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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review – September 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September

I had seen (and posted) the spoilers for the September POPSUGAR Must Have box last week, and I wasn’t too excited about this box, but now that I have it in my hands I love it!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Card

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Scarf

Tilo Modal Gradation Scarf in Raisin – Value $125

This scarf is so luxe – I love it! It’s super lightweight, and I think the colors are perfect for fall. And it looks gorgeous on too:

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Grey scarf

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Headphone

Letter C Design Pencil Set – Value $5

Nicole Miller Round Interlock Earbud – Value $20

While I haven’t used pencils in years, I can appreciate including them in a September box. (I’ll pass these along to my mom). And while I won’t be buying headphones anytime in near future, I might send these to my brother in college (he’s apparently always lending his headphones to people).

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Cards

Rifle Paper Co Garance Dore Card Set – Value $18

I think this card set is so chic, and it’s a practical item too!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Brownie

Urban Remedy Vegan Almond Brownie – Value $6

I was SO excited to try this brownie! (I avoid gluten and dairy in my diet, so I can’t remember the last time I was able to eat anything POPSUGAR sent). I loved it. It was such an indulgent treat, and I want more! (Full Disclosure: I haven’t had a real brownie in years, so my opinion on what makes a great brownie might be a little off!)

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Oribe

Oribe Superfine Hair Spray (Purse Size) – Value $21.50

I love Oribe hair products (they all smell amazing), but I didn’t think it would be possible to make hairspray smell good. I was wrong – it smells equally wonderful!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Minis

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond minis Pouch – Value $6

These chocolates were listed as a “special extra” on the card. I can’t eat them, but I always try to take a little gift when I go visit my grandma so these are perfect.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Nike

Nike $20 Gift Card 

This was the other “special extra” in the box – and it’s an actual gift card code! Complete with pin number! (I’m so used to subscription boxes sending out “gift codes” which are actually coupon codes, so this is awesome). They also included a coupon code to get free two-day shipping!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review - September 2014 Nike Fit

The gift card code should work on anything, but Nike is promoting their Nike Pro Bra, and including measuring tape to help you get your perfect fit. (FYI – this gift card code expires October 31st 2014).

Verdict: I’ll use or gift every item in this box, so I’m thrilled. And I still can’t get over how fantastic the scarf is! What did you think of the September 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have box after getting it in your hands? And what you buying with your Nike Gift Card? I’m looking for ideas!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (90)

  1. I know this thread is old and no one will even see this but I have to comment somewhere – these headphones BLOW! I brought them to work a few weeks ago and have used them probably a dozen times. (I don’t even bring them anywhere, they’re strictly desk headphones.) They’re already broken! One earbud doesn’t work at all and the other crackles. They’re not worth the listed value at all – my $5 headphones from a drugstore work better (and I completely abuse that pair!).

    • I saw it! I had a minute of downtime earlier in the day and checked my phone real quick. It showed up under the Discussion tabs. I asked my older son a week ago if he liked the headphones. They stopped working after he used them a few times. He didn’t want to tell me because they were from Popsugar. I did not bother contacting Popsugar because…well you seen the problems they have been having lately. I did read that other people experienced the same problem. How disappointing.

  2. Glad I read ALL the comments ~ thought I was going color blind ~ my scarf is NOT like Liz’s, it’s more BROWN/Grey and I was soooo looking forward to the Burgundy color ~ I too quit sub as it just seemed to “sub par”………wish they would up their game and get back in the race for our money!! Guess they don’t think they need to though ~ it was nice while it lasted!! Love your site, Liz, and all the work you put into it so we can keep up with the sub boxes……’s all your fault I spend so much $$ each month on all these MUST HAVE subs!!! Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work ~

    • Thanks Jo Ann! 🙂

  3. Has anyone had trouble logging into the Popsugar website? I can’t even log in to my account.

    • I checked my account and noticed that when I clicked in login there is nowhere to login. I wonder if they took it away while they fixed the bugs. The business person me wonders if they will ship boxes this month and how this will affect their business. It doesn’t appear that the upgrade is a success on the front end. What they do have going for them is their longevity in the sub world and a good reputation prior to the upgrade. It’s still early in the month so plenty of time to bill and ship out boxes even if it happens late.

