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POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2017 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness,


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!



Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.




Now, onto the items!


Manduka eQua Mat Towel in Playa – Retail Value $38


This yoga towel has a soft, suede-like feel and it’s very non-slip.


You can put it over your yoga mat for a sanitary and non-slip surface that is easy to wash. (Machine wash cold.)


I’ve been trying to up my workout game lately, and this is a useful addition to my accessories. I’ve been doing Tracey Anderson videos, and she does a lot of mat work, so this is great. (If you have any YouTube workout instructors you recommend for yoga, let me know!)


Daily Concepts Your Hair Wrap Towel – Retail Value $18


I love these hair wrap towels! I first tried one thanks to the Summer Box of Style, and they are great!


To use it, you put it on your head, then wrap up the bottom part to hook onto the button at the top like this:


It’s a soft and absorbent fabric (100% Polyester) that is designed to help your hair dry faster.


I also like these towels for keeping hair masks/treatments in place. I’ve slept with this towel on with mixed results, too. (Depending on how much you toss and turn, it may or may not stay on overnight!)


Goldfaden MD Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel – Retail Value $85


This was the spoiler item for the January box, and I was thrilled about it because I love the GOLDFADEN brand.

This peel is made with natural ingredients, including Lactic acid and Multi-Fruit Enzymes, designed to “provide exfoliation while reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores, and skin imperfections.”

My favorite part of this peel is that you only have to wear it for 1-3 minutes – I love quick and easy beauty products – I’m much more likely to use them regularly!

This left my skin incredibly smooth, and it has a slight cooling effect which was refreshing. (One thing to note – I recommend patch testing this if you have sensitive skin. I have borderline sensitive skin, and I had no issues, but I always want to throw that out there!)


May Designs Desk Calendar & Notecard – Retail Value $25


Since POPSUGAR sent a planner in last year’s January box, I had a feeling we wouldn’t get a planner again, and this is a nice alternative!


I love the ALL the prints in this calendar! Here are all the months:


And this calendar came with a coupon for 25% off your own custom design:


And on the flip side of every card is a note so you can cut the cards in half and reuse them:


I like that this is small and simple enough to add to my desk without feeling like I’m adding clutter, too:


Now, for more office/desk items!


Sourcebooks Inc Instant Happy Notes – Retail Value $8.99


This is a collection of sticky notes with positive words of encouragement to share with coworkers/friends or yourself!



This is the one item in the box that isn’t a good fit for me, (maybe because I don’t work in a traditional office), but I’m guessing these notes will be fun for most subscribers.


Dean & Deluca Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea – Value $10.75


I get excited about anything from Dean & Deluca, plus I drink about 8 cups of tea a day, so I was thrilled to see this tea tin in the box! Peppermint tea is my go-to evening tea drink when I want to avoid caffeine, and this is now part of my night-time routine.

And it is made from just 100% peppermint leaves!


And this tea came with a coupon for 15% off any purchase from Dean and Deluca! (Expires February 28th 2017.)


Glade No 3 Coconut and Beach Woods Candle – Retail Value – $4.99

This item is the Special Extra bonus of the month. When I first saw this I was surprised that Glade was in this box! (Even my husband, Eric, saw the box and said, “Glade?”)


This scent is beachy, with coconut as the most fragrant scent. And it’s a soy candle!


To be honest, if you removed the sticker (that doesn’t say Glade on it), and told me this was a $20 name-brand soy candle, I would believe you. I’m pleasantly surprised by this item!

It casts a faint scent when not lit, and the simple glass vessel design should work with any decor. (And we’re dealing with COLD weather today, so the beachy scent is nice and aspirational!)

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $191! I think that’s amazing for a $39.95 box, and I think POPSUGAR did a great job for January. You have the calendar for starting off the year, a useful fitness item for any New Year’s resolutions, and the other items are useful, too. Plus that peel alone is worth more than double the cost of the box and is seriously amazing!

