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Yay! We have FULL SPOILERS for the latest mystery boxes from POPSUGAR! (FYI – these boxes are no longer available for sale. If you want an email alert the next time mystery boxes are available, make sure to sign up for POPSUGAR New Alerts at the bottom of this post!)

The Spring Break box includes:


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Spring Break Box

The Cost: $29.95 ($200+ retail value)

The Products: These bright and festive outdoor essentials are perfect for your sunny Spring Break getaways and beyond. Each box will include a set of House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins and 6+ more sunny surprises:

The Healthy Living box includes:


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Healthy Living Box

The Cost: $29.95 ($200+ retail value)

The Products: Sometimes all you need is a little motivation — or inspiration to freshen up your fitness and beauty routine and this box will do just that. Each box will include a Manduka eQua Mat Towel, and 6+ more revitalizing surprises.

FYI – there is one variant in this box. Some customers may receive Nicole Miller earbuds (From the September 2014 box)  instead of the Let It Block sunscreen.

The Organized Home box includes:


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Organized Home Box

Packed with home decor, desk essentials, and more, this box will be sure to brighten up your home.

The Cost: $29.95 ($200+ retail value)

The Products: Each box will include the Odeme Catchall + Ring Dish, and 6+ more decorative surprises.

What do you think of the spoilers? Which box(es) did you get?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am not a regular Must Have box subscriber so all was new to me and I am pretty pleased after seeing the reveal. I do wish I’d bought the home organized box and would be willing to buy from someone else who wasn’t happy with theirs. Definitely won’t be subscribing to the monthly box though and may just do mystery boxes in the future! Reply to this if you’re willing to sell!

    • Hi,
      I have items from past mystery boxes and can put together a box for you if you may be interested?

      kelli two seven zero three at gmail dot com

    • My Home box is up for grabs if you want it, Clea.
      Contact me [email protected] dot com

  2. Has anyone else had issues with an organized home box not shipping yet? I contacted customer service on the 15th, they said they would check on it and I have heard nothing else.

    • Same situation with both boxes I ordered….

      • I finally heard back from them today after saying I wanted a refund. They said the box was shipping today (still no shipping info) and said they would send an extra item as well.

    • Mine has not shipped either I contacted them yesterday, still waiting on a reply. Have you received yours after your last conversation with them?

  3. I’ve seen a Mother’s Day box advertised, but don’t see it for sale. Is it the same as the May box? Also, wonder if it would actually be shipped in time for Mother’s Day. Has anyone had any experience from last year?

    • There isn’t a specific Mother’s Day box. They just sent out an email suggesting that a PS subscription would make a great gift. Honestly, I’m getting my mom a FFF sub. My mom is always envious of my FFF boxes.

  4. Hi! I am interested in buying the healthy living box if anyone wants to sell? I’ll pay for the shipping to get to me. Let me know! pamela (dot) r (dot) minhas (at) gmail (dot) com is the way to contact me!


    • I also am interested in a healthy living box? I purchased the home box.

      kelli two seven zero three at gmail dot com

  5. For anyone who got a HEALTHY LIVING Box…. I’d LOVE to swap for your LET IT BLOCK sunscreen. Let me know if you’re interested, thx!!

  6. So is it 100% confirmed that there are no variations at all? I was secretly hoping that those bookends from the limited edition box might appear in a handful of the organized home boxes. Dare to dream 🙂

    • Agh stoppit! Those bookends would have made my subscription box year. Although I thought it was reasonable to hope for a Pehr bin or even another wire bowl. As it is, I already have multiples of the home items.
      I’d definitely have ordered the Health box if I’d known it had so many beauty products.
      Anyone want to swap a healthy box for my home one??

      • I was hoping for that wire bin! I feel the home org. box is more like office/desk supply than home. 😔 Luckily I don’t subscribe so everything is new for me. I hope there’s some variations!

        • I have an extra wire bin – can send it your way!

          • Thatd be great! How can I follow up for it?

  7. I really hope popsugar gets this shipping thing together. I really don’t need three more snowflake pendants like I got the last time with the Christmas mystery debacle.

  8. The organized home box isn’t really ‘organized’ it’s definitely just a home
    Box. I wanted the ring dish and for $30 it’s a great value……but I definitely expected that they would include that wire basket, I was dying for that! Amazing value but the ‘organized’ description was a bit misleading with what was included.

    • I have an extra wire basket and I’d love to see it leave my house! message me if interested!

    • Agreed!

    • I have an extra wire basket. Up for grabs 🙂

    • I totally agree. I bought a mystery box in hopes to get a lot of organization things.

  9. So I waited until the last minute and ordered the Home box. Needless to say I am disappointed as I have everything in that box already. I checked my account and the box was still in processing status so I reached out to customer service and am happy to report I was able to cancel 🙂 I should have learned my lesson with these mystery boxes but there is hope ladies! It will definately be a pass for me on the next round of mystery boxes!

