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FYI – POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription is Ending

FYI – POPSUGAR Must Have box subscriptions have ended. Summer 2020 will be the final box:

To Our Wonderful POPSUGAR Must Have Community —
Since the POPSUGAR Must Have box’s inception in 2012, our goal has been to send you our favorite products that would bring joy into your life. Whether you’re a longtime fan or first-timer, we want to thank you for your support and outpouring of love.
After millions of deliveries and years of unboxings, we’ve decided that our summer box will be our final subscription box.
Thanks again for being a part of the POPSUGAR Must Have family, and keep an eye out for the new ways we’re looking to power your happy as we evolve the POPSUGAR Must Have brand.
Lisa Sugar
Founder and President, POPSUGAR
See FAQs here.

You are still able to order the Summer Box. Check out the latest spoilers here.

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box (Regularly $75)

Check out the Best Women’s Subscriptions Boxes – 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards and all of our Lifestyle Subscription Boxes to find similar boxes.


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Comments (210)

  1. Has anyone heard from Popsugar, I’m still waiting to receive any communication from them, I had 2 box credits remaining! Their website has no additional updates yet.

    • I’m still waiting on my box and it’s been sitting at the Post Office in CA since July 1. I’m in Texas. They have not responded to any of my messages. I’m very unhappy.

    • I have gotten generic responses about checking the FAQs, which I’ve already done, and waiting to hear from someone once the summer billing cycle is complete. I have repeatedly said I just want to be refunded for the amount of my two remaining boxes. That part of my request is ignored. I’m starting to think they’re not planning to refund people who have box credits remaining.

  2. Anyone hear anything about getting a refund for the remaining boxes? I’ve emailed and have yet to receive a response.

  3. I Just signed up for the PopSugar box in May 2020. Got the summer box a week or so ago. It was okay…nkt sure it was worth $75.
    Now I see it’s ending?? Guess l have to keep guard on my credit card and make sure they don’t keep charging me.

  4. Who cares their replaceable already looking for a different box to subscribe to

  5. Has anyone been able to get a straight answer on when they will start emailing people to discuss refunds for box credits? I keep getting a generic response from them and they won’t tell me when the billing cycle ends, etc.

    • Same – I just keep getting a generic response despite saying I just want to be refunded. I’m starting to become suspicious that we aren’t going to get any refunds.

  6. The End of An Legend! I ordered only 4 or so boxes the whole time its been in business but I will missed the reviews.

  7. You know if you go to the website there is no mention of closing?

    • I Just signed up for the PopSugar box in May 2020. Got the summer box a week or so ago. It was okay…nkt sure it was worth $75.
      Now I see it’s ending?? Guess l have to keep guard on my credit card and make sure they don’t keep charging me.

  8. Thanks Luna. I did as you suggested and read Liz’s good-bye message.

    Liz, if you read this, “Bravo and thank you!” for a wonderful site for all of us to share our box loves, swaps, friendship and learn what is available.

    For the team that will carry the torch, “Thank you too!”

  9. It’s not sold out for anyone still interested.

    I was undecided before about spending the money, but I too just ordered – since it’s the last hoorah with Popsugar.

    Sad to see them go.

    Hope everyone enjoys their box.

    • Same here, lol.

  10. I’m surprised we haven’t seen the review since they have shipped. Normally we get review before shipping. Mine is scheduled to arrive Sunday. I’ll miss this box.

    • Will really miss this box!!! Totally bummed … But, I too am wondering why no review yet… was spoiler 4&5 it and there’s no need?? Mine will be here Monday…

    • It is like everything is leaving. MSA isn’t the same without Liz. I will miss PS. I am glad they are going out with a band. I can not wait to receive my box. It has shipped 🙂

      • I had no idea Liz left! Definitely an end of an era. I had noticed MSA isn’t as fast as they used to be with posting spoilers and reviews. But, I’d chalked it up to everything going on with Covid. And, I used to get Thank you emails from Liz when I’d send a tip in. I never received a response from the last two tip emails. So, Liz leaving explains the differences I’ve been noticing.

      • I have noticed a change here too. You can tell Liz was still doing a lot, behind the scenes, before stepping away. I hope they figure out how to get spoilers posted, in a quicker manner, soon. It would be so sad to have to start looking elsewhere, for sub info. I’m so used to just coming to MSA.

      • Yes, things have changed on this site, but in a way, my credit card has been safer 😉 . I want to know what happened to several of the past reviewer’s. Anna Reilly, Anna Rodriguez, Tiffany Waldorf, Haley Faye, and several of the sub’s i miss being reviewed like “Umai Crate” and MANY others.

