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POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2020 Box Full Spoilers!

POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2020 Box Spoiler #5!

We have a new spoiler for the Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

The Summer POPSUGAR Must Have box will include:

Subtle Luxury Pool to Party Birds of Prey Pareo – $68

Wear this colorful design as a sarong, wrap, dress, or scarf! Its silky texture and sheer, soft fabric will make it your new warm-weather favorite.


Mar Y Sol “Tanya” Raffia Crossbody $59

Go hands-free with this perfect summer purse, handmade in Madagascar. The versatile bag is crafted with sustainable raffia, and the intricate craftsmanship is instantly eye-catching. We chose this neutral shade because it goes with everything, so you can sling it over your shoulder 24/7.

Roxanne Assoulin Patchwork Brite Set of 10 Bracelets $62.50

This bright and cheerful handmade set is inspired by friendship bracelets! They’re meant to wear and share, so spread the love. You’ll get a selection of 10 colorful beaded bracelets that you can easily dress up with a sundress or down with jeans and a tee. Our editors love to stack these fun accessories from Roxanne, who is one of their favorite designers with a cult following. Join the club today!


Antica Farmacista 9oz Lush Palm Candle $46

The lush green floral fragrance of this candle is intended to remind you of a tropical getaway. It includes notes of Tahitian gardenia, dewy banana leaf, and windswept palms. The candle is contained in the brand’s signature soft white glass and will give you around 60 hours of burn time. Prepare to be obsessed.


Farmacy Very Cherry Bright 15% Clean Vitamin C Serum with Acerola Cherry, 1 oz $62

This serum is packed with four forms of vitamin C, including Acerola Cherry. Apply the game-changing serum to your face every day to promote a firmer, youthful looking appearance with natural peptides. The product delivers long-lasting hydration, and is a non-sticky, non-irritating formula — it’s a total winner. Our editors love it, and you will too.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Spring POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!


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Written by MSA


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Comments (84)

  1. I missed the book we have been getting in the past summer boxes. Was looking forward to what you guys would pick out.

  2. Go through Be Frugal for $10 cashback (you can still use MSA’s promo code so they get credit). Was able to get the discount on my old account.
    I have a tiny, basement guest bedroom that has a very subtle ‘tropical spa’ vibe.
    I’m going to drape the “pareo” above the little window where there’s currently only a honeycomb shade to add a little something to the room.
    I couldn’t NOT get the last box!

  3. I am IN LOVE with this box. Great way to go out on a high note.

  4. I’m still undecided about this box. Two reasons for maybe: as a previous PSMH purchaser, I’ve enjoyed them, and it almost seems like I need to get it for sentimental reasons; two – the bird of paradise was my mom’s prized plant in her flowerbed and the colors on the fabric are different than anything I have. I would be using it as a scarf though.

    • go for it, def can be used as a scarf too! I was always hoping they would do monthly again but now closing no more at all!

      the only other sub I ever did was RZBOS and that was only if a sale!

      no clue how business model works for subs but would imagine shipping alone is pretty expensive, so sad!

      • Thanks, pb! Just needed a tiny push. For old times sake. I’m just sorry Liz won’t be with us for this last one. I am going through a lot of stress right now, and I need whatever de-stressors I can get!

  5. I always look forward to this box, and this looks like the best curation yet. I’m so sad that this is the last one 🙁

  6. FYI just got an email that this subscription is ending and this will be last box.

  7. My box shipped!! I hope the spoilers are posted before it comes!

  8. It’s crazy to me that so many people forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Of course things are delayed! So many people were unable to work for WEEKS. You’ll get your box, Karen. Take a deep breath, and relax.

  9. Just got the email notification that my box shipped! They said mid-June in their Instagram, so that’s spot on. I’m sure it’ll be forever before it finally gets to my door, so I hope the rest of the box is spoiled soon.

    • I received my email tonight also. This one is coming from NY instead of CA. Hope it actually leaves soon. or better yet hope we see full spoilers now that the boxes are shipping. Fingers crossed.