      • The login link is a picture of a head in the upper right corner of the Popsugar Must Have page. I only mention it because it’s only half on my screen. I haven’t had any issues logging in. I hope this is resolved for you soon.

  4. Liz, do you have any info about what’s going on at PopSugar? My box shows its paid but my credit card hasn’t been charged, the messages on FBOC say they’ll be charged this week but that’s way late- not much info coming out of PS and online folks are complaining about no responses to their emails…

    • I know their new site is still being worked on and has a few issues, so I’m guessing it is delaying a lot of things. I’ll reach out though to see if I can find out shipping date info.

  5. I’ve got a second box en route (not entirely on purpose). Does anyone know if you can stack the Nike gift cards? Or do you need to do two separate purchases?

  6. Just wanted to mention that if you are redeeming your Nike offer and have a Discover, use it (through your card website). They are offering 10% cashback on Nike right now.

  7. You can buy those blank cards on eBay right now for .99

  8. Hi,
    I’d love to swap for the Nike code if anyone has one they’re not using. Please let me know.


  9. That Nike promo is the bee’s knees! I just paid 9 bucks for a nice pair of running shorts that will be here in 2 days! woo!

  10. I am confused and need help. I haven’t received my Sept box yet so I went online and my account says my first box is shipping in Oct. Yet I subbed on 9/4/14 and they took $29.95 out of the bank on 9/8…..What did I do wrong, I really wanted a scarf……

  11. Am I the only person that feels that Popsugar caters to people that live in cooler climates? In the past year, they’ve included five scarves, a pair of gloves and a wool/cashmere beanie hat in the boxes! I feel they are not considering all of their subscribers that live in warmer climates. Unlike a sun hat or SPF that most everyone can use to prevent harmful sun exposure, not everyone can use fall/winter attire. One scarf is understandable, but five seems excessive to me.

    • ^^This^^

      PS has way too much repetition in item categories, a general lack of curation/theme, and an ongoing lack of insight regarding inappropriate, climate specific items are the reason I cancelled after a year subbed. I can buy a scarf just about anywhere online, even from department stores, for under $15. For over $40 it’s just not worth it.

  12. Did anyone else have problems with the hairspray. It feels likes it’s locked, but there’s no way to ‘unlock’ it. It just doesn’t push down. I’m so bummed! Any suggestions?

    • I really had to use a little muscle to get mine to break the seal. Actually made a popping noise when it did. Most Oribe products are that way. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Paula! Did you twist or push to break the seal?

  13. Hi all,

    Did anyone else get a gray/brown scarf? I wrote Pop Sugar and they said there was no variation in the scarves but mine is clearly not like the one Liz pictured in her review.

    Sort of annoyed now.


    • Laryssa: You have the correct one. I thought this same thing at first but I looked closer at the inside and it is indeed the raisin version.

      I think it might also say it somewhere but maybe I am just remembering the card.

      I think these are hand-dyed or something like that so they all won’t look exactly alike. I actually prefer the look of Liz’s scarf to the one I received as well.

      • I also got a grey to chocolate brown looking scarf. I was really looking forward to the one Liz showed that looked burgundy.

    • I love Ghirardelli chocolates usually especially with carmel but mine in this box were disgusting! Smashed, dried out, weird with white stuff on them, stuck to the wrapper. The bag looked fine but the chocolates themselves looked like a truck ran them over. It was a little shocking.

      If this was my first introduction to Ghirardelli I would NOT be impressed.

      Did this happen to anyone else? I hope not!

  14. It’s making me crazy. I wish the popsugar site would hurry up and get back online. Geez!

    • It is back up. Disappointing at best. Why did it take that long to add 3 boxes that are onetime purchases?

