to see if I’d enjoy all the items or I’ll just accumulate more clutter (I Also told myself I’d wait until my spring order is set right, so probably summer will be sold out by then lol)

  9. It’s odd that MSA hasn’t posted a review yet. In the past, the review was posted early, before subscribers started receiving their boxes. I thought Popsugar would send it for an early review, even though it’s the last one, to help the box sell out. Oh well, I ordered it anyway and am looking forward to getting it, but the delay is making me a little nervous.

    • Hi Coco1! The review should be up any day now. <3

      • Thanks Megan!

    • Agree – this proves the website is no longer what it was when Liz owned it. I never got an answer to emails from weeks ago. No popsugar review. time to find a new site

      • Yes I agree. Something is up. Is this the timeliness of posts to come? I hope not. I check back several times a day for spoilers.

  10. Any good and legit places where we can trade new/unused beauty, make up and skincare products not only for this box but other subscription boxes as well? TIA

    • MSA has a swap site. The “Swaps” link is just right off the center on the top of the MSA site, just to the left of the Search field. 🙂

    • Reddit has a super active beauty box sub and trading sub where users are vetted. I have used both for years but have been more active there for years.

  11. Do can you show ya how to style the beach coverup with outfits?

    • I was surprised by this too! Who cares what it looks like if not styled! She mentioned wearing as a scarf well show it! Very disappointing we even have to ask, it should be a given.

    • I Google searched the item, “subtle luxury birds of prey pareo”, and then selected “images”. Scroll down just a bit (it’s the 7th image for me), and you should see 4 suggested ways to wear the pareo: 1) Sarong Wrap 2) Paradise Cross 3) Coastal Cape 4) Vacay Ready Scarf. I can imagine several outfit options from there!

  12. Ahh! My box is MIA. I’ve been trying to get in touch with customer service for two weeks. Anyone have suggestions? Zendesk sent a template response. IG dm did nothing. I want to stay positive, but it’s getting frustrating. Thanks for any assistance.

    • Don’t despair! I’m still waiting for my spring box replacements ( an order from April, I was promised shipping in June and got nothing). I just keep emailing maybe every 10 days Or so, using that template. I assume now customer service is busy with old and new boxes, plus all the annual customers trying to get reimbursed. I wasn’t very happy with CS before, now it’s even worse. It’s frustrating indeed, but eventually your request will go through!

      • Thanks Izzie. I hope you get your items!

  13. My box arrived today! I am so happy with it, I used the $20 off coupon and definitely got my monies worth and more. I love the bracelets, candle, very cherry and Pareo. I even like the purse which I didn’t think that I would like, but in person it is not as big as it appeared in the pictures and has definitely grown on me since receiving. Plus all the extras makes this box a bang for your buck, don’t sleep…if you haven’t already I highly recommended ordering this box.

    • …. just got mine too… agree with all you said and I paid full price…so worth it… I had already gifted the bag or I would have kept…. the size makes it darling…. the candle is AMAZING… the bracelets are cute …. going out with a bang!!!! Will never be another quite like PSMH.. will be dearly missed!!! Definitely recommend if you’re on the fence… 😷😎

  14. Why is the review not up? This looks more like an ad.

    • oh look. A privelidged person.

      • Oh look. A virtue signaler, who can’t spell.

      • What does that have to do with being a privileged person? We really don’t need this here. Dear God. If there could be one place we can go to escape all the politics!!! Can we have this one place?????

      • Your attempt at snark doesn’t even make sense. Nice try though

    • It’s spoilers, the review will come later.

    • Every. Single. Post. Is. An. Ad. This is a business designed to make money through affiliate links. I realized that when l received my first ever FFF box and a the purse that Liz raved about looked like something from Wal Mart. They aren’t doing is a favor they are selling things.

      • No one is making you come to the website. Did you think it was done for free? Please let us know as soon as you find a non-monetized site. Thanks.

  15. Does anyone know if they’re going to continue with their Must Have It texts?

    • On the popsugar website, I was able to find information that they will continue with the Must Have It texts, so there’s a silver lining 🙂

  16. Does anyone else have a box that they’ve been charged for, but where the shipping information is, it still says processing?

    • yes I do

    • Same here. I had 2 add ons and am guessing that’s the reason for my hold up.

    • Yes me too

    • yep

    • Yes, that is exactly what mine has said for days so I was worried too. I’m glad it’s not just me, this makes me feel better. Someone else mentioned add-on’s. Is that something you would have had to have been an annual member to participate in? Thanks!

      • Mine’s still processing and I ordered 1 add on. The add on is a birthday gift for a friend and I really need it soon! Ship!

    • Mine is still processing as well, and I did not order any add-ons.

      • Same here, and I wish the box would start moving! 😬

    • As of today (Jul 1st) mine also still says Processing and I had 2 add-ons.
      I also have 3 unused credits and would like the refund for that sooner rather than later.

      I’ve just sent in a support ticket to ask about when they believe the box will ship & when I will receive my refund but… after seeing some other comments about never hearing back I’m not too hopeful!

