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14 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes in 2021

Marisa Haber
ByMarisa HaberMar 29, 2023 | 27 comments

We’ll admit it: We’ve got a chocolate obsession. If you’re in the same camp, chocolate subscription boxes can make your month a little more fulfilling (and much more delicious). Each delivery allows you to de-stress while sampling some of the world’s finest treats. Whether you prefer sweet truffles or pure dark chocolate with just a touch of sugar, there’s a chocolate-of-the-month club to suit your tastes.

We’ve collected our choices for the best chocolate subscription boxes available online. Wherever possible, we’ve also included coupon codes and promo links to help you save while you explore — along with detailed descriptions to help you decide whether a certain box is right for you. 

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The Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes

1. Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box Overall

Cost: $44.95 per month + $14 shipping. Sign up here!

Ships to: The continental US.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get $30 off any prepaid 12-shipment order!

What You Get: About a pound of handmade chocolates, crafted in small batches from world-class chocolatiers. Membership also includes detailed tasting notes, chocolatier profiles, and serving suggestions.

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club is an established chocolate subscription box — they’ve been around for more than 25 years — and they meticulously select their products based on quality and creativity. That means that you’ll find plenty of products from smaller bean-to-bar chocolatiers, filled with exotic flavors that will surprise and delight even the most experienced chocolate aficionados.

Typically, each box features a different chocolatier. You’ll enjoy barks, truffles, and bars, each hand-selected to complement the other offerings. The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club earns its name; if you’re serious about chocolate, this is an excellent way to start expanding your palate.

2. Chocolate of the Month Club - Best Chocolate of the Month Club for Small-Batch Sweets

Cost: Starting at $40.87/month with a minimum two-month order with free shipping. Sign up here!

Ships to: The continental US.


What You Get: A pound of gourmet chocolates hand-dipped by a renowned confectioner. Subscribers also receive an informational newsletter; if you’re buying as a gift, you can even include a personalized note. Choose to receive boxes every month, every other month, or every three months.

Since 1994, the Chocolate of the Month Club has focused on small-batch confections, all of which are chosen carefully by an experienced tasting panel. From macadamia delights and turtles to chocolate mousse and truffles, it’s an engaging experience every time. You can customize the length of your subscription, and the company’s Chocolate Club Blog provides additional information about each product.

For subscribers who live in warm locations, the Chocolate of the Month Club sends sealed boxes along with ice packs — your monthly surprise will never be spoiled by the heat.

3. Harry & David Chocolate of the Month Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Time-Tested Favorites

best chocolate subscription boxes harry and david

Image via Harry & David.

Cost: Starting at $114.99 for 3 months, plus shipping. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US and Canada. Additional shipping fees may apply for deliveries to US P.O. boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

What You Get: Gourmet chocolates and chocolate gifts from one of the world’s best-known brands. Your chocolate subscription box might include Harry & David’s signature chocolate cherries, cocktail-flavored truffles, sea salt caramels, or dozens of other delicious (and delectable) treats.

Harry & David is known for premium quality, and while this box doesn’t provide chocolates from other confectioneries, each delivery still contains plenty of surprises. Compared to some of the other gourmet options, Harry & David’s chocolate club is remarkably affordable, though subscribers must make a 3-month commitment to get started (6-month and 12-month options are also available, and longer commitments reduce the price of each box). 

The boxes are themed by month, and Harry & David offers a preview of each new theme on their site. For instance, April focuses on chocolate-covered cherries — arguably Harry & David’s most famous product — while July focuses on signature truffles. You’ll have a general idea of what’s arriving, but each bite is still a surprise.

4. Bar & Cocoa Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Dark Chocolate Lovers

Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes Bar & Cocoa

Image via Cratejoy.

Cost: Starting at $129.00 for a 3-month subscription. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: We love creamy confections, but nothing beats a fine bar of high-quality dark chocolate. 

Bar & Cocoa sends chocolate from “makers who practice ethical and direct trade, and support eco-conservation and sustainable farming.” Subscribers receive four bars of dark chocolate per month, along with detailed emails explaining the tasting notes for each bar. You’ll also learn about the featured chocolate makers, so if you find an especially delightful bar, re-ordering is easy.

And while packaging is usually a secondary consideration, Bar & Cocoa’s gorgeous boxes provide an elegant way to display your discoveries. While this chocolate subscription box sticks with pure chocolate bars — no truffles, mousse, or other treats —  that’s what sets them apart. Only true chocolate lovers need apply.