  11. Well, I broke down and ordered it for old time’s sake. I really do love the bracelets and the candle sounds wonderful. Everything else is fine, I’ll get use out of all of it at some point.

  12. I “stalked” this box for my first few years getting in to subscription boxes and swapping here on MSA and JUST bought the summer box as my first one. I have been stalking in Instagram for full summer spoilers and BAM see this news instead. Boo! At least the summer box is on its way to me – I am SO excited for the bracelets in particular! I’m guessing they’re not up anywhere or someone would have shared them but has anyone seen/heard full spoilers? They’ve released 5 items but doesn’t this box typically have 6-7 items?

    • Another blogger has released full spoilers – just do a google search “Popsugar summer box 2020 full spoilers”.

      Looks like a great last box.

      • Thanks for the tip. A bit of let-down, looks like they just gathered up a bunch of stuff laying around the warehouse. Most of it is useful, none of it is exciting. I’m still happy with the box, and I paid full price. I’m also still awaiting shipping info.

      • I’m glad there’s a “snack” item in there, that was always one of the best non-hero items in the old monthly box and something that seemed more unique to them than the other lifestyle boxes. Thanks for dropping the hint on where to find the full spoilers 😀

  13. Looks like the box is sold out, my box has shipped and is moving across the east coast. Would love to see some spoilers soon!!!!

    • I just ordered. 2:55pm pst

  14. This is the end of everything (I shouted over dramatically to the sky) 😭😬😂 No more Popsugar (though I stopped subscribing when they moved to the more expensive box and nothing ever caught my attention), and Liz has left MSA. What’s next? Ipsy and Birchbox?? Not that I’ve subscribed to those in years…

    • Wait…Liz left MSA? I thought she just wasn’t doing any reviews? How did I miss this announcement?

      • This info was posted on a thread here about suspending swaps…

        “There is a new CEO that started in March 2020 (Look up Simran Dua on LinkedIn) and MSA is now owned/operated by a media company. Look up Ampush on LinkedIn. It says they own/operate right on their splash page.”

    • Liz has left MSA?!?! When?

      • There was a post about it on May 14th. Just search “Liz” and it should be the first post shown.

  15. maybe they will go back to monthly or just do the Neiman Marcus holiday box

    • The FAQs section stated there would be no Newman Marcus Holiday Box. 🙁
      I was saving up to get one this year.

      • No real surprise given Neiman Marcus’ current financial state, but still kind of disappointing.

  16. So we will get reimbursed for the remaining boxes on our account?

    • It implies that in the FAQ’s, but when I contacted customer service and asked directly a manager talked around it and refused to confirm it. I am concerned that refunds aren’t what they have in mind.

      • Has anyone gotten a real answer? I’d love a phone number to call- I’ve emailed them and no response. I’d like my $$ back for the rest of my subscription!

  17. Says msa20 is not a valid code. ???

    • MSA20 in caps just worked for me about one hour ago. It may have just been a glitch in the system. You need to enter the promo code after you enter your payment info.

      Hope it works for you 🙂

      • Thank you I will try that. I thought I saw somewhere it was only for people who had never subscribed before and I have subscribed in the past

  18. I’m surprised! This used to be my fave box back when it was monthly. I got one or two quarterly boxes and then stopped cause it just wasn’t the same anymore. I always hoped in the back of my mind that they would go monthly again. A girl can dream, right?

    • I thought the same thing!!! The monthly boxes were amazing and somehow the quarterly boxes were not as good. I was sad about the change and stopped subscribing for a while.

  19. I’m so sad to hear the news. I’m not a long time subscriber-I’ve gotten three or four boxes over the last few years, including this last one, which I’m really excited about. The Sumner box is so in line with my tastes that I was seriously considering an annual subscription. Box subscriptions are pretty much what I do with my “fun money” and it makes me nervous to see them slowly ending. I definitely considered PopSugar one of the more stable ones. So many brands or specific products have made it into my radar because I received them in a sub box then couldn’t live without them. Subscription boxes really have changed how I buy beauty items.

  20. Bummer, it says the code isn’t valid.

    • It didn’t work for me until I logged out and created a brand new account.Then it was gine

  21. I wonder if they’ll have a huge online warehouse sale to get rid of leftover inventory from past boxes… I feel like they have to have a ton of stuff left. I remember when they switched to quarterly they had one and I copped a really nice leather strap watch for like $25

    • Yes, please!!

    • I’d be very surprised if they have a warehouse clearance sale. Since going quarterly, I’m pretty sure all of their boxes have sold out (some after a discounts, like BOGO or half off). I doubt there’s much extra inventory lying around. But those sales were great back in the day, weren’t they? I got some great stuff too. Miss those. I’m going to miss so much about the PSMH subscription box program.

