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GlobeIn February 2021 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon

ByMSAJan 29, 2021 | 40 comments


GlobeIn Artisan Box
4.1 overall rating
266 Ratings | 76 Reviews

We have all the latest spoilers for the Febraury 2021 GlobeIn box!

This is self care month at GlobeIn and we’re launching a brand new artisan box collection all focused on self care.

The GlobeIn Box (Regularly $40/month + shipping, discounts with prepaid subscriptions) is a monthly subscription that sends you original crafts by global artisans. Each box contains handcrafted items from around the world and the stories of the artists who made the pieces. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the new collection:

For a limited time, use code  INSTASELFCARE to get two free wine glasses with any 3+ Month Premium Subscription GlobeIn subscription!

Or, use coupon code MSAWELCOME to save $10 off a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription

Are you going to get the February 2021 Box?

Check out all of our GlobeIn reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

Please note: GlobeIn is currently experiencing shipping delays.

The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription featuring exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme to bring you exciting products that make you feel well traveled and connected with distant cultures!
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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This company is a joke. I ordered over $250 of products from them and nothing for 5 weeks. Got in touch and few days later got a canned response about moving warehouse. Sadly this wasn’t the first such issue I’d experienced with them. Avoid at all costs and support better companies who care about their customers.


There needs to be a big huge warning about this subscription. I’d suggest MSA stop promoting them and profiting from getting referrals. They just don’t have their act together. If you are lucky enough to actually have your order shipped to you, you then have to PRAY that it doesn’t break in transit. Because chances are that they’ll ship you’re very fragile breakable item in either a padded envelope or a box without any padding material. Then if your item is broken- you’re in trouble and have to hope you can get your money back. Because chances are the item you ordered is out of stock (since you ordered it months ago). So they won’t replace it. They also won’t want to refund you and will only offer you credit. Then you get to go through the whole fun circle again.


I get what you’re saying about MSA not promoting them but I do think MSA needs to highlight these companies and not just stop posting spoilers/news. Perhaps post the spoilers (to bring in traffic) but highlight the issues with the company in bold and have no links….or something.

The last OuiPlease post has almost 1100 comments from disgruntled subscribers. It acts as a warning to potential subscribers (if someone sees it), to discuss if anyone actually received something, and it’s a place to vent about this scam box which took 6 payments last year and delivered one partial box. These companies delete negative social media routinely.

And look at GlobeIn, I didn’t realize it was this bad until MSA posted their spoilers and I saw all the warnings in the comments section. I’m thankful for this because I was interested in Feb but not now. Oh and I did look at Trust Pilot and wowsa, I can’t believe Globein replied by saying it takes 14 days for them to reply to your email.

Subscribers have even been screwed by the Ellen box, apparently there’s no cancel button and customer service doesn’t reply emails. And don’t get me started on Bombay’s mystery box. This is why we need a forum of some sort.


It was sad losing the forum, but I completely understand why it was closed. Bullying and toxic rumors were taking over the uplifting threads. It’s too bad, since it was a great place to share our mutual love of sub-boxes, but I can imagine it was painful for many people to see the platform misused that way, and even MSA was being threatened by the cancel-culture.


There used to be a forum, but one person came in to stir the turd and start arguments and Liz got butthurt and shut the whole forum down.


I always feel like a negative Nancy but this is why I comment with my Globein experience on every post. I want buyers to be aware of what they’re dealing with before handing over their money.

Also, to add to the discussion, Globein box selection has opened up and only 2 of the spoiled boxes are even available. Not that the others are sold out already, they aren’t even listed as a choice. This has happened a lot recently and I’m sure it’s due to covid but why are they advertising product that’s not available? It’s deceptive business practices.

Mallory @ MSA

Hi Lisa! We’re in contact with GlobeIn and are working to get a statement from the brand on the issues that users have been experiencing. Once we hear back from their team, we’ll share the update on the site. Hope this helps!


Didn’t you say the same thing in Dec. Have they still not given you a response?


OMG, I actually liked a couple of the things in the preview, but these comments – no thank you. Thanks for saving me everyone!


MSA didn’t publish my initial comment about this sub. Sketchy.


If you’re going to accuse MSA of being sketchy you should probably check the post you actually left the comment on first. I believe you’ll find it on the previous Globein post. I also disagree with your opinion in the post. There were numerous boxes posted about on MSA that had various major issues when Liz was in charge so claiming a box with bad customer service and shipping wouldn’t have been on the site then is simply not true.


Also, MSA hasn’t reviewed this box since September, which speaks volumes.


Wrong, Molly. Amber stated exactly where the comment was (true) and why the opinion in it is erroneous (also true).

Molly Honey

I was thinking about subscribing but after reading these comments I won’t be. What a terrible company. I did go read reviews on trust pilot too and just wow!


Globein has become a fraudulent mess of what used to be a fun, unique subscription.

We all know about the delays in shipping. They’d promised delivery before the holidays for the November box and add-ons. So I ordered a bunch of add-ons as gifts. Of course nothing showed up on time. January was my last box on my sub. I logged in on Dec 31st and my account had been deactivated. Even though I had one box left. It was a weekend (plus customer service takes days to respond) so it was a week before they finally fixed my account. By then, the nicest boxes were sold out. At that time I told them I’d prefer a refund for my November add-ons and I was told it was taken care of. Of course I did not see the refund show up on my credit card and yesterday I got notification that one of my addons was shipping.