      • Had anyone who posted that they didn’t have boxes ship gotten their boxes eventually???
        I just ordered mine and it’s saying processing as well. Might they never ship?? Did you guys get your boxes eventually??

      • Yes I did end up getting my box a week or so ago! They also only answered my support message when they had an answer… Not the other times.

        No refund for my credits yet though!

  17. Has there been any word on if they are still going to do their limited edition boxes?

    • no more boxes, so sad!

      do love my summer box, bittersweet as PSMH is my only sub other than the occasional RZBOS

      I’m still not over the switch from monthly, lol

  18. Received my box today loved every item and well curated! Going to miss you popsugar

  19. I bit the bullet and ordered. I really wanted the spring box but couldn’t justify it at the time because I was laid off due to Covid. But this one looks almost as good. Haven’t read good reviews on the Farmacy Cherry serum.. so may be a dud or I may have to sell it. I dunno.

    • Jennie, oh no! I bought this box (my first POPSUGAR ever) just for the Farmacy serum. I recently received a free sample of the serum (well, free with a $25 purchase from Sephora) and I really like it. I’m really new to using Vitamin C in my routine though so maybe I just don’t know any better? Thanks for mentioning this, I will check out some reviews.

      • Hi Joy,

        You’re welcome, just thought I’d put that out there because it was one of the main reasons i got the box. The Sephora reviews seem to be overwhelmingly bad. But skin care is subjective so if you’ve already tried it and it works for you, then I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy it!

      • I love the Farmacy vitamin c serum! Some people probably don’t love it because of the strong cherry scent and the stickiness, but it’s one of my favorite vitamin c serums of the many I’ve tried!

  20. I want the pareo – saw there are a few available on the swap sight even though it is paused?

    I’m on the wait list for the swap sight so can’t get very far with it.

    Alyssa, Kristin, Kelly… If you’re out there, please message me! I’d love to make you an offer for yours 🙂

    • Feel free to message me: lindybohlke @ hotmail . com

      • Thank you Lindy!! Sent you an email shortly ago 😊

  21. My box was showing it would be delivered on Wednesday but was delivered today (Sunday!). For those asking about the pareo size – there are 3 measuring tapes in this house but I can’t find one. It’s very long (@6.5 feet but not very wide, @3 feet) so you could easily do the thing where you tie it around your body and then up around the neck. It’s also thin enough that it looks nice as a scarf. I’ll measure accurately if I can find one of the measuring tapes in the AM.

  22. I like the first 5 items. All the rest is nice addition. I am sad this box has come to an end.

  23. … off topic but it seems that the Sunday Riley box has been discontinued too…. ?? … between the two, this will take a little getting used to… 😢 … also, for those waiting for more Journee Box spoilers… google, spoiler 5 & 6… 😉

    • How did you hear about the Sunday Riley box? I still have a next charge date listed in my account for 7/16…

      • My bad Tracey… I reached out to ask about summer box, said I hoped they were not stopping as well… customer service has always been amazing… they replied box was only postponed due to current circumstances and once they resumed…. it will have been worth the wait!!! … so happy to hear… 😎👍🏻😊

      • I responded to your message but it did not post..So I will be “short” here… . my bad… they have only postponed next release date… they have amazing customer service and responded right away!! So happy about that!!

      • Thanks for the reassurance that it’s delayed (not discontinued)!

    • Okay phew! I was worried I missed an email haha. I love the SR boxes so I’m hoping they stay! 🙂

  24. Anyone have any idea about the dress the model is wearing in the raffia crossbody pictures? I really love it and would love to know where to find it!

    • I heard someone say that it is Tory Birch, if that helps.

    • It is a Tory Burch dress. It is on sale for $268 right now.

      I love it but I am way too short to wear it. Plus it is expensive even on sale.

    • I also want to buy the Popsugar model’s dress when I first saw it, but I was not impressed when I saw the same dress in the Tory Burch model.

    • Thank you all for the info!! That’s a little rich for my blood right now, but luckily they’re out of my size anyway 😀

  25. Summer is usually my least favorite box season. I was on the fence about this one, but couldn’t pass it up as the last hurrah. I’m most excited for the farmacy and candle, and the special extras add a lot of value for me. Popsugar, you will be missed!

  26. Looks great! 🍒 ☀️

  27. just purchased a minute ago. my first and last. I’m not a “stuff” person. I do skin care boxes for the most part. This box has many useful items for me. I wish the company the best of luck.

  28. Seems like a pretty good box to me. Those who really do not care for the box, could be a lot worse we might have received another Lisa Sugar book or swan floating drink holder cannot even think about that

  29. Is it already sold out?

    • It’s OK now … was wonky for a while there.

  30. Anyone know the dimensions of the scarf thing?
    I kinda want the box for that, the candle and the Farmacy, plus I’d use the snacks/extras so there’s value there for me but only if the scarf “pareo” is a usable size

  31. Decided with the coupon this box is worth the cost, especially when you break down per item for the cost. I’ve never gotten pop sugar before. also a bonus for me that since this is the last box of this brand no sub will be started. I know this sub was around for a long time and many people were a fan. Best of luck to those involved in the company with future endeavors.