  22. It was bittersweet to receive the “We’re ending the submission box” email and the “Your box has shipped!” email on the same day (in that order).

  23. I’m sad but I can’t say that I am surprised that so many boxes are ending. I’ve been saying for a while that the sub box model is just not sustainable with people wanting more for less. More customization, more spoilers, more perks like pop up sales, more product etc. It’s become increasingly difficult to make a lot of people happy. I think Covid was probably the final straw for a lot of boxes, who were already struggling to be profitable. I know when it hit, I canceled all of my boxes that weren’t annual. I was out of a job for 3 months and now that I am back, I am servicing 1/3 of my regular customers since they’ve lost their jobs or are working from home and don’t need dog walkers. Boxes are a little bit of fun for me, but when it comes down to it, I’m going to make the responsible choice and cancel my boxes until my savings is back to pre Covid amounts. I’m sorry to see PSMH go

    • I think a big problem is that people don’t actually subscribe to subscription boxes. They purchase as one offs, cancel, then make new email addresses to continue to get new subscriber prices. That was probably not part of the initial financial projections.

      • Guilty.

      • I’m sure that’s the case for some people, but then there are people like me who enjoy the perks annuals get. Allure is the only box I resub to but thats more because I only want certain boxes, rather than for free gifts or codes

    • You are totally on point here. There will be a continual dry up of goods, as blanked (cancelled) container ships continue. The supply chain is not moving as smoothly as it once did, and the impact of Covid-19 is felt everywhere. I am seeing an upsetting amount of empty shelves at stores like Home Goods and TJMaxx in my area. I know they are not “needs”, but these stores employed a lot of people around here and things are just not returning to normal very quickly.

      • Ours still havent reopened yet. i “window shopped” tjmaxx the other day while qalkong my dog and shed a few tears lol

      • I think it will be a year or two before things go back to “normal”. Even then, it will be a new normal…and a weird one, at that.

  24. I hadn’t been super wild about the last few boxes and wasn’t really feeling this one. But I thought I had $45 credit and figured I might as well get their last box with it. Turns out I had $65 credit, so I got this for $11. Nice.

  25. Does anyone have a list or know of subscriptions that no longer exist?

    I used to subscribe to popsugar back when they were monthly and I used to love it but then stopped when they became quarterly 🙁

  26. I’m really going to miss popsugar, but it says keep a eye out, does this mean they are coming out with a new box?

    • No they aren’t. They are referring to the brand as they have makeup and clothes under their brand name.

    • I think PopSugar is referring to their purchase by text service, Must Have It.

  27. Sad to see them go. I stopped being an annual subscriber when they switched to the quarterly model, but I would occasionally order if the preview spoiler interested me. They’ve just been so hit or miss and I think the writing has been on the wall for awhile now. I went ahead and ordered the final box. I’m hoping there will be a few extra surprises since its the last one ever.

  28. I decided to get the last box. Was able to get the discount using MSA20. This was one of my favorite subscriptions but I haven’t gotten a box in quite a while.

  29. Well, I pretty much knew this was in the works when I heard you couldn’t pay for a year subscription. They just couldn’t get it right. They would hit it out of the park with one box and then their next box would bomb really bad. They wouldn’t play along with the releasing of spoilers & creating real buzz. They continued to not be able to ship on time.
    Were they mismanaged or maybe financial problems??? Whatever their problem: they let down their customers and were unsuccessful at this game too many times. It’s unfortunate. I love this box, so far. But I’m sitting here bitter that I still don’t have full spoilers!!!! So, very mixed feelings about Popsugar. Either way… can’t wait to get my box.
    I think the game now, in the current climate, is all about customizable subscriptions and fast shipping models like Amazon prime. And keeping people playing… like fabfitfun does. Their subscription never ends. It chugs along from seasonal to editor’s to add ons to hints and edit sales.
    Im going to miss them. When I heard about the no annual choice, I was hoping they were going to announce changes, not the end. I thought they might go in a new direction. A more “Box of Style” direction, ie: this box.
    It’s been fun. It’s been real! Bye Popsugar. 🌷🌼🌻

  30. I’m tempted to grab the last box, I’ve usually enjoyed PS and one of my favorites was a box a lot of people didn’t love.

  31. I’m not that disappointed after receiving the influx of politically charged emails they have been sending out recently. I subscribe to PSMH for fun not to be inundated with your political agendas.

    • I receive emails from Popsugar must have and from several other PS email accounts and I haven’t received political emails from them. What were they sending?

