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FYI – GlobeIn Shipping Update

We have an update on shipping delays from GlobeIn!

We heard all of your feedback, and we spoke to GlobeIn to find out what their plans are to fulfill existing orders. GlobeIn shared a shipping update for a few of their boxes:

Some GlobeIn customers have experienced significant delays to receiving their orders in the past few months as a result of the ongoing effects of COVID-19 on inbound and outbound shipments. Having moved to a new fulfilment center, GlobeIn are now caught up on shipping Artisan Boxes and subscribers should receive their boxes on their regular shipping schedule. They are still experiencing delays to shipments on Artisan Shop and Add-On orders for individual items. GlobeIn is also experiencing some delays to customer service response times, but the team is doing their best to catch up and respond to everyone.

Moving forward, we plan to hold off on sharing spoilers and coupons until we’re confident that these issues have been resolved.

In the meantime, we’re going to resume recurring GlobeIn reviews. Our team will be ordering boxes directly from GlobeIn to ensure that we can speak to shipping delays firsthand.

Our goal is to create the best possible experience for our readers. We will continue to post subscription and shipping updates as soon as we hear about them. 

GlobeIn Artisan Box

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Written by Mallory @ MSA

Mallory @ MSA

Mallory joined the MSA team in 2020. She focuses on engaging with our community online, through daily emails, and across our social media channels. Based in New York City, she can often be found biking through Central Park, scoping out under-the-radar coffee shops, and listening to the Hamilton cast album on an endless loop. Her current favorite subscriptions are Hello Fresh and Fabletics.

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  1. I want to share some positive news on my recent experience with GlobeIn. I was waiting but broke down and ordered from the shop when several Artisan boxes I was coveting became available. I placed 2 orders and they both shipped within a few days and one order has already arrived. Ordered February 28, shipped March 4 and arrived March 11th. My second order was placed March 8 and it shipped the next day, March 9. One of the items in my first order was the Creme box and one of the Ramekins came chipped on the inside. I emailed them late last night and by the time I woke up in the morning the replacement were already ordered on my behalf. . While everyone has different experiences and I can’t claim their shipping issues are fixed for everyone, I had a great experience and am really happen with my boxes. I can’t wait for my next order to arrive.

    • OK Globein employee 🙄

  2. I cannot believe this company is saying that their order shipping is up-to-date as I still have not received my November box despite communicating twice with the company about the box. This is after they also deactivated my account despite my having a prepaid box left, over-charging me which I discovered by looking at my credit card as they do not provide receipts, and selling me a product that they did not have and refusing to provide a refund. When contacted about the issues, I actually had one customer service rep tell me not to contact them.

    This seems to be less of a business and more of a scam; I just wish everyone interested in this company would read reviews by actual consumers rather than subscription websites and avoid GlobeIn.

  3. The absolute incompetence of this company continues to surprise me. And it really shouldn’t by this time. They deactivated my account when I still had 1 box left. By the time they responded to my email (about a week later), the boxes I had my eye on were sold out. I just picked a box I could gift to someone because I want to be done with this company and asking for a refund is useless. That was the January box. I checked my account this morning and it says Unpaid. I paid for that box when I paid for the subscription.

    The fact that I now have to wait 2 weeks to hear back from CS about an issue they caused is infuriating. I don’t even understand how it’s possible to have people dedicated to literally answering emails all day be so far behind in… answering emails. That, to me, says everything that needs to be said about how poorly mismanaged this company is.

    This company is the pits and the fact that they have the unmitigated gall to announce they are fully caught up is shocking.

    Many of these products can be found on other fair trade websites for at or below the cost of Globein. I highly recommend putting in the time of a Google search to find what you want rather than the misery of dealing with Globein.

  4. I’ve been subbed since last July and still am waiting on many add on orders since back to September and my box for January and add ons, so no they are not all caught up on boxes as January’s are supposed to be shipped by the end of the month. I’ve received a few broken or flawed (not useable for safety reasons) and they continue to try to give a credit as they don’t know when they can replace and while their website says they give refunds you have to fight to get one.

    I currently received a broken item and waited almost two weeks for a response. They got back again saying they are so backed up they don’t know when they can replace so would I accept a credit. What doesn’t make sense is a credit would still add to my list of orders when they are so backed up that they still owe me 15 items, so how would a credit help my situation? A credit would also mean spending more money if nothing else for shipping and I don’t think you should force a customer to keep shopping and spending when you can’t keep up with existing orders and can’t take care of the ones you have.