  15. This is my 4th box and this one is my favorite! I live in Chicago and have a ton of scarves but this one is the nicest one I own. It’s so luxe an soft. I wore it today and already received several compliments. The chocolates were also gone in a day. The note cards and pencils are so cute. I don’t use cards that often but this is a good reminder for me to send little notes to friends and family instead of emails. My headphones are used on a daily basis while I commute on public transit and they snap together which is cool. (I got the dark blue color like Liz) Fall/Winter boxes are way up my alley so I am glad I stuck this subscription box out. (I almost quite when I kept getting sun tanning lotions, since I don’t tan)

  16. Liz, any idea why the popsugar website never came back up today? Any word on what the big changes are?

    • All I know is that they are still planning on getting the site up sometime today, and I’m guessing there will be new subscriptions too. I will post as soon as I know more~ 🙂

      • I was wondering the same about their site being down for so long–and not being back up yet!

        Wantable updated their site overnight, and it now has the Fitness Box listed, btw!

  17. I love this box so much it makes up for that box with the hat. I was so happy looking thru this box and felt like it was more value than usual, maybe it’s just me. Very happy, makes it hard to cancel this one, they always surprise me. I will stick with this instead of getting the limited edition boxes because those are too disappointing to me.

    • I so agree about the LE boxes, never again. You can get 3 monthly PSMH boxes (when you use discount codes) for the cost of one LE box, they just seem so much more worth it to me. That said, I’m curious to see if they will come out with more boxes in the $40 range……

  18. I HATED this box!!!! Loved the august one, but this whole box was junk! The only thing I like is the extra nike gift card. The scarf is eeh, not much and the pencils and notecards are lame!! What happened to all the fun stuff! Shocked by how many people are saying they love it … yet go on to say how much of it they are giving away. For $40 I expect a heck of a lot more than this!!!! I feel like I have been truly ripped off :(.

    • Wow, what were you expecting? I personally liked this box and would never call it junk or a waste of money and I have great taste. I’ve had my share of boxes I wasnt thrilled with but that doesn’t mean someone else didn’t love them. Maybe little lace box, or FFF is more your style.

      • I am with Lisad. I am more a FFF person myself. But after seeing the spoiler for the scarf.. I had to have THAT scarf. I use the 10.00 off code. so only spent 30.00. I was scared opening it because I was worried I would get the orange scarf. I lucked out. I got the one I wanted. THAT ALONE was worth the money and then some. The chocolates got eaten within an hour…. None were saved for me! lol My daughter took my pencils. She let me keep 2. The ear buds are great because I jog and go through ear buds. the hair spay I will swap and the cards are pretty but will be swapped as well because I just wouldn’t use them. might frame them… or do a project with them…. hmmm.. The nike card I used and what I would have spent $64.00 for… I only spent $12. So, this was a WIN for me. I don’t think their stuff is junk, even though PS is most of the time a miss for me. Junk to me is the half melted shoe from Nina’s last box and the ugly baseball cap. But all and all this was a good box. I think better than the LE box. Remember, if you didn’t like your stud trade it. Lots of people want this box. 🙂

      • Yes, please trade your “stud” if you don’t want it LOL!
        I thought this was a great box, I got it for the scarf alone so the rest was gravy.
        For those of you with school age kids, I save the lovely cards that pop up in sub boxes and use them at the end of the school year for my kids to write a special note to their favorite teacher. It’s a lovely gift (and one that doesn’t break any rules, teachers in my state are limited by law in terms of $$ gifts they can accept)

  19. I too wasn’t that excited about this box from the spoilers but now that I have it hand, I thought it was lovely. Not one thing this month will be swapped.

  20. The only thing I did not like in this box was the “brownie”.. It tasted off, like it had alcohol in it or was fermented (had exact alcohol-y aftertaste of a rumball cookie ).. Ughh now I really hate it after seeing the shockingly high calorie count.. heh Even some Cliff Bars aren’t that high in calories.

  21. I thought this month’s box was great! WAY better than the Fall SE box. I absolutely love the scarf! It’s gorgeous! Sadly, my chocolates were melted too. I just stuck them in the fridge and that worked. They are super yummy!

  22. This is my first PS box and I’m pretty happy with it. I love the scarf. It’s very lightweight and perfect for the coming months (if we ever cool down here in San Diego), but I’m going to Boston in a few weeks so I’ll get to use it then! I’ll be gifting the notecards and pencils as I don’t see myself using them. And the chocolates melted so that’s a bummer. Glad they are individually wrapped.