What do you think of the January POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I’m surprisingly thrilled! Might be the best box yet! Wanted the hair towel. Might not use everything in the box but it all seems happy! I like it! And thrilled there’s not actual makeup. I’ve had an overload of that in previous boxes plus I have my makeup that I actually love so this this was great.

    • I agree hate it!!!!!

      • I’ll buy yours

    • Im completely happy to be getting everything in this box! Well, except for the calender thing, which can easily be gifted to my desk-job having friends. But i use a towel now on my mat for Pilates, but its slippery as hell. This one looks awesome!

  2. if there’s any box they’ve ever made that i haven’t wanted at all, it’s this one… and i paid full price for it because i signed up last month with some deal and forgot to cancel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks like a nice box if you’re into all that type of stuff but i’m just not ugh.

    • I am with you!!!

    • Same here. First time ever I wouldn’t use a single thing. Two years of subscribing and the first major “miss” for me. My luck had to run out at some point lol.

    • I’m with you. Ugh. Canceled

    • Happy to buy it from you! glamblogg at gmail dot com!

  3. Wow! What a great box. I might use the calendar to list my monthly goal. I think the sticky notes will be a fun addition to my children’s lunch boxes. Overall it’s a fun box & great products for the New Year.

    • Great goal idea!

    • I thought the same thing about the sticky notes…(in my head, “I bet my 7 and 8 year old would love to get those in their lunch boxes!”). haha

    • What a great idea! I was wondering what I would do with those sticky notes. The lunch box is a great idea. My son will love that.

  4. YAY!!!!!!

    The only thing I don’t want it the yoga mat towel.

    I LOVE a hair towel – use one every time I wash my hair. It would be nice to have this second one in my life. Even my 6 year old uses a hair towel so her hair dries faster.

    I am disappointed in myself for checking the spoilers and knowing this early what I’m getting. But it gives me time to decide about the cute little calendar (I have 2 schools I work at, so 3 total desks between work and home). The post its will be great for my coworkers!

    • Lol…every time I TRY not to peek at the spoilers so I will actually be surprised when the box comes!!! Obviously I need to work on the self control with these tempting spoilers.

    • Omg same! I actaully scrolled past this post numerous times saying “no, just dont look and be surprised for once ” lol. No self control 😏

      • Ha ha-me too…..I just couldn’t help myself. I HAD to look!

        I really like Popsugar. I am often surprised by negative comments about the boxes. Part of the fun of a subscription box is getting unexpected things and trying new products. Not every item is always a good fit for me, but there is always something I enjoy. Besides, I often end up liking something way more than I initially expected. Things I don’t use end up making great gifts or unexpected surprises for people in my life.

        • That is the way I feel about it. Popsugar is great-some of the products might be misses but I usually end up liking most of what I receive or knowing someone else that will like it. It is fun to receive surprises that you wouldn’t usually buy for yourself.

  5. Just listed the hair wrap, the motivational cards, and the peel. I am in love with everything else but I hope the others will be popular among other people!

  6. I’m excited to get this box. The only thing I don’t have is a tea diffuser so I’m not sure how I will use the tea. Any ideas?

    • If u have one of those reusable kcups for the coffee maker, u can put your tea in that and then submerse it in your cup for a bit? Or use a coffee filter to make a tea bag and tie it up with string, ive done that before, and my brother just uses his old school coffee maker to brew tea by the pot, works really well and you can brew it several times!

      • Thanks! Great idea 🙂 I do have a reusable k cup

        • Be aware that, for tea purists, your tea will have a tinge of coffee flavor it you use anything that has previously held coffee, with the exception ofthoroughly cleaned stainless steel.

          • So true! My Keurig is only for tea or hot water. I learned from making my tea k-cup at a coffee drinkers house.. blech…lol

      • Cheese cloth works great – cut a square – put some tea in the center – pull up the corners and tie some kitchen twine/string and you are all set. Can be used a few times over and works better than some tea balls.

        • THANK YOU for sharing that idea!!!

    • You can boil water on the stovetop and then throw the loose tea right in the pot. Let it sit a few minutes, Then just use a strainer to pour into your cup.