    I emailed back that if they can’t replace to get a refund and to please look into my back orders as I have not had any update and the last official update was before Christmas. That was two days ago and they haven’t gotten back. Do I have to wait another 2 weeks for a response when I’m currently being “taken care of”?

    You can only email customer service too. No phone or chat. Which again they say can take up to 14 days for a response, so there is no real help from this company. They keep pushing sales, but can’t even help existing customers. I have since unsubscribed, but will probably be stuck with them while as I wait for them to ship my past orders over the past six months. Stay away from this company. Items are nice when they are received unbroken after months of waiting, but you can find most elsewhere with faster shipping and better customer service.

    • Hi Jessica!

      Thank you for your time and feedback. We are so sorry your experience has been this way and we want to make it right. We can definitely issue a full refund for your pending order (if you wish to cancel) and damaged items. In your next email, please mention this to our team member and they can assist with a refund to your payment method.

      GlobeIn team

      • I actually did mention that if my broken item couldn’t be replaced that I get a refund in my initial email. The customer service rep who answered 12 days later said they weren’t sure when they could get more and asked if I would take credit. It took another week and a half for someone else to answer to initiate the refund that takes 7-14 days. No one should have to wait over a month for a refund, especially when it was stated in the first email. In my second email I requested a refund for my left over September and October orders if they couldn’t answer on where my orders were and when they would be shipped. I received a generic answer about how they are working on their shipping process. Nothing about the specific orders I asked about or about refunding me since it seems they could not answer. So I am specifically asking for refunds and I have to fight for them and/or being ignored. The statements they are giving out do not match the service they are providing.

  5. Thanks for the update. I have had a good experience with my Globein subscription. The wait was a bit long for my first box but I have been understandig bc of Covid and I think they changed to a new warehouse. I had a subscription with them a couple yrs ago and had no issues cancelling. I;m not sure what these other comments are saying they can’t get a refund for. I’m so excited they are offering a more neutral colour-scheme now for boxes.

    • Hi Justine!

      Thank you so much for your support. We are happy to have you apart of the GlobeIn community!

      GlobeIn team

  6. Lol. So I just got censored on the Facebook Mavens Page by telling someone “to check MSA.”

    Apparently that isn’t “being nice.” Anyone else out there get “muted” by Globe In Mavens.

    @MSA apparently Globe In Mavens Community Admin sees me referring other Mavens to MSA as “not being nice.” I might add that is ALL I said: “check MSA.”

  7. Okay, after reading extensively through the complaints (and Globein’s responses) on the Trust Pilot site, I think there is valid circumstantial evidence that this sub might be an intentional scam, a la Ponzi-esque.

    The Globein responses keep referencing this move in fulfilment centres as being the main source of lack of shipping. Sure, it makes sense that such a move would delay shipping. But here’s the problem with this: based on a (ridiculously, IMO) detailed response from GI (which I’ll try to copypasta here if it fits), they knew so much about moving fulfillment centres that they HAD to have known that it would essentially shut down their shipping (to be extra cute, they patted themselves on the back for this process only taking four months rather than the “usual” ). And yet they provided no warning to existing subscribers, prior to actually starting this move (like all of the contractual things that happen leading up to) , that SHIPPING WOULD ESSENTIALLY SHUT DOWN DURING THIS TIME. But why? Why not tell existing subbers that hey, we’re growing, yay, please hang in there with us during this time? Maybe offer something extra once the “move” was done? And worse, why are they accepting (shoot, actively trying to recruit) NEW subbers, taking their payments but not warning them at ALL of this hugely disruptive move?

    Another troubling aspect, which has been voiced in many complaints, is that they make it nearly impossible to cancel your sub. Cancel function doesn’t work, customer service is not reachable. And many of those who received damaged products never received replacements. In fact, it seems that GI is employing the VERY questionable practice of only offering “credits” to your account, but not having anything you can use them on. Stuff is sold out, but even if it wasn’t, it can’t ship. Basically, they absolutely do not want to refund ANY money they’ve received from anyone. Based on just the sampling I’ve seen, they must have tens of thousands of dollars of customers’ money for products that they haven’t received, and that we are to believe the products are “there”, trapped in a vicious whirlwind of “moving fulfillment centers”. AND they’re happily taking more money from new subbers who have no idea. Here’s my guess: they don’t have most of the products everyone is waiting for.

