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My Subscription Addiction
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MSA 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Subscription Gifts Matched To Suit The Unique Characters And Personalities In Your Life

Kelly Wright
ByKelly WrightJan 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Set of Christmas holiday gift boxes on green background - top view, flat lay creative idea design

It's that time of year again! The Christmas specials are starting on Hallmark, the radio is playing Jingle Bells, and your kid's wish list is probably already a mile long. As fun as all of this is, sometimes the holidays can be stressful. Most of us only buy gifts for people we actually know and like, so you would think it would be easy, right!? But, we all have that one person (or sometimes multiple people) that we just can never think of the perfect gift for. Whether they already have everything under the sun or are just incredibly hard to please, we know that finding the right gift for them can be incredibly stressful. So, we created our Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect match suited for every unique personality in your life. Let's make your holiday shopping fun and as stress-free as possible!

When shopping for that hard-to-gift person (or anyone you love!), the last thing you want to do is just buy anything and cross your fingers they like it. Subscription gifts can be perfect for this sort of predicament as many of them let you choose a few of your own items or have the subscriber take quizzes about their likes and dislikes. This really helps to take a lot of the pressure off you when gift-giving! So read on, and let us know which subscriptions you end up gifting!

1. CURATEUR - The Best Subscription Gift for the Fiercest Fashionista

photo of Rachel Zoe and Winter 2021 box contents

Fashion lovers will be in heaven with Rachel Zoe's CURATEUR subscription box that sends luxury brand name items every three months. From up-and-coming pieces to the timeless classic ones, the CURATEUR box is a great gift for anyone that is looking for a refresh of their closet. Hand-selected pieces from top name brand and luxury designers will be included in the selection and is sure to be a hit with your holiday gift recipient. Each box will contain 5+ statement pieces and is valued at over $400.

Why we love it: In addition to the quarterly fashion box, members also have access to an exclusive retail shop with heavily discounted prices on luxury fashion items. The Shoppe sells individual items from apparel and handbags to makeup and accessories while also updating their inventory frequently. There are currently a few vintage handbags on there that we are totally drooling over!

Price: $99/seasonally or $349/annually

ACTIVE DEAL: Use code SPRING25 to save $25 off your first box

Check out our CURATEUR details to learn more!

2. PupBox - The Best Subscription Gift for the Proud New Fur Baby Parent

Photo of dog sitting in purple Pupbox with toys/contents surrounding him

Do you have a friend or family member that has a new pup? Or maybe one that has a furry friend who is getting older and you want to help them spoil the big guy? A PupBox subscription is a great gift to send to your dog-loving friend because we all know a gift for their fur-baby is also a gift for them! This monthly subscription box will send them 5-6 full-size toys, treats, and chews that definitely have little Rover giving you plenty of licks next time you step through the door!

Why we love it: Just like humans, dogs need different accommodations and products for their different stages of life. PupBox offers subscriptions for the puppy all the way up to the senior dog (senior dog subscription boxes coming in 2022!). Training guides are also included and are written by expert trainers to help you stay in the know about the changes that are occurring with your pup.

If you don't know all the details on your chosen pup, no worries! PupBox can also send your recipient a gift card that they can use for their subscription.

Price: $39/monthly

Check out our PupBox details and reviews to learn more!

3. Breo Box - Best Subscription Gift For The Tech and Gadget-Obsessed

A great gift for anyone on your list that loves all the fun and newest tech gear. Breo Box is a seasonal subscription box that will delight your friend or family member and make their life just a little bit easier (and more fun!). Breo Box also makes it super easy to send as a gift. Just select the give a gift option and choose your subscription. You can pay for either a one-time box or pre-pay for up to four seasons.

Why we love it: The Breo Box has some of the best gadgets under the sun and it is seriously like Christmas morning every season! Their motto is "the coolest products you never knew you needed" and we can attest that it is spot on! A Zippo HeatBank 3 Hand Warmer & Power Bank? Um, perfect for our winter hikes! A Greater Goods Digital Luggage Scale? Thanks for saving me $100 on United! There will always be something fun and useful in your box that you will be able to pull out when it's needed most.

