The 10 Best Candy Subscription Boxes of 2019

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Craving a sweet treat? We’ve got you covered! Check out our list of best candy subscription boxes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

This list includes the best boxes from our readers’ favorite sweets list, as well as their favorite snacks, plus yummy picks from our complete list of candy subscription boxes. These candy box subscriptions will line your pantry with goodies all month long. And if you feel like sharing, they’re the perfect gift for someone you love!

1. Candy Club

candy club best candy subscription box

Price: $39.99 a month. Subscribe here!

Coupon: Get $20 off your first box when you use this link!

What You’ll Get: Up to 3 pounds of candy a month! Candy Club is the perfect box to share with your loved ones, or enjoy yourself! Each box contains 4 different types of premier brand name candy. Choose 3 of the flavors for yourself, or leave the entire box a surprise. Candy Club offers a variety of gummies, sour candy, and chocolate, so you can stick with tried and true flavors or discover trendy new treats!

Check out Candy Club reviews for more information on subscribing to Candy Club. Ships to US for $8.99.

2. Graze

Graze August 2018 Review - 8 Snack Box

Price: $13.99 a month. Subscribe here!

Coupon: Get your first 4-snack sampler box for just $1 shipping when you use this link!

What You’ll Get: A selection of over 100 different snacks! Subscribers to Graze have the option to rate snacks online, so over time, your subscription will become perfectly tailored to your particular preferences and food sensitivities. Graze offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly delivery of their mini-snack subscription boxes so you can satisfy your cravings as often as you like!

Check out our Graze reviews for more information on subscribing to Graze. Ships to US.

3. Chococurb

all of the items inside the december 2017 chococurb box

Price: $20 a month for Chococurb mini (3 items per box) and $35 a month for Chococurb classic (5-7 items per box). Subscribe here!

Coupon: Get 10% off any subscription with code ADDICTION

What You’ll Get: Chocolate for days! Chococurb boxes introduce subscribers to uncommonly good chocolates. These milk, dark, and white chocolate concoctions feature familiar and adventurous flavors, ranging from cookie pieces and caramel to black peppercorn and coconut ash. Additionally, Chococurb has a shop, meaning you can repurchase the chocolates you love!

Check out Chococurb reviews for more information on subscribing to Chococurb. Ships to US.

4. Japan Crate

japan crate all items

Price: Choose the plan that’s right for you and subscribe here:

  • Mini: $12 per month for 5 items
  • Original: $25 per month for 10 items
  • Premium: $35 per month for 18-20 items

Coupon: Save $3 off your first crate with code MSA3

What You’ll Get: Handpicked goodies straight from Japan! Japan Crate’s goal is to “recreate the excitement of exploring Japan through fun candy and everything kawaii.” Based in Tokyo, Japan Crate boxes include unique Japanese candy, snacks, and DIY candy kits in a variety of familiar and adventurous flavors!

Check out our Japan Crate reviews for more information on subscribing to Japan Crate. Ships to US (free), Canada, Australia, and the UK.

5. Universal Yums

Price: Choose the plan that’s right for you and subscribe here:

  • Yum Box: $14 per box for 6+ snacks
  • Yum Yum Box: $25 per box for 12+ snacks
  • Super Yum Box: $39 per box for 20+ snacks

What You’ll Get: A worldwide food tour! Universal Yums brings you snacks from a different country every month, so you can, as they put it, “Snack Like A Local” on a range of yummy, new, and surprising treats. Boxes come in three different sizes, so you can get as much or as little as you want! All snacks are authentic to the featured country, and each assortment features a mix of salty, sweet, spicy, fruity, and other flavors to satisfy you.

Check out our Universal Yums reviews for more information on subscribing to Universal Yums. Ships to US (free) and Canada (price varies).

6. Degustabox

Best Food Subscription Box

Price: $19.99 per month. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Get your first box (plus a bonus item) for FREE with code MSABONUS2018

What You’ll Get: A pantry in a box! Degustabox is full of more than just sweets, including up to 15 delicious snacks and grocery goodies for you to try each month. Some items are totally new to the market and unavailable anywhere else! Degustabox also offers subscribers the opportunity to earn points (redeemable for a complimentary box) by reviewing products and referring friends.

Check out our Degustabox reviews for more information on subscribing. Ships free to US.

7. Tokyo Treat

contents of Tokyo Treat july

Price: Choose the right plan for you and subscribe here:

  • Classic Box: $25 per month for 12 items (Save with longer commitments!)
  • Premium Box: $35 per month for 17 items (Save with longer commitments!)

What You’ll Get: 100% authentic Japanese snacks curated around a fun theme! Every Tokyo Treat box is a curated crowd-pleaser full of new treats to try (both savory and sweet), limited edition goodies, and seasonal snacks that are hard to find outside of Japan.

Check out our Tokyo Treat reviews for more information on subscribing. Ships worldwide for free.

8. MunchPak

Munch pak Best Candy Box

Price: Choose the plan that’s right for you and subscribe here:

  • MunchPak Mini: $9.95 for 9+ snacks
  • Original MunchPak: $19.95 for 10+ snacks
  • FamilyPak: $39.95 for 20+ snacks

COUPON: Use code ADDICTION for $2 off your order!

What You’ll Get: International and domestic snacks tailored to you! MunchPak has three subscription levels to choose from, but each box is filled with unique, yummy goodies. Be surprised each month, or for an additional fee, personalized your box and receive specific types of snacks and drinks!

Check out MunchPak reviews for more information on subscribing to MunchPak. Ships worldwide (free to the US).

9. Bokksu

bokksu best candy box

Price: $39 per month, with discounts for longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

Coupon: Get $5 off your first month with code ADDICTION or get a FREE box of Ume Sake Kit Kats when ordering your first 3, 6, or 12-month Classic Bokksu subscription with code UME

What You’ll Get: The “grown-up” version of the classic Japanese candy box! Curated around a cultural theme, each monthly Bokksu box contains 20-25 artisanal Japanese snacks, a tea pairing to complement that month’s flavors, and a Tasting Guide that explains each item’s story. From Hokkaido milk cookies to Kyoto hand-ground matcha, Bokksu delivers the authentic Japanese experience directly to your doorstep.

Check out Bokksu Reviews for more information on subscribing to Bokksu. Ships worldwide for free.

10. Foodstirs

Foodstirs Best Candy Box

Price: $18.99 a box with discounts for longer subscriptions. Subscribe here!

Coupon: Get 20% off with code MSA20

What You’ll Get: A kid-friendly baking experience delivered directly to your doorstep! The Foodstirs Baker’s Club offers themed, convenient recipes and ingredients in every box, taking the stress out of planning and shopping. From ghost-shaped sugar cookies to snowflake brownies, each recipe is designed with your family in mind. Foodstirs uses quality ingredients, too, including OU-Certified Kosher, organic, mostly-vegan, non-GMO products to keep you, your friends, and family happy and healthy.

Check out Foodstirs website for more information on subscribing to Foodstirs. Ships to US.

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