5. Chocolate.org Chocolate of the Month Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box with Vegan Options

Best Chocolate Subscriptions Boxes Chocolate.org

Image via Chocolate.org.

Cost: Starting at $24.99/month + shipping. Sign up here!

Ships to: Most US locations.


What You Get: This chocolate-of-the-month club focuses on providing options to suit each box to the recipient.

Choose between Truffle Lovers, Milk Chocolate Lovers, Dark Chocolate Lovers, Vegan Chocolate Lovers, or the Chocolate Lovers box (the Chocolate Lovers box features samples from all other lines). All plans have similar pricing, and discounts are available for 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions.

We love that Chocolate.org offers a vegan option, along with special selections for different types of chocolatey exploration. They’re also highly affordable, and month-to-month plans can be canceled at any time. 

The sweets come from artisanal chocolate shops, and depending on your plan, you’ll find everything from decadent dark chocolate to exclusive gourmet truffles. The site knows its audience — even with the dark chocolate box, there’s astounding variety and an exceptional emphasis on quality.

6. Fine Chocolate Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Limited-Batch Chocolate

Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes Fine Chocolate Club

Image via Fine Chocolate Club.

Cost: $24.00/month for two bars + shipping. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US.


What You Get: Enjoy 2-6 dark chocolate bars a month from the finest chocolatiers. Many Fine Chocolate Club selections are limited batches, so you’ll likely find chocolates that you’d never be able to buy in the stores — and since each box contains products from five different award-winning chocolate makers, you’ll never get bored. 

The careful curation makes this an excellent choice for dark chocolate lovers. Most bars contain only a touch of organic cane sugar, which highlights the rich flavors without overwhelming the subtle notes. Because the Fine Chocolate Club focuses on ethical sourcing, each purchase helps to improve the lives of cacao farmers.

7. Cocoa Couriers Chocolate Tasting Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Variety Lovers

Best chocolate subscription boxes Cocoa Couriers

Image from our review!

Cost: The Original Chocolate Box is $24.70/month for three bars, and The Chocoholic Chocolate Box is $45/month for five bars. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free and Canada for an additional charge.

ACTIVE DEAL: Save 15% on a 3-month pre-paid original chocolate box!

What You Get: A shipment of 3-5 bean-to-bar chocolates created by artisan chocolate makers from around the globe. 

In addition to the two main chocolate subscription boxes, Cocoa Couriers offers a 5-bar vegan option. All of the fair-trade chocolates include pairing suggestions, ideal if you’re sharing with friends — with a bit of planning, you can set up your own tasting parties!

Subscribers also receive access to special discounts and promotions, which makes it easy to stock up on time-tested favorites. The company focuses on a quality and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you’re unsatisfied with your first box, you’ll only pay the shipping fee.

This box does not ship during July and August, as the heat could create issues with deliveries. Since Cocoa Couriers does not use special packaging for hotter climates, make sure you’re ready to receive each box. Their regular shipping schedule and attentive customer service make that easy.

Check out all of our Cocoa Couriers reviews and more chocolate and sweets boxes in the Food Subscription Box Directory!

8. Standard Cocoa - Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Finding New Chocolate Makers

best chocolate box subscriptions standard cocoa

Image via Standard Cocoa.

Cost: Starting at $34.95/month. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free.


What You Get: Three chocolate bars per month; each box features a different artisanal chocolate maker. You’ll also receive information about the maker’s story and inspiration, and the background info can be extraordinarily helpful for understanding the complexities of each bar.

There’s a firm focus here on micro-batch chocolate. You’ll find selections from brand-new entrepreneurs, each of which uses sustainable practices to build a better world (and a better bar of chocolate). The company also offers convenient gift options for their chocolate subscription box.

For true bean-to-bar quality, Standard Cocoa is an excellent option, and each delivery will expand your appreciation of the art of chocolate.

9. Amazing Clubs Chocolate of the Month Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box with Great Customer Service

Cost: Starting at $42.95/month for a 3-month subscription. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US and Canada for free.


What You Get: A monthly delivery of premium, handcrafted chocolates made with all-natural ingredients, lovingly crafted by the finest chocolatiers. You’ll get a variety of flavors each month, and the included newsletter (The Sweetest Tooth) provides information about each selection. 

