POPSUGAR Must Have Box September 2017 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and home.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.

The themes this month are: trendsetting, personalize, style, floral, illuminating.

Now, on to the items!

Hudson + Bleecker Bonjour Smartphone Wallet in Dusty Rose – Value $48

This wallet has an embossed faux snakeskin finish with gold hardware accents.

The inside is lined in grey and includes 4 card slots and one pocket for cash.

It fits almost any phone (including 7+) and measures 7 X 3.5 inches.

I was even able to fit a lip balm in there with my phone! My favorite part about this wallet is the zipper – no worries about anything falling out. And since I can fit all essentials in it, it’s easy to move it from purse to purse.

I’m trying to declutter my regular purse, so this is a perfect wallet for me to only keep essentials.

Figs & Rouge Brightening Primer – Value $45

This is an oil-free primer/highlighter hybrid. You can use it as both a makeup base and as a highlighter! The liquid formula is super easy to blend out, and it left my skin looking fresh and dewy.

If you are looking for a subtle highlighter, this is your product. If you want a highlighter that really pops, you’ll probably just want to use this as a primer and use a different product for bold highlight.

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit – Value $25

How gorgeous is this black lace packaging?

f you aren’t familiar with Lipstick Queen, it’s a super popular color-changing makeup brand! Their formulas are designed to give you a custom color based on your skintone.

This blush is black in the pan but goes on as a sheer berry with a super subtle gold shimmer.

Ready for the magic? Here it is swatched beneath the highlighter:

And Lipstick Queen included a card on the blush as well:

On the back are instructions for how to win The Smokey Lip Collection by modeling your blush:

Hat Attack Buji Baja Coco Flower Pin – Value $17

This floral pin is made of a material that feels a bit like silk. POPSUGAR recommends attaching it to your coat, blouse, purse, bracelet etc. as a new fall accessory.

I have to be honest, this item really put me out of my fashion comfort zone and isn’t something I would have bought myself. But… that’s part of the allure of subscription boxes, right? Trying new things? Discovering new products?

So, I present to you, me, trying my best:

(I’m also wearing the makeup in this box, but I realize it’s pretty hard to tell!)

What do you think? How are you planning on styling this? If you share a picture on Instagram, please tag MySubscriptionAddiction so I can see!

Richer Poorer Wool Striped Nora Sock in Charcoal & Black – Value $20

Yes to warm, cozy, and useful socks! These are a stretchy and warm pair of knee-high socks. The material composition is 76% acrylic, 5% wool, 16% polyester, and 3% spandex, so you don’t have to worry about them being itchy, either.

These would be great for under long boots, or maybe even peeking out about booties?

Or just for lounging around at home with a book and a warm cup of tea/coffee/etc! (Can you tell I’m already in fall cozy mode?)

Pipcorn Kettlecorn – Value $5

If you aren’t familiar with Pipcorn, it’s tiny popcorn! (About half the size of regular popcorn.)

When I first tried this brand, I was worried tiny popcorn meant lots of kernel issues. But the hulls on their kernels are actually more delicate than regular popcorn, so you have fewer issues with getting them stuck in your teeth!

And the kettle flavor is fantastic! It’s made with a blend of cane sugar and brown sugar, and it’s not overly sweet like some kettle corn.

Verdict: I am digging the dark vibes of this box! I’m starting to see Halloween decorations pop up, and this box feels appropriate without being a Halloween box at all! And while the jury is still out for me on the flower pin, I’m loving everything else in this box. I think this is the first time POPSUGAR has sent a wallet in a monthly box, too – impressive! And I LOVE that they got the newly released Lipstick Queen blush in this box. It really helps make this box feel ahead of trends and special.

And this box has a value of $159!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? When you click “Subscribe Now” on the POPSUGAR site, the box your subscription will start with will be highlighted.

Coupon – Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5

Value Breakdown: At $39.95 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Smartphone Wallet: $11.80
  • Figs & Rouge: $11.30
  • Flower Pin: $4.27
  • Wool Socks: $5.03
  • Lipstick Queen Blush: $6.29
  • Pipcorn: $1.26

What do you think of the September POPSUGAR Must Have Box? What’s your favorite item in the box?