I’m so done with this company. Buyer beware.


It’s sad really. I was a member of this company since 2017. Prices were reasonable, shipping always on time, Well packaged and never received a broken item. Then things started going downhill. I get prices have to increase over the years. But the price went up and quality went down. Thankfully I cancelled my subscription in the beginning of 2020 before it seems like the fatal crash happened. I still come look at the spoilers but there is no way I’d ever rejoin now. Hope they get their act together. At least I have some really nice pieces from past days.


I was finally able to cancel an order I placed on 9/18/20 and had not received by late December. After waiting weeks for a response, the part that was on my credit card was refunded, only after the CS rep told me that they “never” do that and only would as a one-time courtesy. As if I should be grateful that they were giving me back part of the money they had been holding hostage for 3 1/2 months! The other part of the order was paid with a “credit” that was really money that they had charged to my card for another box, AFTER I canceled. They would not budge on refunding that, so I used it and stupidly threw in another $7.99 for shipping…and now am in the cycle of waiting for and not receiving my order AGAIN. It’s disgraceful.


They dug in their heels with me and were refusing to refund money I paid for drinking glasses that were sold out. I did a credit card chargeback with chase, sending them all of the garbage emails about how they aren’t “allowed” to give me a refund, only credit. Chase sided with me and I got my money back and will never order anything else from this company.


I had to do a charge back. The CS are complete jerks.


Wow these comments are really telling! I think I would put a warning sign on this sub because it sounds like a complete nightmare!


MSA had no problem dropping BeKind by Ellen, but they keep promoting this box. There are people who have seen no product for the money they spent months ago. That should not be ok.


I have been subbed for GlobeIn for years. I stay subscribed because I am still locked in at lower pricing and I love that I can skip any month I want or get cash to spend in the store. They do have a lot of issues. They will spoil really awesome boxes that they end up not having enough of, boxes arrive months late and they aren’t usually able to replace items that arrive broken. But I do feel the quality and value of most of the items from the curated boxes are well worth it and I have a lot of things that I love from this sub. I probably wouldn’t subscribe at the current prices and I definitely don’t recommend signing up just when you see a box that you like (and expect to get it) but I value this sub.


Be careful..or enjoy while it lasts. I was locked in at a great lower rate too and suddenly my account was so messed up I couldn’t even choose my box. I constantly missed out on the selection I wanted (despite having the priority choice time) and was unable to do add ons as my orders would disappear. I gave them 5 months to correct it and they kept giving me the runaround of excuses but fixed nothing. I had no choice but to cancel and lose my great price. At least that was right before the COVID issues so I missed most of that drama too.


I need to be able to see which packages are available before I give them more money. I bought one box and when I got to check out they only had one variation (which of course was the one with nothing practical.) I paid extra for some beautiful drinking glasses, but when my box shipped it turned out they were “sold out.” I had to fight to get my money back because they kept insisting they could only offer me credit. It’s sad because they have some very nice products.


I tried to get the box with the llama planter some time ago when it was first revealed. It was impossible. My time is too valuable to fool with this company.


Same here. The llama planter hooked me and it has never been available. Glad I got out.


Yes, when I subscribed, it wasn’t even offered as a selection.


Unfortunately I don’t think I’d resub to Globe in due to too many quality issues, but those look like nicely currated sets. I like how there is a meta-curation of self-care between them, while giving plenty of options.

Is that a bath caddy in the restore box? And what is the rolled up item in the Pause box?


Yah, I’m glad I didn’t give in, against my better judgement, to my two seconds of temptation. It would have been really disappointing to not even have the two boxes I was intrigued by available!


Yes, in the Restore box that is a bath caddy tray and in the Pause box that is a pillow, I wanted the Pause box but after reading all these comments I won’t be getting anything. Lol


Freshen and Rejuvenate are the only boxes actually available. The others were advertised but are not listed as a choice for selection. This happens a lot with Globein. It’s a bait and switch. I’m very happy to be done with this company.


Sounds like Oui Please.


I was thinking the same thing. It seems both companies delete negative comments on social media but OP also blocks people. And both companies take your money and don’t deliver boxes. OP took 6 payments last year and didn’t deliver one full box filled with everything advertised. Both companies need to shut down until they get everything under control or just close altogether.


These actually look really nice, and I wish I could trust this company but I know better! Fool me once…


Horrible company!! Warning – Trustpilot reviews and BBB (rating F).


It sounds like the AG in the state where they do business needs to be contacted. The complaints don’t sound like mismanagement but sounds fraudulent – not returning money for items not sent, advertising items that are unavailable … Not sure why they are being promoted. Seems like they have been given enough time to respond.


Wait this one out. Many, many people still have not received boxes and add ons that were ordered in October and November. And, chances are, if an item is breakable, the recipient will receive it broken. Customer service may respond within two weeks with a blanket response, and they may refund your money – just not the full amount. More likely, they will give you store credit, and the process starts again. The company has blamed COVID, warehouse changes, and delivery services, but in the end, there is no accountability. This used to be a stellar subscription box, but they have descended into complete chaos in record time. There are other ways to support fair trade – subscription boxes, online stores, local businesses, and numerous charities. Subscribe to Globein and you are playing roulette with your money and time.

Amy G

Wow — thank you for sharing these warnings. I’m surprised MSA doesn’t warn its readers.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.