      • They weren’t. There was an email on how to be an ally (basic human rights) and she’s calling that politically charged. Because only her rights matter it seems. Ignore her and move on…

    • I totally agree! I was really put off by that as well

      • Me too. I unsubscribed from several emails for that reason. I was annoyed that they were soliciting donations for questionable organizations.

    • I agree.

    • I thought I was the only one who did that. I have unsubscribed from so many emails my inbox is almost normal now.

    • Mish, yes they were. I’ve received several. I never said ONLY my rights matter but they DO matter…as do yours. I just simply don’t agree with their politics and would prefer not to buy from a subscription box company that uses their platform to push their unsolicited personal political agenda in my inbox. I cancelled my subscription and didnt plan on purchasing from them in the future…but that’s my right, right? 😉

      • I agree with you, Dani. In today’s climate, opinions don’t matter, unless they’re identical to some. I subscribe to boxes for products, not political agenda, I sure as hell don’t want it in MY inbox.

      • She just compared her RETAIL right to cancel emails from a beauty box to the HUMAN right to survive a police stop…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • No, Layla….she really didn’t.

      • I agree with you 100%! I also unsubscribed from their emails due to their political push. I will never support them in any way ever again.

    • Are you sure you’re talking about PopSugar? I’ve never receive anything political from them.

      • Yes, Amy it came from Popsugar.

    • I really, really tried hard not to respond to this, but after the multiple comments just can’t let it go. I ENJOY the emails and their “agendas.” While I don’t always agree with everything, I’ve greatly appreciated the stance and resources they’ve provided in our current climate.

      • Whitney, I totally agree. There have been some really poor attitudes on display here, including a bunch of disgusting comments made on post about the Tarte Mystery Box and the post about Black owned sub boxes (many have since been deleted). I’m white, but I imagined how unwelcome that must make POC feel in the MSA community. I just don’t understand how human rights can be dismissed as “politics”. And therein lies the problem: the people who most need to learn more about systemic racism and do the work to learn how to be an ally don’t want to because they like the status quo and don’t want anything to change.

      • I agree, Whitney & Mish! It’s so disheartening when people actually think overturning the systemic, centuries-long abuse of fellow humans’ basic human rights is merely “political opinion.” JFC.

      • You guys are entirely missing the point. Nobody but you you two posted a position. They weren’t making any sort of statement regarding their own views and you are assuming you know how they feel and where they stand on the issue without any facts to support your insulting comments. All they said was they didn’t appreciate receiving politically charged emails from a service provider they pay to receive. That doesn’t say a word about where they fall on the issues and I happen to agree with them on that fact and that reveals absolutely NOTHING about my views on any of the other topics mentioned nor on anyone’s rights. If people would learn to listen and stop making such ugly negative broad based assumptions based on nothing but not hearing what you want to hear, maybe we could actually solve some problems instead of attacking each other without merit. Finally, this is NOT the time and place for ANY of this, my own commentary included.

      • I agree with your statement. I hope we can all try to be positive and supportive of one another on here. I know I have gotten great advice on boxes from other MSA members. Personally, I am very political, but I don’t see MSA as the forum for my politics.

      • Intent<Impact.

      • Thank you Courtney.

      • Exactly Courtney!! Well said! 👏💯🔥🤗 Thank you.

      • I agree with Courtney as well.

      • Courtney well said. Its sad the way people jump to conclusions how how they *think* people feel. I agree and don’t want any company’s political agenda in my personal inbox either **whether I agree with it or not** Period.

      • I guess I just didn’t understand it being framed as “political” material. It’s just talking about resources and giving information on how to support the struggle for human rights. If it were endorsing a political party, I could see upset about that. I remember quite a while ago getting an email from a box (can’t remember- maybe one of the natural makeup boxes) that was supporting ending human trafficking and talked about donations they made to organizations and gave links to those groups. Maybe for some that is too “political”, but I love hearing that businesses I support are supporting things like human rights. I’m actually far more likely to support a business if they’re using their platform to help good causes. I guess that’s just me, though.

      • If y’all think Black Lives Matter is political and not a human rights issue, then you’re part of the problem. It’s nothing to be coy and vague about, you either stand with them or against them. Anyone who thinks Black Folks should not be murdered by police and should have all the other rights and safeties as everyone else should not have a problem with any of these emails.

  32. Thanks for all the good times, PSMH. I subbed just as they switched to quarterly but despite all the complaints I’ve seen about the quarterly box, this was always a great box for my tastes, and it introduced me to a bunch of things I’ve really loved. That Lipstick Queen lipstick is a permanent fixture in my purse, the OSEA cleanser was perfect for my skin, the Manduka headband is the most comfortable one I own, the Tai ring is in regular rotation, and those Canvas bowls made themselves right at home in my kitchen. I’ll miss this one!