How do subscribers rate POPSUGAR Must Have?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Glad I cancelled. This box would have been a miss for me -I’m very particular when it comes to wallets, have wide calves so don’t like knee high socks and wouldn’t use the brooch (14 year old me would have though!). I hope others like the box though. 🙂

    That being said I love the makeup items so let me know if anyone wants to swap those!

    • Exact. Same. Thoughts. Everything in this box felt cheap to me, this is probably my least favorite box yet.

  2. This looks like a fun box! I’m guessing they will be nice from now until the December sales… way to reel us all back in when your holiday deals expire…

  3. This box is very unusual for PopSugar. The flower pin and socks are definitely things I would have bought from the $1 clearance section at Claire’s as a middle schooler in 2004.

    • I’m pretty sure I did! Not my style now!

    • HA!! Exactly what I was coming to post about the pin! I had a TON of those in middle school and high school in the early 2000s!

  4. The pin would be super cute on a clutch bag for evening, parties, cocktails, etc. I’ve done that before and it looks great. Just an idea!

  5. This is the 1st box in months I love, but I’m a makeup girl. The wallet is cute, the pin…meh…but overall I love this. Thx PS!

  6. That dusty rose color is my favorite for the smartphone wallet but I’m real surprised its lacking a charger inside.

  7. love this box! and great idea seeing the value breakdown! 🙂

    • same! I LOVE the value breakdown, I hope she keeps doing it! definitely helps people to decide if its worth the sub or not

      • Agree!

      • Me too! It’s nice to have the math done for me, one less thing to slow me down on the way to the checkout page… 😉

        • hahahahha…. 🙂

  8. Love this box!! Not quite what I expected for the September box, but I love it. First time I will actually use everything. Well, except the pin, but that will make a perfect gift for someone I know. And I’ve been looking for a new wallet and/or clutch, and this totally fits the bill. I just wish the box would get here by Wednesday. I’m leaving Thursday to go see family, and the box isn’t due to arrive until Saturday. Wasn’t a big deal until I saw the wallet. Now I want to take that with me!

  9. This is definitely not a slam dunk for me, and not my favorite month (I really enjoyed February and April, but usually I’m a fall girl), but I’m still blown away by the value. I’m still coasting on last year’s BTBF deal. Overall, I’m happier with PSMH than FFF, but I think it’s more that they have a monthly chance to redeem themselves.

    • I’ve about decided FFF is not a good fit for me. The jewelry is always a miss, and I end up giving/swapping pretty much everything most of the time. I like the prices on the add-ons, though!

  10. I actually love this box. Not sure about the pin, but love the way Liz style it.

  11. Thank your for the review Liz! I’m actually happy with the box. The flower pin will go into a silk headband for my girls and I can take it out and add it to one if their black dresses, I can’t also add it to a beanie or a scarf for them. I love that most of the things that doesn’t work for me from this box I can still use with my girls. Example, the tassel necklace & camera bag. 😁

    • I agree 100%. Glad I have daughters!

  12. You look fab Liz! I’m excited about he snack and the fact that the wallet is not blue :). Also LOVED the “Wrap Up”!

  13. Value breakdown is super helpful! Would love to see that on every review so I can decide if it’s worth it or not to purchase 🙂

    • Glad to hear it is helpful! We’re going to try to roll it out across all applicable reviews moving forward! 🙂

  14. Wow, how did Popsugar get a hold of the most sought after beauty product😱 Lipstick Queen in Black Lace Rabbit? This product is all over the beauty industry right now. Great job PS…. I’m impressed.

  15. That flower will be used to make a homecoming mum, which is a big thing in Texas

    • Great idea!

  16. Love the value breakdown addition!

  17. I actually really dig this box. I’m kind of sorry I let my sub lapse.

  18. My least favorite in a long time…

    • Same with me, least favorite in a long time. This is only the 2nd box I have skipped in over 3 years. The other was the one with the trucker hat. I will wait for Black Friday deal. This box to me would not be worth $40. Hopefully October is good! I am in the mood for a lux fall candle 🙂

      • Totally second the candle!!!