      • Thanks! What a great idea!

    • A tea ball is usually only a cooler if bucks at any grocery store in the kitchen gadget aisle. Worth the investment to me.

  7. Just listed the entire box on the swap site, if anyone is interested. There are one or two items I could maybe use, but overall, it just isn’t for me!

    • I decided to do the same. I was tempted to keep the tea and the hair towel but I had my hair cut short for Crossfit and it takes all of 10 mins for it to dry now. I have a cabinet full of tea and this would probably expire before it got used. This box was a total miss for me. Hopefully I can trade for an item I am looking for.

  8. This is my first Popsugar sub box (had some previous mystery boxes) and I have to say.. I love it. Will use everything in the box. I can see where people will either like it or not, depending on your taste. I hate that I have to wait a week to get mine, I have several people in mind to start randomly placing inspirational notes

    • I am excited to get this box! I will use everything, except maybe the calendar, I can give to someone. All the rest…YES!!!!!! So happy!

  9. I hate this whole box … not one thing I will use

    • Happy to buy it from you! Glamblogg at gmail dot com!

  10. I like the box and I will use evertything! However, my absolutely favorite part of PSMH are the food items and January is the worst month for this :-/ I” sad that all I’m getting is tea 😩
    (Last year they did sugar free gum) I hope they make it up to us for Valentines!

    • Agreed!

    • I was OBSESSED with that gum!

  11. After I saw the spoiler I wanted this box so bad then realized I could only sign up for march. Im not impressed with the box but it would of been worth it just for the spoiler. I really wanted it, Im bummed!

    • If you want the peel maybe I could swap or sell it to you? Let me know!

      • What are you thinking of selling it for?

        • Brittny – sorry I’m late responding. Email me at jillian at pietruch dot com and we can chat 🙂

  12. Oooo I am digging this one!!

  13. I am sooo disappointed. This is a complete miss for me. I can’t or won’t use anything except maybe the candle but even that is disappointing. I mean glade, really? I don’t do yoga. I already have three hair wraps and certainly don’t want a white one since I dye my hair and the color will ruin the towel. I don’t use desk calendars or sticky notes. I don’t drink tea especially just the leaves and I can’t use any type of face peel. This is one of the worst boxes I have gotten. Glade everyone else is happy but mine will be going up for sale.

  14. OMG. Yesss! I was just doing yoga last night on a new mat which has that new mat smell and I had to put a normal towel over it and curse the fact that I swapped mine from fab fit fun and THIS IS BETTER. Total score for me , especially at black Friday pricing. I will be swapping for more towels too since I just started to try to get into yoga and mat work more. My swap profile is attached so click on my name if you want to swap your mat towel. Also I really like the sticky notes Liz! I have friends at UCSD still and I’m tempted to put them on laptops during study sessions

    • I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep my towel mat, so I’ll keep you in mind! 😄

    • Woot woot to UCSD! Alumni here. I’m planning on using the sticky notes to place on my bf’s computer when he takes breaks. He works from home and I think it’ll be cute to surprise him with messages when he returns to working.

      • I love all three of you! Woop Woop! Just graduated a few weeks ago but I am SD born and raised so I’m here for life! We should just go around Geisel library and sticky note everyone during finals

        • Haha, who couldn’t use a little positive encouragement during finals, right? Gold star for you! 🌟

    • Another UCSD alumni here too! Those sticky notes will probably be stuck on my unsuspecting friends laptops :p

    • Yay for all the UCSDers! I’m currently finishing my training there. Also fun to see so many San Diegan subscription addicts

    • I’m happy to swap my towel if you would like. I am on the swap board!

  15. I think this is my all time favorite box!!! But i wont be back home from holidays until early febuary possibly….contemplating changing my shipping address just to rerout this…is it USPS? 😈

    • Fedex

    • I agree, I totally love it! I understand you wanting it sooner! I moved recently and missed updating the shipping address for this box in time. I emailed customer service asking if they could mail to a different address and they responded it was too late to switch it in their system. They said if I had completed a change of address with the Post Office my box should be delivered to my new address because even though the package starts off FedEx, the Post Office makes the final delivery. My box just shipped today and the FedEx tracking shows my old city as the destination, so no clue if it’s really going to make it to the new place but my finger’s are crossed!