  32. Really bummed. The bracelets did not fit me or my daughter. They were tight.
    And we are both of average size. (~10-12)

    • Do you know what size they are? I was concerned that they’d be too large, so this is surprising.

      • Measured flat while on the cardboard: 3 1/2 inches so 7 inches stretched.
        Measured flat off the cardboard (so unstretched) 3 1/4 inches barely (so 6 1/2 inches).
        You would need a small wrist to wear them “loose” as shown. Accordingly to Google the “average woman’s wrist is 7 inches” which would mean the bracelets would be stretched tight as on the cardboard.
        I’m gifting mine to my tall but thin niece.

    • OH man! The bracelets are the main reason I finally ordered. Fingers crossed I can make them work.

    • I have a small wrist and that size would be snug.

    • Thanks for this info. Sorry the bracelets didn’t work out for you. I have small wrists so 6 1/2 inches works for me.

      • MAN real bummed! Was thinking about ordering mainly for the purse and bracelets. I have a 6 1/2 wrist. But, I don’t care for bracelets that fit my wrist exactly.

    • These probably will work for me as I have very small wrists. I can only wear stretchy bracelets, or cuffs that I can bend- never a clasp style. But why would this designer make bracelets that fit so few women?

    • I have used “too small” stretch bracelets as pony tail rubber band covers. Just a thought

      • Sam-Thank you so much for this! I have size 8 wrists so I was wondering what to do with these but I wear pony tails all the time so I LOVE your idea. Awesome!

    • They’re so tiny! They were practically cutting off my circulation.

    • The bracelets were a little big for me! I love them and almost bought another box for more. So crazy. One person’s trash is another’s treasure!

  33. So tempted to buy this box but I am still in between.
    I was so close to buying it when I thought it was regular sized Bioderma micellar water because I love that stuff & it is hard to get.

    • If you just want the micellar water, both Dermstore and Amazon have it with free shipping.

      • Beautylish is my go-to for it.

    • My CVS even has it now, 2 bottles packaged together for $19.99.

    • CVS is now carrying this brand in the stores.

    • Bioderma is on sale at Sam’s club right now. Bottle for $11.48. For 16.7oz. 🙂

      • Thank you ladies!!! I haven’t been out since quarantine lol
        Definitely checking these out 🙂

    • I saw pretty large bottles of Bioderma at Costco in the warehouse. I didn’t check to see the size or price, but I’m sure they’re probably the same as the ones at Sam’s Club. 🙂

  34. This is a lackluster box for me personally. I hate that, since I’d have liked to have bought their last box. It was a good run, but I did miss the monthly boxes.

    • They had great monthly boxes. I was so bummed when they switched to quarterly. I am not excited about this box. It came to my door yesterday. I wanted a vitamin c serum, so I got it for that and hoped the other items would be amazing extras. I do like candles, and the pareo is really nice. Not a fan of the bag personally. All in all, one of my least favorite boxes, monthly included.

  35. The last PopSugar is my first. I got the 20% and between me and my teen daughter we will use everything. I am excited about the crossbody and we are fighting over the bracelets.

    • I’m sure they’ll go on sale and you’ll be able to buy a second one with a deep discount. No fighting over bracelets then!!

      • Do you anticipate a greater discount than the $20 off? I’m so on the fence about purchasing, but a “deep discount” would seal the deal!

      • I doubt if there will be a deeper discount then $20 and I wouldn’t stay on the fence too long because this box will most likely sell out.

      • Do you anticipate a discount that’s better than the $20 off?? That’s seal the deal for me!

    • It’s my 1st and last Pop Sugar Box too! I’m so excited because with a discount code it only ended up costing me $55. I’m sad to see them go, but also happy to snag one of their last boxes, I hope you and you daughter enjoy!

  36. That’s a lot of items! I’m loving this box. Glad I subscribed for their last box. I’ll definitely miss popsugar. I used to get all their monthly boxes and quarterly boxes were a hit or a miss for me. But this last box is great!

  37. MUCH better than last summer’s box – for me, anyway. I didn’t get last summer’s box, but I have gotten every quarterly box since then (and many, many others since 2014). Oh, I’ll miss you, POPSUGAR boxes. A fond farewell.✌🏻

  38. Love all of this🥰

    • me too, so happy!

  39. Looks good and happy! Will miss popsugar 😭

  40. Popsugar used to be amazing when it was monthly the beginning of the end was quarterly

    • I kind of agree with you on that. I was a monthly sub, and then only have gotten quarterly boxes when there is something I really want. I’m actually surprised they are stopping altogether.

      • I agree as well. The items were so good when they were monthly!

  41. Certainly not going out with a bang. At this point, I am glad it is ending and I’ll hopefully get a refund for my remaining box.

    • Agree. This stuff does nothing for me. Happy for those who are happy with it.

  42. Now that’s the way to go out. Bravo, Popsugar! You will be truly missed.

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