    While it’s not the norm for a Ponzi (cryptocurrency is still the hot venue for it), it still seems to meet basic criteria in that older investors (subbers) do, for awhile, receive their promised ROI (sub boxes and add ons), BUT that is paid for by money GI collects from new investors (subbers). But alas, the person(s) at the top need their money, so they dip their hands in, and eventually the scheme hits a point where enough unhappy original investors make enough of a scene that enough new investors can’t be found, and the company just ups and disappears, taking all of the money for unfulfilled orders with them. Then, down the road, they make a new company name and try the scheme in another way. The fact that one commenter on Trust Pilot found that the GI company address (not fulfillment, but the registered address for the business) is a residence and is associated with previous online businesses. I’m sorry guys, but I think this one is not “a good idea with bad execution”, but a full-on scheme.

    I know this is a LONG post but I wanted to add the response from Trust Pilot that I mentioned:

    GI CUSTOMER COMMENT: “So terrible! Customer service is rude and combative. Also, you won’t receive your boxes for several months, if ever. I purchased a 6 month subscription, 4 months ago and have received 1 box. No communication as to why. Also, the products in the 1 box were cute and fun but not of quality. Low end flea market quality.”

    “Nov 16, 2020
    Hi Lia,

    We’re very, very sorry about this continuous, frustrating delay in your October shipment. You should have received an email from our CEO and Founder, Vlad. If you haven’t seen it, I’ve pasted a copy below which provides information for your shipment and a detailed explanation of what has been going on with our move. Please let us know if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to help you further:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback and frustrations about our shipping delays both with the Customer Service Team and in our GlobeIn Mavens Community. I hear you and I know that I’ve let you down not just this month, but for the past several months. For this, I sincerely apologize.

    I’m sure you’ve heard from our team that we are moving to a new fulfillment center and I also know you may have grown weary of this explanation. I take responsibility for not having addressed our fulfillment issues and shipping delays sooner.

    The process of moving fulfillment centers usually takes 6-12 months and we will have completed our move in just under 3 months because we believe it was urgent and critical to improving our customer’s experience.

    There are 12 major steps to the process of moving to a new fulfillment center and we want to assure you that we are nearing the end at steps 10-12. In full transparency, I want to share with you these steps, so you can see how far we’ve come and where we are going.

    + We needed to identify the fulfilment center space requirements to ensure that as we grow we can continue to offer you more products and that there is space within our facility to meet those needs.

    + We needed to locate and vet the best and most efficient providers in our industry to ensure that orders are accurate and not held back by technological limitations.

    + We needed to evaluate our new potential fulfillment center’s packing procedures and performance to ensure orders are packed properly and securely.

    + Patrick, our Director of Fulfillment Operations, needed to visit our new facility to determine how successful our operations will be by witnessing their procedures, speaking with warehouse associates, and evaluating the facilities cleanliness.

    + Once we had gone through this vetting process we needed to choose the center that is best suited for our company, our growth, and that would be able to address our concerns and also the concerns of our customers.

    + Once we made this decision we needed to inform the new fulfillment center that they were our selected partner and sign agreements.

    + We needed to provide our previous fulfillment center 30 days notice that we were moving our operations.

    + We needed to complete inventory analysis to determine what inventory will be transferred to the new partner and determine how many trucks will be required to ship thousands of products and plan accordingly.

    + We needed to ensure that our internal systems were synced and connected to our new partner’s and then test these systems before starting operations and training our staff on how to use these new systems.

    + We are currently transferring our inventory to our new fulfillment center and are about 75% complete.

    + As products are delivered to our partner they are receiving them into their system. Once 100% of the products have been transferred and then received this step will be complete.

    + We are currently packing and shipping orders from our new facility! However, since step 10 and 11 are not 100% complete there are still orders that are delayed.

    In some cases we are still waiting to receive items from artisan groups. Some items are still held up in global ports and at US Customs due to Covid. We may continue to see delays across the supply chain due to Covid this year, as rates spike again. Closures are out of our control, but we are doing everything we can to meet your expectations while at the same time, supporting the artisans who make GlobeIn possible. For this reason, and when possible, we may split up your order so that you receive the items in stock without delay.

    If you have any other feedback for us, please always feel free to visit Our team reviews this feedback together on a monthly basis and discusses how to improve. We always aim to make your experience better and we know that this move, although difficult now, will ultimately make your shipping faster and better in the coming months.