    • While it’s shipped via FedEx mine always came through USPS ultimately.

    • I emailed them, they said usps can handle it so i did a temp address change!!! Woohooo!!! Just in time bc usps gets it tomorrow :0

  16. I just ordered a yoga towel in the FabFitFun warehouse sale…. Still, this looks like a great box! Now I need to get a cute infuser for the tea.

  17. I have listed the peel for swap (click my name), in case anyone is interested. I have rosacea and sadly can’t use this product. Not stuck on retail value, but would love warm throws or scarves or nice candles, sealed lip products, or light-medium complexion products! I’m open to other items as well.

    If anyone doesn’t want to buy a tea infuser, you can buy loose tea bags for cheaper. I have a bunch. It would have made sense for them to include a tea infuser since they included loose tea though.

  18. I’m quite excited about this box. I think I’ll use the yoga towel at the gym. I always put a towel on the weight machines and this looks like it wil be better than the regular towel I currently use.

    • That is an awesome idea!

    • Wow that’s a great idea. Maybe I will unlist mine. I don’t do yoga, but have been wanting to get into weight lifting.

  19. I have this EXACT yoga towel and I am 95% sure it came from a previous popsugar box. Am I crazy?

    • I thought the same thing.

    • After some research it appears we got the hand towel from the same company in Jan 2015. Almost the same, but hopefully not quite! The Jan 2015 box was a much better fit for me, but mainly because I now have some of everything due to all my subscriptions. My family just went on a strict budget so I am so glad I purchased a year at Black Friday.

    • I do too, I think the difference is this one looks big enough to cover the whole mat! I’d be a little disappointed to get this since I don’t really need a bigger one when the small one works so well for me, but at least it’s a quality item.

    • I think the green one they sent us (2 years ago?) was the smaller version. I’m excited to get the larger one!

  20. Ahhhh I am so excited for this box! I love everything in it, and I think the curation is absolutely perfect for January!!! Cannot wait 🙂

  21. Bravo Popsugar! After many months of wet blanket boxes……January rocks! I was doing a happy dance at my desk chair scrolling throw Liz’s review 🙂

    Gold Star PS, keep it up!

  22. I paid $20 and am super excited about the peel and the wrap, so I adore the value of this box! I have zero interest in the calendar, candle, tea, or (especially) the sticky notes, but I can just ignore them. November is still the best box ever, but this one is a close second.

  23. I’m not excited about any of that, but nothing is really a miss either. Still, for the BF prices, it’s really good. I’ll probably be thrilled once it arrives though LOL I appreciate their efforts to include different items though!

  24. Wow. This is pretty terrible! I subscribed for two years them unsubbed several on the but wanted to start back up, so I got the 3 month deal for black Friday so I am at least glad I didn’t pay full price for this. Don’t have use for a yoga towel, already have about 5 hair wrap things, don’t own a tea infuser, wouldn’t dream of burning a Glade candle and don’t have room on my desk for a calendar. I feel like they just threw a bunch of junk into this box! I will probably use the peel but pretty much exclusively use Lush skincare so that alone doesn’t make up for the other items being so awful.

    • Glade candles are for peasants. ;P

      I’m kidding obvs but what is so terrible about the candle? You said Glade like the brand and not just the scent not being your thing?

      • I know, right! Peasants! 😂

      • I think a lot of ppl myself included associate the brand glade with chemicals and carcinogens. I know I don’t use their fragrance sprays for this year. Interested to see if they are taking on a natural approach since this is a soy candle. Will have to look at the ingredients when it arrives.

        • Sadly, the candle is a mix of soy and paraffin, not exclusively soy like in Liz’s description, and the scent is chemical too. I actually love the way it smells (whoever chose the Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser perfume for Popsugar from a while ago must have also picked this item, it’s got that same chemical beachy smell) but I’m not sure I’m comfortable burning it! I might stick it in my small bathroom unburned since the smell is pretty strong.