Amazing Clubs' subscriptions feature their “They’ll Love It!” guarantee: If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, they’ll do everything in their power to make it right. You’ll also receive the best possible price for each product, and if you find a better deal, they’ll refund the difference.

The company also sends an email each month with info about the selections, so you can choose to skip a month if you have allergies or you’re not interested. The only downside: Amazing Clubs' Chocolate of the Month Club tends to focus on sugary treats, so if you prefer dark chocolate, you’re probably better off with one of the other gourmet options on this list.

10. Lake Champlain Chocolates - Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Gourmet Vermont Chocolates

Cost: $130 for 3 months for the Chocolate Fanatics Club, and $190 for 3 months for the Chocolate Lovers Club, + shipping. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US.


What You Get: Each month, you’ll enjoy Vermont-made chocolates from one of the state’s premier brands. Whether you’re sampling chocolate truffles, sea-salt caramels wrapped in dark chocolate, or coated macadamia nuts, you’ll enjoy a delightful experience.

Lake Champlain Chocolates offers two chocolate clubs, but they don’t offer many options; if you have special dietary preferences, be sure to research before purchasing. These decadent boxes make excellent gifts, but note that the subscriptions take a “summer vacation" from June through August.

11. Mystery Chocolate Box - Best Inventive Chocolate Subscription

Cost: Starting at $63.95 for three months. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US for free, but an additional $2.50 shipping fee is added during warmer months to accommodate the cost of heat-resistant packaging.

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $8 off your first box!
CODE: subaddict 

What You Get: Three unmarked bars of chocolate (indicated as Bar A, Bar B, and Bar C on each wrapper). You’ll also receive a card for each bar; write down any notes you identify on one side, then use the key on the other side to learn about the bar.

We love inventive subscription boxes, and the Mystery Chocolate Box’s approach turns every delivery into an exciting experience. It’s also a great way to develop your taste for chocolate; over time, you might notice a better appreciation for subtle, nuanced flavors, and even if your palate doesn’t develop, you’ll love gamifying your chocolate obsession.

For each box sold, the company donates two meals to charity. You’re actually helping the world by tasting chocolate — that’s a no-brainer!

12. Jackie's Chocolate - Best Chocolate Assortment Boxes

best chocolate subscription box jackie's chocolate

image via Jackie's Chocolate.

Cost: Starting at $29.95 per month with 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions available as well. Sign up here!

Ships to: The US with free shipping.

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $10 on your first box!

What You Get: Jackie's Chocolate treats you to a monthly box of assorted artisan chocolates that have a range of flavors including crunchy nuts, chewy caramel, fluffy marshmallow, and fruit-filled centers covered in milk, white, or dark chocolate. These boxes also include seasonal treats not available in any other box sold by Jackie's Chocolate. Each box comes with approximately 15 chocolates that are packaged to arrive cool and melt-free.

We love the range of chocolates in these assortment boxes and the old-school feel of these one-bite chocolates, wrapped in individual liners. Gives us all of the Valentine's or special occasion feels.

13. Raaka First Nibs - Best Super Limited, Small Batch Dark Chocolate Subscription

best chocolate subscription boxes raaka first nibs

Image via Raaka.

Cost: Starting at $24.95 per month with 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions available as well. Sign up here!


Ships to: The US.

What You Get: Raaka‘s chocolate subscription box sends a monthly shipment of micro-batch chocolate bars. The candy flavors rotate every season, so every delivery is a surprise. With multiple subscription options, Raaka has something for every chocolate lover, and their boxes have considerable range. One important note: Some flavor options are geared towards adults (for instance, whiskey-inspired chocolates), so keep that in mind when ordering.

Raaka is also a transparent trade company. That means you can find detailed sourcing information for each of their chocolate bars online.

14. Cococlectic - Best Chocolate Subscription Made With Five Ingredients or Less

best chocolate subscription boxes cococlectic

Image via Cococlectic.

Cost: Starting at $42.99 per month with 3- and 6-month subscriptions available as well. Sign up here!


Ships to: The US and Canada

What You Get: Cococlectic is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate-of-the-month subscription club. Their philosophy is to support the small mom-and-pop chocolate makers who passionately make chocolate bars from scratch using less than 5 ingredients – namely cocoa beans, sugar, and cocoa butter. Each box comes with four full-size bars of bean-to-bar dark chocolate that are all fair trade, vegan, and dairy-free. Note: Boxes are not sent in July or August due to the heat.