  10. Hope we have a review soon. Would love to see what other items are in the box. I wish PSMH was like BOS, releasing the full box before you purchase.

    • Me too. I am so sick of waiting. I want to carry the bag the few time that I go out before summer is over.

    • They are taking forever! I’ve been really looking forward to this box, more so than some of the other
      PSMH boxes. Maybe there will be one more cosmetic item.? Seems like we usually get 2 in that category.

    • it’s the last box ever as closing, perhaps they delayed to get as many orders prior as they could before shipping

  11. It’s disappointing that even now that POPSUGAR has moved to a quarterly box, they still cannot ship on time. The delays are what made me end my subscription in the first place. This is the first box that I have signed up for in a very long time, and it seems like nothing has changed.

    At least we have 5 spoilers, I am guessing the other items are probably a sample product and a book or something small. Any one else have ideas?

    • Because of the pandemic I can understand them being slow. But how would you like it if they gave you excuses and lies and told you that it would be within 30 days that your package shows up and then you realize it’s been 45 days well that’s what happened to me with fabfitfun it would have been fine if they would have just said we’re slow because we don’t have this many people or something like that but to fill me with lies and to make excuses that’s what upset me.

  12. I wish PS would release complete spoilers. They have already charged me for my add ons and says my order is processing.

  13. Begging for this box review to be published. Been checking every single day

  14. I would like to use the summer box this summer!!! And you know it will take 2 weeks to deliver to Ohio!
    Let’s Go!!!

    • I agree! It is mid June and it will take 2 weeks to get to me – maybe longer due to Covid-19.

      • It is a few weeks later than normal. Fingers crossed it ships soon! I wasn’t too into the Spring box but so far the Summer box looks awesome! No

  15. It states on their website that Summer boxes are suppose to ship the end of May. Does anyone have any concrete info on when the boxes will ship?

    • I received the email that says to make sure billing and address info is correct by the 10th. They have always billed the day after the date listed in that email. I’d expect it to get billed today.

  16. Okay. Any day now Popsugar. Last summer’s review dropped on June 11th soooooooooo…..?????

    • Seriously…. When will we get the review, better yet, when will boxes get shipped?

      • I had to stalk around their IG but one of their comments said boxes will start shipping mid-June, so hopefully any day now!

      • When they go this long with it… it spoils the fun.

  17. I will soon have 3 straw bags- one from PopSugar, one from Causebox, and one from Fabfitfun. Wyd, guys

    • I didn’t see a spoiler for one in causebox. Straw bags are in right now so I guess they’re all adding them.

  18. Has anyone been billed yet? I thought they were billing on the 1st?

  19. Is there a valid coupon for this box? MSA20 no longer works. It’s my birthday coming up #60 ACK so I thought I would treat myself

    • I wasn’t able to use it with an email address that I used previously to subscribe. I had to use a new email address and it worked.

  20. The pareo is lovely! What a great box! I think this is my fave box.

    I think that there are usually 7 things and then sponsored items. I am not sure about this box though.

    • somewhere saw all of these spoilers and it said and more, assume a few more items!

  21. Is this the all the items for the Summer box. besides the little, freebie samples they always include? Does anyone know the total number of items for the Summer box?

    Is it just me, yes this is a solid box, but a bit underwhelming. Which item is the hero item?

    Any idea on ship dates?

    • a few more items + most just rec’d shipping notice – it’s the last PSMH box ever, they are closing after summer – so sad!

  22. Aw man, its sold out and I really wanted the purse and bracelets.

    • check again, it says summer, just bought one!

  23. anyone know if They ship to APO addresses ??

  24. Does anyone know if They ship to APO addresses ??

  25. There are lots of videos on youtube of how to wrap a sarong. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this, this summer!!

    • Thank you for the link! I wasn’t sure about how to wear this but the website clearifyed it for me.