  10. Has anyone received their Home box yet? I got my tracking number last week but it still only says my label has been created. Wasn’t sure if anyone had a better idea of when they would be delivered.

    • Mine is doing the same thing! I got shipping on Friday but it’s still in the label create stage!

  11. I didn’t read all the comments, so maybe someone else mentioned this already. Some of these items are items from the boutique that “sold out”. Its kind of weird they have enough left for a mystery box. I know the deoderant wipes and deep conditioning mask sold out.

    Also, I’m not sure the healthy living theme is really appropriate for the contents , but I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I hope I get the earbuds instead of old sunscreen!!!

    • I just got my box….. LOVE IT!!! Gave the manicure set to a little girl…..everything else will go to good use…. the sunscreen expiration date on mine is 05/18!! …. NICE nice box for $30.00 🙂

      • I’m glad the sunscreen has a good expiration date on it! I feel better.

        I don’t mind this box, it just wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

        I was hoping for one of the water bottles from last summer or that foldable yoga mat. I didn’t expect so many beauty items.

  12. I’m glad that I did not purchase the Healthy Living or Organized Home boxes! While the contents are nice, I have most of them from past Mystery Boxes. In the future, I’d purchase more mystery boxes if they didn’t contain items from past boxes. Too many duplicates for me at the moment. I’ve been gifting certain items that I know friends would like. But I’d appreciate new items in the boxes – which would make them very exciting for everyone. 🙂

    • Agreed Natalia!!! I’ve gotten so many of the power sticks and sticky notes, I died inside when I saw my box had MORE of them! *shudders* I wouldn’t mind if it was one dupe, but when the entire box is stuff that was in past sale boxes, it’s no mystery, it becomes clutter and a waste of money when it’s stuff you already have. Popsugar knows many of us buy the mystery boxes every time they’re offered, and if they keep sending the same menu of repeats each time, they’re going to lose our business.

      They’d be so much better off doing a warehouse sale like FFF does so we can order what we want, instead of us getting six of something wanted desperately by someone else.

      I have an issue with them marketing these boxes with deceptive labels; 7 out of 9 items in the Organized Home box have nothing to do with organization, and the other 2 items are questionable since a dish and tray are just moving the items from one place on the dresser to another, which isn’t really organization so much as décor. PS clearly has other items that came to mind when thinking organization and they wanted us to think of things like the Pehr bins and other goodies – it feels a bit like they tricked us.

      …Yes I know we bought these as MYSTERY boxes and for a steal, but that doesn’t change the fact that we could still have $30 in our pocket if we’d known PS was still cycling through the same inventory as before and that the Organized Home box wasn’t going to get you any organization and not all home items either..

  13. Oh man, I wish I had ordered the Healthy Living box. I am not a subscriber and have only ordered the occasional mystery box and still have duplicates, but I really love the shower oil and REALLY wanted the jump rope. I don’t subscribe to enough boxes to have stash to swap – does anybody ever straight up sell their extra items?

    • There’s always ebay. I’ve purchased Popsugar things there.

  14. I ordered one of each and just love the contents of the Healthy Living box. Wished I had passed on the other two, but my daughters will have some goodies coming their way. I understand these are grab bags and that they are full of unsold items, so I don’t know why I’m often surprised at the contents. Popsugar is delivering what they are advertising.

  15. Yay! Home Box for the WIN! I was super disappointed with the spring break box but the Home makes up for it! So happy!!! 😀

  16. Sick as a parrot over here! 🤦🏼‍♀️
    I ordered the home box hoping for the Pehr bin and/or wire bowl and got neither.
    I do have serious envy over the healthy box. 👀

  17. Hi,

    I am interested in buying the healthy living box if anyone is interested in selling?

    • I’m selling mine for cost – $29.95 plus whatever shipping is. Just got it today – exact variation as shown.

      I have one other person who said they interested, but if they don’t reply, then it’s yours if you’d like. Shoot me an email at lexikd (at) g mail .c om

      • I will buy your healthy living and home box from you if you still have it?

    • **sorry- it’s lexikd12 (at) g mail .c om

      • I am selling any box for $29.95 us shipping (cost). I have one other person who said they are interested, but if I don’t hear from them, it’s yours.

        Send me an email at lexikd12 (at) g mail .c om

        • Hi Lexi, I am interested in the healthy living box too. If you do not hear from either of the other two people, I’d love to work out a transaction with you! My email is smagc7 (at) mail (dot) umkc (dot) edu. I’ll shoot you a message. Thanks!

  18. These are great if you aren’t already a subscriber. I am and I am so so so so glad I resisted!

  19. My FOMO didn’t take over…and I didn’t get them. *whew*

  20. So glad I didn’t order! These mystery boxes seem to be the same things over and over. They must have really overstocked!