HOW SWEET DO THESE CHOCOLATE SUBSCRIPTIONS LOOK? These boxes are a sweet tooth's dream. Think you'll subscribe to any? Let us know in the comments.

Marisa Haber
Marisa Haber
Marisa Haber is a freelance writer with a passion for all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food! When she's not scrolling through Instagram to get the scoop on all the latest trends, she can be found walking around the city asking people if she can pet their dogs.

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Mary L.

It’s nice to know that these subs exist, but actual reviews would be more helpful for those of us who want to make a purchase.

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Buyer Beware!!! I have had a lot of trouble with company Jackie’s Chocolates. I placed an order on December 21st for some truffles and though they have charged me I have yet to receive the chocolates and it is March 4th. I have contacted them 4 times and have yet to speak with anyone or hear back. From other reviews I have read I am not the first customer they have done this to. I wish I had seen those reviews before placing an order with Jackie’s Chocolates. Additionally, I have had to email them for my November, December, January, and February subscription boxes when they were late. I have yet to receive my February box and on my account page, it shows that it has not shipped yet. This business has been nothing but unprofessional and I highly advise you to think twice before ordering from them.

Reply ButtonReply

Ashley C

I didn’t know there were so many! I would like to see some of the lower price points box’s reviewed (I think I saw a couple starting around $30)…Harry and David’s chocolate is delicious! Especially the truffles, I haven’t tried their subscription though. The German box looks fun too!

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

Thanks for reading through, Ashley, and thanks for your input!! Stay tuned!

Reply ButtonReply

Rebecca U

I’d also love to see more reviews, esp. of the ones that are on the lower price point (I’d love to spend $130/month on chocolate but that’s not happening lol).

I also tried the MSA25 code for Jackie’s and it said it wasn’t valid.

Reply ButtonReply


I would love to see the German one reviewed and really any others. There is quite a few different cookie subscriptions I would love to see reviewed as well. Yum yum!

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

Thanks for your input! Cookies—yum, good thinking, we should get on those.

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Chocolate is my absolute favorite food. But I only eat dark chocolate which has prevented me from subbing to any of these boxes.

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

I am right there with you, Cindy, I’m a dark chocolate gal, too. Bar & Cocoa and Cococlectic are both craft chocolate subscriptions that send exclusively dark chocolate!

Reply ButtonReply


They’re not a sub box company but See’s chocolates remain my absolute favorite on the planet! The quality is simply fantastic.

Reply ButtonReply

cheryl s zaccone

Same here!! Sees is the best. These subs are ridiculously pricey

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

Ooh yes, my grandparents have always brought See’s candy back from their trips to the beach. Yum!

Reply ButtonReply


I’m hungry now…for chocolate!!!

Reply ButtonReply


Just fyi, Vegancuts offers a chocolate themed box each year. I just received this year’s box ($34.95 plus free shipping) and am really enjoying it! Lots of variety and delicious stuff. This is a one-time box and doesn’t start a subscription.

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

Ooh great intel, thanks for letting us know!

Reply ButtonReply


I wish you would review some of these. I’ve noticed lately that the reviews often are beauty based. It would be nice to see more food or candy reviews

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

Thanks for your feedback, Carol! Are there any specific boxes you see on this list that you would like us to consider reviewing?

Reply ButtonReply


I’d love to see a review of the German one!


I’d love to see a newer review of Jackie’s. It looks like that was reviewed last in 2017, and I’m curious if the quality is the same.


Or the Debrands, they are some of my favorite chocolate.


The chocolate of the month club looking interesting and the German one. Food and sweets are my favorite boxes because I can find things I normally wouldn’t find.


The German box would be interesting! Also, Godiva and Lake Champlain.



Would love to see reviews of some of these!

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I’m so happy to see DeBrands on here! DeBrands is my local chocolate shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it is SOOOO good!

Reply ButtonReply


I used to travel to the Fort Wayne area for work quite often and we’d always try to hit up a DeBrands while we were there. Well one night our work dinner ran a little late and they had just closed the store by the time we walked over. We actually knocked on the door and begged the workers to open the doors again and we’d make it worth it. I’ve never spent so much on chocolate before in my life but it WAS well worth it for me too. They likely thought we were nuts…

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

Lucky you—I wish I lived near a chocolate shop as amazing-looking as DeBrands!

Reply ButtonReply