  19. I like everything! Another winner from PopSugar!

  20. ok, so as soon as I saw the flower (thought it was a ANOTHER pompom), my thought was what the actual f, when will this end, but then I saw it was a flower and how you styled it and I think I actually may love it!!! So thank you Liz and subscription boxes 🙂

  21. Socks.. and a pin?
    What happened to pop sugar??

    • My thoughts exactly…they look like they came from Dollar General.

      • They remind me of the striped tights you see on cartoon witches!

    • I know, I’m so impressed. Their surprising me. I don’t know how they got a hold of the The Lipstick Queen blush. It’s all over the beauty books and beauty guru’s love it! Everyone who received this box is very lucky. If you don’t want it, it won’t be a problem selling it. You might get twice the amount.

  22. This might be the month I finally subscribe to this box. I have an obsession with striped socks and I’ve been looking for a wallet that holds my 6s Plus. And I love the packaging on the blush…it’s very Victorian. And while floral brooches aren’t really something I’d buy for myself, I can appreciate the vintage theme they’re going for and they do add a little something extra to an otherwise boring cardigan or shrug.

  23. love the review and break down of the cost of each item. The wallet will pair lovely with the BOS purse! Can’t wait for my box!

  24. Dodged a bullet on this one. To me, popsugar has gone down hill lately.

  25. Oh dear! That pin is horrible! Its something my great grandmother would wear!

  26. Save for the blush, not really feeling this box, and probably won’t get it even on sale, but another item that the pin can work with is the black or pink hat people received in the fall FFF. It might look really cute on the pink one actually.

    • That’s so what I was thinking!!

  27. This is a good month for me! The flower pin is pretty ridiculous but everything else will be useful. 🙂

  28. Everything looks great and very useable! My kids will definitely swipe the popcorn before I get it, though.

  29. Great box, and great review, thank you, Liz!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Glad you like the box, too!

  30. Me, in six months: Oooh! Cozy Comforts mystery box! Hope I get the socks!
    PopSugar: Have a flower brooch. Swans snuggle up in a cozy way, so have a swan, too.

    • Lol this wins comment of the day. It’s so funny how I still end up buying a mystery box every time …

  31. Liz ! I love your coat, do you remember where its from ??

      • Wow !!! I can’t believe it’s only $15, such a cute coat 😍. Thank you for responding so quick.

        • I know! I couldn’t believe it either so I bought it in both colors 🙂

  32. I adore this box!! 💙

  33. I’ve never been tempted by pop sugar before but this is a great box! That wallet seems great for traveling.

  34. The wallet is nice enough but I actually have two phones (work problems) so I’m going to have to swap or sell that one bc it doesn’t make sense to me to have only one phone in a wallet 😀
    Great box though! I realize my problem is hyper specific, so no complaints here.

    • Chelsea (or anyone),

      IF you find a wallet/wristlet that holds two phones PLEASE post! I too have one for work (and because of my position I am on call 24/7/365) and then my personal cell. At least my personal cell I am able to turn off or to silent when I wish. I have had such a hard time finding something that holds two phones and room for my driver’s license, a credit card and maybe a couple business cards. Heck, just one that holds TWO phones… Anyone else know of where these might exist?

      Thanks in advance!

  35. If this box goes on sale I will get it – would love the wallet and believe it or not, love the pin. Still waiting for the Limited Edition to go on sale. At this point I can only afford boxes on sale 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful review, Liz. You look fab with that pin on your blazer. You are a born stylist!

    • Where on the PopSugar website do they list boxes on Sale? I tried looking but couldn’t find the link. Thanks for your help.

  36. In the spirit of trying new things, I may try and swap for a second pin. I was thinking of pinning them on my wool flats as an accent? I am sure there will be plenty up for grabs!

  37. Floral pins (or any pins, really) are great for keeping wraps in place.

    • This is a great idea, thanks for sharing!