    Sincerely yours,
    The GlobeIn Team”

    I mean these guys are such experts on relocating fulfillment centers, surely they knew well before the contract was signed that it would supposedly shut down their shipping for months…yet they still took your money with no warning about impending delays. That’s rotten.

    • Sorry for the handful of typos in my comment.

      I saw this and meant to highlight it:

      From the GI response: “..which provides information for your shipment…” what’s happening here is that GI is, in their response to the complainant, declaring that they (GI) address the specific info about this customer’s order/shipment in their published response…but that’s baloney! Nowhere does this response from GI address ANY specific aspect of this customer’s order. And it seems that GI can continue this cycle of “we don’t know what you’re talking about/we have reasons/here are the reasons we claim/don’t call us we’ll call you/don’t email us more than once” by posting every red herring they can find to divert our attention from the very basic and very disturbing fact that: for months, they’ve run charge after charge on so many subbers’ credit cards, only to 1) not ship the product, and 2) refuse to provide any refunds. And the cherry on top is that they continue to accept (and frankly, invite) NEW subbers to sign up and pay! And add on! And heck, pay for six months! Without EVER sharing one iota of info about how, because of their (huge and well-planned) fulfillment Center move, shipping is shut down and thus once this “shipping debacle” has ended, that GI has a five plus month backlog of boxes (that SHOULD be first priority) will be shipped well before any new buyers’ are.

      Where is this info for new buyers? Where was this announcement back when they had completed step 6.2 of the twelve-step “new fulfillment center procedure” and knew, even then, that by their words it would take many many months to complete the swap and thus you’d receive little if anything until it was completed? Old customers weren’t warned, new customers especially (and dare I say intentionally) not warned…nope, GI quickly ran your credit card for the most they possibly could based on your agreement, and while I am not sure that they at first intended to keep your money and send you no product, I DO feel sure that they now will do any and everything they can to avoid returning your money, even if your orders never ship.

    • P.S. When a company (or individual person, ie in a criminal matter) spends an inordinate amount of time and detail on an aspect somewhat irrelevant to the case at hand, that’s generally considered an indication of deceit. In a nut shell, the guilty party spends a ton of time and/or words on a peripheral aspect of the issue, to deflect from the really important matters, often in an attempt to deflect suspicion. If I were going to categorize the GI “12-step Program of Moving Fulfillment Centers”, I might place it under this heading. 😉

      • They don’t have time to respond to customer service inquiries but they have the time to respond to complaints on TrustPilot. They also have numerous positive reviews on TrustPilot in the past 24 hours. No, not suspicious at all.

    • I’m one of those customers who is waiting on many items and in my own comment I mention how hard it is to get a refund. They can’t replace broken items, can’t tell me where my past orders are in the process and take forever for any kind of response, which they only allow emailing btw.

      I’ve even had a CS agent tell me their policy is strictly to receive a credit for broken items (this was last month), but their own website still says as of today that you can get a refund.

      “Sometimes items end up being broken in transit, and we are more than happy to replace your item for you within 30 days of delivery*. If we do not have replacement items, we will give back add-on credit or refund you for that item/portion of the box. ”

      Business practices are very shady.

  8. I’ve had it with this company!

    In September I used credit to purchase the beautiful stemless wine glasses. STILL have not received them despite their advertising “FREE” glasses for new members.

    Their response to emails are vapid excuses and don’t even attempt to address the problem. 14 days to respond? Seriously?

    I’m about two weeks from filing a complaint with my State Attorney General…..

    • That seems to be what needs to happen. I love their products but seems like they are using deceptive business practices. Is this a new owner? It’s bizarre how they changed.

  9. My last two boxes came with the main big item broken into pieces. You have to email them a picture and then weeks later they give you a credit that isn’t enough to buy the item that needs replaced. Quite the scam to get more money out of you…..

  10. I have a broken Bakers dish from Septembers box and am tired of it taking up space here ( still in box how it arrived. Not sure why they cant just follow up with this. i want to be done with them so requested a refund for it plus the Add-On that was never sent.

    • Hi Joan!

      We are so sorry to hear your Bakers dish arrived damaged. We would be happy to send a replacement or refund. If you have already emailed in someone will be with you very soon regarding this. Thank you.