      • I associate the Glade brand with the crappy $0.99 air freshener cans that don’t actually kill odors, but just make it smell like someone pooped out lavender (or whatever fragrance), and make it all so much worse. (There are two boys in my house – I need a REAL air freshener.)
        I was a little surprised it was a Glade-branded candle they included, but it’s a bonus item, just like when they included a Secret deodorant sample or the Cottonelle wipes. The value of the box is well over what they promise; the candle is soy, and looks okay, so I’ll definitely give it a shot despite not being thrilled with their other products.

        • “Pooped out lavender.” LOL. So true. I am open to trying this candle and Liz made it sound pretty nice, but I agree with you about Glade’s useless sprays. They make matters worse and don’t hide anything. I opt for Febreze air freshener sprays, but not sure if they’re filled with toxic stuff too. At least they don’t smell like floral poop, LOL. 😀

    • The yoga mat and the hair wrap, both items you don’t want, are things I really want! Would you be open to selling them to me :)? In fact, of all the items in the box, I was least interested in the peel. I’d be happy to buy the box from you sans the peel!

    • Happy to buy it from you! glamblogg at gmail dot com!

    • Remember those Glade commercials from about 10 years ago, where the woman was so embarrassed by her friends discovering she was burning a Glade candle, so she straight up lies that it’s some fancy French brand pronounced “glah-DAY?”

      Up to that point, I had lived in relative innocence, worrying only about love handles and laugh lines and stray hairs and whitening strips and cellulite….it hadn’t even occurred to me that I should also be neurotic about the candle I burn.

      Now, I only burn candles that are made from 100% fair trade, gluten-free botox.

      • Best. Comment. Ever! 😂😂😂😂

      • Sometimes when I read the comments I just cross my fingers and hope really really hard that you will show up and reply.

      • Lmao, thanks for the humor!

      • Thanks for your wit! I also only use non-toxic candles.

  25. Don’t forget the calendar cards can get repurposed for note cards, I will be using them with my swaps!

  26. I think this is a great box and I will find a use for everything, the notes, calendar, peel etc. I will also get a tea infuser like Liz mentioned below because I do love tea. It is great to try new things.

    I like how there is a little bit of everything. Also I love the smell of coconut!

  27. Thrilled! Love everything. I think Manduca yoga towels are the best for non slippage!! Next favorites will be the tea, hair towel, calendar and sticky notes ( perfect for kids lunches or swaps!). Thanks PopSugar!!

  28. Well I just put everything except the tea and hair towel up for swap. I already have a yoga towel that I am in love with.

  29. I won’t use the desk calendar, but I love the idea of using the calendar as a notecard. I can see using them as birthday cards by circling and decorating the birth date and sending it off!

    • Oh, that’s a brilliant idea! I’m doing that too. Thank you for the A+ suggestion.

  30. I am very pleased with this box! Great variety of useful items and theme appropriate! I already have the hair turban thing, but I love it and use it every day, so I’m happy to have another. These are great to wrap wet hair instead of having to use a second bulky towel that falls off! I can never get too much tea as I drink it daily! Candles are always nice. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and have a home spa day!!!! I may even be inspired to do some yoga!

  31. All I can say is, YAY!!!! I’m officially excited! Love this box!

  32. I just tried to go buy this box but the next one you can buy is March! Boo!

    • Someone said their box is for sale, plus, check ebay.

    • Make sure to check out swaps. I’m sure you can get most, if not all the contents, there.

    • I’m happy to sell/trade you my box! I’m not off the swap waitlist yet but if you want, I’m sure we can work something out 🙂

  33. Liz- did they include anything to use to brew the tea like little bags for the leaves or anything?

    • They did not include anything, so I used my own tea infuser.

      • LiZ is this tea Herbal? I am excited about the tea yet I only drink Herbal Due to my religious beliefs.

        • Peppermint is a weed/herb.

