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GlobeIn Artisan Box July 2021 – Spoiler #1 + Coupon

ByMSAMay 19, 2021 | 31 comments

GlobeIn Artisan Box
4.1 overall rating
266 Ratings | 76 Reviews

The July 2021 GlobeIn Artisan Box is now available to order and we have the first spoiler.

Editor’s Note: GlobeIn has experienced significant shipping delays in the past. You can read more about how they’ve addressed these issues here.

The July box will include:

Mini Botanical Plant Press – worth $25

Mango wood is a sustainable and durable wood that is indigenous to India and used for over 2000 years. Artisans like Abdul Salaam have perfected their craftsmanship with mango wood through skills passed down from generation to generation.

The Mini Botanical Plant Press starts its journey as a piece of mango wood that is then cut into its appropriate square size and seasoned for a deeper color. The edges are cut by sawing and grinding machines, then are finished with sand paper for a smooth finish. Soon after, the piece is polished by natural buffing and is engraved with a laser machine. Finally the wing bolts are fitted before it is sent to quality assurance where it finally makes it way to your home.

Suggested use: Find your plants specimens and fold inside a few sheets of newspaper to absorb any excess moisture until you are ready to press in the Mini Botanical Plant Press. Place plant specimen inside the plant press, then layer the cardboard piece on top and wood piece on top. Secure the plant press by tightening the wing nuts on each corner. Plants may take up to a week to dry, then they are ready to be displayed!

Measurements: 3.75″W x 3.75″L x 1.5″H

Materials: Mango wood

Care Instructions: Wipe clean

Country of Origin: India

For a limited time, use coupon code FREESHIP to get free shipping on your first GlobeIn Premium Subscription Box!

Check out our GlobeIn reviews to see what we received in past boxes.

The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription featuring exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme to bring you exciting products that make you feel well traveled and connected with distant cultures!
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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As predicted by some of the comments here, or rather, confirmed; if you post anything negative [AKA TRUE] on their facebook page the delete it immediately. Posted a photo and true situation that this basket came crushed and in less than 10 min, deleted. Reposted, deleted. I’ve emailed them, no reply. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS


What a mistake in subbing here. I ordered the Bounty box with the multi-colored picnic basket that came CRUSHED like an elephant sat on it — and, in a HUGE box that could fit 6 of them = NOT a shipping issue. I honestly could not believe it. I emailed them right away, they got right back asking for photos and stated that sometimes it happens that thing get ruined by the shipping. I replied with photos and said, no, not the fault of the shipper – YOU sent a crushed basket.
They wrote back with this, “Thank you for the photos and sorry for the confusion! This item is not considered damaged so we are unable to issue maven money or replacement.

Your basket can be reshaped!

To reshape your basket, spray liberally with water and let the basket rest for about five minutes. This will allow the basket to absorb the moisture and become pliable. Then bend and reshape your basket as required. This will not break the basket. Then, let it air dry thoroughly.”

NO. NO, no, not. I’m so irritated; I’ve emailed back that they send a replacement or a refund. I bought this for work for volunteer tokens, which makes it 100x worse.


I got kicked out of GlobeIn FB group.

My post was literally “Did anyone receive November [specific theme] box?”

They deleted my comment for being “too negative”.

Btw, I never got my November box. I never got a lot of things. They just emailed me last week about OCTOBER order.


Ok, I had a minute so I looked it up. This is a quote from the last Globein update on MSA dated Feb 8th:

Moving forward, we plan to hold off on sharing spoilers and coupons until we’re confident that these issues have been resolved.
In the meantime, we’re going to resume recurring GlobeIn reviews. Our team will be ordering boxes directly from GlobeIn to ensure that we can speak to shipping delays firsthand.

(end quote)

I can only assume that MSA has not received any of the boxes they’ve ordered because there haven’t been any reviews. How, then, can you justify posting spoilers when you clearly can’t be confident that the shipping delays and CS issues were resolved?

This has pay for play written all over it.


Here’s my most recent experience and why I’ll never deal with this company again. I ordered a significant amount of products from the artisan store. After 5 weeks no word on shipping or anything so I reached out, and got the usual canned response back. Then I posted a review on trustpilot which seemed to get their attention, so immediately they got back in touch and said something about how now suddenly they were able to ship it through some miracle.
Well what turned up was about half of what I ordered, with some things that I hadnt thrown in for some reason. Everything had obviously been packed in a rush with delicate heavy ceramics thrown into a big box together with only some brown paper around each dinner plate etc. This meant about 1/3 of what I received (which again was only about half of what I ordered) was broken on arrival.
So yeah good luck dealing with these guys. For me never again


Fortunately for me it was just an order of one item, but the awful way a ceramic item was packed and shipped to me was surprising. It was wrapped in a couple layers of paper and put into a paper bubble mailer. Of course, it arrived in pieces, and there were no replacements for me. There are serious training issues at their warehouse, even after they’ve finally completed their move and inventoried the items there.


Big Surprise that msa is promoting this company again. I think at this point they’re actively trying to get people to leave so they have an excuse to put this blog out of its misery.


Just curious as to why you continuously visit this site that you have so much disdain for? Gotta get your negative comment fix for the day, or what?


Why not just skip the comments if her comments bother you?


Nope! They are too problematic with their shipping and fraudulent charges for me.