      GlobeIn Team

      • Well, to update on this response by Globe- In….nothing has happened as promised by way of a refund or replacement.

  11. I am part of the FB group and have noticed a lot of complaints about recieving broken items. Hope they improve soon

  12. File a chargeback. That will get their attention, as cards charge vendors a hefty sum when chargebacks are filed. Get your money back, and move on. IF for some reason they respond, they have to prove within 5 days to the credit card company the item is en route.

  13. Thank you for getting an update. I am hopeful that the inquiry will help them understand how frustrating it has been to be waiting.

    Unfortunately, I do not think this statement is accurate. I am waiting for Artisan Boxes from December and January after they cancelled my order for November.

    They have been evasive and disingenuous to their subscribers. Any inquiries or comments in their Facebook community page that they do not want to see get deleted. Inquiries into customer service take at least two weeks or more for a response only to get a generic non-response.

    I want to support the mission and all the good they do, but it is very difficult.

  14. Globe is is a total 💩 show! They still owe me boxes from September and October. I keep getting told that they will check with the warehouse and get back to me – since effing december. Twice a week I email. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

    • File a chargeback. That will get their attention, as cards charge vendors a hefty sum when chargebacks are filed. Get your money back, and move on. IF for some reason they respond, they have to prove within 5 days to the credit card company the item is en route.

  15. I am still waiting on add ons from October. I am waiting on a pink batter bowl and I have seen others get i.

  16. Waiting on October add ons. They said one item I’m waiting had shipped but the tracking is dead, created but never picked up for over a month. They said they would check on it but no updates from them.

    • Hi Jessica!

      We are sorry to hear this! If possible, please respond to your same email thread and request a follow-up on the tracking. We just want to be sure your message didn’t get lost in the queue. We will be happy to make this right.

      GlobeIn team

  17. It’s really awesome that you reached out of behalf of the readers! Is there any chance you could also reach out Oui Please on our behalf as well? I only signed up after learning about them through this site’s reviews and I’m out nearly $500 that it’s too late to do a chargeback over as it’s been well over a year. It’d be great you y’all could help us out! Please and thank you.

    • Hi Taren! We’ve reached out to Oui Please and are hoping to hear back and share an update soon.

  18. Please read trust pilot (score 1.7/5 -bad) and BBB reviews (score F) before subscribing. They are full of empty promises. Highly recommend steering clear of Globein.

    • Their canned “comments” to every person who complained on Trust Pilot are ridiculous, as are the excuses they contain. One comment from a subbed who didn’t receive orders included this:

      “Do your research, this company is listed with BBB with only one employee, the address has been used for numerous other online shopping businesses under different names and is a residential location.”

      Well, that tells me everything I need to know about Globein. It’s actually starting to sound like a Ponzi scheme…try to get new investors (subbers) so you can have the money to fulfill whatever promise you’ve made to your previous investors who have yet to receive their promised “ROI”.

      • Omg!😢

        I just got another form email and they still did not address the missing order from September! I’m not sure whose worse, Globe In or Oui Please. But I’m mercifully find with both. Although I still have “credit” with Globe In and can’t get them to send the glasses that I ordered! I’m so pissed, because they are literally GIVING them away with new sign ups!

  19. They are not caught up. I still have not received my December or January subscription box. Nor have I received a replacement for an item that was damaged during shipping although I received an e-mail reading it was shipping soon over a month ago.

    Also, it is taking them over 2 weeks to reply to e-mails.

    I do NOT recommend this subscription box. I love most of the items, but they have a poor business model.

  20. Out if curiosity, what made you decide to restart reviewing boxes and stop spoilers and coupons? I think reviews also can entice subscribers. I’m not sure I also think that they won’t make sure to ship your box but not others.

    • Usually MSA receives their boxes at no cost for review, this might be the reason they will still do the review.

    • Thanks for asking, Julie! We find that spoilers and coupons encourage new subscriptions, so we are not promoting either until GlobeIn’s issues are resolved.

      We haven’t reviewed GlobeIn in five months and decided to resume reviews with the goal to transparently show the customer journey for anyone who’s considering becoming a subscriber. We are ordering boxes directly from GlobeIn to ensure that we can speak to shipping delays firsthand and give an accurate description of any issues we run into along the way.

      • Thank you so much for explaining the reasoning. Totally makes sense about spoilers and coupons being more of an incentive to subscribe. I love their products and hope they work it out.