Price: $159/seasonally

Check out our Breo Box details to learn more!

4. Underclub - Best Subscription Gift for the Significant Other


Ok admittedly, this one is really only going to be for two people in your life. Yourself or a significant other. Otherwise, things could get awkward and we all know that Christmas with the family can already be awkward enough! However, if you do have that special someone to send this to or just want to spoil yourself a bit this holiday season, then Underclub's monthly subscription might be the perfect gift to do just that. They also are making it easy to gift as you can easily select a 3, 6, or 12-month gift subscription, and Underclub will take care of the rest!

Why we love it: It's fun, exciting, and just plain sexy. Who doesn't want new, luxurious, and designer underwear delivered monthly? A quick questionnaire asking about your preferences will help their stylists pick the correct undergarments for your personal taste. And if you aren't sure what your recipient would like, then be sure to click the gift subscription mentioned above and let them decide!

Price: Bralette sets - $45 monthly; Underwear bottoms - $15-$35 monthly

ACTIVE DEAL: Limited Time Only! Use code XTRA10 to Receive $10 off your first month!

Check out our Underclub details to learn more!

5. The Popcorn Factory - Best Subscription for the Popcorn Loving Snacker


Do you have that friend that refuses to watch a movie without popcorn? Why not help them out and buy a popcorn subscription for them instead? With The Popcorn Factory each month a new flavor of popcorn will show up at their door to help them curb those crazy popcorn cravings!

Why we love it: The sheer number of popcorn flavors! From holiday cookie dough and chocolate-covered strawberry to bacon cheddar and mesquite bbq, The Popcorn Factory literally cover the gamut on both sweet and savory flavors. If you are wanting your friend to forget about that boring plain or buttered popcorn, this will definitely up their snack game. Let's just hope they are as nice as you and decide to share!

Price: Flavor of the Month Club: $12.99/monthly for 2.5-9.5 oz; Popcorn Lovers Flavor of the Month Club: $19.99 for 7-33 oz.

ACTIVE DEAL: Enjoy 10% off sitewide!

Check out all of our Popcorn Factory details to learn more!

6. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus - Best Subscription for the High-End Beauty Fanatic

Voted the best beauty subscription by our readers for the last 5 years, you know this one is good! The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus will contain five full-sized products each month from well-known beauty brands and is always a great value for the products you receive. If you aren't sure if the beauty lover on your list will like the full-size products, you can also opt for the regular Ipsy Glam Bag which will contain smaller trial-sized products. This is great for anyone that wants to try a variety of products without letting the larger sizes go to waste!

Why we love it: It's extremely affordable and also allows you to partially curate your own subscription box. Each month users will be able to log in and choose 1-3 products that they want in their box. Do this early though, because the best stuff always goes first! We love that Ipsy gives you the ability to choose a few of your own products as it really helps to personalize the experience. Plus it makes it fun each month to think about what you would love to try out!

Price: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus - $28/monthly; Ipsy Glam Bag - $13/monthly

Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus details to learn more!

7. KiwiCo - Best Subscription Gift for Kids Who Are Always Creating

little girl looking through binoculars and little boy blowing through frog toy from KiwiCo subscription boxes

KiwiCo is a monthly STEAM subscription box for kids that is always a fan-favorite around here. With their age-appropriate boxes, the kids will get excited each month they show up at the door. This year they also introduced an awesome new feature where multiple people can contribute to a KiwiCo fund and get in on the gift-giving fun for the little ones.

Why we love it: KiwiCo caters to literally everyone. Yes, this box is great for kids, but they also have boxes for ages up to 99! So technically you could gift this subscription to anyone on your gift list that enjoys STEAM-related projects. They also have a geography-focused line (Atlas Crate) and have recently started a cooking line (Yummy Crate) as well. Pretty sure they are trying to take over the subscription world!

Price: Varies depending on box: Panda Crate - $41.90/monthly; Koala, Atlas, Kiwi, Doodle & Tinker Crates - $22.95/monthly; Eureka & Maker Crates - $31.95

Check out our KiwiCo details and reviews to learn more!