    • I love this idea! Maybe I’ll try it out on my black and white modcloth scarve from last fall’s FFF…

  38. No wonder the box is so light. Mine is showing 1.7 pounds.

    Oh wow, I seriously love every single item, even the colors/patterns. the only thing that would have made this an even better box for me would be if the Pipcorn flavor was truffle but that’s a teeny, tiny thing. Floral brooches are my thing. I buy so many on etsy. it will be great to have a basic black one.
    This may go down as my favorite PS box ever.

    • Yay!! How do you style your floral brooches? I need tips! 🙂

      • I think I may attach mine to my knit hat that came in the Rachel Zoe BOS Winter 2016 box. It’s black, too.

        • Love this idea! I was feeling pretty blah about the pin but I have the perfect hat for this!

        • I might try putting mine on that black wide brim hat Popsugar sent out last September.

      • I have a ton of brooches in general, and many of these floral types. J. Crew often sells them – believe it or not. My go-to outfit for work is a skirt and cardigan and I like to dress the cardigans (which are usually solid color) up with pins. People always comment on my cute sweaters – then I tell them it’s all about the pins…I’m looking forward to adding this black on to my collection.

  39. I actually think the floral pin would be lovely in place of a bow on a gift (with some black ribbon) or a gift bag. And then the recipient can figure out how to style it 🙂

    • OMG I love this idea! Thank you, Jessica!!

      • My pleasure, Liz! (And I’m freaking out a little that you liked my idea :D)

    • Omg! Thank you for this tip!!! This just changed my view of this box!! 🙂

  40. Would love to swap the wallet for the gym bag in FFF!!

    • Hi!! I would totally do this with you! I’m getting the Will Workout for Cupcakes! Are you interested in swapping? lacyann 1985 @gmail . com

      • Looking to swap my gym bag for wallet, sorry.

    • Which bag do you have? I may be interested, depending upon which bag you ended up with

  41. I’m so conflicted about this box. I love the wallet and blush, but hate the socks and pin (the pin is a cute idea, but it looks cheap and poorly executed.) Oh well. I have a feeling the socks will swap well, at least.

  42. I love this box!! so much good stuff! Great job Popsugar.

  43. I’m so glad I cancelled my subscription to Popsugar. The only thing interesting to me is the wallet. Nothing else. Especially the socks! Yuck! And that blush looks like one I got my daughter at Justice. No, thanks!

  44. The floral pin is a hard pass for me (but yay for Liz for trying it out!) but I actually really like everything else or can gift it! I hope popsugar keeps it up!

  45. I am loving this box ❤️😊

  46. I snorted/laughed when I read “I present to you me trying my best.” lol I think the flower looked cute and I love that jacket you had on. Maybe the pin can go on other accessories, like the front of a black bag or clutch?

    • Me too! Liz, you are so cute! I love your reviews!

    • Glad you enjoyed that 🙂 I’m going to try it out on a black bag – I like that idea! Thank you!

  47. Now I remember why I don’t subscribe to PSMH.

    • Same here.

    • Of course I say that and now I am trying to swap for the wallet.

  48. Liz! Do you think the wallet would fit a 7+ with a Lifeproof Nuud on it? It is skinnier than regular Lifeproof and Otter box.

    Sadly I’ll be swapping most of this box though. Knee high socks don’t fit Plus people. Grrrrr.

    • Also, Liz, don’t you have a case on yours? Lol. These iPhones are SO slippery, I’ve dropped mine a lot now. I have to have something on them. I don’t want to give up using my Rachel Zoe wallet, but if my phone fits with the case on it, I might use this one. It’s really the only exciting thing about the box.

      • This wallet fits my phone with a bulky case no problem, so I *think* you should have no problem. Hope that helps a bit 🙂

    • @Kyla – yes, my knee-highs will be scrunched up crew socks.

  49. I have a feeling that pin will be showing up in a mystery box a few months from now.

  50. I love this box, can’t wait for it to arrive. This is the first one in a long time that I won’t be trading anything! Thanks for the great review, Liz!

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