  33. I’m almost as sad as I was to say goodbye to Happy Rebel. Both were great boxes!

  34. Well that sucks. It’s one of the few boxes I was excited to see each month. Hope they give all the annuals refunds

    • Popsugar hadn’t been monthly for about 2 years. It was quarterly.

  35. I’m guessing MSA has known about this for a while and sees the trends. I wonder if so many boxes ending prompted some of the recent personnel changes on the site.

    • Probably. I mean when your business is based on a trend you know it’s going to end eventually. I remember when msa used to get everything for free and every possible variation to review. Now at least half of the boxes are paid for and they don’t get every variation anymore.

  36. Liz?

  37. Does anyone know if you can still use the discount code? I am trying to find a place to put the code with no luck. Thanks for your help!

    • I was able to use the code this morning. It goes under the total amount on the right side. With tax, it came to a bit under $60 for me.

      • Thank you! I didn’t realize you had to put your card info in first.

  38. I signed up to get their last box. I’ll miss you popsugar!

  39. RIP PSMH. I will truely miss this box. I dont believe I ever missed one? I was sad when the monthly pink one went to quarterly, but now, no PS at all? Dead @ss heartbroken right now. Ive subbed to prob close to 75 different boxes at various times over the years, but i always came back to PSMH. Sigh.

    • feel your pain! I only really did PSMH, excited for this box + can’t believe last one!

      • I ordered the last box as well…when she arrives, that last unboxing, will bittersweet I tell ya. 😔

    • The monthly ones used to be so good!

  40. I was wondering this about a month ago when I noticed that a years subscription was not available. So now they just need to release all the spoilers since the cat is out of the bag, either they will sell out or they won’t. PSMH and I have a love to hate relationship, but it was a great box and this last one looks like it will go out on top for them. I have missed the monthly the most and some of the LE boxes.

  41. This is heart breaking,I have been with them since day one…..I wish them only the best,and maybe in the future they will surprise us with something new to subscribe too.

  42. I was wondering if they were going to give refunds for annual subscribers. I am not shocked to see them go as they have really struggled and gone down hill since they went from monthly to quarterly. Both Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style and fabfitfun are better. They just couldn’t really set themselves apart, and the boxes have not been good.

  43. This makes me sad. Popsugar is the box that introduced me to the world of subscription boxes about 4 years ago. Their quality has always been consistent and superior to other boxes. I missed their monthly boxes when they ended, and now I will miss their quarterly boxes!

  44. I’m wondering how they are going to process the refunds. I subbed as an annual back in November for $245. They have twice deducted $75. That leaves a balance of $95 in my account. I purchased the annual because $245 divided by 4 brought the cost to $61.25/box. I’m betting I just paid $75 for those 2 boxes instead of the amount I expected to pay when I bought the annual sub. That means I paid $27.50 MORE than I should have for those 2 boxes! I guess we wait and see……

    • If they already charged you 75.00 for the 2 boxes then they will probably refund for whatever you paid minus 150.00

  45. This makes me very sad. I loved this box so much and discovered some great items. I use many of the items I have received. It was a well curated box. This is a blow.

  46. So very sad that the core, first sub box I ever got in 2012 has now ended.
    I mean, who DIDN’T see the changes when it went from a fun, feisty monthly box to Quarterly? Then the random box of ” stuff”.

    I left a long time ago.
    FFF and BOS are circling the drains. Quality is way down and when the tariffs with China go into effect full force, there will likely not be sub boxes. Liz left at a very good time. I certainly do not blame her for seeing the end ahead.

    I’m sitting here wondering if I subscribe to any box at all that I’d miss, and the answer is, no, not really. Either because of low value for price, or because it’s so mind- numbingly repetitive.
    I have boxes stacked up, never opened, so many that I’d die if anyone saw them.

    It was a fun ride, but in solidarity with PSMH, I’m cancelling my remaining subscriptions today. They were my first, they were once the most fun of all. Always on trend, never rustic, just great quality items for a very long time.

  47. Super bummed about this. My only remaining box is Allure now. Cancelled birchbox and fabfitfun earlier this year and then Sephora Play ended…my mailbox is going to be lonely.

  48. I was kinda late in the game for subscription boxes but PSMH even with the quarterly boxes are one of my fav. Very sad to see them go because I think the quality of the boxes are better then most of its competitors and I don’t mind paying a little bit more for better

  49. Wow! Truly the end of an era. This is the box that started it all for me, but I must admit, once they went to quarterly, it was never the same.

    • totally agree!!

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