  26. Anyone know the dimensions of this? And is it a rectangle, shawl shape, or the rectangle with a neck hole cut in it?

    I can’t seem to find this exact product elsewhere so I want to check before deciding if I order since this will be make or break

  27. Is this box worth $55? Do they let you have choice selection? If so, do they allow selection on first box?How does it compare to FabFitFun? Thanks for any feedback.
    I am obsessed with FFF and Causebox, lifestyle boxes and looking for similar to try, to review, and to compare. What other similar sub boxes are you loving? All recommendations are welcome.
    The spoilers look like a wide range of items. I love the purse! Thanks MSA

    • I generally find PS to be a solid box. This particular curation lost me after the Farmacy and candle but I’ve loved other seasonal boxes from this sub. It’s quality.

    • Compared to FFF, I think the curation and quality of products from PS are better; but, FFF offers more customization (PS doesn’t always have the option to customize, and it’s a color or style choice, like black vs brown sunglasses, or earrings vs necklace) and more products for a better price. PS does allow selection on your first box, if it’s available for the box at all (no selections this season, as far as I’m aware). I subscribe off and on to PS because they release several spoilers before the billing date, and it’s super easy to cancel online if a box just isn’t my style that season.

  28. I agree. Bring back the monthly box. Please!!

  29. I really miss popsugar being monthly. I literally loved every monthly box. I havent liked many of their boxes since they switched to quarterly but I really do like this box! Reminds me of their old style. Like their limited edition boxes that cost more. I also miss their popsugar mini box they did. I was subscribed to both lol and bought most of their limited edition boxes.

    • It wouldn’t be summer without a sarong from a sub box.
      Colors are all wrong for my complexion. Since we still can’t swap it will go in the garage sale pile.

  30. LOVE 👏

  31. This has a lot of similar products to Box of Style–but I like these lots better! Excited for this box! Good job to whomever curated this one!

    • Absolutely agree!

  32. Does anyone know if I was to sign up today would I for sure get the summer box? I really don’t want the spring box.

    • you’ll get the summer box. The spring box has been sold out for awhile.

  33. Welcome back Popsugar!! This box is fabulous! So glad i signed up a few days ago. I love everything. Reminds me more of a Rachel Zoe Box than the other lifestyle boxes/ fabfitfun/ Causebox with that good ole Popsugar vibe!

  34. I’m looking forward to every one of these items!

  35. I subscribed a couple of days ago after skipping spring. I love everything: serum and candle for me, bracelets divided between my daughters, bag for eldest daughter and the sarong – haven’t decided yet. Of course, it is polyester made in China, but it might be nice, who knows.

  36. This box has some serious swag. I’m loving the curation!

    • He** Yes!!!!!

  37. I dont like the bracelets purse or the wrap.. ..
    Are we allowed to cancel????

    • I think you’re locked in if you don’t cancel before the 12th, but it could be different for the summer box.

    • Yes, you are allowed to cancel. The PSMH FAQ’s state that they’ll begin billing for the Summer box on June 1, 2020, so you need to cancel before then.

  38. love! must order soon, does PSMH ever do a coupon for Memorial Day? thx!!

  39. This box is actually looks much better the the fff box this season imo

  40. I am loving this box! Can use all the items and very happy!

  41. This looks like a great summer box. I’m liking FFF, causebox, journey and now popsugar. Just bummed I had to cancel my trip to Hawaii. All these items would be great to use on vacation.

  42. I really like that dress, too!

    • Me too! I’d love to know who makes it.

      • It’s a Tory Burch dress, there’s a link to it on another PS post.

      • Did some searching – that dress looks like Tory Burch Striped Smocked-Bodice Midi Dress.

      • Thanks Anna and Jessica!

    • Tory Burch dress is on sale!! Still $200+

  43. PopSugarMustHave is back to its great curations. They used to have their fingers on the pulse on current fashion and fun, so it’s great to see them return with some pretty nice boxes.

    • Right. I totally agree

  44. Is the summer box on sale now because I don’t want to sign up and get the spring? Thanks for your help!

    • I just jumped back in after skipping the last box and it says I’ll get summer.

  45. I wonder if there will be any choice items this season.

    • There aren’t any customizations for the Summer 2020 box.

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