  23. I got the scarf in Grey to Brown. The purple would have been nicer but I’m happy. I needed a travel size hairspray so some serendipity is going on there. The earbuds are blue and I’m hopeful they will be a good fit for my tiny ears!. I may frame the notecards if I don’t send them out. I know some people are disappointed with the chocolate but I seem to be enjoying them just fine!

  24. Finally got my box today and am very happy with it – really wanted the purple/grey scarf but ended up with the brown/grey, which is still lovely. I easily would have paid $20 for the version I got (I just don’t pay more than $30 for scarves, I wear them 3-4 times a week), I’ve already redeemed my Nike certificate for a new runnings shirt that I found in the clearance section and desperately needed and the chocolates were a delightful treat with the family after dinner tonight. So for me, the box was a pretty good value, it didn’t knock my socks off – but I don’t regret it at all.

    I’ll gift the notecards, let my kids use the pencil pass along the brownie to a friend who can’t eat gluten. Honestly, I love when I get to pass along items from the sub boxes after I’ve gotten my treasures – it really makes my day.

  25. Love it, Popsugar is my favorite box hands down month after month. I must be in their target group. I cancelled FFF as it never wowed me. The scarf is just beautiful, a real treat. The cards are very high quality i really loved it all.

  26. Was bummed out with my scarf…….grey & brown????. Anyone want to trade???? Please email me @ [email protected] Thanks, loved the rest of the box. Also loved my French Box that arrived today also!!!!

  27. I don’t like that the box’s value is so high because of a scarf. It makes me feel like that scarf isn’t really that valuable at all. That’s equivalent to a Nars or Naked palette plus some other really fun stuff.

  28. I’d actually already gotten the cards for myself, so I’ll probably skip out on this box, but man, I think this has to be my favorite Popbsugar box in a while. Wow!

  29. This was my first PopSugar Box, and I subscribed mainly for the scarf. I was not disappointed at all with that, the scarf is gorgeous and the colors look great on. It’s lightweight and feels great when I’m wearing it. I love the Oribe spray, and it’s great to have a smaller size to carry around in my purse. I wasn’t sure I’d be happy with the earbuds, but I love the color and I really could use earbuds that I can hook up to my phone and talk into. I am also happy with the Nike gift card code, and I’ll probably get a cute gym bag since I’ve been needing one.

    I’ll never use the cards or pencils, so they’ll go up for swap or get gifted. I love chocolates, but getting something in the box that I could get at any CVS isn’t exactly what I was hoping for. That said, I will still eat them. I really did not like the brownie, but I am used to regular moist, chewy brownies. I was even more disappointed when I read the calorie count. It was not worth over 500 calories!! I also won’t use the Urban Remedy gift card because you have to spend $50, so it’s not even worth it. Hopefully I can swap it.

    Overall, the value was there and I did love a few things in the box, but I was hoping for more of a WOW factor from my first PopSugar box.

  30. I really liked the August box– this one was just Ok– I guess because I’m still feeling burned from the LE Box– still can’t believe I lost I mean paid $100 for that… Most of these items I will giving to family members except for the chocolate, and I can get these at CVS around the corner. I am probably in the minority because I still send snail mail correspondence but I don’t like these note cards at all. I think the pencils are blah– someone had mentioned that they are “pretty” but the ones that I received were black with a tiny gold arrow stamped at the top…

    • I agree with you on the $100 box, I was so bummed about that box . . . Especially since the value of this box is fairly close to that one. That being said, I absolutely love the scarf in this month’s box and the Nike gift card is an awesome extra. I think everything in this month’s box is stylish and useful, so I’m absolutely thrilled. I’ll stick to the monthly boxes from now on (if they even continue with the LE/SE boxes, given that they’re in the process of revamping boxes).