8. HelloFresh - Best Subscription Gift for the Penny-Pinching College Student

HelloFresh ingredients against a green background

We all know college kids *usually* eat pretty terribly. Between the nightly parties and then binge-eating at What-a-Burger into the early morning hours, (oh wait, was that just me!?) it's not a surprise that many of them come home for a visit craving a home-cooked meal. Give them a gift that they will not only use and love but also will set your mind at ease knowing they are getting a decent meal in their stomachs at least a few times a week!

Why we love it: HelloFresh is affordable, healthy, and everything is included. Which basically makes this the perfect subscription for a college kid on a budget. They won't have to worry about hitting up the grocery store in between studying for exams or putting that order in before the delivery cut-off date. Just great, fresh food, delivered straight to them.

Price: Plans starting as low as $7.49 a serving

ACTIVE DEAL: 16 Free Meals (Offer is for new subscriptions only across 9 boxes and varies by plan) + First Box Ships Free + 3 Surprise Gifts

Check out our HelloFresh details to learn more!

9. FabFitFun - Best Subscription for the Woman Who Wants it All

FabFitFun is a seasonal box that sends its subscribers everything from beauty products and skincare to fashion accessories and home decor. It's literally the box of everything! Every season they send out 6-8 items with a total value of up to $300. If you aren't sure where to send it to or want them to pick out the items in their first box, then go for the gift card option and let them choose. If they aren't a huge fan of the winter box products, they can always wait for the spring one! Although, that Lil Marshmallow Blanket is seriously calling our name.

Why we love it: This is the perfect subscription box if you are looking for one that is both well-rounded and fun. Plus, the biggest bonus to this box is that the subscriber gets to pick out 4-8 items themselves. Seeing as they basically will get to choose their own fun products each season, we see this as a win/win for the holiday season. I mean, how many times have you put something up in your closet only to bring it out when the person who gifted it to you comes to visit? There definitely won't be that problem with this box!

Price: $49.99/seasonally

Check out all of our FabFitFun details and reviews to learn more!

10. Bespoke Post - Best Subscription Gift for the Man Who Has it All

At Bespoke Post they take quality products and options of choice very seriously. In fact, it is consistently voted as one of the top boxes for men. And we don't think that is going to change any time soon. Every month they curate multiple products around a theme and then give you a heads up about what will be in your box. If you just aren't feeling it that month, you can either skip it entirely or switch into a totally different box. If you decide to skip it, no hard feelings...there is nothing charged and you wait until the following month. Giving someone the gift of choice and the ability to only choose items they know they will actually use and love is always a hit when you just don't know what else to give!

Heads up: This is also a great gift for women as well!

Why we love it: Bespoke Post partners with small companies and brands from around the country which helps boost their business while also giving you a taste of some pretty cool stuff that you can't find in your local stores. Especially these days when it seems like the big guy always wins out, we are all about helping the little guy when we can. Plus it's really great to not have something that everyone else has as well. So forget about those big-name brands this year and try something different for the man in your life!

Price: $49/monthly

Check out our Bespoke Post details to learn more!

11. Cairn - Best Subscription Gift for the Nature and Outdoors Enthusiast

Cairn was recently acquired by Outside and seeing as they were already a great subscription box, we feel as if this is only going to make them better. If you or someone you know is addicted to the outdoors (guilty!), then this is literally the perfect gift. Full-sized products are delivered to their doorstep giving them more time to get outside and less time having to shop for supplies!

Why we love it: They have two memberships you can choose from, the monthly membership option or the quarterly obsidian subscription. The monthly membership subscription box has a retail value of up to $50 each month and will contain everything from snacks to bags. This is great for someone who heads into the outdoors frequently, but for shorter or smaller trips. The second option is the quarterly obsidian subscription which will contain over $300 of premium products every three months. Past boxes have included jackets, sleeping bags, shoes, and even cooking supplies. This option is perfect for the outdoor lover who really uses their gear and takes them on longer or overnight outdoor trips.

Price: $35/monthly for regular; $250/quarterly for Obsidian

Check out our Cairn details to learn more!

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