  21. I am really appreciative of this article, and MSA’s choice to stop posting spoilers for now.

  22. I just got a label for my Jan box after bugging them about it quite awhile ago. Let’s see when it moves. This was the end of my sub w them.

    • Hi KC!

      Thank you for your feedback and time. Delays with our carriers FedEx and USPS have been consistent in recent months due to Covid-19 and more folks ordering online. In order to help with this they have been doing less scan-in’s of packages to help move them quicker. This means your box may be moving through their network and the tracking online may not be up to date. If you have not received your box in the next few days please let our support team know and we can check into this for you. ♥

      GlobeIn team

  23. I’m still waiting for my January box so I can speak to how not ‘caught up’ they actually are.

    • Hi Angela!

      We are so sorry for the delay of your January box. Our team would be happy to check the status of it for you. If you haven’t already, please use the contact form on our website and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

      GlobeIn team

  24. The only news here is that MSA squeezed an update out of them. An update that they should have had the professionalism and decency to generate unbidden. Thank you Mallory and the team! As for the claims in the update, we’ll believe the talk when we see the walk.

    • Hi Julia. Thank you for your time and feedback. We apologize for the delay in updates. We know we are overdue for one and hope to issue one very soon. We normally email customers or post updates in our Mavens Facebook group. We recommend checking spam/junk folders as sometimes they filter out there. If you haven’t joined the group, you can always request to join here:

      GlobeIn team

  25. I would not necessarily trust their updates. They made us a lot of false promise over the past few months as to when boxes would be shipped, and the boxes were still delayed past the times they said they would be shipped. Additionally, I still haven’t received an add-on order from 3 months ago. I would not recommend this box to anyone.

    • Hi Sam! Thank you for your feedback and time. We are very sorry for the shipment delays the last few months. We have caught up on most pending orders though we have a handful that may still be pending. Our team wanted to be sure we got items out to customers as soon as they were available, so we have been shipping items separately. This means you may receive several different emails with tracking for 1 order. We sincerely apologize again for the delays. We want your experience to be the best one possible so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions. We can be reached best by using the contact form on our website.

      GlobeIn team

  26. I moved, and it’s taking me a long time to unpack. I just unboxed a lot of GlobeIn items from my 2019 annual subscription and remembered how much I love everything. I’m so glad for all of the shipping and customer service updates, and I’m looking forward to resubscribing when they improve.

    • I’m also going to wait till they are finally caught up before I order anything from them.

  27. Glad to see this response from MSA.

  28. Thank you to all the ladies that posted warnings. I liked a bunch of their Feb boxes but thanks to you all, I was informed only 2 boxes were made available. You saved me a lot of headache as their customer service takes 14 days to answer your email and it seems their many many months behind.

  29. THANK YOU MSA! This is much appreciated and helps me as a long time reader continue to trust the service you provide.

  30. I haven’t received anything for the month of November, so I would not agree that they are “caught up” on shipping Artisan Boxes. I last reported the problem on 1/31 and am supposed to wait 14 days for a response. So, if they can’t get around to reading their email for two weeks they actually have no idea whether or not they are caught up. They shipped me multiple broken items, told me they couldn’t replace the items even though they were actively on sale on their site, and then “gave” me add on credit that was way less than the replacement cost of the item and less than the prorated cost of all items in the box. Gee, thanks. They don’t alert you when your subscription is about to renew, and I didn’t manage to remember to cancel in time to avoid being dinged for another three months. That was dumb on my part. Bottom line: don’t expect much from “doing their best.”

    • Update: not long after posting, I got an email update stating my November box is shipping. I am happy to hear that, which means I am now only waiting on November add-ons.

      • Hi Dawn. While I am happy to hear you have received your November box, I am very sorry for the experience you’ve had thus far. I wanted to help answer some of your questions. In December our small customer support team received a large number of messages which created a long delay for response time. Our management team quickly realized we needed additional support on our team to help with email inquiries and have since hired 3 additional team members. We sincerely apologize for the delay to your messages.

        Regarding shipping, we have caught up on most pending orders though we have a handful that may still be pending. This is due to not being able to locate the item at our new warehouse. Our team wanted to be sure we got items out to customers as soon as they were available, so we have been shipping items separately. This means you may receive several different emails with tracking for 1 order. We sincerely apologize again for the delays. We want your experience to be the best one possible so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions.

        GlobeIn team

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