  31. When I first opened the box I was hugely disappointed and felt a little duped for spending $40 on it. However, upon closer inspection there are some pluses, such as the Nike gift card with free ship code. That’s how a “discount” card should work. I don’t have to spend something like $50 to get $20 off. Got 2 clearance Nike hats for hubby for $12.xx.
    With Urban Remedy it looks like there is a $50 minimum so I’m not going to use that.
    The Tilo scarf was nice but I just bought something similar from Athleta (same size, same fabric, similar ombre pattern) for a little over $10 during their sale. But I’ll use it, it’s just not a wow for me.
    I was also initially bummed about receiving earbuds but when I actually tried them on I couldn’t believe how well they fit! Love them! My ears are small and I have a hard time finding earbuds that fit, these Nicole Miller ones are narrow and long and fits my ears great. Yay, a win!

    Stationary and pencils…enough said.

    The free Turkish towel was missing from my box, I sent them an email and they are sending one out. So, all in all not a bad box, but not a wow like last month’s. I won’t be renewing.

    • What Turkish towel? I didn’t get one!

  32. LOVE my box, the only item I may not use (because it’s such a splurge) is the urban remedy gift card. Has anyone tried stacking them yet? Thanks!

  33. LOVE THIS BOX! Got mine today and I am so happy with 🙂

  34. Cant wait for mine to arrive later this week. Love how you styled the scarf so pretty, when I received mine Ill try to style the way you did!. I will definitely have a use to everything in the box.

    I’m in college and of course pencils are a must and pretty pencils even better :), the postcards I will probably give to my sister that is into drawing so she can get a different view, she will totally love this; food a super plus with me, hairspray I needed one now I have one, and the Nike card yes please!

    So for me PSMH did amazing, way better than their LE box, like way better, so I think Ill be sticking around with them and the Frenchbox.

  35. I’am buying a nice hoodie with my Nike gift card, this was a pretty good month for Popsugar and I love when they send out two different food items.

  36. This box had some definite wins for me – and some ‘mehs.’ First of all, the Nike code was a huge win. I scored a fitted workout shirt on clearance (on sale for 19.97). Used the code and the free shipping – and I didn’t pay a cent out of pocket! I appreciate that PS is offering something like this instead of trying to do a one-size clothing item. The scarf is fabulous. So much better than the Marchesa one included in the LE box. It’s light and soft and luxe. Love it. And I love how you have it styled in the picture, Liz! The mehs: pencils, stationary (really don’t care for the random fashion designs), and the chocolate (mine had that ‘old chocolate’ whitish coating). I personally couldn’t stand the brownie – but it looks like I’m in the minority there. And the Oribe hairspray will pair perfectly with the Oribe mousse I received in my Sample Society box. Overall: great box. I will continue to subscribe. And I’m so curious to see what PS comes back with after their 1 week hiatus. If they offer a Home box, I’m done for!

    • After reading some things on their Facebook, I am curious if they are going to be shipping to other countries.

  37. I didn’t think I would like this box either, but the surprise Nike GC won me over! I got an SF Giants tee for the 20 bucks! I gave the earbuds to my mom, and I tried sharpening a pencil and the lead keeps breaking. So those were the duds for me. Everything else I will use!

    • Ooohh I should get a giants shirt too 🙂 they need all the luck they can get right now after that horrible Dodgers series

  38. This might be my favorite POPSUGAR box ever. Glad I got more than one – took advantage of the $10 off coupon. The value is incredible!

  39. Didnt think i would like mine either but i do. Liz, i got my French Box also today and i really like it too.

  40. I’m with you, Liz. I was on the fence about this box just seeing the spoilers but once it arrived I loved it! And the brownie? OMG! I am not vegan, raw or gluten-free but I thought it was delicious. Planning to order more.

  41. Heads up for anyone that loved the brownie like I did – that thing is PACKED with calories. I split it with my husband, and I’m so glad I did. I went to order more…then noticed the calorie count. At 255 per serving, the package included in the box had 510 calories!

    • Yikes!! That explains why it was so good. : ) Oh well, at least they’re ‘clean’ calories.

  42. Anyone else having issues with the Nike code not working? I tried last night with no luck and they were not able to help me via chat.

    • You have to wait until the final checkout to apply it. It is an actual gift card code so it has to go in the payment section. I tried putting in the coupon code section initially and I had issues. Hope that helps!

      • Huge help, thank you!

