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GlobeIn Artisan Box Reviews

Is GlobeIn Artisan Box Right For You?

Updated December 3, 2021

GlobeIn Artisan Box Overview

About the Brand

Shop ethically with artisan-made goods delivered to you monthly.

Key Info

What It’s Like to Subscribe to GlobeIn


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How GlobeIn Works

Each month, GlobeIn introduces a new curated box filled with handmade products from around the world. As a subscriber, you get to tailor your experience with a preview of the box theme, whereupon you can decide to keep it, swap it, or skip it. When you’re box arrives, you can enjoy your unique items, and the feeling that comes with playing a part in the reduction of global poverty.

Examples of Past GlobeIn Boxes

  • Sanctuary Box: All you need to build your sanctuary for soothing tea-time, anytime. Includes 4 Green Tea Glasses, Set of 4 Oceana Raffia Coasters and a container of Peppermint Detox Tea with Spoon

Pricing Options

Pricing is based on the length of your subscription: a 3-month subscription is $40/month, a 6-month subscription is $37/month, and a 12 month subscription is $35/month.

GlobeIn Pros and Cons


  • The box features unique artisan home goods that can’t be found in stores
  • You’ll be supporting small artisans from all over the world, and fighting global poverty in the process


  • Not every item will be coordinated to the same aesthetic, which means you might need to be open to a more eclectic assortment around your home
  • The minimum subscription length is 3 months, and subscribers are made to meet that cost up-front, which may be steep for some, however there are opportunities to skip a month should the theme not appeal to you or if you’d like to space out the expenditure

What Else You Should Know About GlobeIn


There’s more to know about GlobeIn than just the inclusion of artisan-made goods from all over the world. When you purchase GlobeIn, you are helping small artisans show off their work, while also promoting livable wages and safe working conditions for them and their families.


Each product in your box has been handmade, taking over 17 hours to make, which is what makes each piece unique. GlobeIn is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and every GlobeIn product is ethically produced and designed by artists in developing countries - your purchase empowers artisans around the world!

Is GlobeIn Worth It?


If you are someone who is continuously trying to make your apartment feel like a home, this could save you from spending hours going through the aisles of Home Goods and other stores. Additionally, you are supporting small artisans as they follow their dreams since GlobeIn’s products are sourced from artists in developing countries.

How GlobeIn Compares to Other Top Subscriptions


GlobeIn VS Alltrue: There aren’t many subscription boxes out there like GlobeIn, but Alltrue comes close. With Alltrue, you’ll receive socially-conscious curated personal products in your boxes – so instead of getting a stunning handmade fan, you might get a stunning handbag, a doormat, and skincare products. Similar to GlobeIn, with Alltrue you will also be helping small artisans and artists around the world when you purchase a subscription box. Price-wise, the key difference between these two subscriptions is that with GlobeIn, you’re committing to a minimum of 3 months, and you’re made to meet that cost upfront. With Alltrue’s quarterly box, the non-annual subscriber will pay $54.95 per box, compared to GlobeIn’s $40 per box price (based on a 3 month subscription).

GlobeIn Artisan Box Reviews

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GlobeIn Artisan Box FAQ

How much does GlobeIn cost?
For three-months worth of subscription boxes, you will pay $120 upfront. For six months, you will pay $222 and for a years-worth, you will dish out $420 plus shipping fees.
How can you skip a month of GlobeIn?
You can skip any time before the 10th of every month. You can do so by logging into your account and navigating to manage subscription. The option for skipping the upcoming month will show up here.
How do you cancel GlobeIn?
You can cancel your recurring subscription anytime before your next bill date, and there are no cancellation fees. Most subscriptions are recurring unless you purchase a prepaid gift. Your next bill date is also written directly in your subscription settings to avoid any unwanted surprises.
Where does GlobeIn ship?
Premium Box and Artisan Fair subscriptions ship to the US and Canada. The Artisan Shop ships to the US, Canada, as well other international destinations, where the shipping costs vary by location.
When does GlobeIn ship?
Know when your order will ship! Premium subscription orders begin shipping around the 26th of the month. You should receive a tracking email once your box ships out.
Is the packaging of GlobeIn environmentally friendly?
It is unclear whether the packaging is environmentally friendly, but boxes can be recycled.
What is the difference between the Premium and Maven subscriptions?
The Premium Subscription offers a themed collection of 4-5 hand-crafted items shipped to you every month. Each box includes a printed booklet with stories about the artisans who made the items. The Maven Membership lets you buy single items from the website, but you will not receive a themed box every month.