  21. **Hey everyone – I purchased the Healthy Living box because I liked the equa towel.. but I really don’t want anything else in the box.

    Happy to sell the FULL BOX to whoever wants it for $29.95 + shipping? (break even for me). Comment below if you’re interested!

    • So you are willing to sell the whole box for the original price plus shipping, yet you are keeping the most expensive item in the box?

      • No,sorry, I thought it was clear — I am selling the FULL BOX of items. That includes the yoga towel. I’m not making any money on this – just initial cost plus whatever it takes to ship it to the buyer.

      • I think she is including the EQUAA towel, hence the “FULL BOX”?

        • Yes – it’s for the full box (including the towel). Thanks!

      • Yea it did sounded like she was trying to say that she was going to keep the towel.

        • Sorry guys – to be clear – I am sending the FULL box. I was just saying that I initially bought it because I liked the towel.. but it’s not worth $30 to me to have the towel plus other things I don’t need.

    • hey lexi, id buy it from u for 27$ shipped:)

    • If you haven’t already sold it, I am interested – $29.99 plus shipping!

      • Yes! Happy to send it once I receive. Can you email me at lexikd12 (at) g mail?

  22. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me how much the shipping costs to swap? Weight of 5 pounds? I have never swapped before and would possibly like to swap my home organized box for a healthy living box if anyone would want and the shipping is worth it.

    • If you go to you can put in the weight and a zip code and it will show you the prices and shipping options. If I don’t know the zip I usually use 90210 (Beverly Hills) to get a price. I’m in IL so I figure shipping to CA is about as far as it might go and it might cost less if the destination ends up being closer.

    • I don’t have a healthy living box to swap with you but I would buy your home box from you and pay for the shipping. Let me know.

  23. I don’t sub so I have none of these items so I am thrilled with my healthy living box! I am so glad I took a chance and ordered. I would have been happy with the organized home box, although the word organized should have been left out. As a non subscriber, these mystery boxes are fun.

  24. The only one I really liked was healthy living, and I wouldn’t have picked it, based on the yoga towel. So, all in all, I’m glad I skipped these this time!

  25. I think these are great boxes, but am glad I didn’t order because I have most of these things already.

    • Same. And some things i already have duplicates of already.

  26. Considering the sticky notes don’t stick to anything once you pull one off, you won’t have an organized or tidy home!

    • Ok, so I am glad that it is just not mine! Those stickies jump off everything!

      • At least yours tear off. Mine only stuck to each other lol

      • Oh my, they are that bad? I will get one from home box, and I swapped one but haven’t used yet…

        • They really are that bad. They have a lot of staying power while on the pad but once removed it won’t stick to anything. Plus it curls up so it’s hard to try and use it for anything else, like as a slip of paper or even a bookmark. More thought went into form rather than function.

          • Agreed. I was hoping to add some cuteness to work with them but they DO NOT work.

  27. I’m quite happy with healthy living box and home box I ordered. Glad I didn’t ordered the spring break one because I have most of those items. Will put everything into good use / gift out something I don’t need.

  28. I ordered the healthy living and home organization boxes. Really like most of the items in both boxes. For $30 per box, these were a steal. Since I don’t sub to popsugar (I have a $30 hard limit on monthly boxes), these are all new to me. Yay!

  29. Does anyone have experience with the power charger? Does it work well?

    • I love that power charger – I bought a few more from the sale they had in December. It charges my iphone 6 to about 85% fairly quick and recharges in a few hours. I’ve kept them in my bag for two weeks and they have stayed charged.

    • It does, but it doesn’t hold as much charge as some others on the market. It will fully recharge my old iPhone that dies constantly in a pinch though. My big problem with it is that it doesn’t come with a carrying case, like my other similar portable battery. You also need to supply a cord that matches your phone. I found that the Amazon Basics shortest cord is the most convenient for me to put in my little clutch purse with this charger. I put it all in a Baublebar black pouch if it’s going in a tote to keep dirt and stuff out of the ports.

      • Thanks for the info. I was thinking of swapping for it but maybe I’ll hold off and see if I can find a better one.

      • I use an ipsy makeup bag to hold the charger and cord. After al

    • I have a couple of them and have found it to be only okay. It fills my Nexus 5 about 3/4 of the way and does so reasonably quickly. If you have an Android-based phone, you don’t need an extra cable. But it didn’t come with an Apple-compatible cable.

      My main problems with it are (1) it’s relatively heavy so it pulls on my charging port, (2) it doesn’t have an indicator that tells you how full it is, and (3) the incoming and outgoing charging ports are too close together so when you plug it in to charge, you have to remove the outgoing charge cable.

      It does the job but I like the one we got from FFF a year ago better.