Stay away from this box. Far away. I was forced to file a PayPal claim for over $700 in Globein orders that were never shipped and never received. When I initially asked for a full refund on my orders that were MONTHS late, I got canned responses from CS after two weeks of waiting for a response. When I sent another request for a refund, they partially gave me store credit, and told me that was all they could do. They still owed me over $500 in refunds. I eventually go my money refunded from PayPal after a month long claim, which Globein didn’t even bother responding to.

Stay far, far away. I am convinced this company is a sinking ship, trying to scam and rip off whoever they possibly can before they go belly-up.

My experience was terrible, and when I tried to voice my opinion on their Facebook page, my comments were quickly deleted, I was muted, and removed from the group.

Keep your money, or spend it on quality fair-trade items from another shop online like Ten Thousand Villages, or Viva Frida.


Whew! So glad you got your money back!


I use to love this box, but have not seen one that interests me is a long time. Still have one month left on my subscription and will cancel after it is used. If you do buy anything go through PayPal to help you recover your money if something is broken or you do not receive. From what I have seen they have about 9 very negative reviews for each positive one and has a F rating from the BBB. I just had to contact my credit card company in hopes of getting reimbursed for 130$ they charged me when I removed items from my cart. CC refused to refund my money and I have no credit for the money that I was charged. I am ok with the long shipping delays but all the complaints about refusing to issue refunds is going to far. I wonder if they are close to going bankrupt.


Betty, from what I gather, they must be. They recently received a multi-million dollar corporate bail out from a company tat gives loans to small start-up businesses. They have angered and alienated almost all of their original clientele with their poor customer service, items missing for months, late orders, and orders arriving broken or crushed to pieces. I have seen pictures of wine glasses shipped out in bubble mailers, intentionally on the part of Globein, which arrived smashed to bits.

To make matters worse, they continue to market their sh*tshow of a sub box to new and unsuspecting subscribers, and MSA has again decided to promote spoilers of this box when nothing has been fixed or improved. I suspect MSA has something to gain from the promocodes they promote.

Globein must be mere months from going belly-up, and now they need to pay back that multimillion dollar loan within 2 years, in addition to all of the other chaos.

I think they are intentionally taking the money and running as fast as they can. I DO NOT recommend this box. I also sense a class action lawsuit in the future.


This comment could also work for the OuiPlease box. It’s been a year and 5 months and they’re still marketing their box to unsuspecting subscribers and never sending them boxes. Now they’re adding items to their online shop that they don’t have and collecting, I mean stealing money that way.


Yes they are paid for these posts. Nobody should be surprised that this site doesn’t care about the reader and definitely doesn’t care about bad companies ad long as they get their money.


I did GlobeIn for a year. It’s…awful. I just got an email that my OCTOBER order is out of stock. Lol.

You can buy same “artisan” stuff online for a lot cheaper. From same artisans.


Thank goodness for the comments section! You guys have saved a lot of people from some serious aggravation 🙏


Stay away from this box. It’s a bait…and unavailable…not even a switch.


Sad to see issues with orders, I have received boxes when they first started and they were great, I’m sure due to covid, staffing and shipping the company is not like it once was.


I have to disagree with your covid comment. It’s become the go to excuse for boxes that have operational issues. I have lots of subscriptions and none were late, even oversea boxes. Instead of these boxes addressing their issues with staffing, ordering or shipping they’re ignoring it and blaming covid. Most of these covid excuse boxes had issues beforehand like GlobeIn, Ouiplease or Causebox.


I agree. My skincare boxes like Mintd (UK) and The Box (USA) have been on time and the CS has been fantastic throughout the entire pandemic. In fact, they even stepped it up a bit more just to make sure we were all satisfied and happy.


This post is super sus. First of all July?? I’m pretty sure we’ll get June spoilers before July. Secondly, the last I saw, MSA said they weren’t posting Globein spoilers anymore due to the shipping and customer service issues. MSA said they’d only post reviews. I haven’t seen any reviews which leads me to believe they haven’t been sent any boxes for review which confirms that shipping issues still exist. Third, they took the warning off. Not cool MSA.

Beth in Oklahoma

I’m really surprised that this post doesn’t come with a warning about their fulfillment of orders, and bait and switch tactics. It had warnings once.


There is now an “Editor’s Note” in italics with a link to a previous MSA GlobeIn update included in the post. A touch of progress! I vote you guys put it in bold, too, and maybe make the font red.


It feels like MSA doesn’t care about these kinds of issues anymore.


They definitely don’t care anymore. They’re making it very clear that this site is one giant commercial and the customers and readers no longer matter.


Yup, a lot of people report that most of the advertised boxes aren’t available. Meaning GlobeIn has 6 boxes to choose from and when customization opens you are only given the option of 3 boxes, not the 6 they advertised to get you to subscribe. They blame not receiving the shipments and state they will be in a later box. I’d keep away until they sort all their issues.


Anyone know if shipping and customer service have improved?


I have received the last two Artisan Boxes I selected without any serious delays or missing or broken items. Believe me, I have my share of complaints, but it’s true that my recent orders were fulfilled just fine.


No, nothing has improved. They now pay people to post positive reviews on trust pilot. They do have some really nice items, but unfortunately you may never receive what you order and if you do, likely it’ll be broken.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.