        • Yes, peppermint tea is herbal tea.

    • Ikr, I like tea, but I just use regular tea bags. I also don’t have a yoga mat, but I was thinking about starting. This will motivate me though! Hopefully!😊

      • this will be my 3rd yoga towel, i bought one because i “needed” it, then i bought a another because i liked the print, but really i use them more as “travel” towels for camping or un my gym bag bc they are really absorvant and dont take much space. Happy to have a 3rd 🙂
        Also my 2nd hair towel, but thats good because now i dont have to coordinate layndry with no hair washing days 😉
        I loved november, but this is one perfect box for me.

        • I feel the same way. It’s great that these items are useful, even if people already have one or two. Always happy to have another camping/travel/gym/yoga towel. Might keep it in the car. Really happy with another hair towel. Will keep it with my travel toiletries/luggage so it’s always ready to go.

    • I have put loose leaf tea in a reusable k cup to make tea in my Keurig. It works pretty well.

  34. Liz, I recently decided I wanted to try Yoga so I went to YouTube to find some yoga for beginners. After A LOT of searching and watching I found an instructor that I absolutely love. She is so thorough. She is calming and motivational at the same time. She doesn’t make me feel like a beginner who knows nothing. The videos are just great. And there are a lot of them. From Yoga for complete beginners to 30 day plans, yoga for weight loss, power yoga, foundations of yoga and so many more. It’s called Yoga With Adriene. I hope you love her as much as I do!

    • Thank you SO MUCH!! This sounds perfect. I’m going to try it out this weekend!

      • You’re very welcome!

    • I love her!! She’s really good!! I did a 10 minute class and felt it!!

    • Adriene is awesome! I’m doing her 31 days Yoga Revolution right now. Her Yoga Boot Camp from last January is great as well.

    • Yes! I like her videos alot too!

    • Same here!! I was so pleased to find her channel and finally start learning yoga and not feel stupid! She is great!!

      • That is why I liked her right from the start! She never made me feel stupid! : )

    • I was about to suggest her too! Seriously Liz, she’s amazing!

    • Thanks for the yoga video rec. I love hot Yoga, but just don’t have the $$ to go – I do all my work out with DVDs at home and yoga is something I am not good at and do not like to do in a class with people who know what they are doing. am def going to try this one!

  35. Love it! Can’t wait to put notes in the kids lunches, college goodie boxes, dash of the cars. I’m going to find all kind of uses for them.
    Excited about the peel and I have a head wrap that is falling apart, so great!
    I drink mint tea daily and I will put the calendar on my desk instead of looking at the phone or pulling up the one in the corner of the computer.
    I love candles and am looking forward to smelling this affordable version.
    I have just started yoga about 3 months ago, but recently had surgery. This should give me the incentive to slowly start again.
    Great job Popsugar, what a fun treat this always is for me.

    • Those are great ideas for the sticky notes! I especially like the lunch box one.

    • I love the positivity and happiness in your comment. I don’t know why, it just cheered me up to read it!

  36. This box is seriously made for me. I can’t get over it – I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite box to date (then again I say that about almost every box). I’ve been wanting to try a new peel and this one looks amazing. The desk calendar is perfect for my desk at work. The hair wrap is another thing I’ve wanted forever (and I love the idea of pairing it with a hair mask). The mat towel is PERFECT for hot yoga; I’ll be pairing it with last year’s mat. The happy notes make me the happiest! I always suggest that they include some tea, so this makes me very happy. I think the only thing that’s a little random is the scent of the candle, but the design is actually kind of nice – not very Glade-like so I’m impressed! I can’t believe this is all $20 with the BF deal. Crazy!!

  37. I’m excited about the box! The style of the calendar is great because even if you don’t use the stand on your desk you can pin each month up on your cubby wall or bulletin board or use a magnet for your refrigerator.
    The peel is the first skin product from a pop sugar box that I can actually use.
    The yoga towel might get regifted since I don’t do yoga but if it’s absorbent then I may just keep it for a towel for my pets or something

  38. I got my shipping email yesterday! This is a great box and I will use everything in it, even better because of the Black Friday pricing.

