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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

The Best Adult Pleasure Subscription Boxes in 2022

Discover and shop the best adult pleasure subscription boxes with The Directory. Explore reviews, news, and more to find what's right for you.

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  1. L'Amour Secret is a monthly subscription box for single individuals and couples regardless of his/her sexual preference. We curate every box to satisfy everyone's fantasy based on a questionnaire filled out by the customer. In addition to the questionnaire, the content within our boxes is based on the monthly theme. Some of our themes involve but are not limited to oral sex, bondage, couple communication, wild adventures, etc.
  2. The Pleasure Pantry is a once a month kit full of adult novelties and lingerie.
  3. Heart + Honey aims to embrace sexual health and intimacy as a component of whole body health. The 3 tiers of Subscription boxes are carefully curated to be interesting and unique, with monthly themes that underscore the value of prioritizing passion and self care. The contents of Heart + Honey subscription boxes include erotic toys and accessories, as well as lifestyle items. Product will vary monthly in order to provide a range of experiences. Whether you have a vast toy collection, or you are just starting out, you will always find something new to love in a Heart + Honey box.
  4. "The XES BOX is filled with adult sex products that will add luxury and enhance every sexual encounter you now have. Products that will enhance foreplay, strengthen erections, intensify orgasims, and leave you craving more sex. SEX feels great! SEX with XES BOX feels AMAZING! The XES BOX is for couples and individuals who want to experience sex in it's best form. For those who are having a hard time getting an erection, having an orgasm, increasing libido, or want to just have more fun during sex. You will get a box of assorted sex products from massage oils, gels that stimulate your genital areas, lubrications, anal toys, vibrators, clitoral stimulators, penis rings and vibrators, male sex toys, bondage accessories (handcuffs, blindfold, whips, leashes, gags), edible body paints, candles, lingerie, boxers & sex apparel, dildos, board games and more! XES BOX also makes the perfect bridal shower gift or Valentine's Day gift! What is in the Box? 1 Sexy Lingerie or Boxer to get him/her aroused 1 Massage Oil to spark foreplay 1 Scented Candle to entice the mood 1 Bottle of Lube to take it to the next level 2 Condoms for safe and protected fun 2 Sex Toys or Sex Game 1 Bondage Item (Handcuffs, Blindfold, Whip, Leash etc.) 1 Mystery Gift THE BOX IS RANDOMIZED TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY"
  5. Organic Loven is the ONLY one of the adult subscription boxes to offer all-natural ingredients, body-safe toy materials and quality sex-positive books. It’s a combination that’s good for your body, your mind and your heart. Embrace your sensuality and pursue pleasure in everything you do! Adult subscription boxes from Organic Loven can transform a delightful moment into a passionate rendezvous between lovers. We deliver an exclusive selection of premium, sustainable products that heighten moments without harming your body. Each product included in our romance subscription box is eco-friendly, cruelty-free and has been thoroughly tested by our trusted experts to ensure your satisfaction! Whether you're a couple looking to explore new fantasies, looking for products to turn up the heat during solo play, or supply products for your next threesome, foursome or moresome, Organic Loven offers the right match for you. Our monthly or quarterly adult subscription boxes will take your intimacy through a journey of exploration, passion and sensation, curated for maximum pleasure. The products are expert-recommended because you only deserve the best.
  6. "Do you hate buying condoms at the store? Do you need condoms and don't have them handy? Now you can always be prepared without the hassle! You won't find Premium Branded Trojan Condoms cheaper anywhere else on the web! Including Delivery! Dollar Condom is perfect if you want to save time and money!"
  7. HerSecrets box subscription is full of adult toys and accessories designed to keep your sex life exciting and fun! Each month you will receive your customized box that will explore all areas of sexual fun
  8. "Roomantics curate the latest adult sex toys and deliver these discreetly to your door every 3 months. Each quarterly package is unique and comes equipped with accessories and how-to information. One-off gift boxes are also available."
  9. "Discover new paths to pleasure with The Big Oh! Box: An adult subscription box featuring a curated selection of full-sized toys & accessories designed to stimulate you & your partner’s appetite for exploration. We’ll send you everything you need to achieve greater heights of pleasure — discreetly packaged.

    With the Big Oh! Box you can choose to pick your pleasure & choose what toy you want to enjoy each box. Start your first box off with our rabbit style Dual Stim option & then change it to something more adventurous like our Back Door selection. Already have a favorite toy or found the one you like? Choose the No Toy option to get all the pleasure without the toy. Every quarter there are new items so you will always be surprised."

    The quarterly subscription starts at $89 per season without toys, and run up to $109 per season with toys.

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