User Reviews

Subscriber Ratings

4.1 overall rating

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Subscriber Reviews

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Stephanie Rhodus
Stephanie Rhodus
"So glad I gave them a chance!"
Apr 1, 2021
I found this company and instantly fell in love. I bought a 1 year subscription. I'm a single mom in grad school so I'm broke, and this was definitely meant to be a little monthly reward for me. I was heartbroken when I read the reviews. I definitely can't afford to just throw money away on a scam and I was skeptical. I made my first selection and waited. I got an email about shipping and it said it included my box, plus the bonus gift for a year subscription. When it arrived, it was just the bonus gift... no box. I reached out to customer service and still haven't heard back from them... but my box arrived today! Yall the products are beautiful. I absolutely love them all just like I knew I would. This is a small company, and they are sourcing stuff from all over the world... during a global pandemic. I'm sure that is difficult at best. I'm so glad I gave them a chance though! I'm super happy with them, even with the extra couple of weeks I had to wait for my full order.
Oct 29, 2020
I've been a subscriber for a year and absolutely love all the boxes I have received so far. My favorites have been Dine Box, Wired box and Slurp Box. The boxes containing ceramics are my favorite because I can find many uses for those items in my home. I love the Olivewood items too and use those every day for cooking. Any time I've had an issue with an order their customer service has always gotten it resolved to my liking. This is a company that I like spending my money on because I know the money is being used to help Artisans in other countries. Thank you GlobeIn for continuing the amazing work you do and for a fun subscription box!
Aug 26, 2018
I love Globein boxes! Carefully curated items with a wonderful story behind them. I love knowing who made my products, and that my money is being well spent. The items are all high quality. Very happy I subscribed!
Aug 5, 2018
Love love my subscription. Every item I have received have been unique & beautifully made. The glassware & handwoven cloths are my favorite. The soap is amazing & I’m now just enjoying the lavender essential oil vase.
Melissa Koziol
Melissa Koziol
Aug 4, 2018
I have received three boxes and I look forward to my GlobeIn box every month. The items are well packaged, and each of the products have been unique and beautifully crafted. I love purchasing products and knowing where they came from, learning about the artisans, and seeing the beauty and creativity with each box each month. I also love that my boxes have a number of crafted items, but also food from around the globe. It's an incredible value!
Christy Vela
Christy Vela
Jul 27, 2018
I am new here, I have received 2 boxes so far and have been very happy! Everything is packed very well, it would take a lot to break anything in the packages. Both boxes have arrived right when expected and my products have been super nice. I am planning to renew my subscription!
Kathy Comer
Kathy Comer
Jul 27, 2018
This is my first experience with a subscription service and I am extremely pleased. I’ve received four boxes and each has been filled with gorgeous, top quality items. Everything is packed perfectly to insure no breakage during shipping. The finishing touch is a small booklet with a page for each item with tells the story of that item’s artisan. Definitely a five star experience.
Beverly Durnakowski Borgatti
Beverly Durnakowski Borgatti
Jun 30, 2018
Love that each item helps an Artisan to live a full life.
Jun 27, 2018
I love this box so much! I have used so many of the products around my house, camping, or wearing the gorgeous jewelry. Even the $10 per month, one item, subscription is awesome. Customer service has always been great.
Jun 27, 2018
I really love all the items I've received. They are so well packaged too! It is awesome to hear the stories of how the products they purchase to include in the boxes are helping people from around the world. I'm happy to be a part of Globein!

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