  39. Not thrilled but, it could be another useless bowl and a table runner that shrinks to nothing if you wash it – I used it on Thanksgiving & someone spilled something on it. Hopefully this towel turban will fit my head, the last one I got in a box was too small & I don’t have a large head or a lot of hair. Glade candle, strange but it could be worse like food items.

    I don’t work in a regular office but I can leave post it notes all over the house for my kids and hubby.


    • OMG I know right! I washed the table runner, the one thing I was semi excited about and it like shredded. Since the edges are raw it all started unraveling, leaving all these threads everywhere, couldn’t hardly get it folded. It was very highly disappointing.

      • Really good to know. I’ll edgestitch mine before I wash it. I have one up for swapping (new – I got two) if you want a replacement.

    • I have a lot of hair so the head towel was a little small on me. I attached a ponytail holder to the elastic on the towel and now it fits. 🙂

  40. I love this month’s box. I will use everything 👍

  41. I am pleasantly surprised! When the Goldfaden spoiler came out (which I’m still on the fence about), I thought the rest of the box may be lower value/less desirable. But the other items look great. Keep it up, Popsugar 🙂

  42. This seems like a really well put-together box for January. Mine has been “processing,” but I am really looking forward to getting it!

  43. I am so excited to receive this box! I’m so glad I did the Black Friday deal and extended my subscription through November. $20 a box is a steal!
    Now bring me the box!

  44. Oh dear. I hate to be a complainypants, but this box is a complete miss for me. Except, hopefully, for the peel. We shall see. But the rest…

    I do NOT need a desk calendar and I don’t have room for it on my desk. It IS pretty, though.

    I have the hair wrap from the BoS and never use it. It took my hair WAY longer to dry using it. I would swap it except it’s used. (Also I have fantasies of someday using it for a hair mask.)

    I don’t drink tea and no one I know drinks tea.

    I swapped for the last yoga towel they sent out but I never use it.

    I, too, do not currently work in a regular office environment so have no particular use for the stickies.

    I already have a million candles that I’m not using and plan to use the pretty ones first.

    I hope some of these will swap well!

    • Same for me. If it weren’t for the peel, this would’ve been a total miss for me. Glad I used the bf deal for $20 a box for sure.

    • Agree I hate this box, it’s a total miss for me. I’d love a planner, but I bought an Erin Condren planner for myself for Christmas lol. The hair wraps I never use, I need my hair to be wet to style it, I don’t drink tea either, don’t do yoga, the sticky notes are very odd to me, and I work at home. The candle is the only thing I might like, depending on the scent.

    • I’ll buy the box from you, or swap. What do you want or need?

  45. Um this is one of my all-time top boxes. I’m in love with every single item! I do hot yoga, have long hair, adore peels, drink mint tea by the bucket, love all things coconut, think that calendar is the cutest ever, and can’t wait to give those notes out to my team at work! Yay!

  46. Great box. Now I kinda wish I would of subscribed during black friday.. I guess I’ll wait for the next good deal.

  47. Whaoo!!! Candle, tea, a hair thing that I’ve been wanting. I’m thrilled for this box. I can’t wait for it to get here.

  48. you know what? I paid full price for this box – I foolishly didn’t make it for any of the Black Friday deals… I honestly am not even mad about paying full price! Certainly wish I had bought some of the deals and got this for cheaper, but I really dig this box! The only thing I won’t use is the face peel and that is up for swap. I LOVE everything else. Can’t wait to get my box next week!! Thanks for the great review!

    • Thanks, Brandy! Glad you’re excited for the box! (And I bet that peel will be popular in swaps!) 🙂

  49. I just hope everyone’s boxes get here early enough that the calendar is useful for the month of January. It will irritate me a bit if I have to toss the January card in the trash because the box arrives so late.

    • I logged in and mine already has shipping info created! So here’s hoping!

  50. I think this is a wonderful box and I will use everything but the hair wrap and the motivational cards. Great job Popsugar!

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