  30. So happy with the home box, the only thing I won’t use are the stamps and that’s okay… I can either swap them or gift them!

  31. The inflatable swan is baaaackkkk…

  32. Aww….no food 😔 i was hoping to see tea or marshmellows…or the feb chocolate bc i gave it to my dad for valentines 😍
    can there be a food mystery box pleeeeeeaaasssseeee 😁😎 ill take 2 😎

    • Oh GREAT IDEA!!!! My favorite part is usually the food! (With the exception of Aprils spicy corn) I would LOVE a box of Popsugar treats!!!!!

  33. Psyched about the organized home box!

  34. I’m not a subscriber and decided to order the Organized Home box. I had already traded for the dish and tray, but I’m happy to have another for my work area. The table runner will go to my boutique for a display and the lint brush into my bag. I’ll swap the cup and stamp set, but everything else will be put to good use. I still am on the fence about actually subscribing to this box. I would love to find a nice reasonably priced monthly lifestyle box that, but this one seems so hit and miss for me when I see the reviews. I’m sure I’ll bail and sign up eventually though.

    • Julia – if you don’t have to have it right away, they did a good Black Friday sale last year. I can’t justify $40/month for this sub when it’s so hit-or-miss for me also, but it was just a little over half price on Black Friday, and I can swing that. Even one non-food item a month that’s a win will make up that cost for me usually.

  35. The only box with potential was healthy living. I ordered the other two. Well shame on me I should have known better. The only mystery here is why I keep buying them. No more!

    • Hi, I will buy your home box from you and pay for shipping to me if you want to unload it?

  36. Whew, dodged a bullet!

    • Amen, sister.

    • Exactly what I said. Whew!!

    • Ha, my thoughts exactly!

    • Same here….I have just about every single item, some more than one. These are great boxes for people who don’t sub tho. My fav is the Healthy Living if I had to pick one, that shower oil/bubble bath is to dye for!!!

  37. These are great if you haven’t been a subscriber for long. I have nothing from the home box and a few things from the spring box, so i am excited.

  38. Uuuuugh, that healthy living box has so many things Ive wanted from them 🙁 Oh well… maybe the extra flux of items on swap I can grab them that way lol

  39. I’m glad I held off because I already own almost every items from all three boxes. But the value is great again, especially for non-subscribers.

  40. I’m glad I passed on this. I was very tempted but as I was cleaning my garage, I noticed a huge stash of mystery box items. Whew! Money saved.

  41. Soooo disappointed. This does not seem organized home at all. Never again!!!

    • Agree. Nothing in that box is for organizational purposes.

    • Of course the value is great, but except the catch all sets and maybe the sticker, other things doesn’t seem to be related to organization. It might be better if PS just called it home box.

  42. I was thinking of ordering more than one of the boxes. I decided to just pick one and picked the healthy living. I am so glad that was the one I picked. I like most of what is in that box.

  43. Got the spring break and healthy living… LOVE the healthy living, and I only had half the stuff so I got some new products to try!

  44. Phew! Glad I rose above the FOMO and passed as I already have most of that stuff!

    • Me too!

  45. Wow so glad I waited till the healthy living box was sold out to want one! Kinda content with the spring box now that I’ve seen the spoilers.

  46. I wish I got the Healthy Living Box for the Vanilla Lalicious Shower Oil but I am oversubscribed and plan to stick to my boxes. Thank you for posting. It’s a great box.

  47. I do kind of wish I had jumped on the Healthy Living box instead of contemplating it but between what I already have and what I’m not that interested in, there is only 4 items I would have really enjoyed receiving. I do thing Popsugar did try to curate a mix of new stuff in with the same stuff they’ve been sending out since December maybe I will be quicker to order next time.

  48. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I skipped all of these. It was tempting but I would have been exceptionally disappointed with all of them!

    • Yep! Glad I passed! Many things, I’ve swapped to get rid of, and some that I would have swapped if I hadn’t tried them first (i.e. the Cargo blush barely shows up on me, but now it’s used and I’m stuck with it). I’m still trying to get rid of some of this LOL

    • I’m pretty disappointed with the Spring Break and Home boxes. I ordered the home box hoping for the January Pehr bin or that August black bag. The spring box totally shocked me with the exception of the napkins (spoiler) and swan that I suspected would find a way in there. Only box I actually like is the healthy living one. I think I’m done with Popsugar mystery boxes.

      • If you want to sell your home box I’ll buy it from you and I will pay shipping to get it to me.

        • Pamela, the home box is for sale on RueLaLa today.

  49. Soooo HAPPY about my healthy leaving box. Love every single item. It is truly awesome box.

    • I have to agree….. Healthy Living box is way better than I imagined….. YEAH!!! Love everything in there…. to me, by far the best of the 3!! Thank you PSMH !! 🙂

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