      • I did the same thing, no worries. Forgot to mention, the shipping is a coupon code, that can go in that box. When using it, make sure you click the 2-day shipping like it says and then put in the shipping code in the coupon code box (I think it is right below the gift card spot) to get the free shipping. Otherwise it won’t take off shipping and the code will come back as “invalid”.

  43. I really didn’t like this box, I guess I’m in the minority. I only had a 3 month subscription with Pop Sugar, and not renewing it at all. I had 2 very disappointing months and 1 good month, it’s not worth the money. The only thing I would really use out of this box were the $20 Nike code and the earbuds. I don’t use hairspray, note cards, pencils, the chocolates don’t even sound good, and the scarf, not a fan. It’s really big and long, could use it as a wrap or sarong or something. I really like Fabfitfun box more and I know most people prefer PopSugar over FFF.

    • Looks like I’m in the minority with you. I subscribed just for the scarf, and i love it, but nothing else excited me. I’ll use the coupon code for Nike, but I’m definitely canceling. I much prefer Fabfitfun also. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  44. This was my first Popsugar box and I am thrilled. I am excited for everything. My daughter has already claimed the pencils and since I need to get her some new stuff for fall, the Nike card will be put to good use. I can’t wait to wear the scarf – so soft and pretty. And I lost my earbuds at the beach on Labor Day so perfect timing on the earbuds … Love the blue color! Yay Popsugar!

  45. Is anyone else still waiting for their shipping confirmation? I haven’t gotten one yet, and I can’t check on the status of my order because their website is still down. I’m really looking forward to this box, but I’d like to get it before the end of the month…

    • Still waiting here too.

    • Yes, I am waiting. I reached out to them by email last week and they responded on Friday that my box was processing and should go out in a day or two. They said I would receive a shipping notice email but I have not received it as yet. **sigh** I do seem to be on the late end of shipping all the time…..

  46. I have been swapping like crazy for the Nike codes, so I can get shoes for my hubby. He needs new sneakers b/c he is on a new workout plan. What better way to get him a great new pair? Love it! I can’t wait for my box! Another PopSugar win! Thank you for another great review, Liz!

    • Looks like the Nike card cannot be combined. I have 2 subs.

      • Oh, that’s great! Oh, no! That means they aren’t really a “gift card” are they? Ugh. That’s very frustrating. Hm, I’ll figure out something to do with them, anyway! 🙂

  47. I love this box! I think everything was online for September and I just love all the thought put into this box! The only thing I didn’t like was the brownie and I think that’s because I’m use to the real thing and this just didn’t taste like the rich chocolate chewy cake I’m use to. It was bitter tasting to me and I am definitely more of a sweet person that bitter/tart person!

  48. I personally liked the box a lot. I am not a scarf person, so that will be gifted. The earbuds are cheapish in quality, but I can always use an extra pair. I LOVED the brownie; I went right to Urban Remedy and ordered some more things to try. For the Nike, I stand up paddle board and have been looking for a new skirt. They had the Rival running skirts on clearance so I grabbed one of them. I think for my first subscription box I got a lot out of it.

  49. Some of the items from my box are up for swap already. The scarf is pretty, yet I dont wear grey, yet might if I dont get good swap for it – LOL! – I wish the cards had something else besides people on it. Hairspray can not even be swapped/mailed off ( or at least I don’t think so ) because it comes in an airsole can. – The box is okay, yet not to impressed with it. Yet like the popsugar enough to continue my sub

    • That’s a good point about the aerosol can. I have mine up for swap and never thought about that. Does anyone know anything about mailing aerosol cans?

      • You should be able to mail them the same way they arrived via subscription box – USPS ground. They can’t be sent via air in express shipping.

      • Great, thanks Liz!

      • The post office told me that the packaging has to have an ORM-D label on it in order for you to “legally” ship it.

  50. Are your headphones blue? I’ve only seen the black ones in other reviews, and I think black headphones are so boring! Crossing my fingers for the blue ones.

    • I got the blue ones

    • Mine are blue. I used them at the gym this weekend. Great to have an extra pair. It is a pretty blue color too.

    • Yep – I got blue ones.

    • I got purple head phones! My 12 year old stepdaughter loves purple and always needs head phones so these will be saved for her Christmas stocking!

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